Fabregas, Wenger speculation, Burnley preview + Ashley Cole is a muppet

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‘Tis another wonderfully sunny and beautiful day on this side of the globe. And better still, it’s Friday afternoon and that means the weekend. Celebrations are in order and I’ve started them in the best possible way by sipping on a couple of white wines. Absolutely superb.

This weekend is an exciting one for Arsenal. We sit on the brink of a quarter-final place in the FA Cup with only little Burnley blocking the path. I say ‘little Burnley’ but in truth the First Division club are likely to put up far more of a fight than West Brom last weekend and probably even Fulham and Sunderland before them. They might be a smallish club but as they showed in their Carling Cup game, we’ll certainly have to turn up and perform to beat them.

The team news from the game is excellent with Theo Walcott, Eduardo and William Gallas all being made available and Kolo Toure the only fresh injury. The return of the FA Cup will mean a return for our cup ‘keeper Lukasz Fabianski but aside from that I’ve got little idea of the team the manager might play. As such, I’m going to refrain from doing my usual thing of trying to predict it.

With Andrey Arshavin unavailable for the Roma game he’s sure to start but whether Arsene Wenger goes with Gael Clichy or Kieran Gibbs, Alex Song or Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Eboue or Samir Nasri I don’t really know. All I do know is that we have a great squad of players available and should really win the match.

We broke our goal duck last weekend and there’s every reason to think we score more goals here. Nicklas Bendtner’s form at West Brom was impressive while Robin van Persie will return fresh from his mid-week rest. The Dutchman is likely to captain the side in the absence of Toure and hopefully he can lead from the front. Arshavin will be hungry for his first goal and with Nasri, Walcott and Eduardo providing support I can see us getting a few goals.

With Hull waiting for us in the quarter-final there is a very real opportunity of Arsenal making the final, our first since the Champions League loss to Barcelona. A very exciting prospect, I’m sure you’ll agree. Let’s just hope the boys can get the job done.

Annoyingly, a lot of the talk before this game has been about the futures of the two leaders of the squad – Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas. Various reports have linked the manager to a move to Manchester City (not going to happen) and using the speculation to talk about how much Fabregas wants to leave. It’s all a bit boring and predictable and in my eyes is nothing more than a ploy to generate some interest and sell newspapers during a quiet news week. Unsurprisingly, Wenger has strongly refuted the claims.

That’s really it for today. Oh, apart from this.

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Anyway, I’ll leave it there. Enjoy your weekend and here’s cheers to another win for the Arsenal. Woo!

PS. I’ve just put a fiver on Arshavin to get a first goal. Don’t let me down boy!

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40 thoughts on “Fabregas, Wenger speculation, Burnley preview + Ashley Cole is a muppet

  1. Morning Aussie Fry! Oh SF

    Ya, $Cashley Cole is a dirty-hole muppet!

    Wenger won’t never-ever leave for City. I can see him managing French national team or a smaller French team when he leaves Arsenal or retire. If we finish within top 4, which is looking more likely at the moment, Wenger should be given final chance in my view. One more seaosn.
    I am waiting for Walcott to return and start terrorising the opposition defense with his pace. Eduardo with his finishing ability. When fully match fit, Arshavin with his class. Moreover, can’t wait to see Cesc back. ‘Bayor really not but if he helps team to win then I will have him back.

    Burnley dumped our kids out of Beer cup. They look like one of the better sides from Championship this season. They will at least give a game to our team.

    I will be at Emirates sunday afternoon. Hope we play a good game.

  2. Here’s a Manchester United fan perspective on Arsenal and Arsene if anyone is interested. For me, he is spot on.

    ‘Arsene Wenger’s approach to football management reminds me of a Homer Simpson quote, “If you never try, you never fail”.

    He makes up his own targets; targets which often seem at odds with the true objective of the game, i.e. to win matches and, in turn, trophies.

    It’s well documented that at his time with Monaco, his bugbear was that down the road Marseille had loads of cash, which at the time he didn’t – something which he was determined to prove wouldn’t prevent him from winning the title. This seems to be a philosophy he’s stuck with – frequently eschewing the money available for him at Arsenal.

    Aside from being incredibly stubborn, if I was an Arsenal fan I’d be concerned by his now constant justification for poor performances. He moves the goalposts continuously to suit his position. He seems to decide what his targets were after the game is over.

    For all the fun we’ve had at Rafa’s rant, at least he went out on a limb and threw the gauntlet down.

    First, it’s not spending money on top quality players (although Arshavin does look like what they’ve been missing…but hey, they paid some cash for him). If you only bring in players who are not expected to perform, or are fairly unknown, then the pressure is off. There is no expectation to succeed and anything good which does come from it is held as proof of Wenger’s genius. I think it also highlights his woeful inability to deal with any kind of ego at the club as well.

    Secondly, the reason that a lot of his buys are cheap is because he targets very good players who have a track record of injury problems. No one else wants to take the chance on them.

    This is fair enough, but then the excuse that he’s missing half his team through injury doesn’t wash. It’s like a cricketer buying factory reject bats which keep breaking, only to then use the fact that his bat keeps breaking as his excuse for not performing. At what point does the player have to take responsibility for his own choices? “But if it wasn’t broken it would be a £500 bat”…but it is broken, that’s why it’s cheap.

    His latest comments about Man Utd again show that he seems to be setting himself different targets to the rest of the footballing world. After all, if you set yourself the target of competing and winning trophies there’s a good chance you’ll fail. However, tell everyone that your target is 4th/5th or even the abstract concept of simply playing nice football, and you’ve got yourself a much easier prospect.

    Why aren’t Arsenal fans screaming for his head? I know you owe him a lot for the past, but he’s taking you nowhere now and doesn’t seem to have the desire to challenge or to accept where his side is failing. He’ll only ever aim for the title when he’s within touching distance of it (anything else runs the risk of failure) and at the moment, that looks like a distant prospect.

  3. in my opinion Denilson has been on the receiving end of some unfair criticism during the course of the season.

    Of course he has his flaws, everybody does. But it’s not his fault that his predecessors in the midfield of Arsenal were world-class and he is at the beginning of his career.

    We cannot forget the fact that this is Denilson’s first season as a regular in the Arsenal side and whilst I cannot agree with Arsene Wenger that he is an unsung hero, I think he has done a good job for Arsenal in a difficult season.

    In truth Arsene Wenger has thrown Denilson in at the deep-end and Denilson has kept his head above water, improving as the season goes on.

    In recent games I’ve been impressed with him. He has produced tenacious performances, and against Roma he was immense.

    His job in the Arsenal side is to break down the play and give the ball to a creative player. Unfortunately for him, his most recent ‘creative’ partner has been Alex Song so I think he has done rather well!

    I believe if Denilson had the players around him that Fabregas did when he became a first team regular then Denilson would have progressed even more. I’m not comparing Denilson and Fabregas’ abilities but Denilson has no role model around to influence and help him grow as a player. Cesc did, Vieira.

    There are statistics to say how well Denilson has done this campaign. I prefer to see with my own eyes and I see a player who has plenty of potential who with the right players around him could become a very important Arsenal player.

    Everybody loves a good hard working and honest player, attributes I’d definitely give to Denilson. If he works at his game then he can become a very good player in years to come and one I hope to see remain at Arsenal.

  4. Intresting post here from untoldarsenal:

    “That awfully nice Mr A Cole of KGB Athletico Fulham has been arrested at something like five in the morning for being drunk and disorderly. What bemuses me is, given the general standard of his behaviour over the years, how can anyone tell.

    Meanwhile that awfully nice Mr K Bates is finding that people have started asking questions about him again, and Redbus, who failed to buy Leeds have started making enquiries following the revelations yesterday that the court in Jersey have failed to get answers to who owns the organisation that seems to own Leeds United.

    And meanwhile, meanwhile, Aston Villa who seemed to go 250 games unbeaten mostly through the development of the “if you go down hold your head” tactic have lost a game, and according to their Life President (that awfully nice Mr D Ellis) are now uncertain about staying in the EPL.

    And meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile, that really very nice Mr A Hleb is making all sorts of noises about leaving Bar-Bar-Barca Sheep because he is “at the top of his game” and is spending all his time sitting on a bench. Apparently Bayern Munich have said they like the cut of his jib, or some such.

    And meanwhile, mean… well you get the hang of it, most of the Arsenal injured are within striking distance of playing a game of football, and suddenly there will be a crisis because they can’t all play at once.

    And the pre-transfer season has opened. The Lord Wenger is about to go to Real Madrid, Cesc is going to leave if he leaves, and Robin is going to Manchester Arab or Milan for £80 million or something, and oh well, you know, everyone else is going to leave, and if you read page 338 of BBC Teletext you will see that we are interested in buying everyone who is somewhere else.

    (The only thing missing is that no one journalist has said this year that Arsenal are going to buy Peter Crouch. Still there must be one joker left somewhere on Wapping Swamp).

    So the old world is over. Aston Villa are now in freefall, Arsenal are about to rise to the very top, Hleb and Flamini have found that when they leave us they only get the odd appearance, Mr Bates has got people poking around in his rubbish, Mr Cole has been arrested… I quite like the new Utopia.”

  5. Fair play to the UTD fan for having an opinion,
    I think a lot of people miss the point with Wenger, I know that all football fans want success now, if you look at the teams Arsene has built this is perhaps his third, even forth, and it is still in the making, he knows that they are not yet what they will be and that perhaps we will not get success immediately but if we are patient success will come, I am a realist and know that mortgaging your clubs future for immediate success is wrong and that sooner rather than later these birds will come home to roost.
    I only hope that the UTD fan will still be crowing when it does.

    Arsene knows best, keep the faith

  6. Why blame Ashly Cole for choosing money instead of Club and not blame Arsenal mngmt for holding the money??

  7. @nkunda

    because players shouldn’t play just for money.. someone else will always be offering higher wages and its not like he wasnt being well renumerated..Also his attitude was wrong. \excerpts from his autobiography said that his arsenal teammates weren’t trying to win and were’nt commited enough

    @stoke gooner
    I completely back what you say about people missing the point with wenger. I wouldnt trade what we have for what say chelsea have had in recent seasons..Also managers are judged by trophies but that cant be the only criteria. Would fergie have won all those trophies if he didn’t have man u’s huge finances?

  8. @ Shard – I think your principles are very honourable regarding players not being motivated by money, and winning trophies not being everything.
    However, I couldn’t disagree with you more!
    The point of playing professional sport is to win. No, Man U wouldn’t have won the number of trophies they have if it wasn’t for their financial strength- nor would Chelsea, who hadn’t been champions for 50 years before Abramovich splashed his cash. Nor would Barcelona, or Real Madrid. That’s exactly the point. With the game the way it is at the moment, you can only challenge for the biggest trophies if you spend big. Firstly, because it takes millions to sign the best players and secondly, because it takes even more millions to keep them. That’s the reality. That is precisely why we moved to a bigger stadium; in order to generate the additional income needed to compete with the big boys.
    We can play all the pretty football you want with the young prospects we’ve got, but we won’t win anything on a regular basis unless we are prepared to invest the vast sums that EVERY other “top club” does. With Man city now joining the financial top table, the need is now even greater to spend big in order to succeed. Whether Wenger is the man to do this is another question. The point has been made many times that he doesn’t seem to like big players with big egos. If that’s true, we have a major problem, because without them, we won’t be able to compete. The signing of Arshavin gives me some confidence that AW’s changing his ways. I hope it’s only the start..

  9. Fatboy; Very fair points.

    Only option left for Mr. Wenger is to swallow his pride and spend available money on 2/3 worldclass players. While I certainly don’t think Wenger should be shown the door this season, I think he should be given a nudge about a re-think to his strategy. What Wenger is trying to show the world is that he can win biggie trophies with too many injury-prone but quality players. AND No player with steel. If he manages to win a Premier league title or Champions league title without adding quality signings, that would be great achivement. But, the problem is he will not be able to compete with United’s, Barca’s and Madrid’s.

    Fergie is the perfect example of this. United didn’t win a pot from 03-07 simply because Fergie didn’t invest to improve his squad. Result: Chelski dominated league with Russian money.

    Fergie changed his outlook, swallowed his pride shipping out a lot of the players he had hoped would come good and bought in lots of additional talent to really flesh out the squad. That’s how he got away from the pressure, not purely by doing the same thing. Wenger sold his big names and relied on youth. He hasn’t changed and that is why he is still under pressure. Utd have since lost excellent young players in Rossi and Pique as the squad is so strong there have been better options.

    If Arsene can prove that it’s possible to win bigggie’s with Almunia in goal, Alex Bong running the midfield and ‘Bayor as his main striker in the club, I will eat my hat. Seriously.

    The question remains if Wenger will swallow his pride and change his strategy. I hope he does starting this summer.

    By the way, I am tired of listening, reading, watching so-called “Quadrapule season” buzzing around haughty United fans. Irritating… Wake up Arsene……..

  10. @ Fatboy – I agree! Chelsea won 2 EPl titles, Carling Cup and Fa Cup in 3 seasons because they splashed the cash – 24 mil Drogba, Essien, 20 mil Cech. They then won titles. United spent 30 mil on Nani and Anderson, Anderson played a key role in their title win in 07/08. Hargreaves 17 mil, Berbatov 30 mil, Tevez wil cost 30 mil. They sit top of EPL by 7 points with gam in hand. Stats dont lie. WE pay 15 mil for Nasri, 10 mil for Arshavin. Who are great players, but we need to be spending that 20+ mil on David Villa, 20+ mil on Cambiasso. Because with spending big comes squad depth, more talent and the realistic idea of trophies. We have the money to spend so we should use it. I mean Liverpool splashed 25 mil to get Torres, he is the now the leading man, well except for Gerrard, at Liverpool. But like i said the signings of Nasri and Arshavin look promising, lets just hope in the summer, when a big profile name is linked with us or wants to join he doesnt say, I have song to play there or go for a French U21 who costs 10 mil.

  11. I totally disagree with the notion that we must spend BIG money to get players of the caliber necessary to win trophies and keep pace with the other big clubs for two reasons.

    First, clubs like Chelsea and Man U are over 600 million in debt. They have taken out loans, not to build a stadium, but to buy players. The return on their investments may be trophies, but it certainly doesn’t put a dent into paying that debt off. In our case, Wenger makes educated decisions about who he wants in accordance with a budget. He does a great job of not paying more for players than they are worth which can’t be said for Man City. Also, we may be just over 300 million in debt, but our debt is a 30 year mortgage which offset by the record match day revenue we pull in.

    Second, the times may seem to be that teams spend ridiculous amounts of money on players and they in turn win trophies, but that will not last. The debt that they accrue is not offset by any real increase in revenue. Plus, that debt is not spread out over the life of a 30 year mortgage. In most cases, it’s a 2, 3, or 5 year loan. Their only hope is to sell the club to some one else for more than they bought it for and pass on the debt or help pay it off with the sale. This strategy will not work and will prove to fail because the value of a club can’t possibly increase at the rate that some of the big clubs are spending.

    My point is that these clubs will see within the next 5-10 years that their strategy of borrowing and spending led to their demise. Although I think Wenger should have spent a little more over the summer and in January than he did to bring in some much needed depth and strength in the middle, his strategy (building/developing a quality youth program and not overspending) as well as the management of the club from all aspects will prove in the long run to be more effective.

    Up the Arsenal!

  12. My only excuse for Arsene this season is Arshavin. He signed a worldclass player for a very reasonable price.

    There are few quality players in the market this summer like Miguel Veloso of Sporting Lisbon. Wonderful player in making. He is like Flamini with better technical skills. He can be signed for around 12-15 million. If we can’t spend that amount there is cheaper option with De Guzman from Deportivo La Coruna.

    Cesc and Veloso in the middle park supported by Walcott, Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri in the flanks looks a very capable midfield for success. Vela, Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere…..

    Also a goalie. Sell Almunia to Salamanca to be No.2. for peanuts in exchange.

    And, Sell ‘Bayor to replace with Villa or Benzema…….Am I dreaming?

  13. @ ramugunner

    Yes mate, you are dreaming unfortunately. I dont think AW has money to spend, he started spending less after the club moved to the Emirates, its not just a coincidence, the club simply cannot afford to spend alot of money. I remember him spending over £30m in a space of 3 years from 01 to 04 if im not mistaken. This proves that he is willing to splash out the cash for players.

    IMO, we are just one signing(Veloso) away from competing for major trophies. That is the only player i want in the summer. We already have Arshavin, Cesc, Eduardo, Rosicky, RvP, Ade, Theo, Nasri, Vela, and Bendy.

  14. I wonder if Veloso has actually been watched over a period of time (i`ll admit i`ve only seen him play a few times)by people calling for his purchase.Now i`m not saying he isn`t a good player or whatever but sometimes you just get the impression that this names get bandied about (usually by the press 1st) and everybody else just falls into the trap of singing the praises of these players,without actually knowing their quality.

  15. @ Kin

    Ive watched Veloso quite quite a few times mate. Ive seen him play Viera and Figo off the park. I always wanted him at Arsenal, the media has nothing to do with it.

  16. For me personally, I would rather see arsenal winning trophies with no fancy name team, maybe a couple of names not to expensive pls,but showing no need to buy quality that continuing be in the media like ronaldo saga and arrogant didier. What Arsenal need now is a soul to recognized winning is everything,to score,defend and carry on when things seem down.

  17. arsenal have a very capable side with one problem DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!! sorry about that but its true its like the elephant sittin in the corner that gooners dont want to mention, i greatly admire wenger and his philosophy and fully support the young team development but arsene has erred in not investing in a decent proven defensive midfielder, please.

  18. Oh! dear! Where are those meditation classes when you need one! Lets wait untill April with everyone back from injury to see how good or bad the team is before throwing out names of players who probably won’t get a kick in the team! Just because someone is good where they are facing the opposition they do, does not make them good enough for the EPL, let alone Arsenal. You may not like the likes of Denilson and Bendtner because they are not Big money signings, but that doesn’t take away any of their footballing abilities and the fact that atleast they are tested in the EPL.

    Given enough time and protected from danger, a turtle WILL walk around the World. The difference between a genious and the average is not necessarily doing or not doing, it is in the how it is done. Anyone can buy teams with money but the ones who make teams are very few. We have a team, not just an assortment of megastars.

  19. Arsenal have not won a trophy for 3 years, 4 years if we fail this season. Now, fans are becoming fustrated. We can all say Denilson is underrated, Song will come good, Almunia can become better, but the reality is, they are not good enough for a title challenging team. They have good ability, and would be great for say Wigan, Fulham, Everton maybe, or even at Arsenal, but they cannot start every game or most games if we want a realistic title challenge. We need Cesc, rosicky, nasri, walcott, arsha, Rvp, clichy, sagna, gallas, toure starting. then when they get injured, we use denilson and co. THe reality is, if Song and Denilson are starting in our midfield, we must accept that we will be battling for 4th!

  20. @ ramugunner – Dude, stop ripping on Almunia. I know you don’t like him that much but you have to admit over the past two seasons he has been excellent.

  21. Ya, Almunia been alright last 2 months. Problem is he already costed few points this seaosn; around 6/7 points. We need a keeper who wins those points for us to compete with Biggie’s.

    Still, I am 100% sure Almunia will be our No. 1 next season.

    Roma will be a big test of his ability. Come on ‘Munia.

  22. Another United Fan about Arsenal from “Football 365 Mailbox”. He argues Arsenal don’t need a CDM: Thoughts? Do we really need a greedy striker? Fair points for me.

    ‘Arsenal’s Problems Aren’t With The Missing Defensive Midfielder. As Proved By ManYoo
    I’ve tried before to post a mail to the mailbox but with no luck! but this one will, well, make a point to Arsenal fans, and (sadly as I’m a united fan enjoying their despair!) give them hope of a turnaround in fortunes so could be a very very very useful post to put up for debate amongst us fans.

    All I hear from the Arsenal fans is “wee need a defensive midfielder! we need a defensive midfielder! we need a defensive midfielder!” over and over and over again, as if it is like a cure for cancer or a magic pill that will cure all their woes and turn them into a major force.

    Anyway, I digress from my point. My team, Manchester United, (I wonder if anyone else [Arsenal fans take note] has noticed this) do not have a defensive midfielder. Well Owen Hargreaves, but with his injury problems and amount of game time, hardly counts at all. 4 points clear, Newcastle still to play (could go up to 7 points) and a game in hand. All without having played a defensive midfielder this season.

    Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson, Scholes, Giggs, Possebon and Gibson have all played in centre midfield ant one point or another this season. Not one of them is listed as a defensive midfielder, but as 4 centre midfielders, 2 attacking midfielders and a forward. Without a defensive midfielder we have gone unbeaten since November, losing to Arsenal at the Emirates, and have only conceded one goal in that time. And have also won the world club championship. Not bad for a team without a defensive midfielder, which seems to me, as is stated constantly by the goners and football related media is a be all and end all of football at the minute i.e. you can’t play without one.

    Come to think of it, how much game time did Hargreaves get last season? I mean that he’s our only defensive midfielder, and we won the league title and the champions league. Didn’t we win the league the season before? oh yes we did. And. Without. A. Defensive. Midfielder. All I’m saying fans at the Emirates, perhaps a defensive midfielder is not your needed position to fill, but that you are lacking elsewhere. Chances are created left, right and centre, but you are lacking goals. Good, not great, football is played by Arsenal.

    The passing game played only looks great when there are goals. It is a new striker that is needed at the Emirates, not just any old striker, but a greedy, selfish type, who when he sees the opportunity will go for goal, not look for a fancy pass that creates a move that looks good on MOTD, but essentially goes nowhere. Chances are being created and wasted. A greedy striker would invariably see the chance, seize it, and get the goals that are missing.

    Because in the end there are a few questions needing asking here “how many chances are created by Arsenal per game, and scored?” “How many chances are actually created by the opposition in Arsenal matches?” “Comparing the chances taken to the chances created, along with those created by the opposition, isn’t a greedy striker needed?”

    As Arsene Wenger recently pointed out Arsenal dominate matches better than my United, but yet are still so far behind us, 13 points at last count (today as I write this), and It got me wondering (hence this mail), is it not the missing defensive midfielder (we, United, dont have one) but rather the lack of a greedy striker, to take these chances and pick up the missing points, that is hampering them? They already dominate midfields through there passing game.

    But they will not dominate the league without a greedy striker.
    (Ronaldo & Berbatov, Anelka & Drogba and Tores, Greedy Strikers!) ***Leatherbarrow***

  23. Oh wait! We also have a greedy striker in ‘Bayor. Not for goals, not for success but for big money. No. 1 Greedy player!

  24. Is somebody here saying Denilson is better than Veloso?


    I don’t have hard feelings for Denilson. Actually I was so happy when we signed him and I think he has done better job than many people think this season. Thing is; he is being asked to do Flamini aka Monster job.

    At the same time, it’s hard to agree with PL OPTA stats that he is the most efficient midfielder in league. If so, why don’t he get a nod for Brazilian team before Leiva or Anderson?

  25. Veloso could be a great player in our side..would like to see a central defender added..1 who has impressed me since return from injury and who could be available at a good price is robert huth,very capable and in the mould of vidic and terry…dnt care where senderos goes after his loan deal expires.
    as a fan who is still to be won over by almunia have to commend him on his current form..wuda been another clean sheet for him tues nite had clown eboue not broke the wall.
    not underestimating burnley at all just want the win and hopefully get theo and eduardo game time ahead of roma…maybe get to see ramsey aswel

  26. I wrote up a great response to all this but then it got deleted somehow… im too lazy to rewrite. Short version: Dont forget he bought Arshavin, and dont forget we could have and should have won the league last year…

    Can’t wait for Roma.

  27. I’m gonna disagree… Arsenal were in the Carling Cup Final the year after the Champions League. So you’re wrong. You berk!

  28. @fatboy

    my point was that building a team is a slow process and i wouldnt want that to be fast tracked at the cost of putting the club in more debt. the stadium is a long term asset which seeks to address the financial gap..
    yes we all want trophies but talent dousn’t have to be purchased at hugely inflated prices at the cost of long term future of the club..

    and the point of playing sport may be to win but again i wouldnt want our players to dive or cheat or injure players to win.. ie not win at ALL costs.(read Chelsea)

  29. @ Ramugunner – That United fan has a fair point but then again we are not United. What works for United wont necessarily work for us. We came so close last season and we had our current team except Flamini and Hleb. Hleb has been replaced by Nasri. So we nned to replace Flamini and then we can play the way we did last season. Man Utd, Lpool, Chelski all play different to us so they use different methods and players. We know that having a DM with Cesc and 2 attacking wingers can make us challenge again because it happened last season. So although Fletcher, Possebon, Carrick, Scholes are not DMs, they dont have to be because Vidic and Rio are the best CBs in the league and Scholes and Giggs do their fair share of tackles anyway. But we do need a DM to balance our play.

  30. 3-0. Vela, Eduardo and Eboue. Brilliant performance from everyone. Song was sublime, AA, Eduardo, Vela, Eboue, everyone was just superb! UP THE ARSENAL!

  31. 3-0, Great goals from Vela and Eduardo. Great play for Eboue’s goal. Song claimed to assist, and Vela worked hard for his first. What technique for Dudus goal and Eboue got a shot on target :O. What a way to go into the UCL. Theo and Dudu are back, I expect them both to play a part. I feel Rvp and Niklas upfront as they were both rested and Rvp came on for only a short time. Vela was great and so was AA. Great performance. Bring on Hull. I hoping for Everton in the semi draw!

  32. Chelsea in the Semi if we get past Hull. Dnt know bout you, but im just happy we avoided United.

  33. Dudu to score vs Roma! Remember we can lose 2-1 and still advance- we just have to score away though…

  34. This is the Arsenal that I want to see.

    Everybody was very good.

    I cant believe that Eboue finally scored!!

    Gibbs is putting many pressure in Clichy.

    The goal of Vela was pure class.

    And for the goal of Eduardo I dont even have words.

    They create many chances this was maybe our best game of the season.

  35. Gibbs played well ca$hley who!!! we have the 2 best lb’s in the country. Song put in some good tackles and some nice passing but diaby looked a little lost. But dudu is awesome and nice to seee vela back to his best. Theo was unlucky with his effort but a great day at the office but fabianski looked a bit shakey though.

  36. Wednesday cannot come soon enough. Don’t know how I am going to get any work done until then. The importance of that game cannot be understated. We must score. Vucinic worries me and I feel like they will get one at least. We will need to get that away goal to make it count. Then maybe a lucky draw for next round and all of a sudden we can be in the semis…

  37. Vs. Roma


    Sagna- Toure- Gallas- Clichy

    Walcott- Diaby-Denilson- Nasri


    I would prefer 4-2-3-1 like last time but Eduardo + RVP both have to start IMO

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