Final Arsenal v Portsmouth thoughts: Arshavin should NOT be rested

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Some final pre-Arsenal v Portsmouth thoughts:

  • I’d like to see us rotate today. Cesc Fabregas, Bacary Sagna and Denilson have all had niggles while Robin van Persie looks a little flat and I wouldn’t mind seeing two or three of them given a break. If Eduardo is fit I’d like to see him start.
  • One player that wouldn’t make sense to rotate is Andrey Arshavin. He’s been quiet in the opening two games but he’s also yet to complete a full 90 minutes. He should be fighting fit and ready to go again today.
  • Arsene Wenger wants us to “dictate the game” and I’d have to agree with that. A home game against a struggling Portsmouth is one we should win and win comfortably.
  • On another subject, the manager has confirmed we won’t be signing Brede Hangeland. Case closed.

The official Arsenal website has a full match preview here if you’re interested. Otherwise, enjoy your Saturday and COME ON ARSENAL!!!

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39 thoughts on “Final Arsenal v Portsmouth thoughts: Arshavin should NOT be rested

  1. Totally agree with you.
    I’d be pushing Big Nick into the middle with Eduardo on the left and Arshavin on the right, Eboue at right back and bring in Ramsey for Cesc. Keep RVP, Cesc and Sagna on the bench aswell as Wilshere. What about bringing in a couple of the youngsters on the bench?
    Gunners by 3 goals tonight.

  2. Hooo hooo! Am I the first? I say start with exactly the same team if injuries permit. Let’s keep the momentum and good spirit going. They’ve only played two games. No NEED to rest yet. If we’re 2 goals up by half time then get the subs on and coast to victory.
    Come on you, Gunners!! Arsene Wenger you are a ****ing legend!

  3. If we lost cesc, it wld b a disaster, so let cesc rest n let arsh play in d hole. Denilson can step back a bit and wilsh can play left wing. We kuld also rest sagna bt its nt as imptnt az rstn cesc.

  4. all have made good suggestions.i wld march on wit dat of nonni start wit eduardo..wats up abt dis toon boy- taylor..he is quite a good def..and dat of vieira

  5. I dont think we should rotate alot. The 3 points are important so Cesc, Denilson and Song must play. The only thing id change is putting Eduardo through the middle at the expense of either RVP or Bendy.

    We can rest the some of the important players on wednesday b/c CL qualification is almost in the bag.

  6. I have to agree with nonny & gibbs here. Eduardo start for Bendtner but sub Fab & RVP 2nd half, maybe even bring big Nick on then. It wont really matter what line-up against pompey i guess really, but why change whats not broken.

  7. I think we need to rest cesc and a couple of the others that have played in mid week, but definitely keep Arshavin and give Ramsey and Wilshere a chance to show what they’re worth. Eduardo should start but have RvP on the bench just in case, I don’t know about Eboue, I personally don’t think he brings anything to the game apart from keep falling on his bum and moaning.

  8. Cesc, RvP, Sagna should be rested cos of CL on Wed so that they can fully fit. And start Eduardo in d middle front, Arshavin left wing and Bentner right wing. Ebue should start for Sagna. Wilshere, Ramsy, Merida should all come in second half to prove that this Arsenal have bench unlike 2 seasons ago when there was no good bench and arsenal kept on loosing and drawing matches.

  9. I am for Cesc to start but make way later on, Asharvin playing the whole game(he looks like he can’t get injured easily) although that is not the reason I would like him to play the whole game. at least 2 of the 3 cmfs should start the first 60 mins(Cesc,Denilson & Song). Diaby is the most selfish cm we have so if we play passers and artists upfront, ie Eduardo for Bendtner, he might upset the team dynamics going forward especially if he partners Cesc and Song. Interestingly Wilshere on the right seems a good option and Ramsay( who I still think is a luxury player for now) can foot the bill WITH Denilson in the side and Cesc getting a rest. I think a trio of Cesc, Diaby and Denilson behind them will work a teat for this fixture with Eduardo to the left of RVP and Arshavin.

    By the way, I like how Bendtner did the dirty on Adebayor’s 25 by fliping/turning it backwards. The most interesting thing is AW is in on it. Shows how much AW feels about Ade, betrayal and all.

  10. @ Judith Le’Strange: Eboue is one of the very gifted players we have. People may not like his antics, but even the ultimate utility player like “flamini” couldn’t play in as many positions as Eboue can and do that well and remain creative. Flamini couldn’t be creative at all.

    Remember Eboue played in CM last season for a game or 2 and did very well. Eboue has looked the part in every position he has played so far.

  11. if i can give eboue a chance i think any1 can…fair enough his antics are annoying,like last weeks gesture by cesc he just had to run across and get involved,fabregas is a barcelona native and spanish international who knew jarque personally but eboue actually cant help himself….he has to be seen.he hasnt learned a thing since his arrival 5yrs ago in this respect and he seems to be a drama queen….but,unbelievably, i hav come to respect him as a player and he has some fine attributes such as his engine,turn of foot and his endeavour for the team, ok sometimes his passing does disrupt our flow and his shooting is awful but i feel hes a whole hearted arsenal player and even after the booing last season hes still trying his best …in my opinion i wouldnt hav ten ades for 1 eboue in this respect..lets cut him some slack because in the right game he has alot to offer…i never thought id utter any of those words
    as for today yes lets rest cesc,RvP,deni and sagna..meybe cliche and give ramsey,edu,eboue,merida and gibbs a go against a poor and deflated pompey…bendtner and arsha need gametime and hopefully wel see the baba messi get a run
    alri ice, iv transfered collison and jimenez into my fantasy team for 8pts forfeit,wise move or wot????

  12. I would be interested in keeping the team that walloped ever torn at goodison park, sh’d injuries allow the same. Bringing in some youngsters against a team like portsmouth is not a very good idea. I will go for a 2:o win for the gunners. Have the best of the game.

  13. I believe that Arsenal will score goals in bunches this season…way to early to get too excited but this (so far) is brilliant.

  14. dodgy dodgy manuel…no excuses for a keeper to be outjumped…very flat footed
    lets hav a positive reacton boys
    up diaby lolllllllllllllll

  15. Halftime, these two goals from Arsenal I loved, that were excellent passes, excellent assists and excellent finishes, the conceded goal was a bit Almunias thing, he will know it the best, mayby the sun has irritated him, he seemed to react to slowly, but doesn’t matter, ’cause Arsenal is really dictating the game, I think they will manage to score once again…(anything else than a win would be a shame now)

  16. it doesn’t matter, if they win the games, they have an offensive style of play, I think, that provokes mistakes and conceded goals

  17. We are staying up, yeah we are staying up!

    Ooops, I meant;

    We’re gonna win the league! We’re gonna win the league!

    Hard to know which one to sing with the doomers around 😉

  18. Wonderful win by our boys against Portsmouth but i am worried about our captain’s injury and our defense looked too sloppy today .They would have scored at least 2 more if they would have been sharp.

    Anyway we made it 4-1 and i am happy to see Ramsey in score sheet with Bendtner yet to open his account.

  19. @voley_gun Yes need to worry a bit but not so much it was the full back which were an problem tonight. Sagna,Clichy,Song were all rested. So be satisfied it was good performance. what concern me Transfer concern me is lack of transfer activity we don’t need an Attacker but surely need an CB,CDM. Because if Gallas or TV(TouchWood) gets injured need some good and solid replacement. Same goes to Deni and Song. Fab4 was fantastic today. ONE important concern Why is AA23 not performing as well as he can still early to question that. Still can give him time. Next Week one the most important week of the month for gunners. CL qualifiers and we play MANU. Just wanted to shut that french crap “EVRA” he was so chirpy the earlier season. Come on ARSENAL just blow away Celtic and MANU

  20. Fabregas off at half-time with an injury. We cant get him injured! Gallas gets another and still only 1 goals has been scored by a striker in our 12 goals so far lol. Good win, but with Celtic and United next, we need Cesc, maybe not for Celtic but defo for United!

  21. Premiership is gonna be a two-horse race, us and Spurs. You heard it here first folks! Another fine win, although obviously I couldn’t celebrate because our strikers didn’t score any of the goals :rolleyes:

    With goal machines like Diaby, who needs strikers!

  22. Shambo, i agree with you about Eboue, not everyone can be perfect. He might have his faults but he is a damed good player. Better even than Walcott at present. You Gooners should learn to trust my judgement as i did say that Diaby would come good given the chance. Who was the so called Arsenal expert who said the team would be better off starting a match with 10 men instead of playing with Diaby. SHOW YOURSELF. So that i can throw a custard tart in your face. Can anyone remember who it was. By the way Shambo…very wise move. Its now 1:57 in the morning i’ve just come back from a party feeling tired. Going to bed as my 13yr old has training at Hale End Academy 2morro. Up the ammers stuff those jelly Totts.

  23. Ade will have plenty of time to rest during the midweek when he’s not playing European football. That should keep him nice and fresh for the fight for tenth place.

  24. Wasn’t as comfortable a performance as the scoreline suggests. If Gallas gets sent off it changes the game completely…

    I still think a player or two- one in defense, and one in attack, should be the goal. And Almunia needs to get his head on straight and take the next step in his improvement. Otherwise so long.

  25. I’ve always said in pre season that diaby will be good this year as he worked on his strenth and fitness and it payed off just as he got pushed off the ball he won it back swiveled and had a shot and that reminded me of ol paddy.

  26. Also celtic scored 5 this weekend so it won’t be a walk over for us but hopefully diaby will play as I’ve really rated this guy all along and would prob go a 4-4-2 for this match with the dane and rvp up front.

  27. Wow Man U look frightening man! 5-0 and Owen is revitalised.
    We showed a lot of frailties against Portsmouth, not good. (Almunia to blame)
    I predict next week will be a high scoring affair at Old Trafford.
    Prediction: Manchester United 3 – Arsenal 4

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