David Silva to Arsenal, anyone?

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I was going to spend some time writing about the Emmanuel Adebayor/Alex Hleb rumours today. But then I read The Man From East Lower’s latest post and realised he had already summed it up perfectly for me. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Since I last blogged three sides have progressed through to the semi-finals at Euro 2008 and three sides have gone out. Truth be told, the three sides that went through were the ones that I thought would be exiting.

Firstly a very defensive Turkey side unjustly overcame Croatia on penalties after an insane final minute of extra-time. Then Russia surprised everyone (except perhaps South Korean and Australian fans) by knocking out Holland 3-1 after extra-time.

Spain completed the semi-final quartet by beating Italy on penalties in what I thought was the worst game of the tournament so far. Cesc Fabregas scored the final penalty to finish off the Italians in a moment that every Arsenal fan – Spanish or otherwise – would have enjoyed. It’s easy to forget he’s just turned 21 when you see how confidently he stroked home the winning kick. Fantastic stuff.

On another note, I have to say I’d love to see Arsene Wenger make a move for David Silva after the tournament. I’ve always viewed him as a good prospect and he’s been arguably Spain’s best midfield performer in this tournament. He plays a bit like Tomas Rosicky and given the injury-prone nature of the Czech they could be rotated with great effectiveness. Loves to have a shot too, which would no doubt go down a treat with some Arsenal supporters. Let me know what you think.

So, the two semi-finals sees Germany take on Turkey and Russia playing Spain for the second time in this tournament. I’m very confident of Germany making it through and still see them as the most likely winners and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Guus Hiddink and Russia turn the tables on Spain and win that contest, especially if Andreii Arshavin and Roman Pavlyuchenko keep up their remarkable form.

Incidentally, those hoping for the former to join Arsenal will be disappointed to hear he fancies a move to Spain. Oh well.

Anyway, time for me to catch up on my sleep before the first semi-final. Have a good one.

Have your say on Euro 2008 or the Adebayor/Hleb situation (yawn) by leaving a comment.


28 thoughts on “David Silva to Arsenal, anyone?

  1. Silva was appalling last night, how he stayed on the pitch for the full two hours is beyond me.
    Not sure about him, are we not covered in that area (assumuing that Nasri comes in)?
    good blog, keep up the good work.

  2. I don’t agree, he was arguably, with Villa the best Valencia player of the year, and given their poor season, this player should be playing regularely Champions League football; he would provide width to Arsenal.. but I’d reckon Villa or Albiol would be better aquisitions.

  3. @ Galway Gooner – Hey, thanks for the kind words. I definitely don’t agree with you about Silva last night though. Against Italy he was the one trying his hardest to get shots in and put Buffon under pressure and he went close a number of times.

    In what way did you think he was appalling?

  4. god no not david silva – he gave away the ball away so many times last nit – iniesta had an indifferent game last nit i agree but silva was more helpful to the I talians then to his own team.

    He did have 1/2 decent on goal – and because of that he wasted so many more on ridicious attempts.
    The commentry team here in ireland ripped into the manager – called him a buffon and a moran, and probably going senile for picking silva, particularily when he was keeping cesc out of the side.

  5. @ arsenalviper – There is no way that Silva had a poor game in the way you are describing. He a few chances which he did fairly well with, but in no way were they “ridiculous”. C’mon man, considering that we don’t have a left winger who isn’t made of glass, or worse, crystal, he’d fit pretty well..

  6. what? what happened to villa last happenes to every one 4 arsenal villa is da hit an tha happens in football an life,arsenals stricking need alot of competition to deliver an work harder vila would do that

  7. the only difference btn him n Hleb is tat he’s left footed, and has a better looking passport!. we dont need him

  8. He is lightweight like reyes, he is a poorer version of rocky, cant shoot as well and also passes off shooting opportunities, enough of the pretty players with no end product please. Arshavin, Villa, Nasri, a DM and a CB please, asking for a GK would prob make AW explode, better now pawn us off with berto the 40year old, DM is a must as Flam F’d us.

  9. I agree Silva gave the ball away too often for my liking.

    He’s also a midget, and we have enough of those already.

    The same applies to Asharvin.

    We can afford to have 1 small striker, and possibly one or two smallish midfielders and fullbacks, but we lack height in CM and CB, so we can’t still bring in more small players, even if they are wide MF’s.

  10. The new DM according to many is Aaron Ramsey, so were covered there, we do need a CB, a winger would be great bonus!

  11. Sucks..Seems every week comes a player who wants to leave.what codswallop they are..Ade teaches me a lesson,the person who talks nicely to you will betray you sooner or later,so let’s see what Ade will do.

  12. What are you lot chatting about?????

    David Silva gave everything last night, he was by far 1 of spains most dengerous players!! If anyone should not have started it is Xavi, i dont know what all the fuss is about??

    Im sooooooo bored of speculation this year, its the same every year! At the end of the say wenger will bring in someone that none of us have heard of and he will be great!

  13. I think Silva is a solid young talent. I don’t think he played too bad though. Maybe I’m just biased but I felt the whole Spanish midfield really looked somewhat flat last night until Cesc came on. He really pushed I thought and looked to get involved in the box with or without the ball.

    That said I’m not sure Silva is what Arsenal needs right now. Sure he’s young is going to get better but I’m not sure we need another smallish player who hasn’t shown the ability to score.

  14. you guys are blind…
    silva was one of spains best players…he tormented the wing backs of italy..whom never went forward once so he was always marked…he was neat and tidy..he scores alot of goals..look at valencia in there championsleague campain where he scored a winner against inter and chelsea.

    he did the most running on the pitch…his neat and tidy..and best of all for arsenal is his left footed…anyways his too expensive for asrsenal and a big part of the valencia side so they wont sell him…

    you guys dont know much about football..everyone knows how italains play… they try to suck the life out of teams..there game plan was to sit back and maybe sneak a goal and frustrate spain…

    Silva is better then Reyes…

  15. I would still like us to get barry from villa cause he would be a replacement for viera that we never got and so badly needed as chelscum have lampard man-shitty has hargreeves and luckypool have gerrard. If ade does go and we can’t get cruz how about crouch as against us he has an awesome time imagine him with us. still need a rm as eboue isn’t good enough and walcott sadly enough is seen as a striker plus the likes of villa and arsharvin will all be out of our wage structure.

  16. There’s more chance of my granny signing for arsenal than david villa… and my granny’s been dead for 11 years. You can add arshavin to that list as well. It will be nasri and a centre half dunno who but it will be a cheapy!!
    If it was me it would be Zapata

  17. guys Wenger makes decisions that none of us can be able to predict. What happenened to Nasri? this is one of the decisions you canno predict. Dont be suprised if we dont get Nasri but have some 16 year old fellow instead.

  18. Silva is not afraid to take players on and works hard but in the final third he seems to run out of ideas and loses the ball a bit like Hleb when he started at Arsenal so there is room for improvement.I wouldn’t say he is a finished article.
    Nothing new at all at moment its all Hleb (his story is boring to death now) , Adebayor and Nasri. and none of it is official. Some news will be anounced very soon I beleive.

  19. @ butterfingers – Hahah.

    @ Le Gunner – New post up regarding Nasri. He claims the deal is done.

    If anyone speaks French check out the post and let me know what it’s all about!

  20. Silva is a good player but if we sign him it would remind me to much of reyes. Gives the ball a way too much. Not an Arsenal player for me.

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