If Chelsea sign Malouda I think I will cry

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Malouda would be a perfect addition to the current Arsenal sideArsenal to miss out on perfect signing?

Before you do anything else, I encourage you to check out this article in which I give a detail look at the effect that Thierry Henry’s transfer to Barcelona will have on Arsenal next season. Since then, a lot of the focus has gone into searching for a new striker to replace Henry, but I think it is important to remember that before the Frenchman’s departure to Barcelona there was an almost unanimous feeling among Arsenal supporters that the side needed to bring in a world class winger. I fail to see how this has changed.

I previously stated that I believe Lyon’s Florent Malouda would be the perfect signing for the club. After Henry’s departure I still feel this way. I feel that Robin van Persie is about to have a big year and Emmanuel Adebayor has made enough progress to suggest that the two of them can form an exciting and successful partnership next season. They will definitely require a third striker to assist with the scoring – someone like Ryan Babel or Carlo Tevez – but at this stage, I still see signing Malouda as the top priority for Arsenal.

You can imagine my surprise/annoyance/disgust when I recently saw that Chelsea had reportedly made a £12million bid for Malouda.

My advice to Arsene Wenger on the back of this news is simple; go to a phone, call up Malouda’s agent and say “Please come to Arsenal. We will guarantee you a starting position if you train hard and pay you good money as well.”

I know Arsene knows, but in this case, is that too much to ask?

On another topic, I’m was happy to find another blogger with the same opinion as me about the possibility of Nicolas Anelka signing for the club. Taken from The Cannon:

“There is one player that looks likely to come though, and that’s Anelka. I’d just quickly like to say he can f*** right off. I don’t want him here. If he does come then I’m not going to be his biggest fan and he’s certainly going to have to prove himself to win me over.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. What do you think?

Have your say on Chelsea’s bid for Malouda or Nicolas Anelka by leaving a comment.


32 thoughts on “If Chelsea sign Malouda I think I will cry

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  2. First of all im undecided on malouda what ive seen of him which aint much, pretty average.

    Anelka would be a good signing just until we
    get back on our feet, plus hed score goals
    and thats all that matters isnt it?


    On another note please please please stop
    talking about thierry henry, hes a barcelona
    player now. It should be forgotin about
    move on everyones sick and tired hereing
    about him.



  3. The “?????” is a central midfielder that
    we desperatly need to control games for
    us, a steven gerard like character 🙂

  4. Sean_Dublin – Thanks for you comments. Whilst the club does need to move on from Henry’s departure I think that it is inevitable that we will continue talking about it for seasons to come. He may be gone but in the meantime people are uncertain about how he will be replaced and even next season will be talking about how our team has gone without the presence of Henry. I think it’s interesting that everyone says that Henry would be a good signing in the short-term, but I doubt very highly whether Arsene Wenger will spend £10 million of the money made available by Henry’s exit on a short-term prospect who is less effective than the man going out. If he does, I would be disappointed. Having said that, I do agree that Anelka could come in next season and get 15-20 goals and be a success. It’s all very interesting, in my opinion.

  5. SF
    Anelka will not be bad as a stopgap. He can fill in and partner the others for about two years till our youngsters Bendtner etc come fully through. He can score 20 goals a season with the kind of midfield that we have. Yes, Anelka’s history with us is terrible but he’s changed and can do a great, great job for us. We need him at this time. Malouda will be a good signing too but he’s too much at 17+ and being French AW may know him a lot. If AW don’t sign him then he may have a reason for not doing so. However, at this point I don’t know what AW is doing, he’s got the money now, some players have already left and will still lose a few, pre-season has just caught up with us but still haven’t sign any. I’m getting very concerned about our chances next season for the way AW is going about things.

  6. #1 I agree with Sean that Anelka could be a good addition. He was a kid (no offense SF!) when last in Gunner red and seems to have matured. Had a nice season at Bolton, understands the premiership, the guy can finish and will be good for 5 or 6 moments of individual brilliance. Also, I think another Wenger prodigy/project could increase the prospect of the professor staying at Arsenal longer.

    #2 What I saw of Malouda at the last World Cup didn’t impress me much. Obviously he’s good or he wouldn’t have played for le blue but I would have picked Giuly or Pires ahead of him last summer. Why do you think he’s so special?

    #3 For Sean… Gerard is one of kind but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than Cesc and Silva in the middle of the park. Do you think we need some more depth or do you think Cesc isn’t up to the task?

  7. i would like to sing along…malouda, Anelka, sagna, obafemi but that ain’t gonna help much. 1st, whoever is brought in will take time to settle in if ever, even Anelka but right from the start of the season something good must happen for us to make it.. i say the secret lies in the current squad. a combination of adebayor (especially headers an assists) and van persie attack with a shooting fabregas and rosicky in the mid field with diaby’s brilliant dribbling and kolo toure as captain…
    Lehnman should stay away from goal unless he promises to behave and avoid unnecessary cards

  8. Knightman

    Did you consider injuries and also ANC games? We need a CF, LW and CB to cover for Toure during ANC games, TH14 and real winger not the type of Hleb and Rosicky. Thinking further about a CF, sure Martins will be better than Anelka. 23 years, pacy, strong, experience in the EPL scoring 17 goals for a team like Newcastle. He can score 22-25 goals a season with the kind of team we have.

  9. I think Anelka would be a good addition but only in the short-term. It would be disappointing to see Wenger blow more than half the money he got for Henry on Anelka. If he wanted Anelka for only two years then why wouldn’t he want to keep Henry around!

    There are a number of different players who could sign and really – I am open to anything. I would just like some action to be taken soonish so that whoever the new players are have time to get settled before the season begins.

  10. am hurt that the fact florent malouda may end up at chelsea, this is what we crying out for…. wenger pisses me off sometimes he gets me angry…

    he misses out on franck ribery, looks like florent malouda these are players we need in our squad.

    obafemi martins is good, direct striker different to him, but like i said i dont care who we sign we just need some positive news thats all

    florent malouda case we have until sat 30th june, maybe we doing it secretive because chelsea are involved

  11. Wenger also remains keen on the Lyon winger Florent Malouda. He has been in contact with the French champions and informed them that he would follow up his interest once he had dealt with other matters, including the sale of Henry. Liverpool have dropped out of the running for Malouda and, although Chelsea are interested, neither they nor Arsenal are expected to meet Lyon’s £17m valuation. Wenger has told them to reduce the fee to £12m.

    Chelsea are understood to have originally offered their 22-year-old French midfielder Lassana Diarra in exchange for Malouda, but are believed to be poised to submit a straight cash deal which could amount to £11.5m. However, Lyon are still holding out for more money.

    the independent…

    well, i can believe the independent they come out with decent stories, hope its true… £12 is ok for him

  12. Well Chelsea haven’t purchased him yet, calm down. Also, they bid 5 million under the asking price, the price Wenger would seem to pay… 2 things: I will be very annoyed if Wenger wasn’t to match the bid + Arsenal seems like it would be in the better interest (more french, more likely to play).
    I don’t want Anelka and I don’t want Martins. Arseblog is right in his valuation of Martins, ANC, lunatic, etc. and Anelka has been between a billion clubs and is only as good as Ade (albeit in a different way) so to spend the majority of the Thierry money on him will seem a waste.
    My enthusiasm for next season is slipping, I really wish Arsene get off fucking holiday and do something (even just Grimandi).
    Only thing to try and keep a smile on my face is all Arsene’s friends coming out saying he has told them all he’s here for the long term, as if we didn’t already know. Tabloids don’t see it as news though, we’re still falling apart in every paper except The Guardian (the only arsenal supporting paper…).

  13. I would see Martins as a positive signing. He is a fabulous player – very similar to Anelka in many ways – but has time on his side. I don’t think Reyes would ever come back. Real Madrid’s manager Fabio Capello is expected to be sacked tomorrow so I really believe he will sign for Madrid for an improved fee like I spoke about previously.
    Samuel – I am staying calm – I’m just telling you what I’d do if Chelsea sign Malouda!

  14. Samuel and SF

    Malouda might not be coming ‘cos of the price. At 17+ AW won’t buy him for that much, so if they don’t lower their valuation he might be looking for an alternative. There are cheaper wingers around especially Andres Guadardo, he plays in the Mexican national team and it’s reported that AW is considering him. I’ve watched him on YouTube and looked wonderful, direct, pacy, sticks to the line and with powerful shots; a proven goal scorer. Some of the clicks on YouTube can be deceiving though. The clib on this guy was made available by a fan on BBC 606. If he’s real then he is the player we need to fill Reyes position. I agree with your positions on Martins. I’ve already commented that he’s better than Anelka as he’s younger and also technically above Le Sulk.


    I feel that we lack that rough n tough
    central midfield player, we need some one
    who can make good tackles and that can
    influance the team. cesc is great at passing
    and has skill gilberto can miss a few thing
    and get caught out.

    we need someone that can defend and
    attack in there its 1of our main weak
    ponits altough most people will disagree

    just look around

    chelsea – lampard
    man uth – scholes
    liverpool – gerard
    west ham – reo coker
    Tottenham – Zokora
    everton – artetha
    bolton – nolan
    blackburn – savage(dirty cunt, but effective)

    they are all players that influance there
    team to win we desperatly need that.

  16. – Spainish Fry – I know were your coming from
    but as an arsenal supporter i sad that we
    have to talk about a player that doesnt play
    for us anymore, People will say would we have
    lost this game if henry was stil here and all
    that crap simple fact id theres no answer to it
    youl will never know and you will never find
    out, Its wasted breath. We CAN cope without

  17. chelsea – lampard
    man uth – scholes
    liverpool – gerard
    west ham – reo coker
    Tottenham – Zokora
    everton – artetha
    bolton – nolan
    blackburn – savage(dirty cunt, but effective)

    Ha. Other than Gerrard, I wouldn’t have any of these replace Fab or Gilberto, let alone Diaby. Lampard is rubbish at everything other than an impressive goal record and I trust the midfield to pick this up next season. Scholes is being replaced by a Brazilian, which seems good until you remember only one, yes our one, has ever been effective in the premiership. Zokara sits on the spurs bench not as good as huddlestone and jenas (two players more like cesc and silva). Arteta is alright at Everton but again not even the best in there centre (Cahill) so how would he make it in a top 4 team? Nolan’s a cunt who can’t even make it past Lampard in the national team and Savage is just downright rubbish and always has been. And to use any of these players as being a strong midfield holders that can defend is just silly, every one of them gives a foul out of like 80% of their tackles. And bar Lamp, Scholes and Gerrard, none are really that effective at the front.
    Fair enough though, a player as good as Gerrard would be great. Maybe that guy from Portsmouth Matty Taylor would have been a better example – a more effective defender and scores great goals regularly.
    Cesc+Gilberto(Diaby+Denilson) is as good any other top4 central midfield and is not our problem.

  18. Anonymous (is that you Sean?)

    I see what you’re saying. Although I think we are ‘tougher’ down the center then given credit for, I can’t argue that we could use more of a visible, vocal enforcer that is as comfortable attacking as he is at crunching tackles. Pretty tough to find and I think only Scholes, Lampard (unless playing for England) and Gerard fit that mold.
    Bottom line we need to take more shots and finish our chances… regardless of who they fall to. That killer instinct is an intangible that is pretty tough to find. 80% of our matches could be won in the first 30 minutes if we put away our early chances.

  19. Really Lampard can’t be described as a CM in the through sense of his role on the field. He’s a semi-striker, selfish, don’t pass to strikers, pops up and scores. If you’re looking for a CM who cleans up and help the strikers in the final phase, then Lampard is not the one to look for. Lampard is good in a defensive style approach in set-ups like Chelsea, Pool, Blackburn and their likes. He is technically poor and finds it difficult holding the ball without passing. He will flop in teams like Arsenal, MANU or Barca that requires CM’s to tackle, hold the ball and support the CF’s. In short Lampard’s style is not what we need unless we want to adopt a 4-4-1-1 style of play, defensive but provide a lot of leeway for semi-strikers like Fat Frank. That,s why he performs poorly in England shirt that insist on traditional mid-field roles which he can;t deliver. Again, Zokora has a poor tackle but he’s good at running with the ball. He’s not Arsenal quality.

  20. I’m getting really frustrated with AW. We may not sign anybody. Still believing that this team can deliver but it can’t. There is money to buy so what’s he waiting for? Fans were blaming the Board for not providing money but there is money. At a time all managers are in the transfer market, he’s on holiday. Doing what? holidaying when there are problems with the team to be solved? All the good players are being snapped up and he’s on holiday. Last year most of the young guys didn’t show much commitment but he says he has confidence in them. Is it an issue of pushing the club up and pulling it down? FRANKENSTEIN?

  21. – Michael – its me!!
    Yeah exactly, an enforcer was the word
    i was looking for. The team could benifit
    very well from it but as u said its hard to
    find someone like that.
    An one or two of the lads there just said
    they dont rate any of the players i mentioned
    to be honest wake up there will yas frank
    lampard is a great player not always but thats
    to be expected form any player. paul scholes
    has held united together this season, hes the
    reason why they had such a good season he
    bossed the centre for them. i just think some
    arsenal fans dont look beyond our team at times.


    kevin nolan should be in the england team
    hed benifit and so would the team, the only
    problem with you england squad is big names are
    pick over talent..

  22. I am happy with our midfield set-up. I think that Fabregas and Gilberto work well together and at this stage don’t see the need for another “enforcer” type player to help out. Abou Diaby is coming through well and in a season or two will take over and I don’t think that is the area of concern for our team. We need a wide player and couple new attacking players to consolidate after the loss of Henry. The news about Tevez turning down Inter Milan is quite exciting – although a deal for him will take a little while to come through because of the Copa America.

  23. agree to disagree mate, thats just my
    opinion. You could be dead by the time
    diaby comes trough u never know you might
    get hit by a bus or something!!
    And yes the tevez situation is very intresting
    im watching the copa america now argentina
    are playing they just showed some tevez clips
    which made me realise he would be great for us
    i wasnt 100% keen but know im 110%… bets
    are that hel go to liverpool and link back up
    with mascerano tho. lets hope he comes to us!!

  24. That’s great news. I struggle to get that type of coverage over where I am. I would love to be watching Tevez and Gilberto over at the Copa.

  25. Tevez would be great. On top of the skill and battle tested results, the guy works his ass off. i love a striker that can turn around and tell his team to pick it up without everyone thinking he’s a prima donna. He’s a fighter and a finisher… great combo! I’ll bet Wenger is watching the Copa America very intently from his holiday chateau! If so he just saw Tevez put away the USA with Argentina’s 4th goal.

    On another note – I had the exact same injury as Diaby and my guess is that he’s about at the stage where he won’t be thinking about it anymore. That CRUNCH sound of your leg snapping, foot dislocating, and ligaments tearing leaves a pretty long impression. I look for him to ‘man up’ next year and make opponents think twice before attacking up our gut.

  26. I hear the owner to the rights of carlos tevez
    is an mad arsenal supporter 🙂 could be good
    “could” be!

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