Cross your toes for van Persie – Flamergas the best ever?

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One of the rays of sunshine from a underwhelming performance against Wigan was the return of Robin van Persie to the bench after an extended spell out with a spate of various injuries. While the Dutchman was far from his best when he came on for the last twenty or so minutes he showed enough to suggest that he will make a significant contribution to the side in the final period of the season, something Arsene Wenger commented on yesterday.

“He can make a difference. How much? I don’t know. He is desperate to come back and do well.”

Van Persie can make a big difference for ArsenalCan he make a difference? Definitely. Will he? I hope so. He’s such a class act, van Persie and he showed glimpses of that class on the bumpy Wigan pitch despite his shooting radar being way off target. It’s been a really awful season for him so far but if he can stay fit then I think he will have a big impact in the closing weeks of the season. 

There’s no doubt that Emmanuel Adebayor has done a stellar job and the likes of Eduardo da Silva and Nicklas Bendtner have filled in admirably but they are no substitute to having a fit van Persie in the side. He is, above all other Arsenal players, the one who can create something for nothing and in big matches against Manchester United and Chelsea his presence could make a huge difference. But only if – and it’s a big if – he can stay fit. I’ll be crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I can think of in the meantime.

One of the main reasons why van Persie can still make a difference in the hunt for both the Premiership and Champions League title is that the midfield combination of Cesc Fabregas and Mathieu Flamini has been so successful. While there is little doubt that last season’s central-midfield combination of Gilberto Silva and Fabregas did quite well there’s absolutely no doubt that the partnership that the little Spaniard and little Frenchman have forged this year has been even more effective. Indeed, it has been so good that the manager has proclaimed the pair as the best midfield partnership to play for Arsenal in his ten years of managing the club.

“Yes, this is the best partnership. Going forward they are technically good and very mobile. Before we had players with impact and now the players’ strength is in mobility. Maybe they are less physically strong in the challenge than Vieira and Petit but they have a good understanding and they cover each other well.”

All hail [insert name here]!Patrick Vieira was immense in his time, as was Emmanuel Petit, and the Vieira-Gilberto combination was able to get through an entire season, so that is an absolutely huge pat on the back for the boys from the manager. Is it correct? I’m not so sure.

In my decade-and-a-bit of supporting the club I’ve yet to see a central pairing work together as effectively as Fabregas and Flamini, yet I still think their partnership needs a little more longevity before I’d proclaim it as ‘the best’. However, the statement does speak volumes about the respect that the manager has for the pair and when you consider that Fabregas is only 20and Flamini just 24 there is still plenty of time for them to prove Wenger right.

In the meantime, is there a cool name we could give this best partnership ever? Flabregas? Fabmini? Flamergas? That last one sure sounds fiery. I like it.

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What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “Cross your toes for van Persie – Flamergas the best ever?

  1. I’ll prefer the FABMINI but FLAMERGAS is cool too.. Flame + Gas. I think RVP can play a very vital role in Arsenal to clinch the Doubles. His shooting ability is a plus to our squad and that depends on his ability to stay fit. COME ON ARSENAL!

  2. Flamstergas?
    Come on and Sign Dammit Flam!! We need you!!
    Whoot!! Im over the moon ATM!! Persies Back!! Tho i couldnt help laffing at Le Grove’s “RvP Watch”. Nice job both of you!!

  3. A fit and on form RVP will give such a lift to the rest of the team at this stage of the season and hopefully give the necessary boost to charge (with style and flair) towards those trophies. Whatever name we give the midfield class double act lets just hope it stays together (at Arsenal) for years to come.

  4. Great partnership and will go on to be best ever, if Flams signs new deal.

    Come on Flams, you know you wanna stay at the greatest club in the world.

    RVP different class and he’ll certainly give us that extra lift.

  5. My personal favourite was “Flabregas”. Genius.
    I’m quite certain that Wenger will tie up the new contract for Flamini in the near future. He has been nothing short of amazing this season, and Wenger will do what it takes to get his pen on that paper.
    Van Persie coming back can only be a good thing. The talent that he posesses is simply irresistible. I will be crossing every appendage I can think of too SF…
    I’d just like to add one point to the bottom of this – I love the invisible wall. I still love Gilberto Silva. How can you not? Sure, he’s been way off the mark this season, but he scored 10 goals last season and kept Arsenal together when Henry couldn’t. He’s copping so much from every corner these days, but it’s nice to see that SF has at least given him some recognition for his partnership with Fab last season. Stick with him guys. He’s vastly experienced, he’s a Brazilian international, and he’s Arsenal through and through. I’m am confident that he will find his feet eventually and show us a thing or two about loyalty and perseverance. That’s if he hasn’t tought us about those two things already….

  6. Fabs and Flaminal Planet are a great pair, but a bit more longevity(and the occasional trophy..) are needed to truly proclaim them our best midfield pair. The quality is there for sure.. Also, and no offense to the same-sex-oriented Arsenal supporters, I vote we dont have the word Flamer in the nickname for the pair..

  7. Robin Van Persie is the best. Remember what he did to Manchester United last season at the Emirates? I hav no doubt he’ll be up 4 it.

  8. Cesc and Flamini our a very good partnership but better than Vieira and Petit NO. They have won the trophies to seal their greatness.Why is Arsene making this statement now what next Adebayor better than Henry?

  9. Good point Gooner Don, they defineltley have the potential to be the best pairing but as you say they need to seal it with trophies.

    I think AW is just trying to give them confidence I’m sure he knows that they still have some way to go before they can be compared to Vieira and Petit, but I think they’ll get there.

  10. I prefer to call them simply Fab ‘n Flam.

    If RVP can get back to form though he could very well be the difference in the games against the “big” three. Hopefully he starts banging in those beautiful free kicks starting with Middlesborough.

    We need some revenge on the club that gave us our one loss.

  11. i like flabergas. because they when we take the titles we can use the phrase. ‘flabergas’ted!

  12. Although I came up with a few, I do like Fabrini. Maybe I’ll start a poll or something to see what people think? For now I think I’ll stick with Flamer-gas, heh heh.

    RVP will be a boost – as I said he looked classy against Wigan despite his ‘Row Z’ shots on goal. It will be interesting to see whether Wenger starts him this weekend or whether he’ll ease him in with a couple more cameos from the bench.

  13. I would say that he will be kept on the bench in reserve for at least one or two matches, then will be ready to be unleashed on Man U and Chelsea!
    Yep Definitely start a Poll – Who know’s what people might vote for. Maybe you should start a competition for the best name?

  14. Flabmini!!!!!Two words!World class but I guess to get some perspeective they need to win us some silverware first!I agree with RVP fan I think he will need some short starts off the bench for the next 2 games and even if RVP doesnt play I think the psychological effect of having our best striker back cannot be underetimated and I think this will spur us on till the season finale. RVP n Ade!Go on the arsenal!

  15. Watching RVP and Adebayor playing together against Chelsea and Manchester United will be awesome. I’m looking forward to it so much. You have Adebayor absolutely working his socks of and getting amongst it and RVP using his class to create the goals. It’s going to be great to watch – and a lot of United and Chelsea supporters will be worrying about that combination.

  16. No internet for me anymore. I hope they’re showing the games on fox!!!!

    I can’t wait to see rvp back in action.

  17. good blogman…would not like to comment anything about the players as i dont watch it live!..but would continue reading ur blog since am a arsenal fan!!!

  18. we will get liverpool in the champions league draw, in that week, the liverpool game is sandwiched in between and i just gots this feeling.

    do you think we can beat liverpool in the champions league, well for some reason rafa has a lot of luck in this comp

  19. i dont c hailing this partnership as the best by the manager as simply a pat on the back…it just aims at raising the bar(viera and petit no doubt the best ever) and letting the guys step up or minimalisticaly keep up the excellent work so far…how can u expect manager to say something like”…flamini and fabregas are gud but…” manager is doing evthing rite the whole season he has been superbly brave and audacious to keep faith in these youngsters..and winning the title will be the apt reward for such a tremendous job. 350 mil new stadium repayable in 30 years…upping the quality of football so tht tickets get sold so that the debt os paid off..keeping the buys in transfer market to a minimum while still being at the top of league with no moronic owner with just 10 games to go…it is breathtaking effort and decision making by wenger…” just the finishing touches to the season rests solely on the boys shoulders…common gunnerzzzzzzzzzzz…get the title and i will celebrate two bdays each year.

  20. Almunia
    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Arsenal 2-Boro 0

  21. Good day Arsenal & the rest of the world.Am Arsenal Great.One particular thing that excites me more is that the dutch man is back.what do you think about the combination of flamini & fabregas? it’s thee bomb.Am sure van perse is hungry to perform better than we have seen and just can’t wait to see him pick up and contribute to Arsenal.i do believe his presence is cardinal for the premier,uefa out for now.

  22. Gunnershabz I dont think you have anything to worry about.This season Aarsenal is a different animal altogether in the Champions league.I dont think any of the other Prem teams will want to play against us not having beaten us for 2 seasons!. And we r even better.Still on top without RVP for 20 games.His return couldnt come at a better time.

  23. Josh.. u better quit ur prediction.. it’s becoming the opposite everytime u make a prediction.. perhaps u should predict 0-2, and only then the result will favour Arsenal..

  24. Thanks for the nice comments!

    You have a great site and I’ve been enjoying your views since our blog link up!

    Keep up the good work Spanish Fry!

    I enjoy reading reports by real fans. I don’t want to read sanitised analysis from far away fans.

    It’s boring.

    I want to read how real people feel and you offer that which is highly commendable and refreshing from a fan who lives half way across the world.

    Keep up the good work sir!



    (P.S. If you are ever over here, drop me an e-mail if you need a ticket).

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