Eboue is an idiot

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I’ve had enough of this guy. Seriously. I’ve tried to like him but I just can’t. The guy is an idiot.

Anyway, onto the second half. Come on Arsenal.


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  1. Every time I start to think maybe I was too hard on him, he goes and does something completely vile. He is a moron. Why didn’t AW sell him again? What does he bring to the squad?

    I am in no way happy that Ade is injured, but his first touch was horrendous all day and I was looking for Bendtner to come on at the half anyways. I hope the Dane can provide that solo target up top now that RVP will have to drop a bit. I don’t think there is any chance we will be seeing Arshavin now.

  2. I saw it but I just couldnt BELIEVE IT his is A WANKER why would u do that when U already on a yellow BRING on DUDU and AA!!!!

  3. This is by far the worst match i have ever seen Eboue should be released on a free he is a F*cking W*nker. AW y do you plat him? wot do u see in this guy he might of lost us 4th place.

  4. Thankfully we will not see any more Eboue barring injuries- Arshavin will claim that spot for a while…

    Alex Song was immense

  5. @ SF,
    ur usage was rather too hash on Eboue,U re the captain of this blog and I rate U so high that I would rather U use calm tone when U post on issues. Lots of super stars have found themselves in this before.ZZ,DD,DB,ETC
    We re supporters we should not be seen as pple fighting against our own, but that does not mean we should be quiet when things go wrong. No offence ok?

  6. surely this is a fucking derby….wateva eboue was doing opening his mouth is just stupid..he has let down his teammates,he has let down the manager and he has let down us the fans…….WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?

  7. Well, I dunno how to take that game. Good, we didnt lose and played 50 mins with 10 men. Bad, we have lost more points, specially cuz Chelsea slipped up. Bad, 3 draws in a row now. Bad, it was Tottenham. Ok more Bads than Good. I think we have lsot Champo League.

  8. we’ve just said goodbye to CL football. look at the way we played. were were just shitt the whole way. nor breakthroughs, no pace, and the inability to retain the ball for more than a second. id like to snap eboues neck for that fucking moronic show. fucking bollocks.

  9. A point was all we really could’ve got after Eboue’s stupidity. I’m just so frustrated to see a potentially wonderful piece of entertainment ruined by the idiocy of Eboue. He has let everybody down and I just cannot believe it.

  10. I’d like to add that everyone else out there in the second half did their best. The effort cannot be faulted and a point was a decent result. Just so frustrated that the points we needed so badly were essentially taken away by the selfish, unthoughtful act by Eboue. Night everyone, I just can’t wait to go to work tomorrow…

  11. Eboue seemed to be really up for the game starting well scored a goal that should of really been allowed as woodgate just fell over adebayor and had are only shot if the first half. He looked like he wanted to take this opportunity to show the fans that this game meant a lot to him. WELL HE FUCKED UP…AGAIN!!! as soon as he got that yellow most of us must felt the sooner we can get himoff to arshavin the better but he doesnt even stay on to the fucking first half. i wished we’d had nicked this game but stil a point with 10 men aint bad.

  12. Hail for Almunia and Song today, Eboue was dfntly ugly, he was a bit over excited and moraly overprepared as he has tried to proove himself today coz of the arriving of Arshavin, as well as the return of Walcott and Edu.He knows that, he can only have a bit of a chance to be on the startin11 with the presence of these lads in the squad, today’s game was the last chance for him to show what he can do.In overall, he cost us today’s game but he wasnt that bad on his play in the 1st half. besides he will no longer play in the startin11 coz Arshavin is there.Im really fed up of this draw games, i dont know if we can reach the top 4, but I thnk our chances are little.

  13. Arsenal are proper fuck….. some would say a good point but Spurs are complete shit if that had of been a decent side and we would have got a whipping today.


    Eboune release the shitbag worse pro I have ever seen he brings nothing positive to the squad.

    Denilson a little fat lost boy trying to play and man’s game.

    Song cant played centre midfield no engine no grit no determination to get box to box a disgrace today.

    Abeyour again no heart no hussle doesnt seem bother at all maybe fining this tosser some money in wages for no show perforamnces might get his desire back…. what a waster!

    Lastly and you wonder why theres a divide in the Arsenal dressing room I would kick some ass if these pricks were playing with me!!!!

  14. Anyway, we could see some few Arsenal attack style during the first half thou.,it was just wonderfull to watch, if we didnt play with 10men, there was a big chance that the boys could have scored a magnificent goal.

  15. Eboue didn’t cost us the game, saying that flatters the performance that went before. Just like against Liverpool we didn’t start to play until the odds were stacked against us.

  16. @ Anonymous – Agreed about us not starting to play until the red card. But having the player sent off effectively took away the chance of being able to win both games. We were actually working into the game after a difficult start before Eboue’s silly act.

  17. Even though kind of shaky at the first half Almunia and Song played their socks off, I thought Denilson should have been subbed for Arshavin once he was moved to the left..He wasn’t effective in his natural position why would he be on the left? Sometimes how Wenger chooses subs annoys me he only makes choices when its forced. But besides that their was a lot of heart shown today “Way to not lose” lol.

  18. Song was immense! so was almunia. Gallas and Toure looked very solid together. Bentender was MUCH better than Ade. EBOUE IS GAY!

  19. Every time I see that TOSSER Eboue in the line up my heart sinks. What Wenger sees in that Loser is beyond me!!!

  20. alot of harsh words today—the disappointment getting in. Chill,there writing for long has been on the wall even for least inquisitive eye to see it! Now,it may only take a miracle. Remain chill and counting!

  21. song and gallas strong performers for us today,nasri once again weak,gutless and lacking any pace.eboue simply a disgrace,h there can be no defense for him,even after he kicked out and toure,captain today,went over to have a word with him he waved him away petulently.HE DOESNT DESERVE TO PLAY IN THIS TEAM.PS shows how bad us arsenal fans are hangin out for capable goalkeeper when were quoting almunias performance as ‘immense’.he kept a rare clean sheet because of gallas and co but didnt have alot to do bar have his angles right for a weak modric effort..hope im still sane by the time cesc,rosicky,dudu,theo and AA are match fit

  22. C’mon lads, tell us what you really think… haha
    Arsenal just squandered another chance to stay in touch of the four… serious questions need to be asked need to be asked of their weak midfield

  23. Blame it on WENGER for what we are facing. He had the opportunity to buy 2 players that had a wonderful game against us today very cheap but he was saving cash for the club.Palacios & Modric.So let Eboue be.

  24. Wengerhas been depressed and it is affecting the club. I dont want him sacked but be treated of his depression so that he can refocus his good old sharp thinking for a way forward.

  25. Chin up, lads. It could be worse, I bet Spurs fans are cheering getting a point against us!

    Eboue has frustrated me ever since his first season at the club. He lacks professionalism and has a big problem with diving. There’s always been one at the club. It’s cringe-worthy watching him tumble so easily, it brings back memories of Reyes. We’d not suffer one iota if Eboue didn’t play for the club. His impending suspension might force Wenger’s hand in playing Arshavin now. Let’s just prey he doesn’t get injured!

    Our lack of creativity in midfield is the problem. Since we lost Captain Fantastic, we’ve had nobody to pull the ideas out of the bag, or unleash the passes that the lion RVP needs to feast upon.

    Nasri is an asset on his own, and there could become a tremendous threat down the left if him, RVP and Clichy continue to bond, but we can’t rely on him alone for the killer balls. We need a creative player in the mould of Fabregas. Maybe Ramsey fits the bill, but he’d get eaten alive in a game like today and he’s just not experienced enough to fill the gap.

    I think we’ve just got to carry on on autopilot until hopefully Arshavin rescues us, Fabregas returns, or Walcott and Eduardo single handedly pull us out of the quagmire of average that we seem to have slipped into.

  26. @ MOMENT – Really?!? Racism?? Coming from all the fans who love Henry and Vieira??? All we want is a player who plays with effort and at least a slight bit of common sense. Eboue has shown neither in many games this season. We don’t care that he’s black, we care that he is a huge effing liability for Arsenal when he is on the field.

  27. All, dont u think we are outa CL with this kind of display we see week in and week out? Look at AV, not playing fantastic, but winning all the same.

  28. “Wenger hails battling spirit” I suppose we have already heard from you Mr Wenger. Believe me or not I thought it is AW who is causing all the problem by making all the wrong decision. I think when we have better player on the bench than Eboue than they should have played. I think my last word is Eboue has lost it. He is no more even near a player he was earlier. Another 2 points lost. Watched Manu winning once again leave them they are now untouchable but AVilla are 7 points away from us. Our season is going from bad to worst. Seriously I will blame AW.

  29. I cant believe that this is the same people that some months before tell me that I was a bad fan to booed Eboue.

    So ironic that the minutes that he was on the pitch he was the best player of the game and this was definetely his best game since he is a mdfielder.

  30. @SF,I really agree abt the stupidity of Eboue but all of us must admit that he had a very good game before the red card, 3 crosses that Ade and RVP could have caught, and the goal that the referee dinied which was purely from Eboue’s effort.That was clearely a goal, the ref just whistled because he saw the two defenders falling with Ade.Im sure that he will miss at least 10 of our last 13 games this season (Or might be all of them, if Sagna stays fit!!!).But AW will always keep him as a RB, subs for Sagna, We need him.
    For those who are Anti-Eboue(Im not one of them, except for today, I actually like his creative run but Im an Anti-Diaby), Do not panic, Eboue isnt gonna play much anymore, Arsha is gonna take over the RW, and besides all of that, Walcott will be ready by the time we play Sunderland,Fab will be also ready b4 month-end.I was also worried abt our position in the top4 but when I checked all the future fixtures and all the upcoming players to come,I was cool.We will only play 3 difficult games away, agst Portsmth, Liv and Manu, the rest wont be tough, more than half of our remaining 13 games will played at the Emirates and especially with Walcott, Arshavin and Fab being back in the squad, I will remain confident.
    We are now Ade, Eboue, and Diaby free, which is gonna be a surprising and unintentional changing situation to AW according to me, Its good to have a completely born again Arsenal team from my point of view,and I strongly beleive that from the 21st Feb, we are gonna have a brand new Arsenal squad, especially mdfld wise.
    I wont show happiness abt Ade’s injury but I really would love to see new faces, like Eduardo taking over his place since Ade wasnt also very convincing during the last few weeks, so I beleive that it will be exciting to see Edu side to side with RVP.My mdfld line up will be like this:

    This line will be strong enugh for Manu or Liv, and will be up for the 4th place battle.If Fab comes in, Id rather see Nasri on the bench, and put Arshavin wide right.
    Dont worry guys!!, We still have 13 games to come from the 21st Feb and Look at our new Arsenal line up.By the time Fab comes back, we re gonna have Vela, Rosicky and Nasri outstanding on the golden bench.So I dont really see any danger on our fixture on CL next season.
    CL this year?? Im ok if Fab is really gonna come back alongside with Walcott agst Roma, but Otherways Im still very worried as Arshavin is cup tied.
    So keep up fellow Gonners, we have a very exciting and brand new team to watch for the upcoming week.Forget abt Eboue, Diaby, Deni and Song now are gonna have to be content with CDM position.

  31. @Ice baba, I also think you are right abt SF’s post being so harsh on Eboue.SF, No offence!!! I fully understand our feeling abt this game today as not only, It has started very entertaining, but it was also a very important match coz Villa has also won on the other side of the river, and now we are 7 pts behind them.Lts support our team boys, just read what ive written above

  32. no pride no passion no shots on target just about sums us up at the moment,losing eboue made no difference cause even when he,s on the pitch were playing with 10 men as he doesnt contribute anything anyway.

  33. Before today’s game, I said three points & no more excuses. 11 men or 10 men, that is not an excuse. We all know how is Eboue. He is one of the Arsenal footballer with a smaller brain alongside Diaby and ‘Bayor. Both of the yellow cards were simply unnecessary and the 2nd one was a disgrace. Eboue is to be blamed for his action but the question is who picks Eboue to play week-in week-out? That is Wenger. This season Wenger’s team selection policy is the worst I have seen in his reign. What I think is Vela on the left and Nasri on the right is better quality than picking a Brain-less player every week. What you guys think?

    Eboue-Song-Denilson midfield: This midfield is disgraceful; no vision, no grit, no quality. I think it’s an insult to past Arsenal teams. This midfield cannot even match Fulham’s midfield. In the first half both Denilson and Song were eaten alive by Palacios. 2nd half little improvement. In the 2nd half, Song and Denilson ran their Arse off and helped the team not to lose the game. Decent job in simple words.

    Gallas was immense in defense alongside Monster-Sagna. Van Persie and Bentdner tried hard. I have been criticizing Almunia a lot in the past for not commanding his area. Today he was fine. Couple of decent saves too. He has to continue to play like today till the end of season.

    I am sure Arsene and his loyal followers will talk about the unbeaten run in the league. Oh Dear! Don’t make me laugh. You can stay unbeaten whole season and still get relegated. Arsene’s attacking minded team hasn’t scored for more than 180 minutes. On the other side, our rivals, Astonvilla won 7 consecutive away matches. We are Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, best paid manager in Europe. And O’neil’s Villa with players like Petrov, Sidwell, Knight. League table never lies. We are now officially SEVEN Points behind an average Astonvilla team.

    2 more things I want to say here:

    1. The table situation is that we are 7 points behind Villa and 5 behind Chelski. Chelski will turn around their form when Essien come back from injury. That means our rivals for 4th place will be Villa. If Chelski beat Villa in their next game and we win home game against Sunderland then, we can close the gap with Villa. I think the 4th spot for UCL will be very tough for us no matter what.

    2. Our opponent in the Champions League, AS Roma are in great form. Despite their nervous start to the season, now they are best attacking team in Italy. Today they outplayed, outclassed Genoa 3-0. Genoa are fifth in the table in Seria A. Given the fact, Arshavin won’t be able to participate in CL, We need at least 2 of our injured star midfielders against Roma; Walcott, Cesc or Rosiscky. Arsenal are lacking both creativity and pace in the attack after Cesc and Walcott got injured. Imagine Totti, De Rossi and Co. versus Denilson, Song and Diaby. I am not confident at all going into that game.

    Come on Arsenal!

  34. I must admit a lot of people are seeing this as a negative. Put a lot of positives! We played over 50 mins with 10 men, kept a clean sheet and didnt lose. Eduardo is back although he did not play, AW obviously thinks he is fit enough to start playing. Eboue will not play next game and that means we will probably see Arshavin and if he does well, then Arsha will stay there and Eboue on the bench. Good performance cause we were down to ten men. The thing with Eboue is he cannot let things go. He has to keep going over to referees and he gets booked for dissent not bad tackle or handball, jus whinging and moaning to the ref.

  35. theres no such thing as a racist arsenal supporter,look at the fans favourites over the years.how can anyone argue eboue is worthy to wear the jersey??the guys a primadonna,everytime hes on the pitch hes involved in some mini drama or another,he invites it.those of you defending him should consider the people who paid good money to watch a Nlondon derby today ,and those who travel every week,watch an individual who earns 40,000 a week who cudnt keep his mouth shut after being warned three times receive his first and then second yellow card for petulance,he cudnt even take it like a man patting modric on the back and then throwing his arms up in the air as if hes being victimised,makes me sick..HOW CAN YOU DEFEND HIM?we hate ronaldo for doing things like that but in fairness that guy knows that his club is bigger than him and whot his role is so their fans forgive him his ego and theatrics,how could you even begin to figurewhat goes throuh eboues head??dats why he is disliked because we as fans cannot relate to a player who simply puts himself first and handicaps our already faltering team further by his plain stupidity.away from that im very concerned about where our goals are gonna come from…1-o v ports,o-o cardiff,o-o west ham,1-1 everton,o-o today.go back a couple of seasons and we cudda come out of those games having scored 10-15 goals,dont get me wrong im not expecting 4 and 5 nils but whens the last time we even looked capable of winning well

  36. SF Mate; Being too harsh on Eboue? Someday you will use the same words for Song, Diaby, Almunia and Co. I told you Eboue is not good enough for Arsenal 2 years before. I can’t even believe Wenger selects this no-brainer ahead of Vela and Wishere every week. I don’t want to hear anyone saying Arsenal has a “Youth Policy”. It does not make sense at all. Does it?

  37. @ ramugunner – Maybe harsh, but it was out of frustration. I’ll have a more ‘Spanish Fry’ take on things later.

    I almost regret making this post 🙁

  38. No regrets Mr. Fry. He is stupid, brain-less idiot. No doubt. It’s hard for you to say something like that to Arsenal players being the Manager of the Blog.

    For me, it’s easy. You know how much I curse some of my pet players like Eboue, Song and Co. Like I said earlier, they are an insult to the past Arsenal midfield.

  39. I have liked Eboue as a backup full back… Nothing else. I dont know why Wenger keeps stating him in midfield with Vela showing nothing but promise…

    Cant wait to see us Eduardo and Arshavin in action. This is the first time this season that the idea of the Uefa Cup has started to crawl into my head. Its still doable but it just got much harder…

  40. I can’t fault spanish, I said the same thing about Eboue when I saw what he did. I agree about Song though, thought he was good yesterday.

    Denilson on the other hand was pathetic, he seems a pace slower than anyone on the pitch, nvm Palacios getting the better off him, the thing that bugs me is Modric (a player Wenger said was too small built to play in EPL) shrug him off so easily. A lot of people flake Song off but to be fair he’s not a CM, he’s a centreback made to play midfield.

    But overall they did scrap through it. RVP gets my vote for improved player, he with Andrey and Dudu will make a very potent combination. All of them quite clinical finishers outside and inside the box. Hope this happens soon. Cheers all!!

  41. C’mon, see how much opportunity that we got because of Eboue..

    Okay, that’s a mistake from Eboue, but what we need less is a supporter to hate their own player 😀

  42. I don’t understand how so many people are saying that after every, single match and this is “Diaby/Song/Denilson/Eboue/Almunia aren’t good enough for Arsenal” Why don’t you guys watch the game! Song was inspired yesterday, seemed to be everywhere, breaking up attacks, he had a brilliant game. Almunia also was very good. I will concede that Denilson was rather average, just never really got his head in the game.

    As for Eboue, he was having a brilliant game, his runs where very penetrative and when he was on seemed the most likely to score or get an assits, he was the only one with any penetration at all which explains why he was playing really and why he is at Arsenal. The Red card however was terrible, what a clown… just no composure, I guess the atmosphere got to him.

  43. EBOUE ,just like van persie in the past, has developed a temper problem that in time and with maturity and support will learn to grow out of. As you all may know Eboue has been having a rough couple of weeks(booing from fans etc). Yesterday, Eboue visibly attempted to make a point to prove his worth and that he is ready to cement his place in the first team and in the hearts of the Arsenal fans. In the first few minutes leading up to his sending off eboue showed great heart and determination and (unless you are blind) a visible hunger to do what we all wanted arsenal to do BEAT THE SPURS OUT OF TOTTENHAM!!!! yes he made a mistake and yes he deserves the reproach but look at it this way he genuinely wants to prove himself lets give him a chance- He even turned down a chance to transfer to ‘greener pastures’ so that he could see arsenal flourish an possibly have a say in the route it takes to the TOP! FORGIVE AND FORGET MATES!!!!!!!

  44. I hate this guy so Bad that I nearly broke my brand new LG TV thinking I got Eboue.This Lunatic Ivorian must walk away and do what ever he wants to do but to see him in arsenal shirt I hated the prfessor(AW).He is gaining weight fast,he does not held Bacary Sagna,He looses the ball fast,just I can’t see a point to keep him.Get the hell out of Arsenal.He is costing us a lot.Lat week a he limped off to be replaced cause he knows he is not being like by evryone at Arsenal.

  45. well, it seems eboue wanted to prove that he deserves a place in the 1st 11, he played well and if not for the stupid ref, we would have been 1up b4 the end of 1st half.
    eboue screwed up bt no 1 shld crucify him, wat does denilson do anway. he lks fat n kips losing the ball as often as he gets it.am glad we have some new players comin up to add strength soon.

    bye bye 2 the CL,
    C U AT Europa cup.

  46. seems u all hate eboue,bt why, coz he got sent off. well atlist he’s the only 1 who tried severally at times alone 2 score. u pple cnt have really 4goten eboue n the CL b4, eboue is gud. why dnt u pple also teach the fans sm manners, tis no gud 2 boo a player,specially ur own, u make him lose confidence, n thats wat eboue was trying 2 reclaim. anybody wuld feel bad if jeered at.
    gv playrs spt, wonder if uwuld do any better if u were in the field.

    believe u wuld b more morons than he.

    go! eboue, go!, show em u made of tough skin.


  47. that was being dumb,had he shut up i get the feeling we would have made a difference in the game.Eboue please step up.

  48. Eboue if I ever met you in the street I would kick your fucking head in. How dare you treat us fans like mugs, saying sorry is just not good enough I hope you snap your leg in countless places and your career finishes forever I fucking hate you so much. I pay my money to go support THE ARSENAL and want to see our players give a fuck for the cause you BOY are just a muppet!


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