Cesc on the stress of Roma shootout

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Some cool comments from Cesc Fabregas about watching the penalty shootout against Roma at Tomas Rosicky’s house (http://tinyurl.com/cqsfl4). Funny, funny stuff.


8 thoughts on “Cesc on the stress of Roma shootout

  1. Nice one SF, cheers for the link!

    It’s weird though, I thought they would be watching it in Rome…?

  2. For those that can’t get the link to work, these are the comments:

    “I watched the game at Tomas Rosicky’s house, and I was nervous like you wouldn’t believe for the penalties.

    “I’ve never had to watch my team take penalties before, without being involved. Now I understand how the fans must feel at those moments.

    “I’ve been in a few penalty shoot-outs and when you are there you don’t really get nervous, because you are focused on the game.

    “Watching it on TV though, it’s unbelievable. Me and Tomas hardly spoke to each other because we were so tense. I couldn’t stay still during the penalties, and went crazy when we won.”

  3. cheers Spanish, that’s a good quote, made me smile =)
    I couldn’t watch the penalties, becuse I was watching on a stream and stopped watching after Eddy scored & they got their first. Every time i looked back, Roma had scored their penalty, so i decided it was better not to look!
    I went mad at the end though. Delighted.
    In the last week we have proved that we have the mental strength to pull through in hugely adverse conditions, as well as perform wonderfully against a far weaker Blackburn side.
    Looking foward to Hull tomorrow, I hope we can get the win. Also Arshavin seems to be tougher than one would think -http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/arshavin-desperate-to-face-hull-in-fa-cup
    – what a hero!

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