Alexander Hleb – The Indecisive Genius?

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Hleb is trying to improve his shooting abilityThe latest musings of Spanish Fry

Belarussian midfielder Alexandr Hleb has revealed that he is doing special exercises with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to improve his shooting ability. The news will be a great relief to Arsenal fans all over the world who have been continuously frustrated with Hleb’s reluctance to shoot when given the opportunity. Whilst it has appeared that Hleb’s problems have been down to a lack of confidence in front of goal he has put it down to a tendency to be unselfish.

“Often I get into shooting positions and then hear a team-mate calling for me to pass, maybe I need to be a bit more egotistical at times. It is something I have been working on. In training, the manager often gets me doing special exercise in which I am forced to finish the attack with a shot on goal.”

Hleb’s comments do provide a reasonable – if not acceptable – explanation for his shooting phobia and he will need to work hard to overcome this obvious fault in his game. The biggest task for Wenger and Hleb will be to develop the midfielder’s instinct in front of goal – to ensure he is decisive in whatever action he chooses to take. Too often Hleb has dallied on the ball and negatively impacted on the speed with which Wenger wants his team to attack. What is surprising is just how much this habit is a contrast to the direct approach that he displayed whilst playing for his previous club Stuttgart in Germany (see video below for evidence).

What is important to note is that Arsene Wenger is a patient man – and it is obvious he still sees a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Hleb.

Hleb was a different player at Stuttgart“Wenger is a great tactician, he sees absolutely everything. He knows how to find a key to every player – he is a coach sent by God. I still remember him saying: ‘Alexander, I do not just buy any player; I watched you for two years. Everyone finds it hard at first, especially if you come from another country. I am convinced everything will work out.”

The trouble will come if Hleb continues to disappoint in what will be his third season with Arsenal. Despite Hleb’s comments, it is obvious when contrasting his thrilling performances for Stuttgart and his indecisive style for Arsenal that his confidence has significantly decreased during his time at the club.

If Wenger can find a way to get Hleb’s confidence back then the Belarussian will have the ability to rip apart any defence in the Premiership. Make no mistake; there is still time for Hleb to be the next Robert Pires. But if he fails to deliver next season then that time may be up.

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11 thoughts on “Alexander Hleb – The Indecisive Genius?

  1. I’ve always liked Hleb. It’s obvious that he’s really talented, and I think he’s got it in him to be a really key player. It looks like he’s got a huge confidence issue though. Hopefully he can get himself sorted out, because he’s one of the best dribblers I’ve seen in quite a while.

    By the way, good blog. It’s certainly loads better than Arsenal Mania (which I suppose doesn’t say much, just thought I’d like to have a little dig at the bastard who runs that site).

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Andrew. That video really surprised me – he seems like a different player altogether. As you say, hopefully he can get his confidence back next season.

  3. Outstanding close control and skill but what he lacks could be said of several more of our squad at the moment.
    Just that f**k you attitude that all top players need to have and control.
    If you watch Bergkamp, Pires etc as unselfish as they were they just had that arrogant relaxed attitude on the ball that said “If I don’t score now I’ll get you next time”

  4. Spot on summary, as usual. Hleb, along with Fabregas, are great passers of the ball. The difference between them is Fabregas is not afraid to shoot (how many on target shots did Fabregas get away this season only to have a outstanding save by the keeper or the woodwork!).

    I like Hleb, he seems to me to be a humble unassuming player, who always tries his heart out. Hopefully, he can regain confidence next season.

  5. guy has seen us out of europe two years in a row (missed open net and foul this year which lead to Alex scoring) and is a joke. It was around the time that Arsene spent 13 million on him where things really started falling apart. He is a pathetic excuse for the red and white and is exactly what is wrong with the teams general direction. I cringe thinking if we had spent that 13 mill on Van Nistlerooy. I hope Hleb works on his shooting with Wenger at some French side as they both should get out of london

  6. Again SmoothJames, I don’t agree that things are “falling apart” at the club and I definitely don’t hope that Wenger and Hleb leave. Moving Hleb to a central area might be the right idea, judging by his Stuttgart performances.

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