Fabregas denies spitting

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Cesc Fabregas has denied spitting at the Hull assistant manager. Taken from the official Arsenal website he said:

“I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing? I can understand the frustration of losing a game to a dubious goal, that has happened to me many times in my career as well. But this is not the fault of me or any of the Arsenal players.”


9 thoughts on “Fabregas denies spitting

  1. I’m sure several of us are familiar with the video of him spitting on Ballack–not sure if this was just forgotten or overlooked, but it’s certainly not hard to prove with video evidence.


    I am quite curious though as to why or what provoked him to possibly spit. It certainly seems an odd thing to do after a win, so I tend to trust him here.

  2. I agree it’s up for debate.. Ballack’s reaction certainly makes it look like he’s been hit though! Hopefully just by some choice words.

  3. Initially I didnt think he spit on Ballack- most likely some media blowing out of proportion as usual…

  4. I heard Gallas’s goal was offside? Whatever, we are going to face Chelsea. Are we the first team to be favoured? How about Liverpool against Real? The first and second goal?

    I dont believe Fabrigas can do such a thing, but if he actually does, he should repent and stop doing such thing.

    Gunners –
    fabrigas is missing from our team. There were instances where quick passes could have earn us goal, but for delay.

    Our defence was porous, repeat of such with bigger team will result to regret.

    We want to see more of Eboue instead of Diaby. Fortoday, weldone Arshavin, Galas, Vanp, Bendtner, Nasri (good crosses) and others.

    Only that Sagna should stop crossing to the keeper, he should learn to bring it in abit, dragging the keeper out.

    Good luck gunners this weekend

  5. Forget van Persie… I hope he leaves the club when his contract is up.
    Play Bendner and our little miracle man from Croatio/Brazil and get some goals.Let Walcott learn to play football in the second side. A sprinter doen not automatically make a ball player.
    We have Ash Fab and Nas.
    Reserve stock Diaby (had a bad game)Eboue, and Roscisky to come.
    Let the prima donna go!!!! we do not need lazy platers! Sell Ramsey… he is not an Arsenal player!
    Most of all remember that we still have the big man to come, Adabayor.
    We also have Song who is improving rapidly.
    Van Persie is passed his sellby date at Arsenal! Bring in another Good central defended alongside Gallas who is playing brilliantly.
    Djorou is a little in the same class as Sendeross, but not in an Arsenal class!

  6. Even that Ballack video doesn’t show Cesc spitting. To me it looks like he was shouting a single word obscenity in Ballacks face.

    The Hull manager says that fabregas spat on Horton’s feet. Why would he do that? If it’s true, ir probably a case of Cesc spitting on the floor. If you’re going to spit at someone you don’t aim at their feet!!!

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