I would love Bergkamp to manage Arsenal + Arshavin, Diakite speculation

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It’s good afternoon from a very sunny, very hot day in Brisbane. It’s the sort of weather that someone like Arseblogger over in Ireland would kill for even though I would desperately prefer some rain. The grass is always greener and all that.

I’m going to begin today with Dennis Bergkamp. Those who have not read the ‘About’ section of this blog (I don’t really blame though, mind) are unlikely to know how much I love Dennis Bergkamp. Indeed, Mr Bergkamp is the very reason why I started watching football and supporting Arsenal. There was something about that classy blonde fellow in his vivid orange Dutch shirt that drew me to the game during the World Cup in France and I pretty much went bonkers about the game from that point onwards.

As such, I’m delighted to hear comments from the great man indicating his desire to work with the Arsenal Football Club once again. Speaking with Bob Wilson from Arsenal TV the Dutchman said:

“I wouldn’t rule out [working with Arsenal]. I really love this club and the country and I love working here.”

I know he made similar comments a couple of months back but it’s lovely to hear his point of view on the matter hasn’t changed. There are some players who make it as coaches and some that simply aren’t cut out, but in my opinion Bergkamp is more than suited to succeed as a manager. It wasn’t just his skill and technique on the ball that made him a great player, but the leadership and cool-headed nature he displayed throughout his career.

I think he’d make a great manager and if he gets some experience under his belt I wouldn’t be against the idea of him one day succeeding Arsene Wenger. Bring him in, I say, before another club gets hold of him.

Bergkamp also goes on to make a number of comments about the positive influence of foreigners on the game in England (he would say that, wouldn’t he?) which you can see on Arsenal TV tonight (7.15pm UK Time). It’s probably worth watching but seeing as though it equates to me getting up at 5.15am in Brisbane I think I’ll give it a miss.

Moving on now and another Dutchman at Arsenal, Robin van Persie, has been speaking about the need for fans to be patient in the club’s bid for silverware. Van Persie admitted he ‘feels for the fans’ before pointing out the importance of long-term strategy in club football and the need to stay true to the principles set out by the manager to achieve success. He said:

“Things take time, and you often see clubs sacking managers for fun, and they don’t get anywhere. You need a long-term strategy. At Arsenal, the players have time to grow into the system, and if we stick to our principles we will get silverware.”

I, like van Persie, understand the frustration of being a fan and not enjoying tangible success. Perhaps I even understand it more than him. But, as he suggests, I think we as fans need to put things into perspective. In an era and a league where clubs sack their managers at the first sign of a loss in form we’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have a manager as accomplished as Wenger and a board as supportive as ours.

There was a lovely article posted on Untold Arsenal about the calls that rang out to sack Wenger back in February 2001. As it illustrates, we lost the league by 16 points to a rampant Manchester United before bouncing back to do the double in 2002 and 2004. The point? If the team sticks to their principles and we support the team then as van Persie says, we will get silverware.

To finish off today there’s a little bit of transfer speculation.

First up is the daily dose of Andrei Arshavin dribblings. There was a few whispers that Arshavin might have signed yesterday but the word from his agent Dennis Lachter is that a decision may be made next week. With Inter Milan now joining the race to sign him it’s becoming more important than ever that Wenger and the management get themselves sorted.

And second up are some speculation about Lazio defender Modibo Diakite. Reports are that we’ve been tracking the no-name defender (which wouldn’t suprise me) but his agent has been firm in denying he wants to change clubs. I can’t say I know much about him so I can’t really comment. Can anyone help out? I’m looking your way Demetrio…

And that is about it for the day. Just a reminder that if you’re a fan of this blog and want to subscribe for free for daily updates you can do so by clicking here. Apart from that, have a good one and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

Have your say on Bergkamp, van Persie, Arshavin or Diakite by leaving a comment.


46 thoughts on “I would love Bergkamp to manage Arsenal + Arshavin, Diakite speculation

  1. Bergkamp…my favourite Arsenal player. Is it a coincidence that since he left Arsenal, we haven’t played as well? Hrmm…

  2. i disagree about dennis being manager because hes such a legend that if it didnt work it might leave a sour taste in some arsenal fans eyes……i would just love to remember him on how he played for us and in my opinion our best ever player….lets dennis be loved for that.

  3. Regarding Bergkamp, I too must profess my undying devotion to him, but I don’t think that he could ever be a manager for a major European club due to his fear of flying.

    Could you imagine the team going to an away match in Europe without the manager.

    No doubt that he could do a job as a coach and could be a useful assistant at Arsenal and the youngsters would (hopefully) listen to him

  4. For me,Bergkamp was such a talented player in our squad that we may feelthe vacuum he left to-date,unfortunately,idont thinnk he can make a good coach for Arsenal.To vp sentiments,i believe patience pays.by the way,when is the last time liverpool won EP tittle?1990!!!! and how are they today?come on fans.good day

  5. Am an arsenal fun,connot help but laugh at people who still think that their manager “wanger” will ever sign a player this january of 2009.And this food for thought”The
    Rise and fall of the Wenger man is
    at hand” Be blessed All.

  6. @ Hanoi
    Does he still have that? I thought he got over it. Anyway, we all love the guy, Bergkamp and Henry was one of the best striking partnerships of all time and no one can deny it. We could bring him in for a few months so that he could teach Ade and Bendy how not to miss a billion chances every game.

  7. @ Nduggatm
    I really dislike fans like you fella. We are fortunate to have manager like Wenger, and we dont appreciate what he has done for this club, he brought style and class to this team. We are talking about the 2nd best manager in the world (behind Fergie) here, the guy who is wanted by Real Madrid so badly and you want him to be sacked? Youve lost it fella.

  8. I have been an Arsenal fan for 38 years, since I watched the 1971 FA Cup Final in 1971, aged 6. I have seen many great players pass through the club in that time, but there is no doubt at all in my mind that Dennis Bergkamp is the greatest of them all by far. His skill, vision and technique are unmatched. They say you don’t always appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone, and that’s certainly true of Dennis, as well as other players in the “invincibles” team like Henry, Pires and Vieira. We have some quality players in today’s side, but they simply aren’t in the same class. I’d love to see Dennis become a success as a manager, but I’m not sure he has the temperament for it. I’d see him more as a number 2, taking charge on the training pitch as a back up to manager. Whatever he decides to do I wish him luck and success.

  9. @ Fatboy – Well said. Although I have to disagree, I think Bergkamp has the perfect temperament to be a manager. He’s cool as ice most of the time but has the temper necessary to show his frustrations. He’d do a good job although like Hanoi said earlier, his fear of flying is a problem.

    @ Gibbs – Very interesting. He’d make it back pretty quickly though I’m sure.

  10. I’ll be straight. I’d like Andrei Arshavin to play for Arsenal because he is a quality player.

    However, despite this quality, I would be very wary of him joining if he forced the move through by striking against his current club, Zenit St Petersburg.

    I’ve read that he has threatened to go on strike if he doesn’t get his move to Arsenal. I don’t like this one bit.

    I agree it puts us into a strong position to gain Arshavin’s signature but put yourself into a Zenit supporters shoes. Would you like your best player forcing a move through?

    We Gooners wouldn’t like it if he played for Arsenal and forced his way out of the club because he wanted to play for someone like Barcelona would we?

    I keep thinking that whilst him on strike benefits Arsenal in the present, how do we not know that he wouldn’t do the same to us in the future?

    If he did sign for Arsenal I’m sure he would only have a three year contract offered to him because of Wenger’s over thirty policy. We could be in the shit!

    I’ll agree that Arshavin has been very loyal to Zenit over the years and maybe if he did join Arsenal he would stay until the end of his career but these little things worry me!

    I can’t wait to hear that it is his dream to play for Arsenal. I’ve heard him say it about Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, just about every top club in Europe!

    Anyway, he is a good talent and one that Arsenal could do with. I just hope that if the transfer does go through, it is on good terms and benefits both Zenit and Arsenal.

  11. Gents

    This cheered me up this morning…laughed into my cafezinho!!….not sure of the exact sourse but i got it from Gringoes.com…….

    Transcript of the conversation between City and Kaka. Only have the City end
    of it…

    “Hello, is that Kaka? How do you fancy becoming the supply line to Craig
    Bellamy and Darius Vassell this winter?

    “No, your fellow countryman doesn¹t like the cold and will be out until mid
    April – but you will play alongside Stephen Ireland”

    “No, Kaka, Ireland is a person not a country”

    “yes, I fully appreciate that he is not Ronaldinho, Pirlo or even Beckham
    but many fans have him in their fantasy football”

    “I know you are currently the richest man in Italy but we can double it!”

    “erm, well, we have had a bit of a slide recently and we are currently 15th”

    “erm, out of 20…… but Mark Hughes once won the double for our


    “Ex Blackburn boss”

    “Blackburn, Blackburn Rovers”

    “No, Blackburn……Black…..Burn”

    “HUGHES man, HUGHES!!!”

    “He once scored a good goal against Spain”

    “No, thats Gerry Armstrong….. anyway, are you coming or not?”

    “Usually about two thirds full but if we play a big team its really rocks”

    “yes I know, but we dont even have a car park cos all the fans walk to the
    ground they are so local”

    “Relevance? well, I suppose its all they have to brag about whether its true
    or not”

    “Only the one to be fair but its called ‘blue moon’ you will love it”


    “yes, definitely blue, always has been”

    “No, no, no, they are in Trafford”

    “yes they are, steeped in it in fact but what good is history to you my
    ambitious friend?”

    “erm, 1976 I think”

    “it was the er, the er League cup if memory serves me right”

    “Well, the plan was to get in the top 4 this season and then…..”

    “yes, I realise that but…..”

    “Aston Villa? Whats it got to do with them?”

    “Yes, I know but we have been down this history route already”

    “How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know about Nottingham

    “Yes, yes, and Leeds United also made a final but you are missing my point,
    this is all about the future”

    “Give me strength……HUGHES!!!!”

    “yes I know he did and he was a legend there but he is a changed man”

    “forget them, they are falling apart”

    “But all those trophies were won last year! They have won nothing in 2009”

    “I have told you…. 1976!!!!”

    “How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know that Virginia Wade has
    won Wimbledon since then?”

    “Yes she probably is in her 60’s”

    “I dont know, probably about 10 league titles, 2 european cups and countless
    domestic cups what has that got to do with it?”

    “76,000 why?”

    “yes, every game, even minor cups I suppose, but where is this getting us?”

    “Yes, the league cup is considered a minor cup over here why?”

    “I know, I know, I know, ok perhaps they won the FA Cup in 1970 or something
    does it really matter?”

    “look, Kaka, we will treble whatever you are on now, buy you a mansion in
    Alderley Edge and give you a helicopter for your front lawn….are you
    joining us?”

    “NO!, its owned by the council – what has the ground got to do with

    “well, officially its the city of manchester stadium but most people call it

    “EAST!, not Waste”

    “You will be adored there”

    “No, not there, here I meant”

    “No, thats Old Trafford, I meant adored here at Waste….erm, Eastlands”

    “Anderson??? what does he know?”

    “Ok I hear what you say, but other than Pride, Ambition, Achievement,
    History, Passion and a large car park – what can they offer you?”

    “what do you mean no credit left in your phone…..I phoned you”

    “Hello, Mr Kaka,…… Mr Kaka are you there?.

  12. @ mrswoo – Indeed I am. It’s a bitch getting/staying up at 1am to watch games of football. Especially when your team loses 3-0 to Manchester City.

    Shocking good.. or shocking bad?

  13. I posted some stats on one of the blogs a few days again, showing how we played out the 2001/02 season.

    After 21 games in that season, we had 40 points – compared with the 38 we have this season. We had lost 4-2 at home to Charlton, 2-1 at home to Leeds and 3-1 at home to Newcastle. We conceded 5 goals in the league to Blackburn and 4 more in the League Cup. We started our Champions League campaign with only 3 points from the first 9. Yet we went on to win the league that year and we all look back on it as a successful year.

    What is interesting, however, is that the team, including Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Wiltord, Ljungberg, Vieira, Adams, Dixon, Seaman et al came in for very little stick at all, in spite of their form being very little better than ours this year. I am sure it is because these players had big reputations, which our current crop have not yet acquired. I feel we need to give this team the time to build their reputations and, in due course, the rewards will follow.

  14. @ aj:
    A very interesting comparison, but do you honestly think that our current team can be compared to the players you mentioned from 2002? I’d love to think this crop could turn the season around in the way they did in ’02, but I think it’s a bit unlikely….

  15. I don’t think we can do it this season, although our major competitors are doing their best to bog it up. I am merely pointing out that a team of great players can turn in a half-season comparable to the one we have just experienced. That team of 2001/02 morphed into the Invincibles, two years later. If Arsene makes the right decisions about strengthening the squad and follows up on what he says i.e. that our attacking play has too much sideways movement, in two years time, we can reasonably expect to be challenging for the title. I added that we didn’t slag off those players for their poor performances and neither should we now. We need to be patient and see the current development through to a successful conclusion.

  16. SF, in Australia you have to stay up until 1 am for the games there? So it is 1 am to 3 am??? I guess that works if you are out partying or drinking on Saturday night… but could present problems if you happen to meet someone special…

    Here we have to be up around 6:30 to even think of making it to the pub at 7 pm, then there are the early starts, 4:30 am! The Man U game, for example was at 4:30 after election night (which had kept us up) and a Friday night party which had gone until 2:30 am…

    It can get brutal.

  17. HaHaHa! California Gooner; you have it a bit worse than I thought I do.

    I live in Columbus,OH and sometimes it is 7 am for the early KOs, mostly 10 am. It feels a bit awkward to go to the pub and continue the personal vendetta I have with the good old johnie w. It kinda sucks to start looking for a designated driver at 8 in the morning!

  18. @aj – Like what you say in both posts and agree but I have a worry (I know I should have my ass kicked for going here) that Cesc – for one – won’t wait another couple of years to win something .Here in Spain I’m forever reading about his being linked with either RM or Barca and just get the feeling that he may walk.After all, it’s almost a given that either RM or Barca win something EVERY year.I’m sure he does’nt need the money but he may just want the silverware.

  19. Football in the morning is great…..although i too find myself fighting the urge to crack open a beer!…..in Brazil at the begginning of the season we are 4 hours behind so early kick offs are on before 9am. but now its just 2 hours behind which means longer to wait for footie after waking up!..oh and beer!

  20. @California gooner, what time do you guys usually watch the saturdays’game? I currently live in South-Africa but planning to go study in Vancouver canada (With God’s help ofcourse) this year, and also worried abt my timing schedule to watch the PL games.If my calculation is right, I think a game @ 2:30pm in the UK would be @ 8:30am in California??/Here in RSA, I dont have any pbm as we only have 2h difrnce.

  21. @Sf,Bergkamp will defntly make a good Manager one day to me.But he has to go step by step, by being in the assistant manager staff first and then climb his ladder up slowly.I dont think the flying prbm is a big issue.

  22. @Luxinbrasil;

    You can move the pub to your home, Just close all the blinds and curtains and it might be just as dark as night. Then you can start tormenting one of those cold suckers!

  23. Good post as usual Spanish; i think DB would be a great manager, and would work very well under Wenger, who would give him an insight into all aspects of management, and DB tactically would be spot-on as an assistant. I would love to see him as our manager after Wenger, but the fear of flying could be a slight problem, but only for European away matches, for which he could be on the phone for or use some kind of video conferencing. His cool head and football brain are certainly huge managerial assets.

    Arshavin is an ambitious player and not as young as most of our squad, and i just think that he really wants to make an impression in one of the big European leagues before his time runs out, and i see it as a positive that he has said so much about being a Gunner, possibly more than he said in the summer about Barca, and he has had an excellent and long career at Zenit, but clearly really wants to move on. He would fit really well into the team, and give us more creativity in the middle of the park, or as a second striker.

  24. Pple, the No1 player we need now is AA. NO2 is AA No3 any other worldclass. All Arsenal fans all over the world are call AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA,AA. The man knows that if given the opportunity to play for Arsenal,with our style of play, he might be the next world footballer come 2010. Big things the say comes in small packages like Dynamite AA

  25. @taygoon

    If only….you make it sound so easy….i might try it this weekend…i know Arsenal are on a bit later but still i can start early….although im not sure the mrs and the kid will be too happy with a pissed up Dad rolling around before 11am!!!!

  26. California is GMT-8…so a 2:30 kickoff is 6:30 am. If I’m watching at home, I just get up and try to find a crappy feed. I’ve had good luck lately. If I go to the pub they will usually tape delay until at least 7 am. Still, that can be rough if I’ve had a late night.

  27. Yea Im stuck in Cali and the early showings are brutal. There is talk of ESPN buying the right for the EPL which could help our situation. Unfortunately having to deal with fools like foudy, wynalda, lalas discussing the beautiful game will destroy its development here in the states… ESPN managed to ruin the NBA (NBA was brilliant) and Monday Night Football- god knows what they would do with the EPL. Im torn though as any opportunity to watch real football here in the US is very appealing…

  28. AJ,

    I love your optimism! The stats you post (hopefully are real) speak loudly to all the pessimistic num-nuts that seem to be attracted to Arsenal these days! Don’t be bullied into thinking that this team can’t pull of the impossible. Also, Eduardo, Walcott, Rosicky & Fabregas will return soon. Keep up the faith it will soon pay off!

  29. California Gooner & MoMONEY;

    In the US, Setanta Sports seems to pick up a lot of games that FSC (from Skysports!?!?!) manage not to show. I have had the majority of Arsenal games through Setanta. EPL,CC, FA Cup and they even pick up UCL that ESPN drops. My only gripe so far is, both Setanta and FSC don’t broadcast in HD.

  30. Luxinbrasil;

    Hahaha! you may get away with it if you manage not to argue with your plasma about the game, 2 hrs after the game is over!

  31. I still think chances for us winning are very high.it’s the 2nd term of the season where points are dropped as bottom clubs fight resiliently to avoid relegation.this is the time that we will score goals,im happy that Van Persie has gained wonderful form and he’s very optimistic.i feel that if we win ALL our remaining games home and away then the other idiots will have nothing against us(of course praying that they drop points by either drawing or losing their remaining games as we win ALL.so let’s keep the faith guys we might surprise many people!!!!!!keep it emirates all the time.

  32. i’d just like to say as i sit here in the same 33 degree heat as the fly, that the 4th greatest team in english history are currently in 4th above the arse and will be there come the end of the season.


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