Hleb’s Arsenal U-turn is just clever word play

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It’s been surprisingly rainy in Brisbane today but despite that I’ve had a quite a decent day. I hope you have had one or are going to have one too.

Kicking things off today are some confusing comments from Alex Hleb about his proposed transfer to Real Madrid/Barcelona/Inter Milan/No-one Really Cares FC. The Belarussian has come out and told the media that reports suggesting he will be leaving Arsenal are nonsense but also goes on to say that if he does it will only be to play in another country.

“I have read that I wanted to move because Arsenal would win nothing, this is nonsense.  But I would really not like to comment on the issue really because there is nothing more to say, because the club means so much to me. If I’ll go, then only in a different league, in any case, in England, there is only Arsenal for me.”

It’s bloody confusing if you ask me. On one hand you have Hleb going on record quite rightly saying that he has been misquoted in his desire to leave but on the other hand you don’t really have him denying the comments that were made by his idiot of a manager Nikolai Shpilevski.

If I had to take a side I’d say that Hleb will still be off. If he wasn’t leaving then he would have just come out and said “I’m not leaving” but he’s carefully chosen to avoid making that statement. Indeed, contrast Hleb’s comments with those made by Cesc Fabregas and you’ll get a clear understanding of what I mean.

I think Hleb’s probably just negotiating whether he wants to play under Pep Guardiola, Bernd Schuster or Jose Mourinho and we’ll find out shortly who it will be. As I’ve said time and time again I couldn’t care less where he ends up so I don’t think there’s anything else left to say about it until the move is made official.

And that’s that in a fairly quiet day of Arsenal news. Try and enjoy yourself wherever you may be in the world.

What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Hleb’s Arsenal U-turn is just clever word play

  1. spot on mate.
    he should be sold.
    waiting for weeks before coming out and saying anything is completely clear.

  2. Really, we should now let him know we want to grant his wish and sell him, since he has signed a transfer request, and buy someone who does not dislike London’s noise. Funny how these players have no gratitude. With his selling price, we can surely get someone better who can score more than him. Good riddance.

  3. Hleb’s dribling ablities are ok, but he rarely scores. if he wants to go let him go, arsenal has been there for years, and its not yet to go!

  4. he has never in past few just commout cleay state that he wants stay at arsenal,not only that its on record he spoke to another club he has never denied that ever,but any case its not decision he still obligated to stay at arsenal for 2 years. but i think wenger will sell him for around 12 million. if we do get nasri he would better than hleb,he is faster stronger and mush more veritile.

  5. I love the way Hleb plays, but he has shone only this season, and if he thinks that is his best to enable him get greener pastures elsewhere, he has been duped. Let him go, because previously, Viera, Henry disturbed Arsenal management and disorganised the club’s performance. 2008/2009 is Arsenal’s season to win trophies, we need dedicated and focussed players. Let Wenger buy better replacements for him. Isaac Ssawe – Uganda

  6. If he’s comments are true that he wants to stay rather than leave then i’ll be really pleased as there’s no other player with his dribbling skills and the audacious ability to unlock defences. fair enough he doesnt score enuf goals but the fact that the likes of madrid, barca, inter are after his signature says it all. I can understand the frustration of my fellow gooners but hey lets not get petty over hleb we are in the silly season where every player has a price but hleb staying would be more beneficial than him leaving. long live the gooners

  7. we should pull out the stops to keep him, he’s a quality player and was absolutely integral to our form last season. Yes he gets a nose bleed every time the goal opens up in front him, but football is 90% about possession and for that, there’s noone better. Give the fucker a pay rise and tell him – give us two more years and we’ll win the CL.

  8. slowly hes gona say i want to stay with arsenal but wengers gona replacements. hes gona say that i just wanted aresenal to sign better players!!!!!!!!!!!!! <—-LOLZ HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. It seems as though Hleb is merely attempting to sit on the fence in the event that his desired move does not take place.

    Fabregas is loyal and worthy and is clear in what he says, but there is always the thought that we will have to let him leave one day to play for Barca. Lets just hope it isn’t soon. In contrast to Van Persie, I feel if we begin to win trophies again, we have much more chance of keeping our players.

  10. @ Clay – I’m pretty sure Shpilevski is his agent. I know there has been some random names thrown around and one story even said Shpilevski was Nasri’s manager but it just goes to show how stupid some people in the media are.

    @ TDP – Good observation. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    @ Romford Pele – Don’t agree. He gets paid enough here and if he doesn’t think it’s enough then I don’t think Arsenal should give him any more. He’s done nothing to suggest he should be paid any more than what he was paid when he came to the club three seasons ago.

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