I cannot explain to you how gutted I am right now…

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…but this pretty much says it all.


So close but yet so far. I think I’m going to cry.


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  1. fellow gooners its tht time of d yr again…same old disappointment…btw before anyone starts blaming d ref we shud luk at our own performance…f**kin avg plyrs all ovr d pitch…and why didnt wenger bring theo on earlier????cudnt he see tht eboue was playing like pool’s 13th man(senderos was d 12th).y wait fr em to score before coming out wid d heavy(????) artillery urself?????? all in all wenger has let us fans down n iv a sinkin feeling he wont really strengthen d team as usual…lets see whether he can hold on to guys like flamini,hleb,etc after a season like dis

  2. The main reason we lost is because of arsene wengers short sightedness. I mean how do you expect to win silverware with such a slim team. One injury and kolo toure has to go rightback defend. We dont have a team with options, period

    How you gonna sell diara and keep gilberto or ebue? Wenger is losin it. He needs someone to tell him. Three games with liverpool without a win says much. Give man u or chelsea liverpool in three games and they will come out with two wins.

    He should buy players and stop moaning about injuries. Man u and chelsea have stars sitting games out and we should be no different with them. Buy big name players and let them sit the bench. Its sad to put stars on bench but thats football now. You need a team that can last all season.

  3. I have to agree though that wenger needs someone to tell him that players like senderos and eboue are just not good enough for a team chasing euro glory and the prem. we need to clear out some of the average players and build a squad capable of finishing a season rather than fading when it matters most

  4. I agree our squad is to thin to run this late in a season. Especially when you’re in 2 competitions…let alone three. We need to collect our players on loan and we’ll need to buy if we want to consider making a run for all competitions next year. I have to say Theo’s run is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was completely breathtaking and you knew from the first challenge he was taking it to the net. This loss really hurts. But I will tell you this the league is not over. We need to pick ourselves up and go at ManURE this weekend. I know its going to be hard. But before we lost this game we were going to have to go hard against ManURE this weekend. And I do believe we have a chance to make something out this title. We need an immediate rebound to this game. A win at ManURE and with Chelsea and ManURE battling out the later stages of the Champions League we have one focus now that we CAN still go after. Beyond all that…that loss really leaves me in pain. But that’s the sport. There’s still one more trophy left. Don’t give up the hope.


  5. Well to everyone that said we’d be swallowed up by the cauldron that is Anfield… you were right. Absolutely one hundred percent right. And my apologies for defending Eboue for so long.

    I’d like to be pissed as hell at the refs but I can’t the team gave it away. Wenger should have bought in the summer and in January but the players are just as responsible especially for their play after the equalizer. They were intimidated and shell shocked.

    As for justice that penalty in a way was justice because the we didn’t put in the ninety minute performance required to go through.

    I’m going to go cry in a corner now as visions of Ribery’s and Benzema’s dance in my head.

  6. Has everybody gone mad? We were six minutes away from going through. Football is a funny game and while I agree with some of your sentiments about the squad being thin I think it’s worth giving the team some credit for the effort they put in. Had it stayed at 2-2 (and it very really should have) we would be singing the praises of Wenger and the side.

    Stop being so short-sighted.

  7. Another season without any trophy and the price for the ticket at Emirates keeps increasing. I believe when the season is over and we look back how many bad refs decisions has had a significant impact on Arsenal we will be crying one more time.One of those is the penalty which hleb was denied but babel was given. Arsenal look like a tired team this evening and not fired up.High time for us to get some high calibre players in our team. But hats off to one promising man tonight , Theo Walcott !!.

  8. Same ol story evry yr nd by feb-apr,we start lukin on 2 aug.,we need 2 question d defence cuz we’v concded 5-1,4-0,nd 2nit 4-2 cmon we dserv beta,arsene shld b checkin himself then mayb a little presure 4rm d board wil do…ciao

  9. I wonder if people realise that we don’t buy players because we don’t have the fucking money. We have a thin squad because we cannot afford to pay people to sit on the bench. Chelski haemorrhage cash just so they can have a whole host of world class bench players. Man U are the same. We can’t even keep the likes of Diarra or Bently on the bench because we can’t pay them.

    Given that, you can perhaps see why our current position is a fucking miracle. Yes, Eboue really ought to be playing for Villa or Portsmouth. But he plays for us and we get a blinding performance out of a mediocre player.

  10. *sigh*

    After calming down. My comments were literally right after I’d turned off the tele. I still don’t know what to say. Brilliant run by the kid but still I stand by my statement that had we gone through on away goals it would have been less deserving than Pool. Not as bad as the highway robbery of Aston Villa but I still stand by that statement.

    That said I was perusing the places on the net I normally do after a Gunner game and came across this brilliant post by poinsonpk at http://www.pesfan.com. Needless to say it made me feel a bit better. Hopefully it alleviates some of the pain.

    “its such a shame about out theo’s run
    but i tell you what, if im feeling angry, upset and dissapointed now, i can still remember the ecstacy of bundling around after walcotts goal, fabregas’ strike against milan, fabregas’ equaliiser against liverpool early on in the season, fabregas scoring the equaliser at bolton, hleb actually shooting to win the game against fulham, bendtners winner against tottenham, ade and fabregas sending the yids home early at the lane, cech flapping for gallas to win it against chelsea, gallas’ late equaliser against man u, eduardo giving us the lead vs everton, flamini scoring to break down a resistant reading, flamini blowing away newcastle, fabregas blasting past an in form kasper schemmichel to win us the game v city, adebayor netting from an impossible angle against west ham. so our cl run is over, but its been fun. we’re still, just, in the league, and its going to be fun.

    not really been that bad a season, has it?”

    Time to head to Old Trafford with our heads up.

  11. I am so gutted right now, It cannot be explained, this blog will help me survive the next few days im sure. Firstly Senderos Has to go! Secondly all those people who said we dnt need new players are now regretting thst and we do need Richards cuz since January, Toure was out injured where richards cud have been used and so has Sagna and guess what Richards can play RB too. We need to strenghten our team, 1 suspension, 1 injury and we are doomed whereas Chelsea and Manu hav depth in their squads. I will balme refs aswell because in 3 games we have had 2 pen appeals and they hav had one, they got 1 pen, we got none, i not sayin it has happened, but has Rafa paid the ref or summit. Refs hav been against us since the brum game and im fed up, i really need you guys to help me get thru, im a 15-yr-old goin ova da edge!

  12. How can you say wenger has noo money! hes got like 70 80 miliion to spend! Sender has to go! to many mistakes and hes not arsenal quality! Lehmann = Sell! Gilberto unfortunatly his time is up!

    We need wingers and defenders

    Ricardo Quaresma – Porto.. Very Good talent.. Bring some spark

    Ben Arfra – Lyon – A talented midfielder wicth gave Man United A horrible time!

    Micha Richards – Man City – Well Dnt ave to say much do i! class defender!

    Gabriel Agbonglahor – Aston Villa – very Good attacker every1 has seen it!

    Thats why we lost tonite! because of shortness of players in the squad! Rosicky cnt string 5 games 2gether. Should start Walcott from now until end of season!

  13. Arsenal have a shit load of money! Mabel how can you say that! bentley had a shit attitude n werent even known player then! Diarra wanted first team action cudnt get it at arsenal! Soo i dnt no whre u got that from! Arsenal have soo much money! its just wenger being stubborn!

  14. Wenger has money although I’d imagine it more along the lines of 40-50 million in the green.

    Looking back once again (I need to stop doing that) I will say across both legs we did deserve to go through.

    Man sometimes being emotional sucks I tell you. And being a pessimist by nature might just might make it a bit worse.

    I’ve done my best to keep from dooming and glooming this whole season. Once could say this match put me over the edge. If that lad Theo doesn’t start against ManU I’m not sure what he has to do to get a start. Alright I’m going to go eat dinner and stop moping around now. For realz.

  15. mabel
    that is untrue,
    we do have the money,
    We were in profit from the transfers we made in the summer, and overall we have the least net deficit in transfer spending of all the big 4 since the start of the premiership.
    we are one of the worlds most profitable clubs since building Ashburton Grove and have around £70 mill if the boss chooses to spend it.

  16. It’s going to take a helluvalot more than 70 million to have a world class bench. Seriously.

  17. I am gutted, but you guys really disappoint me. It was an awesome game of football and we came out on the wrong side of it. Blame Eboue, blame Senderos, blame Wenger? The first goal was definitely soft, but for the second Senderos was defending against Torres FFS, not some 3rd rate striker! It was Kolo, our hero in so many games who once again gave away a stupid penalty. That shit happens and he seems to be playing on fumes; it effects his judgement as well. But then that was no more or less of a penalty than Kuyt’s takedown of Hleb. That right there was the difference. Theo’s run was a thing of wonder; Diaby showed why it would be stupid to give up on him.

  18. Yeah..we do have the money..but so what? everyone wants to play games..nobody’s gonna like sitting on the bench waiting for someone to get injured just so he can play..look at how much crap Benitez and Avram Grant had to go through for the rotation policy of their players..but now their grateful that they have the squad to last them through the season..i’m sure arsenal players are happy to play week in week out but when it comes to times with injuries, fatigue and big matches..we do not have adequate back up to see us through such times..I’m sure there are underlying issues in the arsenal’s dressing room..

  19. Everyone here is agreeing that Theo is now proving himself and he did a SUPERB MAGNIFICENT PEICE OF INDIVIDUAL MAGIC and should defo start vs. man utd. We all also agree that Wenger needs to spend on a couple of transfers (not just youngsters and not just french) I mean, Agbonlahor, Richards, Ben Arfa, Martins, Emre. We agree on those things. But SENDEROS MUST GO! He cant just be good against teams that are low, he must prove himself in the big games, which he has failed to do. Eboue i thought was really good but i thoght Almunia was not his usual self today and we must find a quality keeper as we have never had a real class GK since Seaman, I know Lehmann but he was never in the class as Seaman, Schmeical or modern day Cech, Reina etc.

  20. It’s great to hear some reflective, balanced comments. Really great to hear actually.

    In football there will always be a winner and a loser and on another day Arsenal would have been the winner. That’s all there is to it.

    Toure’s penalty was debatable and frustrating considering the one that was missed on Hleb in the first leg but that’s just the way things go.

    Still hurting though…

  21. u need a good blend of players (seniors and juniors).. just look at Man Utd. we have 30++ player in Scholes, Giggs, Silvestre and also Neville. A young players in Nani, Anderson, Simpson and Pique. Fringe player in O’Shea and Fletcher. These players are just happy to play once in a blue moon. Unlike previous season when we have injury crisis to our defender (same timing as now), we have loan player such as Simpson, Pique and also Evans. From experience, we have decided not to loan good players until recently only Evans left for Sunderland.

  22. ill tell you guys something…

    firstly arsenal can complain about the 2 pens and how one was given and one wasnt…end of the day thats football and you take your chances..Liverpool were up 2-1 and prob should have made it 3-1 before Theo made that great run.

    Pen or no Pen Liverpool took there chances and Arsenal didnt…footballing wise arsenal were slightly better…putting the ball in the back of the net, liverpool were better…

    Eboe is rubish and needs to go…keep sendros his good just need another defender to cover at right back or centre back like Richards…

    This streak of a bad run for arsenal all goes back to the FA Cup game vs Man United….Arsen Wenger was arrogant and got punished and from there on nothign happened for Arsenal..

    Dont you guys get frustrated at hleb never shooting and always trying to thread a pass….Arsenal need about 4 new sighnings….2 big ones and 2 to cover for injuries…Your KEY mean such as Fab, Flamini, Clichy, are not as effective…there too tired…there prob all got niggling injuries they have had to play with for last month…WENGER needs to get over himself and start getting you guys some depth and bit more quality…Unless he does Arsenal won’t ever win anything..

    In saying all this arsenal are a good football side and will always be hard team to play. BUt they could be so much harder if Wenger got it right.,

  23. Eboue needs to go, he has been n was pathetic yesterday night. Good Work Theo, Wenger should play this lad more often. He should also buy good players to strengthen the squad.
    Despite the loss I will be A GOONER.

  24. I am sure everyone is expecting me to shit on Arsenal this after our loss but I am happy cos i see poterntial in the team.
    I think this arsenal side are a great team and we must back them to achieve greatness. Considering theos run and diaby’s goal a time will come when we will find our arrogance again when we get back to our winning ways.
    No matter what anyone says Arsenal is my team and in Arsene I trust.
    Guys lets support the best team in the world.we will get there.

  25. Here in LA. So I’m just now calling this a day. It’s been a long one. I’ve watched alot of the game again, even though the outcome. We showed great signs of what is going to come our way. I still think we have a shot at the League. If not we’re making good progress. What did they say??? Maybe in the top 4? This is a great team and it’s getting better. Our time will come. Go Gunners!

  26. I’m gutted also… what a shame!!!
    The same story for the past 3 seasons.How long will we go on like this ?!!!
    AW has to do something about player transfer next season, we cannot keep losing games we should have won.He should be reading blogs like this.

    Always a GUNNER!!!

  27. Well, what a surprise.
    Is this just me or is this becoming a little bit repetitive??
    We are within 6 weeks of the end of the season and we have, yet again, nothing to challenge for. I mean, at least last year we made it to A final but this year….

    According to Arsene, it is obviously everybody else’s fault; the refs are the clear target here. Dont get me wrong, I believe that the standard of refereeing is becoming increasingly inconsistant across europe and no denying we were unlucky against Liverpool but let’s face the facts, the truth is we have ony ourselves to blame. We have a very strong line up of 8 to 9 players but we simply do not have the strength in depth in the whole squad.
    In comparison the other 3 teams in the top 4 of the Premiership constantly have seassoned internationals sat on the subs bench ready to be called into action.

    Arsene prides himself for doing good business and balancing the books of the club every year, however if we actually invested in buying world class experience once in a while we might actually win silverware and in the process bring considerably more financial rewards to the club.

    Last summer we had the opportunity to sign two of the key players who sank us last night: Babel and Torres.
    However, on both counts, Arsene would not splash the cash.
    But believe me, according to a close family source of mine in European football, they both wanted to play for Arsenal!

    So here’s my question to you Arsene: Are you or are you not going to buy recognised players this summer!?
    …Or are the poor passionate Arsenal fans such as myself going to have to put up with yet more nearly achievements but nothing to show for it!

  28. Senderos and Bendtner must go!

    In: Etoo, Zarate, Grenier, Ben Arfa, Agbonlahor, Richards, Martins, Lescott.

  29. Asene u need to make sure that Theo makes it to starting 11, when we face Manures this weekend, you should not even think twice about giving that kid first team foobal. Otherwise it will be the same ol story of looking for scape goats”……..the refereeing was….” u know the story.

  30. …Manyoo..?!.. Lets not even talk about that now.
    I just hope we have “fuel in the tank” for the Manyoo’s game.
    Lets not be hopeful for anything…

  31. I have been a Liverpool supporter for 37 years and I would like to say that Arsenal were the better team over the two legs and if you had a prolific striker you probably would have gone through. I was at last nights game and for the first twenty minutes you were great.

    You are one or two players away from a great team who will win trophies more regularly.

  32. I predicted a 2-2 draw yesterday when I commented on arsenalgcblog…it was almost right, only a penalty cost us..I have written everywhere that we need match winners,goal-scorers..Wenger is egoistic and always has “I Know” attitude.He thinks winning a CL with a small sqaud would make him better manager and that is the problem…Football is won by goals, we cant score goals and also cant defend..Senderos usually is poor against top-class strikers, Gallas-Toure combo is just all-right..we need 3 players a top-class centre defender (maybe someone from like Tony Adams and doesnt let free headers..), a goal scoring midfielder (hey bring in Schweinsteiger..he is pacy and can score) and a striker who is direct and always looks for goals and not run everywhere in the pitch.

  33. We are too thin. We were in total control until Flamini went off, which completely changed the game. Wenger needs more playmaking bodies in midfield for the long season.

    That said, the Ref’s gave the tie to L-pud with yesterday’s oh-so-soft penalty call, and the 1st game’s Hleb/Kyut harsh penalty non-call.

    We did all we needed to do to win, but the Ref’s gave it to L-pud.

  34. I have heard “on a different night we could of won” alot bout thid game. But truth is that has been said bout SO many games this season – Boro 1-1, Villa 1-1, Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool 1-1 x3, Pompey 1-1, its just not good enough. You see Manu and chelsea dominate a game and win deservedly, then you see arsenal play better and draw or lose, its getting pathetic.

  35. I watched this game and when adebayer equalised i then thought there was no way iin the wotld i was going to win my bet.

    But up stepped steven gerrad and pals to win me £300

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