Henry absolutely denies Barcelona rumours

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Henry is frustrated with the Barcelona rumoursHenry frustrated with transfer speculation

A large number of Arsenal supporters will surely be at ease after the news that Thierry Henry has absolutely denied the rumour that he would be leaving the club and had signed a contract at Barcelona. Henry spoke to L’Equipe whilst in France to play in Sonny Anderson‘s testimonial match and again confirmed that he would be at the club next season.

“Nothing is done. I repeat, nothing. Writing about a meeting that never took place is absolute rubbish. At this moment I am an Arsenal player and in the same situation as I was last year. Last season people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving. Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal.”

I’m usually not the type of person to say “I told you so” but the truth is that there was never going to be any chance of Henry leaving the club. Despite the constant speculation linking him away from the club he has said time and time again that he is an Arsenal player and he will remain an Arsenal player until he is not wanted at the club.

There is little doubt that everybody connected with the club wants Henry to stay at Arsenal and as such, there was absolutely no chance that he was ever going to leave. I know that I personally want him to stay and I’m sure every other Arsenal supporter feels the same way. I also think that hearing such a strong statement from the man himself will go some of the way to stemming the flow of irresponsible “journalism” linking Henry with every reputable club in Europe.

Henry’s agent may sue France Football magazineHenry’s agent to sue France Football?

There really isn’t much more that Henry can say about this to convince people that he will stay with the club, so if there are further rumours he can hardly be blamed. What is interesting is that Henry’s agent, Jerome Anderson, has threatened to take legal action against France Football – the popular French football magazine – for publishing stories that falsely claimed that Anderson had met with Barcelona and agreed a deal for Henry.

“No meetings have ever taken place between Jerome Anderson and Barcelona in France or anywhere else, and Jerome Anderson will be seeking legal advice against France Football.”

It will be interesting to see how that pans out. Personally, I can’t see Anderson following through with a case against France Football because it’s probably not worth the effort. Having said that, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know whether he Anderson would have a realistic chance of winning a case against the magazine if he took them to court.

However, Anderson’s comments just provide more conclusive evidence that Henry will be staying with Arsenal next season and that is most definitely a good thing for the club.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Henry absolutely denies Barcelona rumours

  1. Hopefully the hysteria will die down. It almost has to. Though somehow I doubt that. In a month, if there are no transfers, I’m sure we’ll hear “Henry to Port Vale” or something silly like that.

  2. Andrew – Yeah. I guess the only thing we can do to get rid of the transfer speculation is sign a new player! Malouda anyone? I must sound like a broken record the way I go on about him…

  3. Honestly speaking i totally disagree with Samuel Eto’o suggestion,Arsenal also is one of the greatest clubs in the world.So if Eto’o want a possible partnership with Arsenal star Thierry Henry,”Why not coming to Arsenal”Eto’o if you are staying at Barcelona,”Stay”Henry also is staying at Arsenal.What is your problem.

  4. well I hope this talk of sueing the french magazine will finally lay to rest the henry transfer rumours. stupid tabloids will think twice before publishing rubbish….

  5. u know guys henry will stay with arsenal until his day that he sperate from the foot ball feild!

  6. I hate that Henry shit every summer.
    I really can’t see Henry leaving Arsenal this year, unless if Eto’ come to Arsenal, which is pretty stupid.
    We should be thinking about new signings, this summer all we speak is our players going out. We should be preparing for the new season not going backwards. I’m sick of “Henry going to..” rumors, i don’t pay any atention anymore to this stuff, neither i read every fuc*ing “tribafootball news” about it.

    BTW great blog mate 😉

  7. Gooner4ever – Thanks mate. Tribal Football is a load of absolute bollocks. The headlines are such a joke. And I think every man and his dog is sick of the Henry rumours.

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