Expect late goals in the North London Derby

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Chelsea’s narrow victory over Bolton, achieved in part thanks to two remarkable penalty denials, ensured the North London Derby remains a must-win game for Arsenal.

Two fascinating returns provide the talking points for this game: Sol Campbell to White Hart Lane and Robin van Persie from a sustained injury lay-off.

Campbell is bound to get a ferocious reception at White Hart Lane, just as he has received every time since defecting from Tottenham to Arsenal in 2001. That he is back in an Arsenal shirt, rather than a Portsmouth one, will give the fans even more incentive to scream abuse. He will take his place in the starting team alongside Thomas Vermaelen and it will be interesting to see how the Englishman handles the atmosphere.

Van Persie’s presence in the squad, meanwhile, is in many ways just as improbable as Campbell’s return. Given that ligament damage has seen a five-month injury absence ruin his season and reports suggested he might not make it back before the end of May, it is a shock to see him available so soon. With Nicklas Bendtner in good form and scoring goals there is no need to rush van Persie into the starting team, yet his presence in the matchday squad will provide both a psychological boost and some genuine depth from the bench.

I expect the same team that lost heavily to Barcelona to start this game, with the exception of Campbell for Mikael Silvestre and perhaps Emmanuel Eboue for Theo Walcott. Once again Samir Nasri will need to provide the spark in the creative midfield roll and Denilson and Abou Diaby will provide protection for the back four in Alex Song’s continued absence.

With Spurs chasing fourth spot and our boys chasing the title, both teams have much to play for. I expect the match to be fiercely contested although I do expect the contrasting preparations of the clubs – Tottenham played a gruelling extra-time FA Cup semi-final on Sunday while Arsenal have had an eight-day break since the trip to Barcelona – to make a difference as the game wears on. Indeed, late goals look likely.

The title race will effectively be over if our boys fail to beat Spurs tonight and it is that incentive that needs to drive our performance. There are no excuses for a lack of effort at this stage of the season, regardless of how many people lay prone in the injury treatment room, and our young team must give every ounce of their energy towards keeping us in with a shot at the title for as long as possible.

It’s hard not to be excited about tonight’s game and three points would do nicely.


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67 thoughts on “Expect late goals in the North London Derby

  1. Spot on younkq, next season wen we recruit Arsenal fans, they must undergo health n esp heart scans to ensure they are strong enough to avoid heart failures.. But we will surely hack this tonite, its ours to pick!!!

  2. Pls Pls Plse, may the Gooner boys kill the game in the first half, I still don’t know what I will be doing as i wait for the late goals.

  3. Wow! Chelsea was so lucky! Good to see Wilshere making an impact. Tonight is a MUST win! Its gonna be hard but if we pull it off it will be massive message to Chelsea

  4. its a wait and aee, both teams have something at stake and it will be resilience that will create a victory in any one of the teams.

    i still believe Arsenal have the capacity to win this game and give Chelsea a run for their money, as said by someone, it is not skill this time only that matters, it is the willpower!!!, to give all, n sweat blood, to want something so bad!!!!

    i believe we have that, it will be. Go!!!!! Gooners, Go!!!!!

  5. Bendtner to win it for us,if we beat em’ im sure the league is heading to the emirates…..they plyd for 120 minutes,they r still tired…there confidence is down,we have to take chances n ths is a big one.

    Gunnerz 4 life.

    feel free to add me on facebook,search for ”Marouane Fred Chamakh”

  6. our defence and goalie is so shite that even if we were 2-0 up i couldnt rest easy till the match was officially over

  7. First half goals are what we need. To wait until they resort to deffensive, will be making a big mistake. They know very well what we did to Barca at the Emirates and will be very careful towards the end. Walcot to me should start alongside Campbell at the back.
    Late goals won’t be good for us completely. I’m afraid they may do a wigan on us.WELCOME BACK VAN.
    Success to all the Gunners.

  8. Andy, a late goal or goals again? Do you want your neighbour to visit you again? You better organise yourself a police permit.

    We have every reason to fight upto the end and probably thats the more reason why we dont mind late goals heeh?

    I cant wait. I guess spurs has a grudge. The bashing we handed them was harsh and its too fresh in their minds.

    Now. Go you Boys, Go.

  9. jack wilshere was the best player on the field last night and tried hard to do his parent club a favour…..pity fabrice muamba doesnt hav any vision and decided to take a shot after a neat back heel by our kid….the return pass wudv meant a one v one but you cud clearly see why one was loaned out and the other sold to birmingham…
    on to tonight….RvP should start with nic in the arsha role and eboue on the right…
    sagna sol verm clichy

    (determined)diaby (determined)denilson
    (determined and hardworking)nasri
    eboue RvP big nic

    that team is good enough and wel know after 10mins wot sort of humour nasri,diaby and deni have arrived in…….if theyv arrived with no fire in their belly its quick substitutions with rosicky,walcott pushing eboue back, and maybe eastmond…..cant afford any passengers tonight and i would love to hav my criticisms of these three temperments shoved down my throat…..COME ON ARSENAL

  10. We will need to have a great defensive performance to take the 3 points.

    Lets hope our players find their shooting boots for this match and no injuries.

  11. It’s gotta be a convincing win tonight cause Chelski will be watching and it’s all mind games at this end of the season. Another heart attack late effort won’t give them too much to worry about. Their jammy 1-0 win will give our boys a lot of encouragement because it shows there’s still a loss or couple of draws in Chelsea yet. I predict Terry will lose it big time if that happens.
    I’d like to see Walcott and Eboue start with Denilson and Van the Man to replace them in the second half.

  12. The gunners!!!!!! we must do everything possible to win tonight if we want to still be part of this season. I hope for the better but it is only positive attitude which will win for this game!!! the goal keeper need to be more serious like he was in the first leg against Bacelona if we are to win this game!!!!

  13. i think to early for a RvP start.
    Denilson better turn up tonight. Nasri Porto esque performance please.

    everybody half asprins should have been taken by now. heart pills at the ready for those that need.


    sagna sol verm clichy

    nasri diaby

    walcott rosicky

  14. I must say I’m a bit exhausted, burn out, with this cl tie , these recently heart atacking matches, I mean , I could imagine that some players feel the same and it will be very difficult to keep the tension, to motivate for the last games, keep the focus right at the end of the season, I think it’s very difficult, like the holiday is waiting, but you can’t think about it, you have to give power right at the end of the whole work……. very difficult… indeed …. 😎

    or vice verca, the world cup is waiting, and yet another mountain of work ……. to play such a long period is really hard work……. I must say……… 😉

  15. Forget about title or anything. My main concern is we need to win. Arsenal need to win for there supporter. For me this team has done well with limited resources what we had. We spent just 10 Min in the transfer. Comparing to all top 10 EPL team. It is the lowest. But as an arsenal fan it could have been nice to win some thing this season but it is ok. We arsenal fan are still optimistically waiting for the past 6 years and may be we need to wait. Just hope that arsenal get the better of Spurs and win the match. Hope AW understand the problem in the squad next season and bring one World Class CDM. To me I am more than happy with the season. But not over the moon.

  16. Welcome back RvP… Go Gunners, yep on top of skill what is needed is sweat blood and 110% effort. Let’s go for points! So proud and excited to be a Gunner tonite

  17. First half 0 -1. More of the same. the injury jinx makes another appearance. Good show by Rozinsky, Nasri going round in circles and Bendtner back to his useless self. Give away goal by Almunia, who made up for it later, but still. I say get VP and Walcott in, and light a few candles – you never know

  18. I just dont know what Silvestre (absolute rubbish) does in the team….I tend to dislike Wenger for this.

  19. 25mins left diaby and nasri still floating around the halfway line taking too many touches and only passing when under pressure….wer so predictable….im gutted and just wanna see some guts…RvP my provide but radical changes need to come,i know were missin alot but still some of the performances are so below par its embarrassing

  20. I dont care what anyone says…….WENGER needs to step up and buy players.

    This heart-ache is really sick, what am i seeing here?

    A goal keeper that is getting easy balls over his head, a highly catastrophic Silvestre???

    What the fuck is this? Year in, year out……This keeps going on and on.

    I had to laugh at the end of the match, I mean, look at the impact RVP made……are we a Savings and Loans outfit?

    We keep losing to the big clubs

  21. After another failed game, and time to stop dreaming, maybe Wenger can realise that players like Denilson, Ebioue, Silvestre and Diaby are a waste of space and should have been put on the transfer list months ago. But let’s admit that it’s not just the players – the game plan, if we had one, was shit! Three/four players chasing the same ball in mid field, thus opening up big gaps in the defence which luckily Spurs did not take. At least we saw sparks of Van Persie’s brilliance and Rozinsky was superb throughout.

  22. we lost! I can’t believe it! what will we do against Manchester city ??? the team looked tired and really out of creativity ! I’m surprised cause they got almost a week before this game…may be barca had took out all the energy left and motivation.
    and again we get an injury at the start of the game!
    i think this is it for us! i hope that next year cesc will be here because the flow of article and rumor about him leaving are everywhere!
    very sad :(((

  23. Almunia´s got to go,useless keeper,totally at fault for the 1st goal,can´t jump his full height,ball went right through his hands,RVP,now thats pure class,and we lacking in that aspect,nasri,diaby,inconsistent,predictable,what a sham,we got to go out and get classy player,players for the big matches,sol is arsenal through and through,was really impressed with his perfomance,silvestre,well, i dont wanna get into that,theo ´s got to learn how to run behind the defender,just hanging on the touchline and expect to beat players with speed alone is not always going to work,last but not least,we can´t continue in the pattern of trying to produce the next henry,viera, cesc etc,we got to get out and get the missing piece for this team. Third place would not be a disaster,i expected more this year,but when we lost rvp and didn´t get a replacement in january,i thought it would be worse than this,(I didn´t jump on that bendtner bandwagon),only thing is,will wenger buy? He says he wanna buy,hmm,where have i heard that before? Gunner for life.

  24. well, we shouldn’t forget the long list of injuries that hampered our title run-in. We were extremely unlucky in that regard.
    But the fact is a team that wants to challenge for the title needs to have more than 11 good players. look at Chelsea…they lost Bosingwa, Cole, Carvalho & Ivanovic in defence but they still got Alex, Ferreira & Zirkhov. This is where the difference lies. We are good enough only when our starting 11 are fit.
    And RVP showed us what we have been missing. Why on earth he didn’t start the game? Even manure took a gamble on a half fit Rooney for the munich game.
    If a single player in RVP can turn around the last 15 minutes of a game with such brilliance, imagine what we could have achieved if we had better players in place of those clowns…Almunia, Deni, Diaby….
    Nasri also a big deceiver…..Rosiscky doesn’t have the legs to do it anymore at the EPL level……Walcott has a lot to learn…….and Silvestre, oh! he should just quit football….the manner in which he tried to defend the second goal was just appalling….pure shit!
    Eboue & Bendtner lack consistency but they are committed to the cause…
    And tribute to Sol….he had a great game….a true soldier…he was pushing the team throughout….a true Gunner through & through

  25. We’re becoming a terribly meagre outfit.
    Man city will soon outshine us, they’re already dreaming with a 50mil bid for Fabs.
    Pls Wenger sell him off, sell all ur best players to Man City…what the fuck?…..
    They’re attracting big players to their club and they’re going to the champs league next season, we keep loosing some good players every season…without better replacements.
    Can Wenger keep Vermalen, Arshavin, Fabs from the predators?

  26. sol campbell and RvP were immense…pride and determination right there…two guys who wer there and learned from the invincibles and are winners who never say die….the rest of our team this evening had players who looked to these two for inspiration and lack the intensity,drive and imagination required to be successful in their own skins….nasri flattered to deceive and never played a tellin pass or hurt their back four once….diaby the same
    were so predictable in our build up its so infuriating….we allow teams to get behind the ball and parrallel pass hoping for gaps to appear but they wont against even average sides if their even half organised…these overkill passing ‘attacks’ often result in diaby falling over hiscontrol,walcot or eboue runnin over a side or end line or walcot/clichy/sagna puttin in hail mary crosses BEHIND our strikers who are continually havin to readjust their runs as the ball is played 5yards here and there…we actually confuse ourselves and the situation…when we went directly at them the last 10 we were impressive….where was that attitude for the other 80mins
    can i just mention how disorganised and awful our defending is aswel…..eboue and song last week vs barca playing attackers on by 10 yards and toni it was sagnas turn….shocking by sylvestre to not see the danger but its sunday league stuff…..and then you hav a goalkeeper who useless and theatrical when theres no need….why cudnt he catch the uncontested corner for their goal??????he elected to punch under no pressure with no player near him and then incredibly fel to the ground……gets back up then and sees a shot go over his head into the middle of the goal in the area he vacated to perform his ‘punch’….what a disgrace he is
    arsene wenger has alot to answer for;
    almunia….so many blunders and yet he remained loyal to the dozey spaniard….senderos has never let us down as badly or regularly and look at the respect he was shown by wenger
    sylvestre…..absolute joke and every utd fan in the country has been laughin their asses off at us since we PAID good money for him
    tactics……what tactics? hammerings at the hands of utd and chlesea last season hav recurred this season and were no accident…also sent into the barca game naked in the dark…no game plan and we were expected to beat them purely by football….arrogance and fantasy from the boss
    nasri,walcot,diaby and denilson……either they are average or he cant get the best our of them because they shy away and go missin in games….no character or bottle and need to look to others for help and inspiration
    cup exits….went out without a whimper in both carling cup and fa cup…showed these cups no respect
    eduardo…i think this guy has been severely mis-managed and has not been given the chance to get up to match speed or regain his form or confidence since return from injury….top class player yet hasnt played 2 full games straight in ages yet nasri and diaby are allowed to play full games even when they are obviously off the pace and out of sorts
    if any1 can justify the almunia fall to the ground after the punch im gonna hunt you down and smack you in the face with a fish

  27. Didn’t watch the game tonight because i was expecting the boys to loose tonight after semi final against barca. I was at the ammers Sunderland game on saturday and have still not settled my nerves down after the three points gained. I have said all i need to say bout Arsene and his methods i think it pointless for anyone to add anything else. Its such a shame especially that he is just so close but wont go the extra few yards that will make the difference. Its just so clear why the team keeps failing to win silverware. I bet the books are looking good though. Shambo, Up de ammers.

  28. spot on shambo…..disgrace throughout the pitch except Sol & VP…we conceded 2 needless goals….and had it not been for Gomes, RVP was about to mark his return with 2 wonderful strikes…
    One thing that I never understand is, what do they actually do in training?!!!! Clichy & Sagna have always been putting awful crosses for years now & they just keep on doing it…..Diaby is still slow & never seems to care….
    This team needs a complete overhaul but the boss won’t do it…he’ll throw in a couple of French league players in the summer & that’s it….and another season of frustration will embark on us

  29. The defeat does not bother me as I predicted we won’t be champions but it bothers me that that our midfield couldn’t bring the ball forward against a mediocore team. I disagree with Shambo on 1 thing though, Nasri was actually trying to bring in his other two partners(Deni&Diaby) into play but those two decided they gonna sulk today.

    Nasri actually tackled more in this game, even Bendtner chased a Spurs counterattack(55min) and raced ahead of Denilson who had a 20 yard headstart……classic. I do agree that radical changes have to be made which Wenger also highlighted in the post mortem of the Barca game, regarding some players that were’nt not good enough and how the team is not yet on par with Barca…..(hmmmm how about trying to beat cska chelsea first). Wenger said new players were needed, and he better not cock up next season.

    I have kept silent for 6 seasons regarding the players Arsene have been buying along the years but this game against Spurs ironically vindicates Arsene’s views that Arsenal needs players that can take advantage of this new system we’re playing. Come on let’s face it if we can’t defend in a 4-4-2, there is no way we can defend in a 4-3-3. Even the team of Limpar, Smith, Merson passed faster than this team. I have seen worse Arsenal team in the past 20years but the current team takes the crown for having the most unbalanced midfield, zorro in goal(now you see me, now you dont), and I suspect our team doctor is actually working for espnpundits.

    Really Shambo said it quite diplomatically..hmmm…we are bloody predictable and one more thing opponents are not scared of us, they just pretend they do to lull the Arsenal into thinking that, so they can smack us from behind. Awesome just bloody awesome.

    Ps:Sol was quite good.

    Pss: Please RVP don’t go anywhere, you are actually becoming a striker in the batistuta mould.

  30. I will hold my thoughts until the match review.

    In short, it wasn’t a great performance nor the result we were after, yet it wasn’t as disgraceful as is being suggested. We looked tired and short of ideas, understandable considering how stretched the squad is.

  31. @ice,
    i told you youd stay up mate!
    on the first goal…yep ya gotta appreciate the techers in striking it as sweet as he did….my problem is with the needless punch and fall to the ground under no pressure…so many things cud hav been to done prevent that goal that wud hav been standard to the givens and van der sars of this world
    1-catch the ball you moron,you are being paid alot of money to be able to execute this routine goalkeepin requisite…if you are between 3 players jumping i can forgive you but for godsakes you jumping unopposed
    2- ok youv once again managed to flap at a standard cross….please get back promptly into the centre of the goal almunia….no????you fall like a sack of spuds with no contact from anythin but the ball itself….you are an amazing indivdual manuel
    3- right; quick now manuel back to the area youv just vacated,but be careful to watch out for the first time re-delivery into the box….wow hes caught that sweet you think as you decide to raise those two dumbells you call arms….but alas the game is being restarted in the centre circle before theyv gone up over your vacant head…its not ur fault tho to be fair….youv consistantly shown yourself to be substandard aswel a a liability yet youv remained number 1…not your fault at all……shay given for 5m any1?

  32. i dont think one can blame the players. As i have said many many many times before,,,,,,,,,,WENGER HAVE PURCHASED TO MANY SIMILAR TYPE PLAYERS. They play in short spirts of 3-4 good games and then need a couple to recover. To many of them are not built to take the big tackles, for they are creative players who like many touches on the ball. Which is why you look so good in moving the ball. Even Bendty could look like a creative player,, but he is not electric enough in the penalty area. You need a few Yaya’s or Stevi G’s or Mascherano or Essien type to hold the team together when the going gets tough.

  33. well at least there will be no more heart ackes after 2nyt. now we can start predicting next season’s games for manu & chelsea.
    i thoght wenger was one of the best tactitians in the business. big ups for the total/sideways football.
    B52 has done well imho, i didn’t expect so may goals from him.

  34. @MTY,
    listen mate iv been sayin this for years with this current crop…..the training would look like we are worldbeaters and il tell you why…..just say youv a training game with nasri/walcot on one side and deni/diaby on the other….there wud be no pressing or tackling!!!!!they wud be allowed to pass and dribble everywhere….then when we meet a team that are gonna put the boot in or squeeze you and pressure you high up the field wenger wonders why nasri and diaby shit themselves or are caught in possession!!!this is the only way i can understand why he looks so confused and shellshocked,rockin to and fro in the dugout time and time again….hes thinking….’but they were so good in training???’….you cud ship out at least 7 of that crop there now if you wanna be serious title contenders on any front……another thing iv said before….you would be amazed and angry if you knew the wages of these ‘developing’ talents!!!!there getting as much as the established and proven winners at utd and chelsea without ever delivering the goods…we are third in the highest wage payers???how can that be with players like almunia,nasri,denilson,diaby,walcot????and then theres the streaky eboue,bendtner,rosicky,vela and under used eduardo!!!!
    whos worthy of their salary at our club???cesc,RvP,verm,gallas,song,sol and maybe the two full backs…..who cudnt cross their fingers….am totally disillusioned and pray that wenger makes the right changes and excepts some players failed him and some just wernt good enough,,,if he fails to ship them out then hes failin us and its time for him to look at his own part in our current state

  35. @shambo were not quite there yet althouth Wigs only got a point tonight gainst ports.
    Back to yr boys, i believe they gave their all but there was nothing left in the tank. The team is all spent due to the lacking in strength in the squad. Weber has got it about right apart from the fact that he holds no one to book. Wenger is the person who is causing the club to stall. It needs investment badly. If he does not splash some cash the same thing will occur next season. CH, DCM, proper LM or winger, and another class striker who is strong and good in the air. A keeper would do also. Does Wenger need to go upstairs! Give Pat Rice a chance, im sure e knows the ropes.

  36. pat rice would be an extension of wengers policy ice……….i still dont want wenegr gone i just want him to admit his failures for the sake of our (the fans) sanity
    i seen david moyes on goals on sunday last week and he was asked if a player had a stinker or one of his purchases flopped wud he be openly critical of the individual,he said he wouldnt destroy the fellas confidence that hed say the guy has got to maintain the pre set standards of the club consistantly….but then he continued to say that he wouldnt pull the wool over the fans eyes and that as a manager and leader of a club you must be seen to be seeing the same things and feeling the same things as the fans and not lose touch with them because they are payin your wages and that individuals wages that you have purchased on their behalf……..i was jealous of everton fans for that 10 mins interview,how refreshing it was to hear such honesty and perspective.
    if and when arsene were to step down david moyes wud be my man……..great integrity and passion and hes got an eye for talent bringin players like cahill,arteta,peinarr,donovan,lescott and rooney to the prem league elite and bringin thru guys like rodwel and the other kid whos injured at the mo who i cant think of……..and all on a shoestring budget…hes had injuries all year and has still got them flyin….tactically hes excellent aswel……..like i said i love wenger but i hav great respect for moyes and would love to see him flex his muscles at our club….wotcha reckon ice?

  37. nope andy when did you send it dude???
    is it one telling me to be more positive,stop contradicting myself and tellin me to stop posting long comments on your fine blog…..cos i can change man….i can change!!!

  38. Title challenge probably over unless Chelsea slip up.

    In the end, too many often horrible injuries to key players throughout the season.

  39. Games against… wolves, hull, stoke, bolton, everton… etc… are now in the trash, with today’s score… very sad and disappointing.

  40. Very disappointed with the effort and result. However, there were so many positives about our season.

    As injuries have impacted Arsenal the last two seasons, will it sink into our manager’s head that our ‘lack of experienced depth’ crippling our aspirations.

  41. Right…firstly im upset
    it was a great chance for us this season
    we have a great team
    we play well
    Barça aside we can play anyone of the park…
    tonights game wasnt a dead loss…but two players need pulling up….firstly Diaby….did nothing…absolutely nothing…no driving from midfield ..no bossing the line….but more importantly..and more annoyingly…

    Nasri….whats going on

    You were bought as “the next Zidane” by AW and youn learnt your trade on the streets of Marseille…your footwork can be sublime…you can score some amazing individual goals (Porto)…but as a replacement to Cesc…you suck….

    When we really needed you to shine (and im not just talking about todays game)….when we needed you to control things….when we needed to know the park was ours….you faded away

    as did our title chances………………..

  42. Really frustrating…Nasri and Diaby, especially Diaby…..yet Wenger never subs the guy. Crazy
    I thought we were the ones that had the 8day break? These fools just lost 3days ago, but their big squad has made them………..
    Just some insane stuff, Spurs bring on two solid strikers for those that started and we couldn’t even change Diaby, we brought on SILVESTRE for goodness sake(he almost gave another assist today).

  43. @gunner boss

    yeah im with you
    people will always blame sagnas positioning for the second….but what was silvestre doing man…he must have seen bale behind him and just left him…i understand you should hold a line but a glance to his right would have told him that he needed to move….im guessing he only looks at sol for his positioning….but man……………should have been ours today!

  44. how costly was that rather innocuous injury that the Verm picked up…..

    with him on the pitch it would have been a different story…..

  45. Aren’t we being a little harsh on the Lads?? This team had a better CL finish than Chelsea and liverpool, had to be ousted by an amazing Barca.. We are miles ahead of transfer junkie Man City.. better than Villa..or the Spuds..
    We had our chances, their goalkeeper was fantastic and our goalkeeper was a clown as always.
    We did a very good job this season, and we should be proud of our Gunners. This is becoming a complaining blog now.. Easy..
    We haven’t had class and quality for the most part of the season and yet this team kept delivering results! Now you guys want a title from Denilson, Diaby, and Bendtner?? Are you guys smoking something?
    this crop of players were expected to simply pressure Chelsea late finish.. thats all! Geez, some of you fans are hard to deal with..
    That RVP first touch in the middle of the park was mesmerizing.. the touch of class and quality that was missing in action all season!!!

    I LOVE MY GUNNERS.. Quit Whinning like losers… Champions take a punch with their chin up!

  46. first of all hats off for rvp and definitely campbell, brillant for a 35 year old player and still play well with the crowd against you,another empty trophy cabinet, but it was realistly over when we couldn’t beat manu,chelsea and biringham at home.

  47. LIL WEEZY it look like you are still a new supporter of arsenal, you don’t know what it like to be a lifetime supporter and see your playing awful without silverware again especially for such a big club.

  48. I don’t know what is wrong with wenger, when vermeulen went off the game was changing for the worst, silvestre is rubbish and probably remain rubbish until he retires, I would rather play with 10 men than play with silvestre, it was the old arsenal I remember sometime ago when cesc was injured NO END PRODUCT and it happen again.


  50. @lil…. you make me weezy my head is spinning. What have those teams like Chelsea and Liverpool wan in the last few seasons. LOOK AT THE STATS MATE. Like a w/pool you making me spin, you make me weezy. Not sure of the words of the song. @Shambo vry good shout on Moyes,,unfortunately he’s bound for the Manure and he would have to get rid of far to many players in order to play his style of football. i dont think the board would like it. Sorry bout delay in replying just got out of bed and on my way to work. Dutchman some very good points bout Wenger and Plots. @Weezy…..Whinning is all part of being a supporter of footy. I believe yr supporters deserve that at least, get your head out of the sand. There are many one can take out of yr boys season…i agree…but you need to follow through. I know..I know who am i to say..Up de ammers. Im off to work.

  51. wenger has fooled many people to believe he is one of the best tacticians in the game.Yes he was once but with old age he is simply predictable and obvious that he has done nothing exceptional to win the team anything.Its rediculous that there are fans who still hold the logo in arsenal we trust.Its absolute rubbish there is no hope of glory if he is still rigid at arsenal.He is so arrogant to accept his shortcommings.I thought he was the master of good football,Barca answered that.Apart form exploiting the fans to enrich club officials and a banch of mediocre kids in arsenal shirts there are no returns to the fans who in fact determine his staying at the club through revenues.How on earth do you loan out a talent like sendoros infavour of a fellow french reject from United to play in your backline.It is just sickening even to give an excuse of injuries. We didnt learn any thing from the Barca defeat and knowing that your opponents have played too many games than you was itself enough for arsenal to control the game and beat them as they tire but tactically we were naive.Always a rotten apple will infect others and this time even the coach himself is rotten. Suck him even if it means Fab going. Cause next season we are not guaranteed of top four considering the quality of players other teams have at their disposal.City are obvious in there and am sure they will thump us again at Emirates and a draw will be our best. Let me concentrate for the World cup in june.To hell with the league.

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