David Dein Makes Shock Exit From Arsenal

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What impact will David Dein’s exit from Arsenal have on the club?It had been a great week for Arsenal fans with two good wins over Bolton and Manchester City and UEFA Champions League qualification all but assured. But things have gone a little bit sour with the shock news that Arsenal’s long-serving vice-chairman David Dein has left the club. Reports suggest that the reason behind this departure is that Dein was strongly in favour of pushing the influence of new major shareholder Stan Kroenke and utilise his large amount of riches, an idea that is not consistent with the traditional values of the rest of the Arsenal board.

Being someone who is more in tune with the football side of the Arsenal Football Club it would not really be appropriate or indeed accurate for me to comment in depth about how this situation has arisen or what impact it will have on the short- and long-term future of the club. So, for more information about David Dein’s exit from Arsenal I highly recommend reading this great article from The Telegraph.


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