Hleb to go – Bendtner turns down Germany’s finest

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Before I get onto the bad news, I firstly want to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who commented yesterday on the article about Arsene Wenger’s transfer plans. It was so refreshing to see everyone put some thought into their recommendations and refrain from pleading for every Ronaldinho, Kaka or Lionel Messi in the world. Great stuff.

Now, onto the bad news…

Hleb’s agent says he will be leaving for InterIt seems that Alex Hleb will be leaving Arsenal for Inter Milan. Indeed, the Belarussian’s agent Nikolai Shpilevski has publicly declared that he will be signed by the Italian club within the next two weeks and going so far to say that there is ‘no way’ that he will be staying at Arsenal.

“Alexander is preparing to make one of the most important moves of his life. He is leaving Arsenal even though they want to offer him a new long-term contract and better conditions.”

“Only time will tell if leaving is the right decision, but there’s no way back now. Everything will be cleared up in the next two weeks.”

If what Hleb’s agent is saying is true then it’s a massive slap in the face for Arsene Wenger. Hleb has copped a lot of flak from all corners about his reluctance to shoot, but the manager has stuck by him and it really annoys me that this is how his repaid for it. Very disappointing.

To be perfectly honest I see the inevitable exit of Hleb as less of a loss than Mathieu Flamini’s but at the same time this is yet another first-choice player leaving the club. However, as long as he is replaced adequately by a player who can create and score a few goals (Diego, anyone?) then I don’t think the loss of Hleb will make too much difference.

What I am worried about is the impact this might have on Cesc Fabregas. If Hleb goes then the Spaniard will have lost two of his best mates of the club and there will surely be some doubts creeping into his mind. He’s always shown himself to be a class act off the pitch as well as on it so hopefully he will buck the trend and stay put.

On a more positive note is the news that Nicklas Bendtner has turned down advances from the likes of Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen to stay put at the club. The indication was that Bayern in particular were willing to pay €10 million to sign the Bendtner but the big man has said he is happy at Arsenal.

“I’ve always said that Arsenal is my club and that’s where I want to play my football. When you look at my season and the way it has developed, I see no reason why I should want to change Arsenal with any other club.”

Just for the record, Bendtner is now very much in my good books. As for Hleb…

What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “Hleb to go – Bendtner turns down Germany’s finest

  1. mixed feelings
    i think if we had lost helb but had flamini it would not have been so bad but the 1-2 punch hurts
    we lacked a midfield that can shoot- i still like krancjar- he would fit perfectly in that role. the main worry is ces- i hope he proves to be a class act

  2. I have to ask you all one thing. Is it possible to win the league or the champions league next year on a completely different 1st squad? If the answer is no then i think there is a strong chance Cesc will go. He’s lost his mates and I feel the only thing that will console him is winning.

  3. talented player with fantastic feet, but can’t score worth a lick. we can move on.

    cesc is staying because wenger is going to pull the trigger on a spanish signing this summer. these departures have put pressure on him. even our beloved franc will be willing to spend some money given the situation we are in.

  4. Hleb performance has been poor and if he wants to leave then he better leave because it is no good to have someone who doesn’t want to play in the club that can bring down the team. He (Hleb) better not forget that Arsenal the one that make him a world pro player. As for Cesc, he really stupid to go because Arsene can guide him more than what he is today.

  5. Sf- You are wrong about Fabregas, He is the Master and he will not be unsettled by the departure of his servants that cleaned his boots (Hleb-Flamini)he might be young but it feels like he has been at Arsenal for 100 years. He saw so many changes.He saw Viera,Berkamp,Henry leaving and it does not come bigger than those names and yet it never effected him a bit if anything he got better everytime a key player leaves.Recently that Pimp Calderon from that beautiful prostitute of a club Real Madrid he asked Fabregas through the media to ask Arsenal for a transtfer.His reply was very simple “Wenger is like a father to me” and that says it all. Fabregas is Wenger on the pitch you can not seperate these two. As for the ice-cream man (Hleb)I’ll repeat it again I’m glad he is going a man who has great feet like a ballerina but he doesn’t have the ammunition to shoot like a soldier so he can go to Milan and dance all day.Today on the papers Adebayor has been making some noise about wanting 80 grand a week. You know what he can bugger off as well and find a team that assist him with 1000 chances to score 2 goals.They all should go and get advice from Anelka,Viera, Thierry and they’ll tell them the grass is not always greener on the other side. Unfortynately money talks these days and agents want to make a quick buck so they unsettle their players.

  6. I think this is very much a case of Hleb thinking ahead and trying to justify his decision by claiming that this could be his last chance at a ‘big move’. This translates to big money and a better long term contract, as Arsenal will only give him one year extensions when he is 30+ whereas Massimo Moratti probably wastes more money than anyone else in the world and will give him a new five year deal when he is over the hill.

    As for potential replacements, I’m afraid Ribery is probably a no-go. For those of you who don’t know the original story, following the 2006 world cup a deal was made involving the president of Marseille, the player, his agent, Arsene Wenger and David Dein. Arsenal were to have first refusal on the player if Marseille decided to sell at any point, something they had no intention of doing that particular season. Several problems emerged last summer. By this point he had parted company with his original agent that had made this deal and had acquired the services of a well known profit monger – the same agent that brokered Zidane’s £55million move to Real Madrid. David Dein was also gone by this point. The original deal stipulated that Arsenal could buy at £14million, and Ribery had his heart set on a move to North London. But Bayern Munich offered £17million and higher wages, and Marseille claimed that as key members involved in the deal had since departed, the deal no longer existed. As a concession, Arsene Wenger was told he could still have first choice if he matched Bayern’s offer. Wenger understandably felt he was treated unfairly and refused to budge from the original deal. Ribery was the convinced by his agent to join Bayern and that is that. His performances this year would certainly price us out I’m afraid, as Bayern won’t sell him for less than they paid for him.

    I see one or two people highlighted Arteta yesterday as a potential Hleb replacement, and I have come round to that idea. He has a good understanding with Cesc (we are now losing two players he had a good understanding with – building from scratch would certainly cost us) and while he doesn’t have pace he has an excellent end product. His crosses are amongst the best in the league, he can shoot from range and has the technical ability to play in confined areas. As a direct replacement for Hleb, he could certainly fit the bill.

    Diego is another interesting idea, and frankly I think instead of being downbeat about the departure of a player who scored eleven goals in three seasons, we should be excited that we could be getting someone who will actually produce – not just hint at producing.

    Thanks for reading guys

  7. Hello, Spanish
    Hleb has been valuable to us as game breaker but if he is off, it could be a blessing in disguise – we won’t get as skilful a player to replace him (there isn’t one) but we might get somebody who can score goals as well as make them. I can understand him getting fed up of all the sly kicks he has received, but he isn’t escaping that by going to Italy. If true, it’s disappointing personally for Arsene, as you say. It’s also another headache he doesn’t need. I suspect that he was intending to rotate Hleb, Rosicky and the new creative player he plans to buy, and now he will have to find someone else as well.
    I agree with those who are saying Fabregas won’t leave as a result. He’s made his decision, he made it when Henry left and I think he will be around for years to come, whatever his friends do. He seems to be able to get along with anyone, and in any case his best mate is Phil Senderos, from the days when they were both teenagers and roomies in the same house.

  8. Cesc Fabregas has always show maturity beyond his years during his time at Arsenal. I see know reason why that would not continue.

    If it’s true I do feel a bit slighted that Helb’s jumping ship. Ice Cream robbery indeed. In the end though I think this forces Wenger’s hand a bit in the transfer market. I don’t think it leaves him with a choice. He has to bring someone in that is quality in the midfield.

  9. Great! Bye Bye pHleb. Yes he was a first team player but constantly danced around the ball with no output other than going sideways. Ronaldo dances WITH the ball and scores plenty. NOT around it!
    Im not a fan of Hleb as you can tell and this just puts him in the same pod as Cashley.
    Get rid of him and his ice cream loving agent.
    Useless pratt!

  10. Anyone watching Hleb can see that he has not been happy with the treatment dealt out to him by opposing players. His response has mostly been muted, but the slap on Murty was one of exasperation.

    I don’t think it’s Arsenal that’s his problem, his real problem is the premier league.

  11. OMG 10 millions for Bendtner !!!!!!!!!
    what you waiting Arsene??? sell him now!!!!!
    and bring a real class striker

    I read that Nasri have a clusule on his contract that he can leave OM for an offer betwen 12 and 16 millions, so sell Hleb and buy Nasri, easy as that.

  12. We are probably missing a few things here, Hleb leaving to me is good news. Flamini, bad news(although I have been resigned to lose both players since December). Cesc is a veteran in the first team setup, unlike these two, and unless Cesc go to Milan, he won’t be close to his buddies so that won’t be a good enough reason to leave. Cesc has been the heart of Arsenal and view the club as “his” club since way back when.

    I don’t advocate a big name signing to replace both Hleb and Flamini as what we have in the squad is better than both players in terms of quality. Rosicky (save for injuries) is better than Hleb, and if Hleb were to stay, Vela coming back (more competition on the left, I fully expect Vela to make the spot his own), and the occasional RVP, Eduardo on the left wing, the choice between Hleb and Rosicky would have been tough, although I would have expected Rosicky to edge Hleb.

    Fabregas is a super player. And he WILL have a good understanding with whoever he is playing with. As a matter of fact, he already has a very good understanding with almost the entire team, which explains his assists, so no worry there.

    In my oppinion, without Flamini, we will be more solid at the back, and without Hleb, we will be more dangerous upfront. We have more than enough(injuries permiting) ammo to dominate the midfield so I see the departures as a blessing to arsenal

  13. Mexican Gunner:

    If AW sells Bendtner i will be MASSIVELY disapointed. Adebayor is great, but our future(near) is Bendtner. 9 goals in about 16 starts without taking penalties is a very good record, only 3 players at Man U have scored more goals than Bendtner in the EPL (5 goals in 6 starts) and they both have started 4 times(rooney) and 5 times the number of games Bendtner has. Given 30 starts in a season, he might have bagged 25+ goals.

  14. hi..
    i’m new here
    want to put some info
    i’ve read at arsenal.com
    that AW said
    only 2 man will leave Arsenal season 08/09
    the other have to stay..
    there was rumours that Hleb want to buy rest of his contract
    to allow him joint inter..
    but AW said that what he could do to the club
    he mustn’t forget that club absolutely can do it to him..

  15. so the man who absolutely leave were
    Jens Lehman and Flamini only
    no more leave Arsenal next season
    that i got from Arsenal.com

  16. I’m suprised to see rather mature comments from bendtner. Seems the boy’s keen to hang around.

  17. Hi to all!
    I am from Belarus.
    I like Hleb as a player very much, but I stopped respecting him as a person now.

    I won’t support Inter with Hleb, I will still support
    Arsenal without him.
    Many Belarusian fans in forums on Belarusian sites say the same without thinking.
    Count me in with you, guys!

  18. any one know how much will Arsene Wenger budget for buying new player season 08/09 ??
    and who ‘re the most wanted by Arsene Wenger for arsenal next season ??
    i didn’t got any info from Arsenal.com
    thanks for the info…

  19. first comment on this blog methinks… …Super Nik will be absolute class, people forget his age because of his size but Theo and Nick will be the future strikeforce at our club, a little and large combo to strike fear.

    As for new signings I would love a new keeper like Akinfeev or Frey but don’t see it happening.

    Richard Dunne
    Clarence Seedorf

    Dunne is one of the most consistent CB’s in the league and would suit a Gallas/Toure next to him. He makes Richards look Good!

    Seedorf would be happy as a sub at Arsenal and could bring invaluable experience to the squad, he has won the league and the CL in three countries and would be an ideal back-up… …bring back Bobby for one season as well!

  20. Hleb can go but it is high time Wenger realised that this players are leaving becos they are not winning every as Petre Cech said ( he is lousy and it is nor of his business ) no one will remember playing good football but people will remember tropies won…we need to start winning something something very big for that matter if not we will build a team only yo loss them to others…any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.

  21. Wenger clearly lost all respect for Flamini and stopped short of calling him a lying twat with no values this what Wenger said refering to Flamini as “the guy” not bothering to say his name “I know the rules in this job, the guy [Flamini] is free, he can go to somebody who pays him more,” said Wenger. “But he said he wanted to stay. If you say ‘no I want to go somewhere’ that is ok. But you cannot say ‘I want to stay but I go.’

    “This club here has a history of being built by people of values. I’m not sure that in the history of Milan you’ll find the same values, even if you dig well.”
    Clearly Wenger felt Flamini betrayed him. it shows Flamini indeed lied through his teeth to run down his contract he was offered the contract at the start of the season he refused nowing all a long he is moving for more money.

    As for Hleb Wenger suggested that the “Webster” rule is very complicated if ice-cream man tries to buy out his contract the process takes months and months and the player will be banned from playing football for that period.So the Webster rule is clearly for very special cases and not for money grabbers. But I would say to Wenger: Sell that rat. We don’t need him.

  22. Hmmm, Firstly ‘The Panda’ is back. But onto what really matters. Hleb leaving pisses me off slightly, although he hasn’t been much of a scoring force this season, he certainly made an improvement to the one before. It’s just annoying to see him and Matthieu just bail out when there is definite potential for trophies next year. And the team was playing awesome for the most of this season it was just injuries and the seemingly large gap between the first team and some of the subs. Nicklas staying is good though, at least the Gunners still have one dude with a normal name that is spelled sweetly. Bye Matthieu. Hello Nicklas

  23. @le gunner
    Qsheira agree with you..
    if the rat make the squad more trouble..
    just sell the disgusting Hleb if he didn’t want to stay..
    for Arsene Wenger..
    we all the fans always believe in you..

  24. yet another striker?

    Arsenal appear set to land German international striker

    Mario Gomez
    MEDIA reports are suggesting Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is leading the chase to sign Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez.

    The 22-year-old has already carved out a reputation for himself in the Bundesliga with his prolific scoring record. Last year he was voted the German player of the year and this season he is currently the second highest top scorer in the Bundesliga, with 18 goals in 23 appearances.

    Even the German international’s own Wikipedia entry this morning suggests Wenger has agreed a 20 million deal to buy out Gómez’s contract, which was to last until 2012.

    The striker will now be hoping to translate his scoring record at club level to the international stage at Euro 2008 this summer to enhance his reputation further.

  25. Ohh Super MARIO!! he`s awesome I hope that news are real.

    I read on some diary that Arsene get an agreement with Ben Arfa (I dont know him very well)

    @ TayGoon
    I know, he have good numbers but his style of play is not very Arsenal, you know, I see him on a mid table Team but not Arsenal, well who knows I tell the same of Adebayor last season and I was very wrong.

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