Fabregas exit reports are extremely worrying

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I’m not one to get overly concerned by transfer speculation regarding Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona, but the following story from the Guardian has me extremely worried:

“Barcelona’s long-running pursuit of Cesc Fábregas appears finally to be nearing a successful conclusion as the Arsenal midfielder has made it clear to Arsène Wenger that the time is right for him to return to the Camp Nou.

“Fábregas went back to Catalonia tonight after a brief spell at London Colney undergoing medical tests on his fractured leg, suffered against Barça in March, having indicated to Wenger that he now wishes to leave them after seven years in England. The manager will seek to speak with the 23-year-old again later this week, though it appears the Spaniard’s mind is made up.”

The most worrying thing about this article is the fact that it is in a publication as reputable and reliable as the Guardian (as well as a host of other reliable sources). They are not the type of source that publishes news without good reason and with that in mind there is a huge concern that this may turn out to be true.

On the other hand there is a complete absence of quotes from the story, which always makes things a little skeptical.

At this point in time I’m still putting the season review together and don’t really feel it’s appropriate to comment on the Cesc situation until something more official emerges.

But I won’t lie: I’m worried.

I’m worried because Cesc is a great player and we will be a lesser team without him. We won’t fall off the map, we won’t fall out of the top four, but it will make winning the league next season more difficult.


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  1. Nobody can blame Fabregas for wanting to leave, if this comes true. He gave his heart and soul since becoming Arsenal’s talisman to win something for Arsenal. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any support from his manager who was only interested in sticking to hi manic obsession with kids.

    No one was asking Wenger to spend to the verge of going bankrupt. Only a few tweaks were needed, which Wenger stubbornly refused. In the 2007-08 season Arsenal were 12 points ahead of Man Utd during the winter break and only needed to sign a DM for the injured Flamini and a clinical striker to cover the misfiring Adebayor. He didn’t sign either. Instead he left Flamini and Hleb go that season.

    In 2008-09 season, he needed to sign a DM to replace Flamini, and a striker to cover for the indifferent Adebayor. He didn’t sign anyone noteworthy; only added Arshavin too late during winter break when it was clear they were at risk in not finishing top four. He sold Adebayor and Toure at the end of the season.

    In 2009-10, he only bought Vermaelen at the begining of the season even though more was needed to shore up the defense. RvP got injured early and his season was over; but Wenger didn’t sign any striker to cover him during the winter break. The GKs have been pathetic past couple of years, but there’s no sign of strengthening that department as well.

    It would’ve been heartbreaking for Fabregas to see the club taking one step ahead and two step backwards in the challenge for a title. Wenger has to take the blame for losing his star player as he is only interested in turning a bumper profit year after year, and didn’t care for the ethos and ambition of the club or his players.

  2. Not looking good is it, this will be a devastating blow to all involved with The Gunners. If it does turn out to be true, then Arsenal need to dig their heals in and obtain the best possible deal for the player that lets face it has just had his best ever season. 50mill + Toure. We need to stop being a soft touch and showing ourselves as a feeder club to Barca, do players only come to arsenal to put themselves in the shop window for a future move to Barca. I fuckin hate them!!!

  3. If he ends up leaving, its all Arsene’s fault period. He knew our weeknesses and did nothing about them .What do you expect , a talented footballer at the ripe age of 24 wants to see trophies at the end of the season. Arsene has failed to address our weeknesses and in particular this season could have been very different.Also , blame the premier league and their anti Arsenal campaign and this includes the referees. For a young player, seeing a team mate every season break a leg horibly and coupled with refereeing decisions that almost jump out to say ” we do not like your team and we are gonna make sure you do not win anything ” i personally would have been on my bike long time ago. It is sad that such a player may leave this league but hey, at the end of the day , he is a foreigner isn’t he? and do we all not know how foregners are treated in this country?? maybe he has had enough….

  4. Arsene is great at signing youngsters, great at signing players in general.

    But terrible at keeping them. Theirry Henry was completely in love with the club, or he’d have gone a long time before. Plus we won silverware when he was part of the team.

    Fabregas is as good as gone. I just hope it’s nothing less than £40M for him, otherwise that’s another big fat Wenger Fail!

  5. A simple interview to Cesc and the question of whether he wants to leave Arsenal and come to Barcelona was asked. Well, no it wasn’t. The questions were strategically asked to provoke a series of responses. “Do you see yourself ever coming back to Barcelona?” is the first question to which Cesc answered “One day, yes, I see myself returning”… followed by “Would you go anywhere else?”, to which he replied “If I do leave Arsenal, I will only join Barcelona”.

    Cesc is loyal and you can see that in his answers. The wry smile that people suggest meant that he wants to leave, was in fact a wry smile at the questions being asked. The same questions, but a different year. If you believe Guillam Balague then let me remind you that he said in 2008 that Ronaldo was a certainty to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid – an eventuality, but it didn’t happen that summer, neither did David Beckham to Barcelona – another certainty.

    Barcelona have ways of fabricating stories, involving statements from the president and manager, involving claims from the players and staff. Their stance is always that the player wants to leave and therefore it is up to them to hand in a transfer request and then the teams can negotiate. Why? Because the players Barcelona want are always the top ones which need serious mind games, tapping up and they want them at a lower than market cost, and what better way than to mix up the player’s mind. It’s even worse for someone like Cesc because he closest friends are at Barcelona at the moment and he is with them now.

    But the difference between Cesc and other players is his loyalty. His choice to come to Arsenal was to further his footballing ability – to make a name for himself – and 7 years later, through the belief that Arsene had in him, he is now one of the world’s coveted players. Barcelona are knocking and they will continue to knock ever summer, and one day they will get their man. And in order to ensure they do, they feel they must knock every summer, to get closer and closer.

    Cesc is indebted to Arsenal as a club and Arsene as a manager. He is a huge factor of the current policy, the current stance of the manager and one of the main reasons that perhaps we haven’t won a trophy – but he is our captain and we will fight to keep him for as long as possible. We want to build a team around him and are only a few players short of a world class squad. So, for all those of you who are worried about the news, yes, you have a right to be worried. But don’t second guess the situation, relax, stay calm and have trust in Fabregas. He won’t jump ship. He’ll be wearing the colours next season.

    All I can say to Barcelona is what we’ve always known – beautiful football, horrible mentality and even worse personality. One day (in the not too distant future) when we are the richest club in the world, it will be us buying their players – with Cesc still in the team – rather than the constant speculation, or should I say Cesc Fabrication.

  6. With our captain and talisman Cesc Fabregas looking more and more likely to leave Arsenal this summer, a lot of fans are already turning against Arsene Wenger and worrying about life without Cesc.

    Don’t get me wrong, we will miss Fabregas, and it would’ve made life simpler and more comforting knowing that he was going to be a gunner next season. But he was always going to leave eventually, and let’s wish him all the best, without forgetting that Arsenal Football Club continues. As the old saying goes, ‘not one player is bigger than the club’, and we’ve proved this time and time again after the sales of stars in the past.

    Some would argue that Fabregas is at the peak of his game, whilst Henry, Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Hleb, etc.. were on their way out. This is true of these players, but let’s remember the club continued to move forward. When Anelka was sold, we signed Henry. When Vieira was sold, we had Fabregas waiting in the wings. When Overmars was sold, we signed Pires. Wenger has a knack of signing better players, eventually.

    If a swap deal was involved, it seems likely that we’ll get to nab Yaya Toure and a few quid. Let’s say £20m and Toure for argument’s sake. Bordeaux playmaker Yoann Gourcuff has been earmarked as a possible replacement, at say a £20m fee. We sign a top class goalkeeper (Joe Hart please) for £10m, and a centre-back in the mould of Gary Cahill for £10m to replace William Gallas.

    In summary, this summer could see us lose Gallas and Fabregas, but gain Yaya Toure, Gourcuff, Hart, Cahill and Chamakh for approximately £20m NET. That for me, is good business. I know it’s not Football / Championship Manager, but Wenger has purchased a lot of players in summers previously (noticeably in 2001 when we signed Sol Campbell, Francis Jeffers, Gio van Bronckhorst and Richard Wright).

    Is this really a bad Arsenal team?


    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Clichy


    Nasri Gourcuff Arshavin

    Chamakh van Persie

    That team looks like a world-beater for me. There is a rumour that Ibrahimovich may be involved in the swap-deal for Fabregas. I bloody hope not! I honestly think he is the most over-rated striker in Europe.

    Anyway, I’m off, and I’m looking forward to getting crucified by my fellow Gooners for putting a positive spin on Fabregas leaving, and possibly being a little unrealistic to think we’d sign 5 players in the summer!

    Fabregas has always showed respect to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, and I can totally understand why he wants to leave and join his boyhood team. I honestly hope he is as big a player for Barca, as he was for us. Similarly to Henry, he’s an Arsenal legend, and one I wish all the best for in the future.

  7. Well, we’ve become a selling club. With very little ambition in the transfer market this is no surprise to be honest.

  8. Oh woe is me.. The sky is falling on our heads!!!

    Please just spare me the melodrama. I was convinced he would stay at least one more year. He might still you know. But even if he doesn’t- Even if he leaves- it’ll be on our terms. We hold the cards here. Wenger could even turn down Cesc’s request. We hold his contract. We decide.. So stop acting like the world’s comin to an end. Oh and Sam, without Wenger’s ‘manic obsession’ Cesc wouldn’t have got in the team in the first place. As regards wanting signings..thats another debate altogether.

  9. Every Gooner i know is worried. But im sure the rumours aren’t true, they can’t be true. Not after the badge kissing and emotional celebrations. Cesc is better than that.

  10. I totally agree…. lets hope there is a late change of mind… but if its not this year, it will be next year…. sell him & buy british…. maybe steven gerrard…. scott parker…

  11. In addition to the damage that losing Cesc will do to our structure and leadership, I’m very concerned by the reports of Barca offering little more than 30m and expecting Arsenal to take it. Considering the prices that other top players have gone for, I’m concerned that if we sell Cesc, we may not have sufficient funds with which to rebuild the squad.

  12. It is a worrying. And I understand that. As I am worrying about it too. But it think that what adds to this is the fact that we know its going to come. We just don’t know when. Which is why we look at every story with a concerned feeling that this could be the one. So realisticly Arsenal fans, we are doing it to ourself. Yes i know that he will leave. And I don’t blame it. He has never hidden from it.

    But i trust Fab because he truly loves the club, and Wenger. If he does go, I don’t blame his decision. But this problem seems to persist that we are beating ourself up. To some extent, Fab leaving would not be a good move. And here is why

    Where would he play?
    Coming on as a sub for Xavi or Inesta, or dropping back to play in a defensive role?

    How is it that someone has managed to get the views of a private conversation between him and Wenger, PS Guys here is an entire transcript of their conversation. It just so happens to be signed by both Wenger and Fab.

    Arsenal are just cominginto fruition. Few people believe this, however I do. When i saw Fabregas kiss the badge at Tottenham it was an awesome feeling. I just hope we can see him again this season. And I am still taking these rumours as what they are….. rumours. WHile the Guardian has maintained a standard, very much higher than those others, it has also been known to borrow its storries.

    So I just hope that Arsenal manage to have their smiling spaniard standing at the helm steering the Arsenal juggernaut to victory.

  13. All you idiots saying “blame Wenger” have no bloody idea what you’re talking about. None. This is a club in a fairly large amount of debt. He didn’t sign anyone because there wasn’t the value for money options out there. What should he have done spent money that wasn’t there? Gambled recklessly like Rafa did only to end up finishing 7th?

    We could so easily go the way of Liverpool, I don’t think many of you get that.

    One of the things that might be about to change Cesc’s mind is that Spain is in the Eurozone which is on the verge of economic catastrophe. Paul Krugman has been brave enough to come out and straight up say what we all knew: WAGES IN THE PERIPHERY (e.g. Spain) NEED TO FALL 20-30 PERCENT RELATIVE TO GERMANY.


    In short, Spain is in for the mother of all economic shocks in the next few years and the impact will be felt in all quarters. Least not in La Liga.

  14. oooopsss…… sorry.

    Why did C Ronaldo leave Man Utd?? They’d just won their 3rd title in a row and been to their 2nd consecutive champions league final?
    Did he leave because they weren’t winning trophies? NO. He left because like all Iberian players, they want to play for Barca or Real Madrid. That isn’t Wenger or Arsenal’s fault, It’s just a fact.

    Vieira wanted to leave the year after we went unbeaten and were arguably the best team in europe. Was it because we were’t good enough? NO… foreigners will never have the desire to stay at an English club for their entire careers. They want new challenges in continental europe.. do we understand that- NO… because they want to leave our club and we don’t understand why they’d want to do that.

    If anything, this highlights the real problem with Arsenal right now…lack of british players.. you can guarantee Adams never wanted to play for Barcelona. I’d rather see Wilshere, Lansbury, Gibbs, Afobe, Ramsey et al get games ahead of Denilson and the other average foreigners next season, not because i’m xenophobic but because in 2/3 years, the foreign players will want to move on to Barca, Rmadrid, Milan, Inter….. whereas the brits won’t.

    So please stop using cesc as an opportunity to bash my Arsenal and our manager…it’s childish.

  15. It looks now not so much a case of “if”, or even “when” but “how much?”. But money is not the issue in my eyes, as I do not expect substantial reinvestment from the proceeds.

    When the talisman, captain and inspiration decides to pull the plug on the Gunners with his best years ahead of him, then it is an extremely damning verdict on AW’s Project Youth.
    Cesc realises (I’m not a mind reader, just offering an opinion) that PY has reached the maximum of its achievements over the last 4-5 years – i.e finish 3rd or 4th each year but with no serious chance of challenging for the major trophies at the business end of the season, (and even 3rd / 4th will be under risk if AW continues to do the same as he’s done every transfer window).
    That’s not good enough for Cesc, nor should it be for a player of his immense talent.
    It shouldn’t be good enough for us as fans and supporters paying the prices that we do.
    I fear though that it is good enough for Arsene and the board.
    Therein lies the problem; if the AW is already delivering what the board want, then there is no great drive to change, to challenge.
    I fear that the board view success as a debt free club, a wonderful stadium, regular European football and as such, a highly desirable piece of business for some future investor to purchase. For the board selling will represent good business after having taken no dividends out of the business since goodness knows when.
    Project Youth is a corpse; Cesc knows, we know, even the management may know – but don’t exepct them to admit it…….

    In a nutshell, Cesc’s departure shows as clearly as anything that our ambitions as fans – to challenge constantly and get trophies occasionally, are not matched by the management and board. They are not even close.

  16. So Cesc Fabregas has told Arsene Wenger he wants to quit Arsenal THIS summer and rejoin his boyhood heroes Barcelona. Well that is according to Guillem Balague anyway.

    Now don’t get me wrong, Mr Balague is a very well respected journalist who has got many rumours right but he has also got them very wrong.

    In fact I’m sure for the last 4,345 transfer windows the man has said that Fabregas is leaving Arsenal to join Barcelona. He will keep doing this until eventually, when it happens, he can say I told you so!

    It’s fucking easy!

    What I’d like to know is how does Balague know the details of a private conversation (if there actually was one) between Cesc Fabregas and Arsene Wenger anyway? Was he there? Is he psychic?

    Or is he just making it up?

    If this ‘supposed’ chat between captain and manager does exist when why couldn’t it had been about Wenger discussing his transfer targets with Cesc and reassuring him of the clubs ambitions?

    I’ll tell you why, because news like that doesn’t sell newspapers and it doesn’t create hits on websites.

    Despite all the ‘breaking news’ and hysteria created by the likes of Sky Sports News that Fabregas is leaving ASAP I’m going to remain calm over all this. I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes.

    If the worst possible scenario did happen and he left the club this summer then I hope Arsenal do not sell for a cheap price. If Real Madrid can fork out £80m on Cristiano Ronaldo then I’d expect at least £50-60m for Fabregas. Not all this £30m shit I’m hearing.

    Don’t forget Arsenal hold all the cards. Barcelona and SSN do not.

  17. I agree Andy. I have always blown off news as rubbish but for some reason this time I have an awful feeling in my stomach that this is it………………….

  18. We all knew he was off to Barca at some point. I think the knee jerk reactions about it being because we have not won anything are only partially true. If he stayed and we won things in the next 2 years he would still want to go there as it is his dream to play for his boyhood club. I am not joining the blame AW for this gang. While I don’t want him to leave you could also use it as an opportunity. The board need to get a good deal. For me it is somewhere between £30m-£40m + Toure. I would love to see us play with 2 powerful central midfielders who can also play a bit much like we had with Petit and Vieira. That would likely knock 8-10 goals against off us immediately before you address the keeper and CD players to come in. I would stick with the 4-3-3 with a playmaking midfielder in the Fab mould in front of Toure and Song. Personally I would like an experienced player brought in to do this to allow the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Nasri to develop into the role. My choice would be Arteta who I think is greatly underated but at 28 and EPL adapted would fill that gap for the next 2-3 seasons while we nurture the youngsters mentioned above for the role. We could offer £11-£12m for him and sweeten the deal by offering them Jack on loan for the season which would be great for all parties concerned as with another loan season improving his consistency I would expect him the following season to push for a 1st team place. If you got Arteta and Toure and still had £15-£25m left over + whatever would have been made available to AW anyway you could bring in a top keeper and top defender (anyone fancy a double deal for Buffon and Chiellini). So we could come out stronger if we do it right but if instead we start seeing more players who will take a couple of years to develop/adapt arrive instead of ready made players then serious questions need to be asked of AW and the board

  19. Sam,you ‘ve stated my exact sentiments on the matter.Wenger must be held responsible, along with a comatose board only interested in profits and who agree with Wenger that, ‘winning is not everything'(joke of the decade!),’qualifying for CL in 13 straight seasons is a trophy on its own!’, ‘this team is getting stronger’, he cant find player better than the likes of Denilson, Walcott, Bendtner, Diaby, Silvestre, and all those oft-quoted Wenger’s words of wisdom!

    Well, the ‘key’ element and crown jewel of the youth project (Fabregas)got fed up with those delusions and has decided that just before an ‘eagle’ gets permanently used to bedding with ‘chickens’, and lose his heritage as a high-flyer, its time to fly away!Wenger’s worst nightmare has come to pass;surely he has to START REBUILDING AGAIN, right?

    Too bad for Wenger because once again, his ‘wise’ CALCULATIONS, which have refused to accept the changes outside the four walls of the ‘Arsenal cocoon’, are WRONG! Not everybody wants to WAIT FOREVER for a team half filled with mediocre first teamers and kids to MATURE when in the absence of so called top stars, couldn’t stomach a fight against lowly sides.

    The young man got fed up with the whole vicious cycle;how can he see trophyless 3rd/4th placed seasons as ‘trophies’ when he can join his former club and start winning things again…7 years with Arsenal=one trophy; 7 years since he left Barca= 9 trophies…its a no-brainer imo; pathetic though that it has to come to this. And AKBs agree that it isn’t all about winning, right? Lol!Long may the AKBs live to enjoy the fruits of Wenger’s ‘labours’!

    Some of us felt uncomfortable then when Wenger started to build the team round such a young player whose allegiance for Barca has never waned.Dismantled the Invincibles as if he could build another at the snap of a finger, made Fab4 captain which I think was too much for the lad;playmaker yes, but the burden of both playmaker and skipper is too much for a 21/22 yr old imo; changed the formation to suit him, sold all the experienced players who could have provided the needed support for such a young captain, or treated them terribly just to protect his ‘nest of babies’.

    Now Fba4 is surrounded by ‘next this’ and ‘next that’, whom Wenger has instilled with a mentality that cant FIGHT to win when it matters,he taught them to pass a thousand times but not how to defend a goal lead, convinced them that football is not all about winning, and for 5 years, they remained on the same spot…come on! And then he’s already shown his hand that nothing will really change next season by stating that Al and Flappy will still remain to ‘sabotage’ the team next season; defensive reinforcements are dependent on Campbell and Gallas, no need for another DM since we have Song or Denilson,etc.

    Truth be told, it was bound to come to a head one day and I think that day has come for Wenger, for Arsenal, for Fabregas! In the end, this will probably FORCE a NEW DAWN on Arsenal.LET THE CHANGE BEGIN!

  20. I think Dan has a point. I like the European flavor in Arsenal but your level of commitment is always competing against clubs like Barca and Real

  21. Good stuff. im worried too. When you watch football all your life you know that some players are not replacebale. I will mostly miss the passes of farbrigas. Few players in the world can give passes with so mutch feeling as Fabrigas does. The funny thing, the other two players who can do that are already playing in Barcelona. I hope badly he will stay but I realise that he may want to go. I will always admire him.

    Wenger saw the quality of Messi when we played them and he knew with everything we have it is this type of quality which finishes the big games.

    Drogba punished us when we played chelsea. Roony punished us when we played Man united, christiano Ronaldo did tioo last year and messi was the last example.

    Big quality replacement is very essential. if Fabrigas goes. Something with the caliber of Ribery must come in.. may be Im dreaming…

  22. I don’t like Fab to leave and i’m sure Wenger and the board know how important he is to us.Apparently i’m not worried coz i don’t know which players we’re going to bring in.Also,it would’ve been better if this deal invoved swapping. Iniesta,Xavi,Pedro,Ibrahimovic,Bojan,Keita,Toure one or two of these players crossing to Arsenal plus cash in exchange for Fab,then we bring more later.What will piss me off is selling Fab and bringing in inexperienced or below average players.Otherwise let’s first not get scared about this issue,time will tell.

  23. if cesc transfers to barcelona………..wenger has to sign a player which fits into the boots of cesc…………i think yoann gourcuff

  24. I always knew his move to Barcelona was going to happen eventually, but I never thought it would come so soon. And Barca still have Xavi and Iniesta. Can Fab break their starting XI?

  25. I always knew his move to Barcelona was going to happen eventually, but I never thought it would come so soon. And Barca still have Xavi and Iniesta. Can Fab break into their starting XI?

  26. Guys dont panick. Wer have played big gamers without him and won.What is needed if he goes is sensible replacements like Sunil mentioned. We may be world beaters with his listings.GK, Defenders, 2 midfielders, and another striker. No pl;eyr is bigger than a cl;ub. But Wenger simply cant win anything apart from biziness.

  27. Dont see this as a great problem as long as we get real money(40-50k)and don’t accept players in part payment unless they are top drawer(which really only means Messi,Chavi Pedro or Iniesta)which isn’t going to happen.
    We all know that he is going to Barcelona at some point so with the time still remaining on his contract this should mean that now is the time to get maximum money for him.
    Looking on the bright side you might argue that we have won virtually nothing with him so let’s see how we do without him but with a few top quality signings.

  28. I simply cannot believe AW would ever consider £30-35m + 1 of either Ibrahimovic or Toure = no thanks. I don’t really want either of those players, plus £30m is about half the price of what I, and what I imagine the rest of the viewing world, values him at – especially when considering the prices that Kaka and Ronaldo went for, even if they were Real Madrid prices.

    I don’t blame Fabregas for going, it is his boyhood club. However if he chooses to leave us now, I’m sure many fans estimations of him will go down – I know mine will. He should remember which club raised him and made him the player that he is today and that he will continue to grow to be, us. Let’s not forget, Barcelona always make out that he was poached away from them – whereas in reality they let him go, obviously indicating they didn’t feel he had the potential of Messi and Pique. That is their loss and Cesc would do well to remember it.

    In a decent world Cesc would honour his remaining five-year deal, or at least a few more seasons. If the rumours about his transfer request are true, I can only believe that AW will sit him down and show him his summer plans for the transfer market, if he doesn’t agree then undoubtedly he’ll be gone before the WC.

    This whole drama, season after season has left a very bad taste in many Arsenal fans mouths. The way this supposed ‘Great Club’ have conducted themselves in the pursuit of our CAPTAIN is slimy, rude, and utmost disrespectful. I honestly did expect better of them, but over the seasons I have accepted that is the way they are.

    Also worth mentioning is where exactly Fabregas fits into their team. Xavi plays in his role, and I really cannot see Cesc ousting his role in their 4-3-3 system. That means that either Busquets or Iniesta would likely make way – therefore loosing their combative edge and possibly placing too much emphasis on attacking football – sounds a lot like us 2 seasons ago.

  29. Wave goodbye, take the cash, spend it wisely and we’ll be better than ever. Ramsey’s going to be better than Fabregas anyway…

  30. I think it’s likely to happen, the question is how Wenger will react, it would make the next season really unpredictable cause he was the main supporting pillar in my opinion, title expectations would become less probable because you have to find a new playmaker, it’s uncertain if the replacement would fit ad hoc in this important role, so it would be a blow, of course because of the loss of personality too, great challenge for the manager I think

  31. Dan’s observation i agree with. I would like to add that like all CEOs Wenger’s targets are not just silverware. his targets include Net Profit, Debt repayment, revenues from UEFA etc etc

  32. The players left Arsenal because of lack of victory.Also the opponent teams players tried to damage young Gunners intentionally.The French players also received more favors than other players.No wonder, if Fabregas move to Barca.But he might be in super-sub line up only.He will not take over many great players of Barca.

  33. come on people. NO PLAYER IS GREATER THAN YOUR CLUB! Sad as it sounds if he has to go he just has to go. you sell, adjust rebuild and overcome.

    let the chips fall man. we go back to the drawing board and move on.

  34. why cant we learn from other peoples experiences? do we have go through? what happened to thiery,reyes,pires,flamini,hleb…will happen to him.he who lives arsenal……….his game faints.

  35. Hi Gooners,
    I have been saying for some time that, if we do not change our ideology and transfer policy. We ought to say goodbye to the title for a considerable period of time. Gooners, please, please DO NOT BLAME FABREGAS AT ALL. The boy has a legitimate concerns, desires and ambitions to achieve something in his football career before retiring, which the current ownership and current manager CANNOT OFFER HIM. The reason the boy has decided to go, was due to lack of investment in the club. Fabregas does not believe and foresee any great investment during the next summer transfer window. How many times, have we been told that, there was money available to spend. Then when, the times came, Arsene Wenger has the audacity to insult our intelligent by saying: IN ENGLAND PEPPLE ARE OBSESSED OF BUYING PLAYERS ONLY. Gooners, do not get upset with the boy, instead with the Arsenal Board and Manager. Fabregas has a legitimate amd valuable argument on his side. It is a sad day for us, Arsenal. I am fuming.

  36. I think its a deal waiting to happen and it seems Cesc has made his desire to move to Barcelona quite clear to the manager. Once a players heart is set on leaving its very difficult to get them to stay. Its a massive massive loss for us as a club to see our captain and arguably our best player leave. But we must make sure we get a good deal from it unlike Barcelona who let Eto’o go plus 30 million and got Ibrahimovic in return from Inter Milan.

    ‘WHEN’ Cesc goes we will need to use the money to buy a suitable replacement. I think Yoann Gourcuff from Bordeaux would be a good buy and also an easy purchase because the manager Lauren Blanc has left to take the French national team job after the world cup and they also havent qualified for the champions league.

    Barca have just bought David Villa and soon Cesc so its time to plan ahead. Sad times. I think Vermaelen will be the next captain.

  37. Guys lets focus on life after him, bse am sure he is going but he will regret just like others have done, am not custing!! its that htis is not the right time for him to leave arsenal, just like ronaldo cannot be same like he was at ManU, the same will be with him.
    Please arsene focus on his replacement!!!!

  38. I have yet to see an actual quote from Cesc or A.W. Reports are that Cesc has “indicated” etc. Only quotes are from those shameless shit-stirrers in Barca.

    Nonetheless, there’s gotta be something to it. But Arsenal is in control. If Barca only offer $30MM, we’ll refuse. I’d hate to have Cesc “stuck” at Arsenal, pouting his way through the season. I think he’s above that, but that dynamic would be pretty much unavoidable. Do we choose to sell him if we can get $40+MM? Tough choice.

    Hopefully, Cesc and AW will meet – AW will say, “Cesc, you simply must stay because I’m going to sign Pele, Beckenbauer, and Iron Man – but you’ll still be my Captain.” And Cesc will decide that the challenge & reward at Arsenal is greater than sharing playing time in the Barca midfield with several other players.

  39. I think a little perspective is needed.

    Fabregas says he says he would like to one day go to barca. but not yet.

    arsenal/ arsen has not said he is for sale.
    barca have said its nice that he would like to come, but he under contract.

    we have only a rumour that he told arsen he wants to leave.

    besides where exactly would fabregas play at barca. somewhere between xavi, messi and ineista.
    i doubt also barca would be willing to pay what wenger would demand for a player they dont actually need. i know they are very rich but i dont think they got that way by buying evryone who wants to play for them.

    i think there is more factors to stop this deal going through than happening. but we will see.

  40. I understand that a top guy like this gets fed up playing for a manager who is totally profit orientated as opposed to chasing some silverware… example 5 month of season without a true striker.. poor Ashravin tried!

  41. Cesc had flown into london to have showdown talks woth the gaffer – but he is overseas Shocked

    maybe they’re playing hide n seek

    guilleme ballbag is trying to look clever… cesc has to fly back to london for the A3K event so he’s tried to turn that into “cesc flying to london to leave arsenal”

    I still remember Mr Balague stating with near certainty a few years back that ‘within 48 hours Real Madrid will have signed Patrick Vieira and Paul Robinson’.., Paul Robinson, yeah i know, absurd.

    Since that moment, although liking his TV work, i’ve never paid attention to any of Guillium’s ‘transfer rumours’.

    Can’t see Cesc leaving, call me naive but if he was then I believe he would have done so with far more dignity than what is being reported.

    Anytime the guy is in spain, its the same. When he comes back to england, he quashes the rumour. Can’t see it being any different this time.

    Besides, i believe Wenger is out of the country.

    havent been able to find a single piece of news thats reporthing this that actually has any solid comments from either cesc or wenger. if u look its all coming from the spanish media and barcelona, of course theyre going to be saying this. personally i feel the way barcelona conduct themselves as a club its totally immoral. they heap pressure on a player repeatedly until he finally caves in and signs. how do u think they got henry? we have to remember nothing is offical untill announced by arsenal. and all those saying wenger wont replace him etc, wengers not stupid he knows cesc is the heart of the team. personally im optimistic for the summer because i feel wenger has finally realised we need some new players.

    Guillem Balague is making it up. For a start, last week he said the deal was all done it just needed the clubs to agree a fee!!! Errrr… surely that’s a pretty big piece of the negotiation. Talking of which, who appointed him to negotiate the fee? And finally, the player and the clubs all confer with him so that he can report that he’s got the scoop!! The man’s a plonker.

  42. Don’t worry guys I will take over Cesc. Who needs Cesc when you have me. Can Cesc teleport or walk on walls? No he can’t! with my ninja skills I’ll teleport with the ball straight to goal.


  43. Cesc is gonna go… Although it kills me so say it, you really cant blame him. He wants to win things, and the way arsenal are going about things, thats not gonna happen.

    We should have come out with some intent and signed someone big. Im not saying Cesc is bigger than the club… no player is, but without him we really will strugle next season unless we sign someone who is at the same level as him, not GONNA be. We cant wait for players to develop, we need good players now.
    Barca just signed David Villa, thats the sort of players we need to be signing. We need to get already good players.

    If Cesc does go i really hope Arsenal does not sell on the cheap. Min £40million, all this talk of £30million is really getting me mad. He is worth much more than £30million. we need to remember hes only 24.

  44. @ laninja-

    Its getting a little insane here. Way to go to put things in perspective 🙂

  45. The fact o f the matter is that this story is true. Why? Very simple simple, every time some rubish like this has come out, the club has rejected it. But now, silence. Fabregas can leave if he wants, it’s all Wenger’s fault. I knew we weren’t going to win anything this year. Fabregas put his career on the line for us against Barcalona but what did we do in the return leg! My confidence in Wenger was wavering before, now i’m staggered. I’ve lost confidence in arsenal, i’ve lost confidence because we must have the stingiest board in the premier league, even aston villa spend more than us. I don’t care about money any more, i’ve had up to my ears with profit every year. Are they giving it to me? No. Are they spending it on the team? NO. Wtf are they doing with it it? Yeah you’re gonna say repaying the stadium. I want a trophy next year. Good on you fabregas, the way i feel right now i’d go with u to barcalona myself if it wasn’t for the festering love i have for Arsenal. Oh well, i’ll just go suffer in the corner for probably another trophyless year.

  46. Hi Guys

    Many players have left Arsenal and have they been succ
    essful? I can think of a few, Flamini, Hleb, Viera, Adebayor, Toure etc. Cesc is a fabulous layer and should do well (if he can get in the Barca team). Ity doesn’t matter how much we get for him, the Board will toddle down to the smiling bank manager. The have proved consistently that they are only intyerested in paying off the debt, they don’t care about winning trophies. At least Carling Cup or FA Cup would have been something!! But what does he do, play the reserves because “we are going for the League and Champions League” What a joke. We must get rid of Almunia, Fabulous Fab, Mannone, Silvestre, Campbell. We should have played the 4th choice keeper (can’t spell his name). We need a GK, DM, 2 centre backs, need I go on. Arteta would be a good buy but I don’t think Moyes would sell. He needs someone like a young Viera who will stick it to them like he used to do to Roy Keane. I was sick to my stomach when I saw the Wigan result and vowed never to watch the Gunners again (that lasted about 2 minuts as I’ve supported them since 1966). Would someone tell AW to forget the deep pockets and short arms, now is the time to spend or we won’t even be in CL in future. Good luck


  47. Iam extremely dissappointed about the news.Fabregas is the backbone of our team.If that backbone is miss i can’t imagine.But as gooners we have to live with that.I hate barca .Fabregas should take the lesson from players like Hleb ,flamini who go to big clubs and their career is in uncertainity.Wenger has plenty of work to do in the summer.

  48. fuck fabregas if he leaves. he is one of my favorite players and idols and if he leaves to “reunite” with barca thats bull shit. he was there for like a year and has been at arsenal since he was 16. he doesnt deserve the respect he gets now if these rumors are true. if he goes i hope barca have a trophy drought and he sits on the bench.

  49. Some guy being interviewed on Sky Sports News said that Fabregas asked Wenger who was he going to sign , Wenger gave him no names,so,Cesc said that he wanted to leave! How the fuck did this he know this?Was he there? It`s getting really boring now,I hope Cesc stays but,if he goes,then make Barca cough up,£30-35 mill is laughable! Maybe Wenger will now actually realise that we need to buy quality players and not keep on waiting for some of our young guns to come to fruition!With the likes of Man C and even Spurs willing to spend,we need to as well or we could be in danger of losing the likes of Van Persie as well.

  50. Lots of speculation folks, lets wait and see. I wouldn’t blame Cesc for wanting to return to Barca, its going home and his boyhood club, two good reasons. A third reason is the way we are going, with Arsene’s demented youth policy, we won’t win anything for another five years. Very disappointing and disheartening season!

  51. Sell him for loads of money and bring in a replacement. It`s as simple as that! He`s been a gooner for 6-7 years, so what? There are plenty of (much cheaper) players just as good as him and less injuryprone who will do great for the club while we wait for Aaron Ramsey to heal. Aaron will be better than Fab in the future and he has no Barcacunt DNA!!!! Fab´s been captain for a year because AW always tries to make players stay just a year longer with rubbish apointments. Honestly, Fabregas is just a footnote in the Arsenal history. If he want´s to go then kick him out but remember to tell him what we all have heard from players who left. They all regrets leaving Gunners!!!!

  52. Wenger! if i could swear in french……………………….

    vavavoom( No? alright i give up)

  53. The development of the situation is accurately worrying for us, gooners. This is the exact same situation like the opening of this season where CR7 (who’s been rumored that he’s going to Madrid a season before) fulfilled the rumor at the beginning of this season. I fear that we have to prepare to say our farewell to our skipper. I do not want to see Fab go, but I know for sure that there are only 2 things that’s unavoidable in this world, 1st is DEATH and 2nd is CHANGE. Fab’s career at Arsenal is already 7 years. It’s only natural when an offer as big as playing for a team that can win 6 titles in a season, is too good to turn down. Not to mention that the club is his 1st club and home club.

    I don’t like what I’m going to say but I’d say if Wenger is still entitled to the ‘Professor’ nickname, he would see that holding back Fab would be a threat to Arsenal’s chemistry and ambition. With Chamakh arrival, the best move that Wenger could do to save Arsenal and profit from current development in the transfer market, I think is to let Fab go and start looking an equivalent replacement for Fab. I really think that Wenger should pursue and sign Chamakh’s team-mate and France national football team playmaker, Yoann Gourcuff. With the fund from Fab, I’m sure Gourcuff is affordable plus Bordeaux is in absent of managerial leadership, so I think Wenger should profit from this quickly. And in terms of vision and passing skills, Gourcuff is not too far off from Fab. He’s gonna cooperate well with fellow French in Arsenal and knows Chamakh already. I think this is lethal combination and the kind of move that would save Arsenal in terms of title-contender as of now.

    What do you guys think ???

  54. @Shard,
    I like Tony Atwoods general take on things but I cant take what he has written seriously as I have my own views on things and if they dont fall into his line of thinking does that make me a ‘doom and gloomer’.
    I mean come on these blogs are designed for conversation and diverse opinion. I dunno maybe he wants ‘yes’ men on his site but

  55. sorry dunno what happend above, to continue;
    the fact is there are more than a handful of disgruntled Arsenal fans around and im pretty sure they are not representing the ‘minority’.
    There are alot of people with valid points and facts to back themselves up and I think its ridiculous and small minded to dismiss them out of hand because you deem them negative or doom mongerish…..I like a good rant as much as the next person, thats why I come on here because when I do there are plenty of fans, aswel as Andy, to put me back in line if needs be, and I respect every opinion because we have the same overall interest at heart and thats the Arsenal.
    As for the Cesc rumours, theres absolutely no evidence so far, but if the club were gonna come out with a statement I would rather have heard them come out and say that Cesc never said these things to Wenger, rather than them coming out and saying theres been no bid.
    I mean they may not be lying to us, there may not have been an official approach, but sometimes it important to read between the lines and see what ISNT being said.
    Just a thought……..

  56. I have said it, others have said it; we seem to have a problem of only blaming Wenger. If the club administration is willing to have a silverware and not only interested in making profits, why not buy talents to blend with the kids. We blame Wenger, but he is just being an administrator who is bound by the leadership code of ethics. He cannot break a bank to get money. Is there a situation when money was given and Wenger failed to utilize it? I stand to be corrected here.

    We are now paying for the greed the club owners are having, they are even lucky that they have a coach who can make things happen even where there is no hope.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more followed Fab, they are young, they need to win something to live legacies behind when they retire. Legacies cannot be made if we are ever just playing in order to be in the top four for half a decade without a trophy. I am disappointed but cannot blame want away players.

    Isaac ssawe – Uganda

  57. Let’s face it if Fab goes and it looks like a done deal over the next week then Wenger has a very small window to spend his money before the World Cup blows out all the costs of players. It’s a really important time for Arsenal in the lead up to the Cup. We need to act NOW!

    We as Arsenal fans were all talking about five players in and none out but now it looks like one in one out and that’s it. He may miss out on other players in the next two weeks. I’m in pain. If Wenger does not buy a quality player to replace Fab, next season will probably be the first season in a long time where I’m fearfull of our top four status. I am however excited about having Chamakh partner Van Persie. Imagine having TWO strikers on the pitch who are both talented.

  58. Fabregas asking wenger to leave is just especulation by the spanish press.however, instead of being said just by one paper, it has been said by ALL the papers.I guess that is why the Guardian took it as almost a matter of fact.

    What makes this time different from the rest is what the president of Barcelona and his man in charge of signings have said (and this time not misquotations, words out of context or the such,I heard everything Laporta said). Mainly that the negotiations with Villa were going well (has been signed today) and that they knew Fabregas wanted to come so they were going to start talks with Arse.

  59. This quote on ESPN resonates…

    Barcelona just do it better. Why play for Barcelona lite when you can represent the real thing? That is the question Fabregas has asked, and why he has chosen to leave Arsenal this summer.

  60. If he wants to leave let him go – but agree 30m is way too low.

    The ever reputable Grauniad also running a story of the level of debt in La Liga – comparable to the EPL. The difference over there is that a totally unfair tv revenue distribution where Real and Barca cream off >50% so you end up with a two team league. Valencia finished 28 points or something behind them yet were in 3rd place. What a joke of a league. Why would you want to play there?

    Not that the EPL is a level playing field. Look at Chelski. They have won based on a fucking sugar daddy who (for now) is prepared to write off 726 million quid debt just like that. i don’t want to have my team run like that and be at the whim of someone to use as their own private plaything. But at least overall the league is more competitive and with Spurs and Mancity on the rise likely to be more open than ever next year.

    Sell Fab, buy a keeper, defender and strong midfielder and when teh UEFA fuinancial fair play rules kick be safe in the knowledge that we are the best placed of all the top clubs to compete.

  61. Hi all, just some thoughts on what has already been added. I think we should stop using Chelsea’s financial prowers as a reason to justify our own shortcomings. Chelsea did spend wild the first two seasons with Jose but since then they didn’t pay ridiculous amount for any player. Roman has turned their debt into equity, technically Chelsea has no debt.

    Should Kronke/Usmanov takeover Arsenal will they be as generous as Roman to write off any debt? This is a very important question to ask.

    The Chelsea team that won this year has the same spine of terry/carvallh, lampard, drogba, it’s the same team that first won under Mourinho.

    About Cesc, I won’t be disgruntled when/if he leaves, he has given us his all, he played with a broken leg in the CL semis although the world cup is just around the corner. I don’t see Denilson doing the same thing for us, so for me Cesc has given his all for us. I wish him good luck whatever happens though it saddens me if he leaves. Cesc is turning into a fine midfielder, something like Riqulme during his peak years, just that we may not see his best years at Arsenal.

  62. Hi Andrew,

    You missed my point, I am saying that we shouldn’t be concerned with what Chesea or other teams are doing. In no way have I ever supported a takeover, be it Usmanov or Kronke. Arsenal have alot more pressing issues on the field to be concerned about how other teams win the championship. If they want to be in debt so be it, Chelsea is not the team I support. Chelsea had already been in debt since Ken Bates thats why they sold to Roman.

    Which reflects back to Arsenal, if Kronke buys us he could cripple us too if he borrows to buy the shares just like how Glazers/Gillet/Hicks did, that’s even worse than Roman who bought Chelsea with his money. My point was takeovers are very complicated and with the board being cozy with Kronke I don’t feel too good. I hope Kronke is not buying Arsenal because we now have a profiting property-development wing. Is Kronke/Usmanov a football guy? or is he in it for Arsenal’s external business outside of football. Hence thats why I say Roman is being ‘generous’. If I’m a billionare/venture capitalist I would want some return on my investment.

    All I’m saying is Chelsea won the epl with the same players they bought 4 seasons ago. It’s this continuity that they have that Arsenal is missing, the core players. I feel that the foundation for Arsenal is there, whats left is to find the balance between players, for example which defender would complement Vermalen. It’s this balance that is hindering us from winning the league.

    Thanks for the article Andrew, I’ve read it but reading it again makes me scared for Arsenal and the EPL. And have a good time on your football nomad journey, take some nice pics!

  63. arsene wenger must sign Joann gourcuff, brede hangeland, joe hart, stekelenberg. van der weil plus chamakh n yaya toure and ballotelli…if we can’t save cesc from big departure thus summer…fail to sign good players to fill the void means utter disasters in front of us..please do something or please step down mr wenger…

  64. @shambogunner

    I didn’t mean you to take it personally. I have just often felt that the sheer scale of disgruntlement cannot really be reflective of the real feeling of the majority of arsenal fans. Maybe its just cos I don’t feel that way. I also said IF its true. But in this instance I’d believe he wouldn’t lie about a few people signing in under various aliases. And if that bit is true then the disgruntlement spreads.

    Also disgruntlement or dissatisfaction depends on the question you are asked or the topic you are considering..eg.Are you happy the club is run in a self sufficient and responsible way? or Look at chelsea and Man U , how can an Arsenal fan be happy with this pathetic lack of success?

    I feel angry too. But that doesn’t mean I need to direct that ire at anybody, and certainly not Wenger. IF we’d bought a GK or a striker we MIGHT have won the league.Yes blame wenger for that decision. But the fact that we were in that position is also something Wenger should be credited with. It really is a double edged sword.

    Sorry. This post has become a bit haywire 🙂 But I mean what I say.

    As regards statements from the club, when has the club ever responded to transfer speculation. The only time rebuttals have come have been from the players themselves. And at the moment Cesc is away preparing for the world cup. For the rest. We’ll see.

  65. One final Cesc related note from barcelonafootballblog.com, about how Barcelona fans feel about Fabregas:

    If Fabregas comes, he comes, but stop talking about him as if we have some divine right to him. We don’t. He’s a player who left the farm in search of greener pastures, and found them. He didn’t show any particular loyalty to the club back then, so I just don’t see any sorts of talismanic qualities present in him right now. All I see is a 50m benchwarmer. If he doesn’t start for Spain, what makes anyone think that he is going to be starting in our midfield, which is essentially the Spain starting midfield?

    We need midfield depth that won’t grumble about sitting on the bench, and reliable excellence at right and left back. I’d rather splash for that, than for Cesc Fabregas, who certainly has an admirable skill set (no, that isn’t tapping up). But he would basically be sitting around, filling in a waiting for Xavi to retire.

    So, in all this furore, it’s clear that Barcelona fans a) understand that there is no divine right to the transfer of Cesc and b) they aren’t really too bothered if he signs. One thing for sure, is that the campaign is very much media driven, and I’m not convinced that there is a genuine threat behind this. If Barcelona continue to do this every summer, then at 25 or 26, he will probably leave.

    Anyway, we’re not supposed to be talking about Cesc.

    Time to think about next season with Cesc… and what is going to happen in transfers in…

    We already know that Maroune Chamakh is virtually an Arsenal player, which poses the question on whether or not we will revert back to a 4-4-2 and I honestly don’t believe we will. Arsene has adopted the 4-3-3 through the ranks and the youth team are currently modelling themselves on it, so having gone so far in believing in the formation, it’s unlikely that we would abandon it after one season.

    David Seaman seems to think that Almunia and Fabianski will be our number one and two next season and that Arsene won’t be investing in a new keeper. I’d be surprise to a degree if that does happen but not overwhelmingly surprised. It may be a switch round that sees Fabianski take over as number one and Almunia drop down to number two. It wouldn’t surprise me in the manner that Arsene has expressed so much belief in the Pole, but it would surprise me considering the fan backlash that would happen if Arsene didn’t sign a new keeper. On current form, our top two keepers are somewhat maligned and completely devoid of all self confidence. Neither are punching at any weight and neither will turn into world class players over night. Has Almunia been at fault for the 40 odd goals conceded in the league this season or have our various back lines been at fault. In reality, it’s hard to know – but what we do know is that both have a mistake in their locker, and to win trophies, you need a consistent and effective goalkeeper at the helm. I would love to see a Frey or a Hart come in, and I really do hope that one of them will be signed. It’s time for fresh blood.

    The priority in Arsene’s eyes will most definitely be a central defender with Gallas and Silvestre departing, one will be replaced by Nordtveit and the other will be a new signing. That, I am pretty sure of. Depending on who the manager brings in, will determine who else he brings in. Despite the big move supposedly available, player contracts have been extended and more long term contracts will be signed by the beginning of next season. Will Jack Wilshere return to Arsenal and is he ready for first team action? That’s a whole other question and he has shown us that he can ply his trade in the Premiership and he looked pretty good up at Bolton.

    Our midfield has a problem that we play 3 in midfield, but Diaby and Denilson are very very inconsistent and don’t quite have the something that would make them automatic first choices. There is space for a new midfielder, but who? At Barcelona, they play one defensive midfielder and two attacking ones. We have Cesc and Song, but the third spot is yet to be filled. But it could easily be filled with Nasri. A middle three of Cesc, Nasri and Song is a damn good middle three.

    So, let’s take a look at our possible best eleven…

    New Keeper (see above)
    Almunia / Fabianski

    Sagna – New Defender – Vermaelen – Clichy
    Eboue – Djourou – Campbell – Gibbs

    Song – Nasri
    Denilson – Diaby

    Van Persie – Cesc – Arshavin
    Walcott – Rosicky – Vela


    I’ve put Chamakh straight in there as I think he’s more of a finished article than Bendtner, but our first XI looks strong, and even stronger if the two players whom we bring in (GK and CD) are quality. The second XI does have a lot of talent in it too. Add into this mix, a third team consisting of Mannone, Traore, Nordtveit, Ramsey, Eastmond, Wilshere, Eduardo, etc and we do have the strength in depth required. But as a first XI, we do need two big players to come in preferably in the positions outlined above.

    If Arsene chooses to keep faith in the goalkeeping department, we may see another midfielder come in. My dear friend, JAT, said the difference between us and the other top European teams is that – yes, we have a great first XI, but Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid have a great first 18 and that is what makes the difference. Every team has injuries, but when we have injuries, we can’t replace a top player with another top player, but instead a youth product or a reserve player.

    Yes, we will be a better team next season than we have been this season, but as we have seen with Liverpool, if you don’t mix it up, spruce it up and try to improve your team, it can easily go downhill. I will be happy with a new centre back and a new keeper. If we sign those two players, I’ll be happy to go into next season and we confident that we can finally win a title. We don’t need to get rid of players like Diaby, Denilson and Vela, they are good young players whom have learnt a lot and can be very good squad players. But Diaby, for example, should feel that he has to work at his game to get into the first team.

    The difference next season has to be in attitude – no player should believe that he can walk into the team (except for RvP and Cesc who are the two truly world class players) and each player should be on top of their game to get into the team. Look at Sir Alex Ferguson – both Nani and Valencia aren’t automatic picks and what that does to them is make them feel like they a) have to get better and b) have to be consistent. A small change in attitude and a small change in personnel will make all the difference, turning us from 90% of a complete team to 100%.

    The change is down to Arsene. He should know what we have to do to regain a lost foothold.

  66. @ laninja – I have to apologise for my grumpy response. I just think those sorts of figures simply CANNOT be ignored when looking at our own club. I get upset because Arsenal are a club doing things right and very much looking to the future and I think it’s a shame that so many people criticise them now for it.

  67. I believe with Isaac above. AW gets blamed for everything and some of it is justified. What about the Board (most of whom are like Cameron, Old Etonians) sitting on their arse and contemplating the bank balance. Why don’t they come clean and say “our main interest is in paying off the debt, not in winning trophies”. Presumably if this is the plan then the debt will be paid off in X number of years (after which we start winning trophies). I’m 60 now (have been a Gooner for 44 years) so I may not live to see the winning of trophies. Sorry to be so pessemistic but it’s not only AW who needs to get his finger out but the Board whose silence is deafening. We need a midfield player with real spine, someone like Viera who will put himself about. If we’d had a goalkeeper and a central defender last season we would have won the league with the number of goals we scored. But we had Manuel (from Faulty Towers) and Fabulous Fab who doesn’t know how to catch a ball. A GK is a must this season because if we don’t get one then say goodbye to 4th place with Spuds, A. Villa Man City all pushing for it. AND SILVESTRE MUST GO. I will personally purchase his plane ticket back to France!!!


  68. @Shard,
    I didnt take it personal at all mate, I just read Tonys article and although I do not condone what he claims to be occuring with rogue fans signing in under different alias’s to spread ‘gloom’, I think its important that there isnt a segregation of fans to add to our list of worries right now, from reading Tonys stuff I get the impression of a ‘them and us’ in relation to what hes calling ‘catastrophers’ and ‘doom and gloomers’.
    Sometimes fans go over the top, as I often do, when writing about the ‘negative’ things that have gone on, but im not making any of it up and I will often provide evidence to my story, but if their is a ‘doom and gloom’ brigade then surely the other group must be the ‘beaten wife brigade’ who never speak out and keep coming back for more, vigorously denying whats in front of them and deflecting whats happening.
    Its just I enjoy reading some of these FACTS on where we have slipped up, we can learn from them and I find them alot more intriging than the counter argument of ‘shut up you Wenger hater’ or ‘your just spreading the gloom’….to me that is just someone who has wrapped themselves up in the fetal position, fingers in ears, screaming ‘NO no NO no, LA la LA la, is it over yet?’
    We have a responsibilty to ask questions and demand standards, I love Wenger, there isnt anyone out there to replace him, but I have criticised alot of things he has done, things Im sure the most ‘positive’ of Arsenal fan would not dissagree with me on and he has displayed a stubborness in relation to what appears to have become an obssession in persisting with certain players who are not good enough and have shown that over 100+ games wearing the jersey.
    All fans want is for the powers that be to be SEEN to be trying to move us in the right direction ON THE FIELD, on spreadsheets yes I am very proud, but after the final 5 games this season some of these players revealed themselves as the type who dont want to carry the torch in the absense of our bigger characters.
    Im sure the fans would for once love to hear Wenger come out and call it as it is aswel as we are tiring of the excuses and its not good for the integrity of the club.
    When we do go into the transfer market these days it seems to be a longer saga than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Arsha, Chamakh, Nasri, I mean whats the deal?
    Finally, I cant actually celebrate these consecutive years of qualifying for the champions league, when in truth, it is not that, it is a ‘Champions and you can bring 3 guests’ League.

  69. No worries Andy,

    You’ve been quite open to my opinions and others here. I don’t blame you for being stressed at the sheer comments you get.

    Keep it up!

  70. I think every players like Cesc want have achievements, in Arsenal he didn’t get that and he it supposed to him search a team that can satisfied his dream. Right now my be Arsene think who will replace Cesc position and search Arsenal embodiment

  71. @shambogunner

    Im not saying you are wrong. It really is frustrating the way some players (don’t) perform and yet Wenger seems to stick with them. But does he do this just out of stubborness?Does he have a choice cos his transfer budget may be limited? maybe he really does believe they’ll come good. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen someone like Song..

    My point is that we don’t and we cannot know. There are too many unknowns to us if we look at the larger picture rather than just what we see on the pitch (though ultimately that is what counts). But this is where it comes down to a trust issue. I still believe, based on his past record, that Arsene is the man for the job. If some people call that blind faith well it has to be. Cos as I said. We don’t know the goings on.

    Also I don’t know why you tend to think that you would be classified as a doom and gloomer. Your comments are not even close to some of the stuff that is thrown about. Anyway. I don’t think it’s making a dissension in the ranks if Tony says that a few people are signing up with multiple aliases. Whether you believe it or not is entirely subjective of course. I’m inclined to.

  72. @shard,
    I could talk Arsenal with you all day mate, but I think we should end this line of conversation and wait for something a little more enjoyable to talk about….will be back for a chat when we make our first signings.

  73. I cant believe some of you guys wenger has control on all transfers if he wants 40 mill to spend the board would give him am dam sure… the guy just does not believe in spending money i wont be shock if chamaka is our only signing for the season and on a free a player we should have signed last year we are not going to win anything while wenger is in control at arsenal his time and philosophy are not built for success on the field because other clubs will always have money. he buys very ordinary
    players and hope they will come good that works some time but not most times the current squad is proof of that
    all you guys rate vanpercy do you no he has nit scored a free kick in two years is that world class or are we at arsenal world ass let us stop settling for average and demand class wenger you must leave my dear arsenal you are giving me sleepless nights go buy an oil company and make them money leave titles and to a coach who wants to win them three titles in 14 years chelsea have just won three in six years and manu three in three measure that all of you who praise wenger ..if i had money i would buy arsenal just to fire wenger as a matter of fact i would have fired him two years ago……………..

  74. @kel

    sorry but with decisions like that you’ll find it hard to make that kind of money 🙂

  75. @Andy – The comments at Untold Arsenal is quite revealing. I love that guy(Attwood). The people spreading those rumours are certainly not Arsenal fans. I dont think any genuine arsenal fan wants Wenger to go anywhere now, certainly not Cesc and Arshavin.
    Thats where I got the fact that sometimes referees are against us cos we’re mostly french and stuff and that really changed my perspective when watching our matches.

  76. How many more seasons with no success, empty promises and mediocre players? Any manager who plays Almunia and Fabianski all season and tells us they are great ‘keepers needs to be sacked…..end of story. We need a new approach, better players and a tougher team.
    Q. what is it pat rice actually does?
    Im sick of the same things( injuries, excuses,getting found out against quality teams, lack of fight etc.) every season.
    We need change….now!

  77. For six seasons now wenger has been making excuses here is arsenals record for the last six seasons:
    2004/2005 finished 12 pts behind the winner place 2nd 2005/2006 finished 24 pts behind the winner place 4th
    2006/2007 finished 21 pts behind the winner place 4th
    2007/2008 finished 4 pts behind the winner place 3rd
    2008/2009 finished 18 pts behind the winner place 4th
    2009/2010 finished 11 pts behind the winner place 3rd
    now tell me does this stat represent improvement or blatant inconsistency why are we making excuses for this man the only consistent variable is wenger and his lame ass purchases we are rating chamaka as a big striker one who scored 15 goals in a pub league like france do you think the prem would be easier I say again what club would keep a manager who has not won a trophy in five years or the prem in six if galas stays no new defender will be purchased the keepers will both be the same this season am sure if cecs goes and he looks set to because he is unhappy no new player will be purchase either wenger will say we have replacements inside nasri i wont even let nasri mow my lawn very overrated so we are left with one new player like last season and this one came on a free i’v had it up to here with wenger and his shit shape purchases Wenger out do i have any support ……………

  78. I remember first seeing the term ‘gooner’ in about 1985. It was started by spuds fans and taken on by the ‘herd’, (young Arsenal guys who went to away games to fight other ‘firms’). It became a more general way in which Arsenal fans referred to themselves, similar to spuds embracing the term ‘yids’, (meant as an insult by other fans).
    I just think that the novelty has worn off, it’s an old, outdated term, not even funny anymore. shouldnt we start calling ourselves ‘gunners’ again? I’m not a goon, Im not a gooner, I support the Gunners, The Arsenal.

  79. the ice hammer, yes its all fact, not that important really but im living in beijing and keep remembering things about our glorious game that remind me of home. Watched Beijing play last week, division 2 standard but a great atmosphere and the public address man comes on every time the other team miss a chance and starts laughing and swearing at them…… really hilarious.

  80. Cesc seems to really want to go this time, I personally think its the wrong time for him but if it comes to it i hope we use the money well. Also should get at least 50 mill for him.

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