Eduardo v Taylor rubbish + some Bendtner thoughts

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Is it just me or is the world glowing a little brighter than it usually does today?

A wonderful win, Eduardo’s return and the promise of Andrey Arshavin making his debut on Saturday has got me feeling mighty fine. Judging by the comments from yesterday’s post there’s a feeling of optimism bubbling within our fans that I’ve personally not felt since beating Chelsea. It’s quite exciting, really.

Much of that excitement has stemmed from Eduardo’s successful comeback. I mentioned yesterday that the Crozilian called Monday the best day of his life and since then there have been comments from numerous others about his return. Arsene Wenger in particular praised his mental strength while the man responsible for his injury almost 12 months ago, Martin Taylor, said he was relieved to see Eduardo play again.

There’s also a story about the Crozilian saying he’s yet to hear an apology from Taylor but in all honesty I really don’t want to go down that path again. Regardless, it’s just such a great thing to have Eduardo back and I get a real feeling that his return might rejuvenate our squad in much the way his injury deflated the mood in the camp last season. And as far as I’m concerned, any sort of optimism from players or fans in a season that has been as strange and difficult as this one is most welcome.

In other news floating around today, Nicklas Bendtner has moved to deny reports saying that he stated that he deserved to play every minute of every game. Speaking to via the Official Arsenal Magazine, Bendtner commented on the reports, confirming that he was misquoted from an interview with the Danish press. In his own words:

“I’ve never said anything like what they put in the newspapers. And it makes me upset because it comes across really bad. None of it was said like that. Basically I did a long interview for the Danish press recently, they asked me a lot of questions and the press over here have taken my answers and twisted them out of proportion.”

In all honesty I could see that coming a mile off, which is one of the reasons I didn’t comment on the original articles about Bendtner’s ‘statements’. I know that sometimes the big Dane doesn’t help himself with the stuff he says but my experience in speaking in English to a lot of Scandinavians is that they’re very matter-of-fact, straight to the point and can sometimes come off as arrogant as a result.

I get the feeling that Bendtner is very similar in that way and when he says something in Danish like “I shouldn’t need Adebayor to be injured to play for Arsenal, I want to make it on my own” it’s likely to come off as “I’m better than Adebayor and I should be played all the time”. In a very typical way the press have jumped on his comments, using previous statements made by the Dane as a way of getting people to believe them and he’s been misquoted as a result.

Just sticking with Bendtner for a moment, I want to add that I think the big fellow has come a long way this season. A lot of people have written him off and said he’s not good enough to play for Arsenal but there’s very few tall strikers in football who are world-beaters at 20 years of age and I feel he’s done very well this year. In saying that, I also think he’s got a huge amount of potential to fulfill and I for one will be remaining quite patient with him.

When you think he’s effectively our fourth choice striker behind van Persie, Adebayor and Eduardo (potentially fifth with the arrival of Arshavin) I think it’s unfair to expect him to bag a huge amount of goals – even with the extensive amount of playing time he’s received this season. In my opinion he’s doing well and has made good strides over the past couple of months and deserves to be considered for Adebayor’s spot even when the Togolese man returns.

Anyway that’s it for today. Try to steer clear of any Eduardo v Taylor propoganda and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

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46 thoughts on “Eduardo v Taylor rubbish + some Bendtner thoughts

  1. Bendtner is only 20 yrs of age. He has developed well this season, to the point where I believe he is now ahead of Adebayor.
    For me I would sell Adebayor in the summer and re-invest that money in a quality midfielder. We now have sufficient attacking capabilities.
    Denilson definately not good enough (at the moment)for our 1st team.

  2. I would be interested to see what you thoughts on Ade are SF… I know you are a big fan but I have mentioned a few times that I really do not think he offers us much more then Bendtner and that he will be overtaken by the Dane very soon. Im definitely open to being convinced of another perspective but I have never seen it with Adebayor…

  3. No I dont think he is doing well and I dont think he was developed well this season.

    Yesterday was one more proof that he´s untalented, all the balls that he receive just slow the play he doesnt know what to do with the ball, and its so unfair that just because he jumps high and score a goal people thinks he´s ok.

    People prefered to talk about his goal than his stupid mistake after the shot of Vela.

    If Vela (or almost any other striker in the world) receive the same minutes and the faith of the manager he will score the double than Bendtner.

    He has not proved anything yet and obviously you didnt see Ibrahimovic at 20 or what about Huntelaar? Zigic? Benzema anyone? or many others that I dont have in my mind right now.

  4. @SF- Some fair points about Bendtner mate. I think 4th choice striker is about right, and that’s where you’d realistically expect to be if you were 20, I guess. You know I’ve had strong views about the boy in the past, but on reflection, I think they were borne out of frustration that we were relying on a 20-year old kid to keep us in major competitions. Patience is a virtue, they say, so maybe I need a bit more as far as Nik’s concerned.

    @Skins- I must disagree with you on both points mate. Last season proved adebayor has the ability to be one of the best strikers in the world. His problem this season has been his attitude. He’s so far up his own arse, he’s virtually disappeared. You may well be right that he needs to move on. He’ll probably follow Petit, Vieira, Flamini, Hleb and Pires and join the “my career went downhill after I left Arsenal” club. Bendtner’s not ready yet- maybe by the end of the season if he matures quickly and gets enough games. Denilson is still a boy. He’s been played out of position for a lot of this season and he’s played an awful lot of games for a youngster. Like Bendtner, he’s suffered from the fact that too much expectation has been heaped upon him because AW has failed to invest in a decent strength squad, thereby leaving the responsibility with players who aren’t quite ready. He’s the captain of the Brazil u-20 side, so he can’t be that bad.

  5. @ Mexican Gunner – I appreciate your comments. Ibrahimovic was certainly not a polished player at 20, in fact, he’s only really become consistent in the past couple of seasons. As for Zigic, he faded after the move to Valencia (not sure where he is now) while Benzema is, I admit, an exceptional talent. In saying that, he’s still not as tall as Bendtner.

    I know you’re not the biggest fan of Bendtner which is fair enough and I agree that he hasn’t proved anything yet. However, he has progressed and the sheer fact that he’s 20 means I will tend to be patient with him, even in light of misses like the one against Cardiff.

  6. @ MoMONEY – Adebayor is an interesting one. I am of the opinion that his effort hasn’t quite been there, but also that the service hasn’t been there either. He’s frustrated me a lot this season because the thing I liked about him last time around was his sheer workrate. Hopefully the time off and the pressure of Eduardo, Arshavin and Bendtner will force him to up his game. I’m not judging yet.

  7. @MoMoney. u think Ade is nt good, why anyone scoring over 23 goals must b good, except when u want smthin else. Bentner on the other hand relies so much on air balls 2 score. Ade scores more Van persie style, i like him, maybe he needs just to concentrate more:but also the choice of AW playing at times one striker in front i no good. however Arsenal will get better n better.

  8. Zigic is in loan at Racing de Santander and Im agree that he wasnt very good at 20 I just think in him cuz he is taller than Bendtner and is a good striker since 3 or 4 years ago but I didnt know that he is 28.

    But Ibrakimovic score the second greatest goal that I ever seen at just 21, when he was at Ajax and he dribble 6 guys + the keeper.

    And Huntellar score more than 20 goals per season since he is 20.

    Honestly I dont want to hate him but its so unfair that people rate him high just because he score some times.

    Do you ever seen a goal of him dribbling some players or shooting outside the area? cuz Im NOT and I dont thin I will never seen that.

    The only way the he can score is just “pushing” the balls to the net being fixed to the “small area” (I dont know the word in english for the little area of the keeper) all the game.

    People dont have to see analysts to see that when he receive the ball he doesnt know what to do. Even with some players that I dont like, like Denilson I can see that he have skills or even Eboue knows what to do, but not the danish!

    Trust me that for the good of Arsenal I really want to feel ashamed of myself when the season ends and Bendtner show me that he score frequently and its a good striker BUT I dont think that will happen.

  9. Watched a free flowing attacking game after a long long time. When was the last time we scored 4 goals? I can’t remember. Very happy for our undisputed Number 9. i.e. Eduardo. Love this guy. His determination to be the best makes him strong. He was very confident and composed yesterday. In many ways, he changed our attacking confidence against Cardiff. Bentdner, Vela and Nasri supported him well. Welcome back Eduardo!

    Vela, Bentdner(even though he missed some chances), Sagna, Nasri were all excellent also.

    I am happy about our performance. It was a sublime game but a routine win. I think we also have to remember we were playing a mid-table championship side at Emirates who were not upto the task. No offense to Cardiff but fact is they played poorly.
    As Arsenal fans, we always talk about cost of players in every club. So does Wenger. The fact is the Cardiff team we played Monday cost less than Nasri alone. Still I am very happy to have a fit & ready Eduardo and to score 4 goals was very good news for Arsenal fans.

    When everyone fit, we have solid squad depth and required quality level in attacking side of the game.
    Midfield: Cesc, Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Rosiscky, Denilson, Diaby and Wilshere/Ramsey almost ready.
    Frontline: Van Persie, ‘Bayor, Eduardo, Bentdner, Vela, Arshavin(If required) and Simpson(I think he is decent player who can make at Arsenal).

    On the other side our defensive part of the game is still uncertain & sometimes vulnerable.
    CDM: I feel no player in our whole squad will be a good defensive midfielder who can guard the defense and support Cesc in middle park. Diaby can’t tackle and is injury-prone. Also no positional sense. Song can’t make a 5 yard pass(watch Cardiff game, both legs), slow in tackle and no footballing techniques at all. Denilson has potential and will be a decent playmaker in future. Not Holding midfielder cause he is too lightweight. Ramsey will outplace him very soon anyway.
    My point is we need to buy a strong Defensive midfield over summer who can partner Cesc. Why is it important? Look how Lassana Diarra is helping Madrid’s attacking and defensive balance. Flamini has been sorely missed. Very badly. He was Arsenal’s most important player last year and he hasn’t been replaced. I haven’t seen Song or Denilson dominating midfield against onyone. Actually they were eaten alive by Hull and Stoke midfield.

    CB situation is not really appaling. Gallas is looking much more better after captaincy was taken away. Djourou proved everyone that he can be a real asset to our defence. Toure is showing glimpses of his 03/04 form. Song, Senderos and Silly as back-ups. How is that Nortveit lad though. He was rated highly when we signed him.

    Goalie situation: Almunia is a Clown. A goalie with no international appearance who was rejected by a championship side from Spain. For God’s sake he is not even considered as an England goalie option in front of James and Green. Actually, he is no better than Westham’s Green or many Goalie’s from smaller teams In England. I do not have privelege to write Fabianski off so early cause I haven’t seen him a lot but I am not impressed by him. Besides few class saves like Zaki’s strike against Wigan. If Wenger rates him then he might come good some day. For next season, I would love to see either Fabianski start ahaead of Faulty or we buy a good Goalie. Like Akinfeev. I have named him many times. Oh yes.

    If I were Wenger I would sell ‘Bayor for any price around 20 million and invest that money to buy a international standard Goalie and a tough Defensive midfielder. I have never rated ‘Bayor because of his Egoism and poor application of his talents. And he hasn’t proved me wrong. People can talk about 30 goal season, his aerial power, blah blah blah but bottom line is he has been very poor this season. Extremely. I don’t see ‘Bayor proving his worth. He makes 30k more per week than best striker in the world, David Villa. Not fair enough. Since, we have plenty of attacking option with Eduardo’s return, Arshavin’s purchase and Bentdner/Vela getting better every day. We will not miss ‘Bayor a lot.

    Apologise for a long Post and late review about Cardiff game. Six Bottles of Budweiser Beer making me feel good.
    Come on Arsenal.
    Edu Gun!

    Posted by ramugunner | February 18, 2009, 6:37 pm
    neva watch supersport 3 live, but delay game next day, that was rememberance of the 2002-2005 gunnars, now that’s what we need from now on,eduardo presence was welcome by all,wonder what will happen when all cesc, arshavin, rvp n eduardo combined, man utd n barc be warned !

    Posted by sa gunnar | February 18, 2009, 6:52 pm
    Saying all that; My team for next season: Fabianski(Or New Golaie Plz), Sagna, Gallas/Toure, Djorou, Clichy(maybe Gibbs), Walcott Or Arsha, CDM(Very Imp), Francesc Fabregas Nasri, VanPersie, Eduardo Or Arsha. Subs: Eboue(solid RB option), Toure/Gallas, Gibbs, Denilson, Ramsey, Rosiscky, Traore, Vela, Bentdner.

    Bayor’ to be sold and Song/Almunia/Diaby sent to their respective leagues.

    Roma next. I am not confident or very worried. Mixed feelings. Most scary thing is to imagine Rossi/Acqualini/Co. VS Denilson/Song/Co. If Song or Diaby will be allowed to be anywhere near the team, then we are doomed. Walcott-Denilson-Nasri-Vela is the right choice for first leg if Walcott available.

    1. I don’t want to see ‘Bayor getting his place in the team directly when he returns. If Eduardo, Bentdner and Arshavin are in better form and shape, ‘Bayor can’t take his place straight away. Team selection should be fair to every players. Player’s form and his ability to help team to win a game should be considered first than Pet selection policy.
    2. Eboue must not be considered ever to play a midfield role again when Vela is available. I rate Eboue joker as a RB very highly though. He was legaue’s best RB before he was replaced by Mr. Monster. He still can flourish in that position
    3. We must try to win all the remaining games from now in league. If we qualify for CL spot and make a good progress in FA and UCL cups, then it would be a better ending to a horrible season. We are getting boost from everywhere. Arshavin signing, Edu’s comeback, good news about Walcott, Cesc and Rosiscky. Our defence is looking a lot better now than the begining of the season. As a manager, Wenger performed very poorly during 1st half of the season. Now is his time to prove everyone that he is not finished. I know it has been a barren four years for us. No trophies, no improvements. It’s time to bounce back. There can’t be any more excuses. Not for Arsenal, not for Arsenal fans.

    Come on Gunners!

  10. Just to clear up the comments by Bendtner…. He says he was happy with the version the Danish press published, but the English version wasn’t really that exaggerated.

    Here’s one of his quotes in the Danish article: “Men er jeg 100 procent klar, føler jeg også, det er berettiget, at jeg skal spille” – which means word by word: “But if I am 100% ready, I feel that I am entitled to play”.
    In the Danish article he also does come off as quite cocky, so I feel it’s silly by him to come out and blame the British press for this.

    Apart from that, I agree with you, I feel that Bendtner has progressed a lot this season. He’s still lacking some composure and accuracy though, but I’m sure he’ll get there. I can imagine next season being a big one for Bendy!

  11. I definitely rate Bentdner very highly, more than ‘Bayor. I saw something special in him ever since he joined Arsenal. That is, his footballing intillegence and physical presence. If we give him two more years to make steady progress, he will be a very good No. 10. This seaosn he has 9 goals plus 3 assists which is decent enough for a 21 year old striker who is 4/5th choice at Arsenal. Also, he has 8 goals for Denmark at 21.

  12. Mexican; You are being too harsh about Bentdner. Everyone thinks he has done a decent job this seaosn. Actually he is having a better season than 80k ‘Bayor untill this time of season. He scored few very important goals. His goal against Kiev guaranteed our progress in CL and he has gained few points for us in the league with game winning goals. My question for you is what do you expect from a 21 year old striker who is 4/5th choice in the club? Neither he is paid megabucks like ‘Bayor or he is considered as starting striker for the club. He is not Eto’ or Torres.

  13. Vela and Edu on the same pitch change the team.

    I understand that Bendtner can be frustrating, but he’s scored some good goals and I really like his movement the last few games. He’s coming back for the ball and sprinting into space at speed, and he doesn’t mind laying off to someone else. He can create and he can head in the ball. Sure he’s missed some sitters, but he’s young and think of what he’ll do in the future when he catches his snap.

    With Bendtner, Ade, Gallas and now Edu, we’ve got a whole new option for breaking teams down. With Vela and Arshavin, and soon Walcott, we can break teams down the wings and put those balls in the box for those guys to score.

    Song or Denilson are both young and not dominating midfielders. While Song seems lumbering at times I think that’s more a result of his stride than his actual workrate. He’s getting better and better. He sprays a few errant passes still, but I think he’ll get that under control soon. As for Denilson, he’s got an engine and I think he’s a fine option. He’s also had leadership responsibilities at lower levels, so I expect big things.

    We’re not even talking about Cesc or Rosicky coming back yet. Or what this team is going to look like next year. Yes, it was only Cardiff. But the team just play a whole different game with speed.

  14. It was really an emotional match. I almost dropped a tear for edu on the brace. The celebrations had a lot of message in them and you could see a grateful player. grateful to fans who beleived and stood by him hoping and praying for his return, grateful to the club, grateful to his fitness coach, physios and fellow players. I took a good look into edu’s eyes after the first goal, it was filled with so much emotions. Looked straight into vela’s eyes and gave him a big kiss !
    On the performance, it was a good game. we played with the fluidity that we used to show last season and it was so hard to beleive that this was the same cardiff that held us 0-0 just three weeks ago.
    Tom Heaton was arguably the man of the match pulling out save after save to deny the rampaging gunners.
    Nasri was the silent achiever in that team, he played a little deep but that boosted the midfield a lot. Denilson was very mobile although his pass completion ratio was not so fantastic. sam as song.

    And what the hell was bendtner thinking about with those naty tackles ? he was lucky he didn’t see red. His pass accuracy was not so good too.

    Gibbs was also a good replacement (even if not 100%) for clichy

  15. I’d just like to elaborate a little more on Bendtner though. Some will feel he missed too many and be upset with him. Not me though. And I’ll tell you why.

    First of all, he was putting himself in the positions you want your front-man to be in, unlike Adebayor of course, who thinks he’s as good as Ronaldinho, and can just float about anywhere and get a goal.
    Second, he was making use of himself by gelling together with Vela and Eduardo and sharing responsibility up front, which made us all the more threatening. It was because he was being marked by a couple of Cardiff defenders all the time, that Eduardo and Vela were finding space to work into (as well as Vela and Eduardo’s individual intelligence and skill to make space for themselves).
    Third, he was actually taking his chances as best he could. He was hitting the target on most occasions, with either the keeper making great saves, or the post coming in the way, or him being inches wide. What more could you ask for. If it had been Adebayor, he’d not be hitting the target at all. He’d miss so horribly and send it so far wide that you’d want to throw a tomato at him. Adebayor needs twice as many chances as Bendtner does to score. And Adebayor finds it harder to take shots on goal or to make something happen, whereas Bendtner does it slightly better. He gets into better positions which helps him take shots on goal, or pass it to a team-mate and continue the forward movement. Adebayor just can’t seem to create anything for himself. And some of that might have to do with the fact that he’s such a tall guy that he’s not very quick in situations where speed is the key, when you’re up against 2 or 3 defenders in very tight spaces. Bendtner is slightly quicker.

  16. rilub; Good comments about Bentdner. He has been pretty good. Thought he was excellent against Cardiff. He could have scored more but what about those excellent saves from Heaton. The guy is 21 and is not even our starting striker but some gunners want him to perform aka Torres. Insane.

    If you guys expect perfect Bendtner what you expect from 80k per week ‘Bayor who has been horrible almost all season? Expect him to be like Van Basten.

  17. @rammugunner, spot on bro!!! good perspective about the big Dane.I ve always had bad feeling abt Bendy, I used to swear at him and hate the lad, but I could see a good vibrant rampant in his game since the last 3 weeks.He has put a lot more energy on his game, of course I could see lots of mistakes but the basics to be a gud striker is already in him.And lad works hard to improve , not like Diaby.Ive started to say things like this abt the Dane since 3 weeks now, The guy has improved a lot, and he really deserves to be given credit.
    As for Bayor,we all must remember that Ade didnt have that much time with good mdfldr on the pitch this season, if the mdfld is dead, the striker will be also dead.Ade used to be surrounded by good mdfldr who could give him spaces and good passes, and this season has witnessed one of the worse Arsenal mdfld line-up ever, from CDM to AM.We will all see Ade when he ll play along with Walcott, Arshavin and Cecs, we will all forget abt the Dane.That doesnt mean that The Dane isn good or Ade is better, but Ade just have more experience , more compact and most impotantly,Fab knows how to play him.He didnt have much time with Fab this season.The time they played together were when Fab has been always pulled back to help Deni for CDM job, after that Ade had an ankle injury and missed 4 weeks,4 weeks later again, Cesc had injury.So to me, seeing the Dane improving doesnt mean that we must drop Ade, ofcourse he wasnt really that much convincing since January but lets watch him playing with the BRAND NEW ARSENAL SQUAD WHO ARE JUST STARTING THE 2008/09 SEASON NOW.

  18. Adebayor wants to go, so in the Summer he’s the most likely to move on. He feels now that we are a small club, not with all the attention he got from Ac Milam, Barcelona, etc. But he will also regret his move.
    Big Nicky is fine. Right now he’s not the best, but he has already scored 9 goals, an improvement from last season. Who knows where he will end by season’s end?

  19. I agree with the blogger our Aussie principal and his Bendner sentiments. (Thank you for the interesting blog, you work very hard and I’m sure we all appreciate this.)
    I have however one comment to add viz: The only reason why he will remain a mediocre striker is his inability to lay off a ball.
    His distribution skills are very mediocre, in fact compared to the rest of the Gunners he is out of his depth. However, he must be given a chance to mature, but rather not in the first side, yes, as a substitute, but that reduces his opportunity to mature fast.

  20. But I also don’t know why people think Denilson does not cut the grade. That boy will be a real star, much bigger that Adebayor, Gallas, Toure or even Gilberto Silva. Just give him two seasons. Nex season he will make a remarkable improvement, but the season that will make him really big will be the 2010/2011 season. So watch out.
    Forget Diaby, he will be an average player all his life. Song will improve but his lack of pace will eventually force him from the Arsenal.

  21. Yet more negative comments about Denilson!

    A few facts that might help his detractors to see the light:-

    1) He’s twenty years old.
    2) He’s in his first full season the Premiership.
    3) He was thrown into the deep end following the departure of Flamini and Gilberto.
    4) He has had to cope with playing in aside plagued by injuries, and Eboue.
    5) He plays in the toughest position in the toughest league in the world.
    6) He’s a whole hearted, honest player who gives everything he has in every match he plays.

    Whilst he may not be the most talented player in the squad somebody has to work at the coalface and put in the hard graft.
    Denilson’s fitness, freedom from injury and good discipline has been invaluable to the team this season. He deserves not only his place in the starting line-up but also the support of all true Arsenal fans.

    I believe Denilson represents much of what Arsenal Football Club stands for and will, in the future become a vital and valued member of the team.

    So to all of you Denilson detractors out there I say get off his back and give the lad the support he deserves.

  22. yES, SURELY NO DOUBT, he s a good AM and has improved alot his defensive pace, so I beleive that he will be one of the best mdfldr in the world by next season.He just have to learn to kick the ball hard like many mdfldr, but Arshavin will dfntly teach him how to do.
    Only we cant fully trust in him for the Roma game, we would need a stronger and more experienced CDM to stop De rossi

  23. Radads RSA,

    We don’t have “a stronger and more experienced CDM” so we have to trust Denilson and support him.

  24. if ade wants to go let him
    but i wouldnt say bendtner is as good as ade
    i cant imagine bendtner getting close to 30 goals cos adebayor had to score some pretty special goals last year to reach that mark and i dont see that in niklas
    i think bendtnder can develop into a decent 3rd striker for us but i doubt any more than that – we have too many more promising young strikers in the reserves IMO

  25. Guys, it’s not about ‘Bayor wanting to leave the club. I would say kick his ass off in the summer. Paying a lazy, overrated striker with no technical skills and zero brain is just plain wrong. Same goes with Alex Song Bong, Diaby Diabhgssjhz. Arsenal game is all about speed, skill, teamwork and vision. Any players who lacks basic footballing intelligence is not qualified to be an Arsenal player, not at least in first-team.

    Johno; About Denilson, you’re absolutely right. He is alright with potential to be a good central midfield. By saying this, I don’t think he is our answer for Flamini/Gilberto. Denilson is not a Holding midfielder. It’s like asking a 21 year old boy to do a monster job. But, we have no choice cause he is the best among the bunch of shites. Many people including SF point out to Billong Song as perfect partner for cesc, then, I can just laugh. Song can’t make a 5 yard pass perfectly. He gets scared of Stoke and Hull midfield. He is eaten alive by a fat Hondorunian in a Derby game. He is too slow to react or track back. He is just good enough for Charlton Athletic or Mongolian United. A holding midfielder must be hard, rough, full of running and most importantly with a good positional sense. I have said many times and I repeat again that we do not have a good Defensive midfielder.
    Our current team is just two signings away from being a great team with enough depth and quality; Like Barca, Inter, Manu teams. We need a ‘uckin’ midfielder who can hold the ball perfectly aka Vieira way and we need a quality Goalie who can win points not lose like our current Spanish-Waiter. I don’t see a huge potential in Lukas but I don’t want to write him off right now either.

    Off to college @ then work. Life sucks.
    Come on Arsenal!

  26. Say what you want about Ade beeing less of a player than Bendtner but i don.t think Bedndtner could ever score twenty odd goals a season. He is just not good enough

  27. ramugunner, I disagree with you regarding the Defensive midfielder position.

    We DO have a great player for that position at our club, he’s pacy, strong and tackles like a beast! His name is Kolo Toure – and he was a DM when he joined Arsenal, it was Wenger who taught him to play DC.

    It’s just a shame Wenger never tries him in that position, it really annoys me…

  28. Something to remember about Bendtner is that when he was sent out on loan to Birmingham in 06-07, he scored 11 goals and had 7 assists. In looking at the match reports on the Birmingham FC site, you can see that none of them were scored to pad the lead in a game that was already decided. Most of them were game tying or winning goals. That was against a lesser level of competition, but accomplished when he was 18.

    They wanted to keep him, but AW brought him back. I’m not going to say he was the only reason that Birmingham got promoted to the BPL, but without him they certainly suffered in their goal scoring. Sure he hasn’t lit the world on fire while playing for our beloved Arsenal, but he obviously has some skills. He may be cocky, bordering on arrogant, but isn’t that the attitude you want in a big striker?

    Bottom line, he is a 20 year old kid. You are bound to see moments of greatness, like the pass to RVP against Cardiff, as well as moments when you want to plant your foot firmly in his backside, like missing the sitter and then directing his rebound right into the keeper. He is improving and will continue to do so when given regular minutes. He is not likely to ever score 30 goals in a season, but he could definitely score between 15 and 20.

    Most importantly, those goals are likely to come at crucial times, like last year v. Tottenham.

  29. Guys, please watch the replays. Bendtner missed a header just wide, so did Eduardo and Van Persie. He rerely miss when in positions like it was in Vela’s rebound.(I chalenge anyone to tell us more than 2 occassions like that, In fact i don’t recall of a second incident like it). He is a right footer on the left side and decided to take it with his left foot. He got too cute with it and wanted to place it as far away from the keeper as he could, and being on his weaker foot, overdid it with less than 3 inches all the way leaning heavily to the left. Thinking he had to have scrored, a rebound from the post caught him by surprise but he regained his footing while controlling the rebound, composed himself well and quick enough to angle the ball towards his right foot and lifted the ball over the keeper with his right foot. Being that close to the keeper he didnt have room to put more height on it and the keeper basically saved with his left hand unlike what people say that he hit the keeper with it. All the time the ball was drifting away and ahead of him and he had to stretch his right leg to get to it, leaning backward which leaves him with limited movements he could have made. You call that a miss, I call it a good save.

    Let’s get off the dane. He did great all night, wining headers and droping them to his teammates even, a good number of them in our own half and still get to the box in time.
    Anyone criticizing Bendtner’s play that night makes me sit back and say WOW!!!… you will never be a happy arsenal fan.

    9 goals in all competitions this season, same as Rooney and Torres, 1 behind Tevez, 2 behind Berbatov, Agbonlahor and Zaki, and 4 Assists, All from a 4th choice striker compared to other on the list, with limited chances at best and playing from wide midfield about half the time he gets on the team.


  30. Why to compare Denilson with Diaby and Song about the potential of them?

    Denilson in NOT a DM why some want to see him play in that position? he is a good creative midfielder but unfortunately we have better players in that position. Im sure that if he goes to any other team and they put him in “his” position he will be very good.

    Our only option as DM is Song, I dont like him but I think he is the best that we have in that position.

    Also I think Diaby could be better in that position if he have a few games. What I like of Diaby is that he is our most versatile midfielder (that doesnt mean he´s so good in all) he can do a good job as DM or can run fast fixed to the line or can play a creative role, the problem is that I think he doesnt have a lot of confidence on him but he have pretty nice skills.

    And people who doesnt see potential in Fabiansky and is blaming the entire season for an international goalkeeper, I think Fabiansky could be the international keeper that everybody want. I see a big potential in him and I think he have the same style of Reyna, Fabiansky just plays a few games in the season and he want to prove to Arsene that he is good and sometimes he make some crazy outs but with more faith on him and more games he could be a great keeper.

  31. Actually, the rebound went to his left and he had to stretch his left leg to hit it against the post. Even Eduardo “hit the ball against the keeper” inside the six yard box as his last kick of the match.

  32. trust in Wenger, Denilson is good enough for Arsenal fc. you can not have 11 superstars on the field. Denilson is a hard working talented,rough around the edges CM. give him one more full season and he will be as Gilberto at his best.

  33. Wow, theres alot of Bendtner bashing today eh? Cut the boy some slack people, he is just 21 years old for cryin out loud. He scored 9 goals in all competitions last season, and he already has another 9 in all competitions this season. That is a great record for a 21 year old kid. I love Bendy and i think he will be better than Ade, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Luca Toni in 2 to 3 years time. At 21, he has a total of 18 goals in 70 odd games for Arsenal. With a little more experience, this bloke will be a 20 goal a season striker.

  34. Btw, Denilson is a very tallented player, i fency him as the next Flamini/Gilberto in the team. He was thrown in the deep end to swim with the sharks at just 20 and his performances werent all bad, in fact he is one of the best DM in the EPL this season (according to the stats) with alot of tackles won, completed passes and assists. I think he still needs to work on his defending and tackeling. Its a pitty he doesnt have Gilberto Silva arround, he could learn alot from him. But he’s definately a great prospect fos the future.

  35. @Taygoon, I knew that you would be ard when talk abt the Dane is on,Ive also started to love the guy.Roughly a month now,Ive started to see a lot of improvemnt from him, week after week, you see him getting better and better,especially on his run his pace, and his dynamism on the pitch.Still a bit rigid thou!! but as we said, hes just 21 and has only played few complete game, always startin as subs.And 9 goals already!!!!!
    @Gibbs,Deni would be a good CDM, and is much much better than Song.Early this season, that was his primary job and he wanst really at the level those times, but he is among those Arsenal players who have improved a lot durin the course of this year, along with Bendy,If he succeed to be a fully grown CDM then he will be one of the best CDM in the world coz the lad is already a very gud AM.Except for our game agst Roma. which is so important for me as we are abt to loose sight of the tittle race now (Manu just crashed Fullham with a blondie slicer named Paul Scholes).To me Toure would be my best bet in that position agst Roma and to stop DeRossi.If we will pair him with Dudu (Obviously with Song being benched!!)then it will be ok (Im considerin Cesc unfit) as in that case we will have much stronger attackin pace so that we would dominate more on attack.But otherways, having Deni paired paired with Song or Diaby will never work.

  36. @ Gibbs – Manchester United are bloody good. It’s annoying to be so far behind them but they and Barcelona are by far the two best sides in Europe at the moment. If they win the league at least it will be deserved.

  37. @ Radads – I rate Song higher than Denilson at this stage because he is more defensive-minded. He’s doing well and when Cesc returns my preference would be to see Denilson used as a utility player and Song as Cesc’s first-choice partner in the middle.

  38. The thing is with bendtner he has no role model at the club after last season can you really see ade pulling him aside and giving him pointers on how to improve his game? rvp plays on the ground but dudu likes lifting balls over defenders and thats perfect for the big guy because he’s able to control the ball and most defenders have to really judge their tackle. When we have theo back whipping in crosses off of the right (eboue’s time has come I think) and nasri doing the same on the left he will have a lot more shots on goal than ade who needs time on the ball to reajust himself and get into the perfect shooting chance, defenders know this and close him down straight away and he now losses the ball a lot more as he’s trying to dribble through 2 defs and then shoot whereas last season a lot of people stood off him waiting for the pass and then he would score. The jury for me is still out on denilson but I would like diaby with cesc or maybe push toure up as djorou has been doing well with gallas.

  39. Manchester United were so dominant this morning…Paul Scholes the pass master was unreal.

    I swear he would do great in a England Jersey.

    United have such a fantastic blend of players and depth. I dont see them running away with the premiership like i see Barca and Inter running away with theres…however i do see them winning it.

    Am really looking forward to the Inter Milan battle.

    The Arsenal vs Roma affair will be high scoring game. Roma will be really tough.

    Liverpool to lose to Madrid

  40. shame about eduardo,s hamstring injury but by the time he returns we should also have theo,cesc,ade and possibly rosicky back,i hope its not too late to finish in the top 4 as this is vital.

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