Eduardo out, Rosicky back + Diaby has his feet on the ground

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Update: That should of course read ‘Eduardo back, Rosicky out’. My mistake.

Some quick pre-West Ham thoughts and news bites:

Eduardo has been confirmed in the squad by Arsene Wenger, Tomas Rosicky is out. Nicklas Bendtner is still 50:50 while Philippe Senderos will be in the squad for the first time this season.

I still want Manuel Almunia back in the team tonight and these comments from the manager suggest it might happen: “I wouldn’t say Manuel is no longer our automatic first choice [but] Vito has come in and done well.”

It seems Abou Diaby has his feet planet firmly on the ground. He recently made some comments about being very different from Patrick Vieira – specifically stating that he is less aggressive and not as physically strong.

A quick pre-game tip: 2-0 to the Arsenal. Come on boys (and Liverpool)!

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34 thoughts on “Eduardo out, Rosicky back + Diaby has his feet on the ground

  1. Yea c’mon boys. Looking at the table and the upcoming fixtures, it’s feasible the gunners could go top soon. I’ll be hoping Gerrard is fit and the scousers get on top of the manurites. Andy, the way I read AWs comment means that Almunia might have an extended stay on the subs bench and I think that’s the way to go for now. Good to see Eduardo back but I can’t believe Rosicky is injured again.

  2. Andy its Eduardo back, Rosicky out not the other way round, lol. I guess u are excited about the game after a short break.

  3. Senderos back in the squad. Will it be Gallas or Vermaelen? I think it will be Gallas. Good luck to us today.

  4. Anyone in brissy watching the game out tonight? where is a good place the casino? We will win 3-1.

  5. Gud stuff nasri & eduardo is back but it sad 2 hear dat rosicky is out.gud luck 2 d guns in 2nite match.

  6. so he sticks to Mannone, keeps faith to his philosophy, developping the youngs I guess, I wonder if they can keep cleen sheet, they seem to dominate the match (I’m a bit tired), two goals, quite all day work I would say, but it’s dangerous to become complacent I would say, besides I have been astonished about the start at 16:15, wasn’t it 16:30 before? strange time I think 😯

  7. Nooooooo πŸ™ if we won we could have been on 21 pts, with a game in hand. We are still in the race but very disappointed.

  8. Never 1 to shy away from being wrong, I concede Mannone cost us today. But. Not as much as Diaby. He lost possession conceded numerous free kicks in key positions (incl the 1 for the 1st, all important hammers goal).
    Even HE said he’s not the next PV, it’s not all his fault true. But he was a repeat offender!
    How did we draw that? Not good for our title aspirations..

  9. Arsenal must find a world glass goalkeeper as in my opinion our weakness in this area has cost Arsenal dearly this season.

  10. no side with title winning aspirations can afford to keep conceding sloppy goals and at the moment thats our achilles heal.manure lost,citeh drew,spuds lost this was the perfect opportunity to capitalise on there slip ups and put pressure on chelski but we decide to defend like a non league team and for the 2nd time in a week are unable to hold on to a lead and see the game for diaby dont get me started he is a pathetic excuse for a footballer the sooner nasri is back in the team the better.

  11. Wasteful. Just wasteful. Someone needs to tell the lads that you have to work for a trophy not just walk on the pitch.

  12. As great a manager as Wenger is why can’t he see that we have needed an experienced defensive midfielder for the last two seasons. The current crop just does not work, what a wasted opportunity.

  13. Eboue was poor today and Diaby as useless as ever. As soon as WHAM drew level Arsene took them off but why wait that long? Actually he didn’t take Diaby off until the last 5 minutes. Why? Arsenal were horribly complacent in a game they should have cruised to victory in – and that’s just the old failings YET AGAIN!! They will just never learn and – and so we must expect more late levellers and winners against us through the rest of frigging season. Bah!

    I don’t blame Mannone or the defence individually. At 2-0 up they should have hammered the Hammers. And could have. Instead they decided to walk the ball about and got, deservedly, punished.

  14. Diaby is mostly rubbish… and so is Eboue… One good game and they’re in for another 5 games.
    ENOUGH WITH RUBBISH ALREADY ARSENE !!! These two are not good enough.
    PLUS… need a goalie, a proper one. All 3 goalies we have are second rate.

  15. As I’ve said since the game ended – Wenger stuffed up his substitutes – waited far too long to replace Eboue. It was obvious that West Ham were going to come back soon, and we really needed someone to spark the attack. Freakin annoyed.

    Also, Andy was spot on with prediction that Almunia should have come back to the team. Mannone is talented, but not experienced enough at this level.

  16. Ok, we can’t hold on to 1-0 or 2-0. Twice in the row now. What’s the safe score for us? Why are we getting collectively nervous? Just a little pressure and we start shaking in our boots. And certainly the subs came too late! We worry about what other teams are doing. If we take care of our games, the rest will work out fine. It really is frustrating.

  17. i told u we need experience keeper…i dont see many keeper safe the ball back to the pitch or his front goal….if any the keeper is not a good keeper….it much safer to gve a corner kick rather than put it back to the field and face a challenge from opponents in front of our own goal….hes good but need to learn more…and i know this kind of performance will continue if we start to play bad….thats why we r not mature enough….plz dont repeat the same mistakes like we did in previous seasons….

  18. where to now 4 diaby?-It only becoz he is the tallest that is playing other than that he absolute useless and rather be fit to play in french division one, so annoying u got a chance to capitalize and miss that opportunity and whats worst it’s a draw against 17th place team,what even worst is that we struggle to consistently put crosses threw the box.It will even be horrible if we play against a happy liverpool with our b team who will cope.

  19. the only reason why i thought that mannone will be gud enough was becoz you go with what you see and mannone has done terrific during this past matches, but that first goal was a real let down,very dissapointing.gael clichy on arsenal website that they learnt from their late equilizern to alkmaar, but did they really?

  20. WHAM were the worst team we’ve played against this season. Apart from Carlton Cole, who I thought was superb and best player on the pitch, they were like a soggy bag of chips and we should have ripped through them as such. Instead we decided to piddle about like ‘we don’t need to try’. When I saw them show-boating on 60 minutes shouting “Ole!” on the passes etc. I put my head in my hands and thought ‘Oh, no..not this shit..’ Sure enough we got spanked for it and good job too. The very next game after giving it away against AZA we do it again. Oh for Tony Adams in the side to tell them to stop FUCKING ABOUT!! I hate to say it but Chelsea, manure and probably even Liverpool would have murdered West ham on the form. We draw. I am sooooooooooooooo fucked off with our idle fucking players!!

  21. I really have the impression they can’t play a defensive tactic, if they let the others play the mistakes come and the goals against them too, they really have to avoid penalties, it wasn’t just one situation, I saw Gallas before in a controverse situation too, I think they haven’t manage to play cleen sheet in a defensive way one time, anyway I just can call it silly, I stay with that expression 8)

  22. though I just remember one situation when there was a fantastic counter- attacking opportunity and they decided off-side, I wonder if it was really off, it was a fantastic breakthrough quite at the middle of the park, it would have been a goal for sure, so, nevertheless, the chance is gone

  23. .. and I have to say (a little bit ironically) the last twenty minutes were the most exciting … πŸ˜‰

  24. I honestly don’t understand why Arsene always field Diaby i strongly believe that if Wilsere or Ramsey is giving equal opportunity as Diaby both would have adapted and bcome great player. Diaby is a F..k

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