Eduardo lights up the Emirates as Arsenal smash Cardiff

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As far as returns from year-long absences go, Eduardo’s wasn’t all that bad, was it? A 60-minute performance full of zest and zip and many other things starting with ‘Z’ was capped off with two goals as the Brazilian returned from his leg break to help Arsenal to a 4-0 win over Cardiff last night.

In brief (and it will have to be very brief, I’m still feeling quite awful) this was exactly the sort of result and performance that Arsene Wenger would have wanted. Goals galore, a clean sheet, Eduardo getting through his return safely and a number of fringe-players putting in strong performances. Aside from Eduardo, the obvious standout, Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela looked sharp and Kieran Gibbs looked lively at left-back.

In truth we won the game because of both our efforts and Cardiff’s lackthereof. To put it frankly, they were awful, a shadow of the side that caused us all sorts of trouble in the first edition of this tie. They lacked spark up front, were dominated by Alex Song and Denilson in the middle – and that’s saying something – and were a shambles defensively. That Eduardo and Bendtner both scored with headers says as much about Cardiff’s fallibility as it did about our attack.

But this was Eduardo’s night and he was magnificent. His characteristic nippy style and decisive finishing was a joy to watch and it’s wonderful to have him back. His celebrations after both goals showed how much they meant; the first a silent fist-pump and celebration with the other Latin Americans in the team and the second a special moment shared with Tony Colbert, the man who oversaw his rehabilitation. That he later described it as ‘the greatest day in my life’ says it all.

All-in-all, a picture perfect night for the side. Confidence restored and a fans’ favourite back on the scoresheet. Great stuff.

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47 thoughts on “Eduardo lights up the Emirates as Arsenal smash Cardiff

  1. After only a goal in 360 minutes of play, Eduardo brings a breath of fresh air.Yes..Eduardo is back in business !!
    Hail the croatian..Hope his goals can pull our season out the fire..
    A second or third place may be?? who knows..
    After staying up late to watch the advertised match on DSTV Supersport 3..had the guts to bring some birm vs other..shame on supersort.!!.denied us the chance to watch Edus rebirth..Go Gunners GO !!!

  2. Great stuff indeed. Im very happy for Eduardo and the team. Everyone had a brilliant game. It showed how much we’ve been missing since Eduardo’s injury, he is a great guy and brings energy and confidence to the team. I just cant wait to see what a RVP-Eduardo partnership can do. Ade must pull up his socks if he wants to remain a regular in the team. As for Eboue, we wont see him in a very long time.

  3. On second thought, i think we’ll see Eboue next week against Roma b/c Theo is still not match fit and Arshavin is ineligible.

  4. I love when Eduardo give a kiss to Vela for the great asisstance! (Aww)

    Also I think Gallas was very good. Fabianski is so much better than Almunia. And Gibbs looks like a very good cover for Clichy.

    (Btw. I hate the new hairdo of Nasri!)

  5. Id take Vela or even Eduardo on the wing over Eboue… We’ll see what Wenger does though. Gallas has been immense lately. Much respect to the guy for being so professional…

  6. I have never been delighted watching my team for a very long time. Not only because we won, but seeing the way they played and crowing it with the beautiful result.
    Bentner should stop being selfish – he should pass as quickly as there is opening. I pity Adebayo, because first shirt will soon become what he needs to fight for.

    We won because Arsenal were filled with people desiring first shirt and earger for result. If it had been the old people, i bet you that we would have won with only one goal. Vela, Nasri, Eduardo, Gibbs, Bendtner, were very good upfront and defence was also ok.

    God bless Arsenal while i wish you more sucess.

  7. I thought Eduardo looked outstanding last night. All this talk about being rusty and needing games to settle in; he looked like a player who had been in a rich vein of form for weeks. He gives us the poacher option we haven’t had in his absence and that can only be a good thing.

    With RVP still looking fantastic, in the near-future I think we have to be considering an RVP-Eduardo front two in some games, maybe rotating with Ade and Niklas. Ade needs to buck up his ideas and perhaps with all the options we have up top he may begin to do that.

    What this all confirms for me is that Arshavin will only very rarely be used as a second striker, and will most often be used on the wings. I will be thoroughly disappointed to see Theo be the one to lose his starting place, he worked extremely hard to get it and for all the talk of not buying to give Denilson and Diaby chances, Theo probably deserves not to be impeded more. But perhaps we’ll see a rotation there too. And Arshavin is world class and has to play, you can’t say no to talent like that.

    Competition is good though, I only wish there was a little more of it in other areas of the pitch.

  8. A great night for all of us- there was agsuperb atmosphere in the ground and the welcome given to Ed was brilliant. we mustn’t get too carried away about the game; we comprehensively beat Cardiff, but as you say SF, they were poor, and they are a championship side, not a premiership side. As usual, I must disagree with you about Bendtner. Some of his misses were woeful. Yes, he worked hard ad got himself in some good positions, but I think his finishing is awful. We’re just beginning to see what Vela can offer and this is exciting. A good performance last night, and the little lad returning gives us another dimension up front.

  9. That game will bring us a lot of confidence, its impact woud be immense.I really hope Walcott woud be ready agst Roma, otherways, we will see AW puttin Eboue in again.Its goin to be more likely impossible to see AW puttin Vela or Edu in.As for Sunderland game, im not gonna put too much worry on it.My line-up on the 21st:
    But id prefer to see a line up like this in the midfld:
    Our midfld would be a surprise on that day.
    As for CL agst Roma, this is what i see AW would do:
    But Id prefer to see Edu instead of Song, pull Deni deeper as CDM and Edu as attackin mdfldr like this:

    I dunno,our line up now woud heavily depend on the fitness of Walcott and total fitness of Edu.
    To me, Deni is more an AM learnin to be a CDM, but the right CDM for me is a pure Defending Mdfldr trying to be an AM by supportin the real AM, thats why Ive always dreaming to see Toure being CDM but never happened.

  10. I think we would not put Denilson and Song together vs Roma because they would be too easy for DeRossi to dispossess.

  11. I will start by saying To God is the glory. The team performance was quite good however, the day belonged to Eduardo not because he scored two goals but because he came back after such horrific injury and scored two goals. Next praise goes to the forward line and the defense that kept Cardiff at bay. Then the individual performances from Bendtner and Vela are worth a mention. Bendtner’s composure is on the rise and his team play is fantastic though he is still far away from the finished article. Vela is a boy after my heart infact, his exceptionality is in his ability to take on defenders and push through a goal – something we have missed since TH14 left. Then there is another exceptional talent in Nasri, and I warn you, expect many more joyous moments from this lad – who needs a Hleb anyway? Denilson is improved and worthy of a place in the team even, as he has to do more work on his shooting. Song is slow and was the only low in the night even as he has great footballing sense but his ability to make wrong passes is something Wenger has to really work on. I must say Gallas was good and thank God he did not sustain a serious injury from the fall however, he is fond of passing to our keeper and in some instances putting him under more pressure than was necessary. He has to cut that out as I remember having my heart in my mouth when he did it with Lehmann in goal! Gibbs is promising and I can now see why Traore is on loan. Remember this lad can play in the mid field and attack as well. Toure and Sagna performed quite well. In fact, this team is coming back to what I used to know and very soon Wenger shall definitely have selection problems! The only way for this club to move is north of excellence and I can see silverware in the horizon

  12. Good Morning fellow goons, I must admit the scoreline of last nights game was above what I predicted and the way we took the game to them was refreshing to see. It could have easily been 10 lol. Eduardo Da Silva is back with a double bang good to see he is as hungry as ever. He was never far from our thoughts and its good to see he still loves the game, the fans and more importantly putting the ball in the back of the net. I wish him the same run of health that RVP has been enjoying lately and hopefully he will return to his sparkling best soon as we all know its early days for him. Glad he got a couple of comeback goals it will reinforce his belief that he is ready to get back to being Eduardo Eduardo he dont miss give him a chance and he takes that Sh*t! With the imminent return of Theo Walcott beginning of March as well our squad is beginning to look quite formidable in terms of attacking talent. Good to see Vela getting a run and proving he can play as a winger as well so I believe Eboue’s days are numbered now for sure. Arshavin getting a couple of weeks to bed in as well is a blessing in disguise and overall I would say an assault on 3 and 4th now looks possible if we carry forward this momentum into the rest of our season who knows maybe even a trophy awaits. Thanks Eduardo you have shown me that all obstacles can be overcome with faith and hardwork! May you put all teams to the sword from this day forward!

  13. I’d just like to elaborate a little more on Bendtner though. Some will feel he missed too many and be upset with him. Not me though. And I’ll tell you why.

    First of all, he was putting himself in the positions you want your front-man to be in, unlike Adebayor of course, who thinks he’s as good as Ronaldinho, and can just float about anywhere and get a goal.
    Second, he was making use of himself by gelling together with Vela and Eduardo and sharing responsibility up front, which made us all the more threatening. It was because he was being marked by a couple of Cardiff defenders all the time, that Eduardo and Vela were finding space to work into (as well as Vela and Eduardo’s individual intelligence and skill to make space for themselves).
    Third, he was actually taking his chances as best he could. He was hitting the target on most occasions, with either the keeper making great saves, or the post coming in the way, or him being inches wide. What more could you ask for. If it had been Adebayor, he’d not be hitting the target at all. He’d miss so horribly and send it so far wide that you’d want to throw a tomato at him. Adebayor needs twice as many chances as Bendtner does to score. And Adebayor finds it harder to take shots on goal or to make something happen, whereas Bendtner does it slightly better. He gets into better positions which helps him take shots on goal, or pass it to a team-mate and continue the forward movement. Adebayor just can’t seem to create anything for himself. And some of that might have to do with the fact that he’s such a tall guy that he’s not very quick in situations where speed is the key, when you’re up against 2 or 3 defenders in very tight spaces. Bendtner is slightly quicker.

  14. All of a sudden Arshavin looks like extra huh? Hopefully he impresses this weekend and keeps it going. We have always lacked depth and our playing style leads to injuries. He should be useful in this sense at the very least. Cannot wait till saturday now.

  15. What a great game. So happy for Eduardo. Song was pedestrian. Fabianski was solid. Bendtner had a good game but he is becoming like ADE, needs 5 shots at goal to get one in. That miss was pretty bad. Vela has a great touch. His pulldown and swivel in the box was class.

    But like you said SF, it was all about Eduardo.

  16. Ahh man, im all excited about this team again. We will make critics eat some humble pie this season. I believe there will be some silverware and my gut says its gonna be the UCL.

  17. I went to the game last night, and my earlier post was a reflection of what I saw first hand. I’ve just watched the game again and several things stood out that perhaps I didn’t notice last night. Firstly, the sheer class of Eduardo stood out a mile. His movement is superb, especially off the ball. He not only scores and creates goals, he makes so much space for other people. Vela as well, was superb- one bad touch in the whole game. I slagged Bendtner off earlier, but having seen the game again I must admit that I treated the lad harshly. He worked his socks off last night, took his goal well, and could have had a couple more with a bit of luck. THAT miss was terrible, but this is the sort of game that he needs to play in to get further experience. I don’t think he’s ready to be relied upon to lead the line or get the goals that help us challenge for silverware yet. That should be up to Ade, RvP and Eduardo. AR says that Bendtner needs 5 chances to score 1. I agree completely, but he’ll only get better the more games he plays I guess. Although we were only playing Cardiff, I saw a lot last night to fill me with confidence for second half of the season. With Theo back and Arshavin coming in, I think we now start to look a lot more dangerous. We’ll still need to rely on Villa to make mistakes in order to help us get that all-important 4th spot, but I feel a lot more confident that we now have the players to exploit any weaknessess that they show. It brings home just how the injuries we’ve had this season have devestated the team. hopefully, we can now see the real Arsenal.

  18. MoMoney, i think ur rite about our playing style. i thonk it exposes the players to situations of injury. thats why we see our players getting hurt more often than the rest of the other teams.

    overall it was a game, hope it goes on and on and on till we bag silverware end of season.

  19. Hiya sf and all the regulars been a while hmmmm. Still been reading your posts ( but where’s the gazzete?) got a new cpu and it’s worse than the old one and a grand more… wtf? Sooooooooo happy to see dudu back but really cardiff didn’t really show up as for the first 5 mins I was a little bit worried as they did pass the ball around like us did for the latter 85 mins.
    How well the team played tonight reminded me of the good old days as nasri was pires, vela-overmars, dudu-henry, fabianski-lehman(without the shouting) toure-(as old toure) gibbs-(un injured clichy) even bischoff reminded me of petit. If diaby can make it to veira’s talent and same for denilson to be like silva we could hope for great things but arsharvin’s gf is already bitching about England (reyes anyone?) so there goes 16mill.
    If we get to the fa cup or cl final I will fly up to brissy so we can have a beer or 10 at the pig sf as canberra is crap for footy finals and I will see you soon then on that note mate.

  20. I think the the performance last night, though against a championship side, reinforces the fact that guys like Vela should have been given a chance many weeks or months ago. There have been so many times this season that I wished AW would have given Vela the nod in the starting side, but chose to go with other options. I think several of 0-0 or 1-1 draws could have been won had we had someone like him on the pitch creating more chances and getting into space. He attacks so well and shows such control with the ball that I think we would have been able to punch in another goal or two.

    Does anyone else agree that Vela should get more first team time on the pitch whether he starts or comes on as a substitute?

  21. I knew this would be a happy place to visit today!

    Eduardo and Vela – far better than Ade and Eboue. Surely, both will see much more playing time now.

    That’s the lift we needed. It’s great to be a Gunner.

  22. Just what the doctor ordered. Now I am smiling again. Lets hope the form of the Broatian continues. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

  23. If you guys have noticed yesterday, we really lacked an attackin midfldr in the middle park, all the attack came from the wings Nasri and Vela.Im really desperate of Walcott’s return, he must be fit on the 24th, otherways Deni and Song will be in again.
    Why cant AW play Dudu as an AM?So our mdfld agst Roma would be like this: ———Deni——–
    @ Fatboy, you are absolutely right mate, but its not me, its AW whos gonna put this line-up, my prefered line-up is underneath.Deni and Song are really bad combination as well as Diaby-Song, To sum it up,I think we only need Deni there among those guys,plus, he has hugely improved his defensive quality, thats why we really lacked an AM yesterday in the median line coz Deni were kept at the back to be a CDM on behalf on Song who was purely a Pedestrian.
    you are also right abt Dudu’s move and run on the pitch without ball.He really showed the rest of the team the Arsenal way,and you could see Sagna foillowing the rythm by always launching a counter attack very fast.The old days, 4 to 5 players are all running fast upfront durin a counter attack, with speedy long passes and Kris-krossing movement cutting from left to right or vice versa.It really reminds me of Rosicky and Hleb, they were the guys who used to do that with Fabulous in the middle park, along with TH14 and Dudu upfront, all backed by Flamini.
    Dudu knows the game and he is more than capable to play as an AM, Why not play him and bench Song the pedestrian?.Nasri and Vela would be wingers once again.I would even suggest to bench Deni and place Toure as a CDM,Djourou in that case will play alongside with Gallas.Otherways, our game agst Roma would be very difficult.
    Who just talked about De Rossi breaking both Song and Deni? I think you are absolutely right mate, It s gonna be easy for him to break them, Toure would be my best bet there to stop him, otherways hmmmmm!!!!
    Im not worried much abt the Sunderland game as Arshavin will fill the gap, but the CL game agst Roma would be difficult if Walcott wont be fit and also AW wont play Dudu but would stick with Song and Deni together.We all must admit that they arnt an easy side, so we need to be tough facing them.

  24. It was Denilson and Song who were playing Vela and Nasri in most of the times. Denilson won the ball and played Eduardo before Eduardo linked with Vela for the first Goal, and Denilson won a tackle and sent Bendtner away to assist Van Persie for the last goal.

  25. Vela was lively and he has given Wenger a headache cause he was one of our better players. Would be happy to see him play v Sunderland. Eduardo was super and very sharp, something you wouldnt erxpect from a player with no first team football, with an added leg break, for a year. Him and Rvp can strike a great partnership and hopefully it was stay, cause they both can score this season and Adebayor cannot so its goos he injured for a little while. Keiran Gibbs was amazing too. LB at Arsenal is hard to get to as Clichy is one of the best but Gibbs acted like a veteran and no body would have known he has only played 10 senior games, great competition now for Clichy, expectinf strong performances for the frenchman. Nasri was his normal creative self. Bendtner scored but he should have scored a brace, really poor miss. Overall great game. Fifth Round, Bring on Burnley. 1 more thing. Eduardo we have waited for your return and you came back with a bang, EDUARDO!

  26. Now that Eduardo is back, with the impending return of Walcott, Fabregas and Rosicky, and the increasingly good contribution from Bendtner and Vela, Our attacking options are better than they have ever been for years. This is what I had in mind when I was saying we could afford not to break the bank for Arshavin. Now that we have him, we are even more deadlier. Unfortunately, as I mentioned after Arshavin capture, there will be at least 3 or 4 casualities in the squad. Ade is all of a sudden surplus to requirement as Bendtner (slightly bigger than Ade) can be our battering ram, plus he has other things too that Ade doesn’t. I have always maintained vela is my pick on the left ahead of Nasri. Eduardo will feature alot on the left too. I mentioned in 2007 that AW wants to have Eduardo on the left so he can have an option of playing an additional striker wide, it seems he is hitting the jackpot now with Bendtner proving a nuisance on the right too.

    Rosicky + Arshavin will displace Theo on the right. Theo will go to be a central striker. That means limited chances for Nasri, Theo and probably Adebayor. No need to mention Eboue here.

    It will be interesting to see how we line up in weeks to come. The Central MF will be Cesc and Denilson. I know most fans don’t think Denilson has been great for us this season, but I will just have to wait for everyone to come to terms with it. Even Bischoff belonged to the side.

  27. @ jay-jay; I remember mentioning after Eduardo’s injury that because he is an “inteligence player” and not a “graft player” the absence will make him even sharper when he gets back. Same goes for Cesc. This is because inteligence players always plays in their minds and get to think about the game and technique deeper than when they play regularly. A graft player is all about what he can do physically and they tend to suffer alot during long absences. When I saw his first touch during his first reserve game I posted here that Eduardo is back. We will all be pleasantly surprised by Cesc and Rosicky on their return. Theo is more of an ability player for now, I hope he adds tons of “inteligence” to his game.

  28. @Taygoon,Long time no see mate, gud to have ya back.May be u didnt take a closer look at my posting.I clrearely said that Deni has overtaken Song’s job while he was supposed to be an attackin mdfldr.Many times he has done it apart from the great tackle he has made to launch the last RVP’s goal,but remember,that was a tackle as a defender not a run with a gud pass as an attacker.He really had some couple of wonderfull tackles yesterday, thats why I suggested him to be a CDM instead of Song in my line-up.To me Deni was fantastic yesterday on his defence, but couldnt really perform a good role on his real job as an AM.This has been caused by Song’s poor performance at the flank, so Deni woud have always kept himself deep as a back up for him.To say that Song has contributed on playing Vela and Edu? I dont really think so!!!With 3 sloppy passes!!!??Big NO, thats not pro to me.Nasri and Dane would have always come into the middle park to recover that Job(AM) while Gibbs and Sagna covered the wings; Our two “CDM”, Song and Deni always kept themsleves 5 to 6m away from the head of the box.Thats what lacked with our game yesterday, we didnt have a gud attckin pace thru the median line, thats why Gallas and Toure have tried few times to crowd the box.

  29. vela is our messi – give him games and he will show us why he is so brilliant. one day he will be voted player of the year – he’ll get all the plaudits. and eduardo, rather you than bendtner.

  30. @Taygoon, to say that “Deni and Song have launched Dudu and Vela many times”, is a bit outplaced to me.If you say that they passed the ball to Vela or Dudu or anyone upfront, then I woud say YES, they surely did that…; How come they cant get to pass the ball to their strikers if both of them occupy the whole centre? The ball must go thru there before it goes upfront.
    A simple forward pass doesnt always mean an attack launch.You can simply pass a ball to a striker upfront but the striker spread it over the wings or pass it back again.this doesnt really mean that you ve launched an attack.An attack launch is karakterized by either a gud creative dribbles toward the goal, or a good pass followed by a good run from side to side.I only saw few of that from Deni yesterday, and much lesser from Song.Cant put the blame on Deni thou, as he was working his ass on defence, but Song was really bad!!.Deni then shoud have been fully involved with our attack yesterday but it just didnt happen.

  31. @Radads RSA; I have been very busy as of late and I may be dissappearing from time to time. I always make a point of coming here now and then whenever I can.

    I read your comment; I was just saying that the duo did what they were supposed to do to allow all the others to come into play.

    They are sort of silent but efficient type of players and if they had to be more pronounced, you would have seen less of the rest. I like my Attacking MF to play others in, not to be the stars of the show. They are not better at scoring compared to strikers so let the strikers do what they do best. That is the shortcoming of Ramsay’s play, He stars and spend too much time on the ball whereas he should release early (like Denilson last night) when he has capable players infront of him.

  32. good to see Eduardo back in action. our season has just begun.with new siging AA and injuries returning, we now have great chance for FA cup and CL tropies this year and PL next season. I THINK GIVEN THE CHANCE, VELA IS AS GOOD AS PATO AND MESSI.

  33. @ Radads RSA; A good player does not driblle unless he has to. I am a bit lost by your definition of “launching an attack” I would expect my strikers and wingers to have a degree of interplay between themselves and if you want the ball to go from AM to Striker to the back of the net, that is hardly the Arsenal way. I call it “sucker-punching” most of the times it happens. I do not subscribe to the notion of “Defensive Midfielder” and “Attacking Midfielder”. To me, there should be only “Central Midfielders” that means they should have both Attacking and defending duties in equal measure covering for each other and switching as needed. to have someone as a defensive only mf is an admission that he can not to 2 things at a time and that is syptomatic of limited ability.

  34. great news, eduardo is back, and with him is back another hope to gunners fans. Now we´ll see better performance at our team, vela is showing all his capabilities and is near to achieve more confidence, and he will show all his magic. this kid is our brightest future, have you noticed when vela joins eduardo´s in every pass everything looks clear, those are the real brain of our forward line. amazing future. goooo velaaa, gooo eduardooo. we need them as well as last night.

  35. @Taygoon, i just dont think that Song and Deni were contributing enough in most of our attack agst Cardiff.Ofcourse, Deni has made some few good tackles and as I said, his job on the defensive side were just wondefull.But all of this were supposed to be Songs Job.To sum everything up, this is the story: Song was our weakest link, he was so poor that Deni must have pulled himself back to support him, consequentely, Deni couldnt perform much on his job as an Attackin mdfdr which gave our team a big gap thru the axe median line,Cesc’s job for more precision.
    This is drawing us back to the same scenario of the starting of this season with Deni and Cesc.
    This was our line-up in the mdfld:
    But Deni was so poor on his defence those days, so that Cesc was forced to pull himslef deeper back to support him.And thats how we failed to see much of Cesc’s attackin performance during the early part of the season.
    Im saying this now to avoid desaster again when we will play Roma.Cardiff wasnt really a strong side when we played them last monday, 1st:From team performance to player’s individual technical quality, they were completely outplayed by us.2nd:They were moraly psycologically beaten by the fact that they were visitors at the Emirates.
    So it was easy for our boys to perform and especially with our in-form players and upcoming quality of our team work.But agst Roma, we cant afford to have Song side to side with Deni anymore,AW must come up with different plan on our central mdfld players, but not Song again.Deni must be the CDM and we must have different guy for AM, otherways Roma will crash us.

  36. Dudu or Nasri are my best option to pair with Deni in the middle, or also, bring Toure up as a CDM and have Deni as an AM, but our chance to get AW to put Toure as a CDM is almost 0.

  37. Watched a free flowing attacking game after a long long time. When was the last time we scored 4 goals? I can’t remember. Very happy for our undisputed Number 9. i.e. Eduardo. Love this guy. His determination to be the best makes him strong. He was very confident and composed yesterday. In many ways, he changed our attacking confidence against Cardiff. Bentdner, Vela and Nasri supported him well. Welcome back Eduardo!

    Vela, Bentdner(even though he missed some chances), Sagna, Nasri were all excellent also.

    I am happy about our performance. It was a sublime game but a routine win. I think we also have to remember we were playing a mid-table championship side at Emirates who were not upto the task. No offense to Cardiff but fact is they played poorly.
    As Arsenal fans, we always talk about cost of players in every club. So does Wenger. The fact is the Cardiff team we played Monday cost less than Nasri alone. Still I am very happy to have a fit & ready Eduardo and to score 4 goals was very good news for Arsenal fans.

    When everyone fit, we have solid squad depth and required quality level in attacking side of the game.
    Midfield: Cesc, Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Rosiscky, Denilson, Diaby and Wilshere/Ramsey almost ready.
    Frontline: Van Persie, ‘Bayor, Eduardo, Bentdner, Vela, Arshavin(If required) and Simpson(I think he is decent player who can make at Arsenal).

    On the other side our defensive part of the game is still uncertain & sometimes vulnerable.
    CDM: I feel no player in our whole squad will be a good defensive midfielder who can guard the defense and support Cesc in middle park. Diaby can’t tackle and is injury-prone. Also no positional sense. Song can’t make a 5 yard pass(watch Cardiff game, both legs), slow in tackle and no footballing techniques at all. Denilson has potential and will be a decent playmaker in future. Not Holding midfielder cause he is too lightweight. Ramsey will outplace him very soon anyway.
    My point is we need to buy a strong Defensive midfield over summer who can partner Cesc. Why is it important? Look how Lassana Diarra is helping Madrid’s attacking and defensive balance. Flamini has been sorely missed. Very badly. He was Arsenal’s most important player last year and he hasn’t been replaced. I haven’t seen Song or Denilson dominating midfield against onyone. Actually they were eaten alive by Hull and Stoke midfield.

    CB situation is not really appaling. Gallas is looking much more better after captaincy was taken away. Djourou proved everyone that he can be a real asset to our defence. Toure is showing glimpses of his 03/04 form. Song, Senderos and Silly as back-ups. How is that Nortveit lad though. He was rated highly when we signed him.

    Goalie situation: Almunia is a Clown. A goalie with no international appearance who was rejected by a championship side from Spain. For God’s sake he is not even considered as an England goalie option in front of James and Green. Actually, he is no better than Westham’s Green or many Goalie’s from smaller teams In England. I do not have privelege to write Fabianski off so early cause I haven’t seen him a lot but I am not impressed by him. Besides few class saves like Zaki’s strike against Wigan. If Wenger rates him then he might come good some day. For next season, I would love to see either Fabianski start ahaead of Faulty or we buy a good Goalie. Like Akinfeev. I have named him many times. Oh yes.

    If I were Wenger I would sell ‘Bayor for any price around 20 million and invest that money to buy a international standard Goalie and a tough Defensive midfielder. I have never rated ‘Bayor because of his Egoism and poor application of his talents. And he hasn’t proved me wrong. People can talk about 30 goal season, his aerial power, blah blah blah but bottom line is he has been very poor this season. Extremely. I don’t see ‘Bayor proving his worth. He makes 30k more per week than best striker in the world, David Villa. Not fair enough. Since, we have plenty of attacking option with Eduardo’s return, Arshavin’s purchase and Bentdner/Vela getting better every day. We will not miss ‘Bayor a lot.

    Apologise for a long Post and late review about Cardiff game. Six Bottles of Budweiser Beer making me feel good.
    Come on Arsenal.
    Edu Gun!

  38. neva watch supersport 3 live, but delay game next day, that was rememberance of the 2002-2005 gunnars, now that’s what we need from now on,eduardo presence was welcome by all,wonder what will happen when all cesc, arshavin, rvp n eduardo combined, man utd n barc be warned !

  39. Saying all that; My team for next season: Fabianski(Or New Golaie Plz), Sagna, Gallas/Toure, Djorou, Clichy(maybe Gibbs), Walcott Or Arsha, CDM(Very Imp), Francesc Fabregas Nasri, VanPersie, Eduardo Or Arsha. Subs: Eboue(solid RB option), Toure/Gallas, Gibbs, Denilson, Ramsey, Rosiscky, Traore, Vela, Bentdner.

    Bayor’ to be sold and Song/Almunia/Diaby sent to their respective leagues.

    Roma next. I am not confident or very worried. Mixed feelings. Most scary thing is to imagine Rossi/Acqualini/Co. VS Denilson/Song/Co. If Song or Diaby will be allowed to be anywhere near the team, then we are doomed. Walcott-Denilson-Nasri-Vela is the right choice for first leg if Walcott available.

    1. I don’t want to see ‘Bayor getting his place in the team directly when he returns. If Eduardo, Bentdner and Arshavin are in better form and shape, ‘Bayor can’t take his place straight away. Team selection should be fair to every players. Player’s form and his ability to help team to win a game should be considered first than Pet selection policy.
    2. Eboue must not be considered ever to play a midfield role again when Vela is available. I rate Eboue joker as a RB very highly though. He was legaue’s best RB before he was replaced by Mr. Monster. He still can flourish in that position
    3. We must try to win all the remaining games from now in league. If we qualify for CL spot and make a good progress in FA and UCL cups, then it would be a better ending to a horrible season. We are getting boost from everywhere. Arshavin signing, Edu’s comeback, good news about Walcott, Cesc and Rosiscky. Our defence is looking a lot better now than the begining of the season. As a manager, Wenger performed very poorly during 1st half of the season. Now is his time to prove everyone that he is not finished. I know it has been a barren four years for us. No trophies, no improvements. It’s time to bounce back. There can’t be any more excuses. Not for Arsenal, not for Arsenal fans.

    Come on Gunners!

  40. This is the longest comments i have seen on ur blog. It shows how we all missed the great Eduardo. Man welcome back. Arsenal 4 Life

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