Fabregas sticks it to Man City + Money in football is getting me down

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Hello, hello. I hope you had a splendid weekend.

There was of course no football involving Arsenal to speak of, so I hope you used the extra couple of hours to spend some quality time with your partners, parents or pets. Or all three. Maybe you went to dinner at your parents with your partner and your pet was there too. Or maybe you took your pet out for a walk and bumped into your partner and your parents walking their respective pets.

My point is that there was no Arsenal and that means you should have had some spare time up your sleeve. How you spent that is up to you but I guess what I’m getting at is that I hope you enjoyed it.

Moving to football matters now and I’ll kick things off with Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard has made a mockery of the suggestion that he could join Manchester City, labelling the move as ‘suicidal’. In his own words

“It would be suicidal for my career at 21 years of age to move to City. It would make no sense.”

Right on, Cesc. Way to stick it to the man!

It’s no coincidence that every time Fabregas opens his mouth he says the right thing. It’s getting more and more obvious that Fabregas is the sort of player that is getting rarer to find in top-level football and I am personally delighted to have a person like him on our books, as much for his off-the-field dedication as his on-the-field application.

Just sticking with the topic of Manchester City for a moment and you might have noticed that I’ve yet to make a comment on the takeover of the club by the Abu Dhabi Group.

The only thing I really have to say on the matter is that I do get worried about how much money is playing a part in the modern game. Loyalty seems to have gone out the window as players are more and more making the decision to join a club based on the money they will earn as opposed to any other factors and – as a self-confessed football purest and hopeless romantic of the game – it worries me intensely.

I know money talks but to think that Manchester City are going to try and lure Cristiano Ronaldo for £135 million – a sum of money which could feed millions and millions of hungry people worldwide – is a bit scary. Football is still the beautiful game, but in many ways I feel top-level football has lost an element of the romance that makes the sport so enjoyable at a grass-roots level. And that’s a shame.

Now, I had planned to talk in detail about Amaury Bischoff’s injury progress, Theo Walcott’s England adventures and William Gallas’ rather wicked comments on Joey Barton’s ban – but my little rant about the state of football has floored me a bit. As a result, I’ll leave you to click the links and read about the stories for yourself. I hope you don’t mind.

And for those who are still interested, no, we haven’t signed Stephen Appiah yet.

Try and have a good one.

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19 thoughts on “Fabregas sticks it to Man City + Money in football is getting me down

  1. “Money in football is getting me down”

    Just watch the football. Don’t worry about off-field politics. You’ll live a much more stress-free life.

  2. Money is important in many things we do but it is also the cause of all evil. Fab at such a young age sure has his head on his shoulder and he deserves to be successful and to be so talented. This is God’s gift to arsenal and the other being AW. They are trying to find a fine balance and it is difficult in the world where money talks louder and fortunately we have two who knows what needs to be done and how to balance it. In sports you need passion and if money is the driving force then I am quite sure the excitment of the game and the fun of trying to guess who AW is signing and all this agony but part of the game will be lost. Look at Chelsea, I think they are better off when they did not have the money and did not have all the stars. I thought their game was better to watch then and more entertaining. They had Mourihno who made it interesting but overall for the beauty of the game I think the Old-poorer-chelsea game was so much more fun to watch. Having said that I still believe Arsenal game under AM is wonderful entertainment and so much fun to watch. I am a little out of sorts when I don’t get to see them playing for a couple of months during their breaks, I am not alone and many who loves the game of football has the same to say as well. Money is going to screw it and how do you stop it is anybody guess. I just hope that if Arsenal has the money AW will be there and will manage it well and not go round outbidding everyone to get a choice player….no more fun when that happens….Arsenal or football will missed it soul and will be gone forever or until maybe oil goes back down to below 30 dollars a barrel.

  3. THats what AW is trying to do ; building a TEAM which is full of youngsters forming a bonding b/w them which also shows in their game. yes, exceptions r alwys there but right now fabregas is the role model for all youngsters out there………..
    ALSO , if ronaldo is out of Man-u,i won’t mind it either it will be 145 mn or for 200.
    Think of MANU without Ronaldo …..they will hardly be able to be in the 1st 3 in EPL

  4. “It would be suicidal for my career at 21 years of age to move to City. It would make no sense.”

    It needs great guts TO say NO to BIG money

  5. I expected to have a dull weekend, due to the lack of Arsenal in action but I found a couple of other sporting activities that were, at the same time, both uplifting and also demoralising.

    Following hot on the heels of Team GB’s success in the Olympics, it was great to watch Lewis Hamilton show that Brits can have real fire in their bellies. He is a real fighter and he showed he had the bottle take on the world champion and force his way to the front. Sad then, that Formula 1’s equivalent of the FA screwed the whole thing up by effectively nullifying all the great toe-to-toe racing and awarding the result to a guy who just cruised around behind the real racers, without doing anything special at all.

    The other great performance of the weekend came from Andy Murray. His win over Rafael Nadal was truly awesome. I have seen him play some great tennis but the degree by which he raised his game for this match was breathtaking. He looked like a truly world-class performer, not the paper tigers that we are used to. Good luck to him for tonight.

  6. It would be nice if Melbourne Gooner were right. Unfortunately, the politics will spoil the football. I find that I can hate Chelsea because of the antics of the World Bank & the IMF have killed many Russians (there has been a dramatic drop in life expectancy) while giving an oligarch enough money to “loan” Chelsea nearly GBP 600m. With Man City it is more difficult to find a villain. Nevertheless, one tenth of one percent of the worth of Abu Dhabi United Group is GBP 3000m, enough buy 22 world class players and totally skew European football. Next year, Robinho’s GBP 160000 per week could be small change!

    It should not be allowed. Clubs must run at a profit. Support Platini and Wenger. Use Germany or France as models – or American Football. I would say “Stop it before it is too late”, but I’m not sure that “Stop it, even though it is too late” is not more appropriate.

  7. For sure,ilove Fabs but now Iam forced to double the love ihad for him simply bcz he is proving to be a mature & a right thinking person.
    The game of football becomes enjoyable when there is acombination of Royalty & determination but when Money becomes adriving factor, then royalty disappears &football follows suit.We have legends b’se they gave themselves for the team & not for money.Players think about it.Hands up for Cesc

  8. There are some really thoughtful comments here. I like what you’re saying, MelbourneGooner, but it’s not so easy to ignore the money when you’re constantly having to read about football the way I do to write this blog. I would love to be completely naive towards money in the game but the truth is that I would rather be well aware of it and try and influence or change what is happening at some point in my life.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    Thanks again for everyone who has commented – I’ve really appreciated reading what’s been said. Some days I might get 30 or 40 or 60 comments here but even with far less it’s been very, very interesting.

  9. And CapeGooner – I particularly like your thinking. I’m no expert of economics but I think Wenger and Platini’s suggestion that clubs must not take excessive loans is spot on. Things need to chance – and I think they will at some point in the future.

  10. Money will not prevail! Stay the course Arsenal….There are huge problems with influxes of money. Ask Sven, Ranieri, Grant, Capello, Mourinho…I think this is where Arsenal have got it right!

  11. If Arsenal stay the course we will fall out the top 5, and maybe the top six if the spuds finally get it right. Arsenal need an outside investor, that or pray Platini can get enough support to put some kinda salary cap in place for all of Europe. I dont see that happening and dont see where enough support will come from to do that. If Arsenal are going to keep up they have to change with the times, not live by the old footballing ways and complain other people have more money. We need our own billionaire!!

  12. Fabregas is fabulous,Fabregas is fantastic,i’m kind of short of comparisons for fantagas,(Sorry)fabugas(Sorry again),Fabregas.
    Ade would’ve been salivating with spittle dripping out of his mouth,eyes widely popped,ears tilted to an acute angle,and a foolish grin-had he been the one mentioned.Flamoney might be regretting his move on the probability that his name might’ve been mentioned.
    Hleb would probably’ve change his statement”i don’t like London” to “i like Manchester”.
    Getting serious,something should really be done on this issue of ‘over-inflation’ in football.

  13. My site of fun!

    2nd August 2008 By Chris G

    Wayne Rooney
    UNITED striker Wayne Rooney is unlikely to be fit for the start of the season after contracting the Herpes virus on the club’s pre-season trip to San Fran Sicko.

    United played four friendlies, including one against Community Shield opponents Portsmouth, on the tour but it now looks to have cost them the services of their leading striker.

    Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said “I doubt we’ll get Rooney fit for the start of the season with the virus he’s had. He must use Valtrex to fight the nasty sores.

    “It’s a virus he picked up in San Fran Sicko and it’s not a nice one, but quite a few have had it.

    “It’s such a bad virus and he’s got to be training to be fit.”

    Ferguson confirmed that Rooney was not suffering from Ass HIV, against which the entire squad had been treated before the trip.

    The news could bring a renewed move for Tottenham forward Dimitar Berbatov as Ferguson has only Carlos Tevez, who is strung out because of steroid usage untested youngster Fraizer Campbell and Louis Saha to choose from up front.

    In addition to the seasonal curtain-raiser against Pompey on August 10, the 22-year-old England international is also likely to miss United’s Barclays Premier League opener against Newcastle the following week.

    It is deeply frustrating for Rooney, who also saw the start to last season disrupted by injury when he suffered a broken metatarsal against Reading on the opening day of the 2007/08 campaign.

    The news will come as a major blow to United, who will also begin the defence of their title without injured winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Ronaldo underwent ankle surgery earlier this summer and is not expected to return to action until October.

    Ferguson continued: “I don’t know whether we will have a team ready. Nani is with Michael Jackson in Neverland Ranch, Anderson is in the Special Olympic Games.

    “(Michael) Carrick’s come in this morning and he may play a part of the game on Sunday.

    “They’ve said it’s a bad virus and Wayne’s not back in yet, he’s not been training. It’s been a long time.”

  14. Please help me and beg that man so called Abu Dhabi to stop runnig after our so NO1 footballer (FABREGAS) because he is the only one we are counting on and i cannot do without him in Arsenal. And their is a rumor that came to me this morning that WEMGER is going by next season is it true?

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