Cesc Fabregas celebrates Arsenal’s smashing win

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Arsenal 6, Blackburn 2. A wonderful illustration of Arsene Wenger’s philosophy. Well done lads!!

Get in there Cesc!

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35 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas celebrates Arsenal’s smashing win

  1. good damn, what a team!!!!
    this is close to their top potential, i believe.
    we haven`t played a bad game in the premiership yet( onlu 2 hurting results) keep this up and we`re unstopable

  2. Absolute class. Those guys had wenger’s anniversary and rosicky’s birthday at the back of their minds. A wonderful gift indeed.

  3. i njoyed the game very much and i was a bit happy wid the commitment showed by my favr8 Cesc. Fabregas…. i love it….

  4. 6 Different scorers today. 15 Different scorers since the start of the season. Vermaelen is the leading scorer so he was a great signing. Walcott is back. I am just a HAPPY GOONER today. WOW!!!

  5. I didn’t see the match, but I was lucky with the result, when I come home after the match. Six goals!!
    Peer Steen Hansen

  6. Sorry, I was happy with the result. Hope to see goals later and read more about the match.

  7. Missed the match as we had a gathering at Scallops in Javea (Costa Blanca), but my shout of joy on receiving the info from my sons in UK was enough to send for the Guardia Civil !! and a credit card transfer for a bottle of bubbly

  8. Cesc crashed them completely,that game was all about Cesc, i love the guy, please stay at arsenal Cesc for next year.Once again, Diaby wasnt up to the game, but the rest of the lads were fantastic, i told you guys abt the trio Arsha-Fab-Theo, it was just wondefull to watch, its been a long time i havent seen us play like we did today,hummm just having a deep breath.Regardless of the Dane’s goal, i have to admit that he was really good today(Even if he didnt score that goal), didnt really have that gud vision on the pitch as usual thou but his movement was really fantastic around the box, 4 times i saw him cutting thru in front of Rvp or at his back, i wish that The Dane could always play like that during the rest of the season.
    Now,my biggest concern is our defence,especially today, i beleive that every single Gooners must have said that something is wrong in our back line there, we cant afford to defend like we did today agst a top4 team. Theicehammer suggested yesterday an idea about putting Vermalen as a DM and putting Song at the back; To me, i think we better have both of them together as DM, which mean benching Diaby and buying an uggly TALL CB during winter transfer.Verma would make a very good partner for Song, Song is a 90% Defensive player so he can still stay at his Job, and Verma to me is not only a good defensive player to help Song on our midflied coverage but can also be a big support for our attack, left footed which can always bring problems for defenders, does have a very good and strong ball kick, does have a good jump which can win ball from the center midfld and in the box and finally he s been our top scorer so far this season!! why cant AW put him there.Ive just watched the LIV and Chelsea game (Chelsea 2-0) and I concluded that if Diaby would fall and loose the ball all the time agst a team like balckburn or Olympiakos, i beleive that this lad would really struggle agst a team like Chelsea or Liv.We’re really going to struggle agst Chelsea or any top4 team if we still have him in our mdfld cos i just think that their mdfld dont really mess around, not only they are all experienced and talented players but they are all agressive.We need a strong mdfld player like Verma to compete agst these guys in the midfld and all of us know that the midfld is key to break down these guys.i know that Le boss’s idea is to have Diaby as a player who would attract defenders cos of his talented move and dribble which is totally right but in the PL,being talented isnt enough but you also need to be very strong and bold.

  9. Thers only one Arsene Wenger what vision and what a great way to play, I dont care if we conceed lets just score more, sublime performance by cesc and Van Persie is looking every inch a world class player,Highburyfan you really do not understand football at all, our game is way beyond your comprehension, we play the way others can only dream of.

  10. today really showed the difference between the late toure and the now vermaelen. when kolo conceeded his head dropped and his confidence did. what does thomas do? he steps it up a gear goes on the attack and scores a peach any striker would be proud of and got us right back in there. its the never say never mentality we have been lacking. a real leader. this guy has exposed toure as a weak defender. dont get me wrong toure was amazing but the malaria and acn did him over. all those who laughed at me for backing vermaelen i guess the uncle got the last laugh again. van persie scored again great. fab scored great and 4 assits in 1 game. the record in the premiership or shall i say his record is 17. he will beat that. lets say 25 assits and 10 goals is what i think cesc could do this season, am i getting carried away?. also

  11. Well what a sparkling display from the AFC this afternoon – and I know defensively we were not at our best. But what I wanted to say is I’m so so happy that football won this afternoon. I know there are many variants how to play the game but that stone age ‘hoof the ball as far as you can’ ugly ugly football that Big Sam favours has been totally crushed by ‘The Beautiful Game’ deployed by Arsene’s boys today. The irony is that BRFC can actually play. Indeed when they tried for the one and only time I can remember in the first half they scored. (Bet Big Sam rollocked them at HT for that one)Football is a beautiful game but the anti-football Samuel uses is sooooo 1980’s and I for one am delighted he was embarrassed this afternoon. Even Div 2 teams do not play that way and if we had gotten 10 there could have been no complaints. (22 shots 17 on target tells its own story) On a final note anyone else agree Cesc gave a Master Class this afternoon – 4 assists and one goal. Tackling, supporting the forwards, Spraying passes long or short. Weight of pass (two come to mind one to RvP clipped over two defenders that he should have buried and the delicate flick to Theo for his goal)The kid has it all and displayed it today. Very well done Arsene and your team for a footballing feats this lunchtime.

  12. “We can do better – this was just another game in the race for the title”. Cesc Fabregas.
    Don’t think I can really add to that. Quality.

  13. Anyone see that Viera was at Stamford Bridge? Strange he was there watching that rather shit game of football.

  14. hummm,it was avery fantastic come back from the gooners after blackburn taking adouble lead-ithink they now know how risky is it to read agame when you are not prepared to win it.
    Credit should go to cesc, arsha,and song the wallcott-what acombination in the gooner team!!!

  15. all we need now is consistance both in scoring and wins…but believe me you tha goal foe TV5 was a cracker,thumbs up vermerlean

  16. I said it just before, you can mention a lot of names for this game, but reading the comments I thing most would agree that Fabregas was man of the match and that is more significant in that game than in another, so I try to write my thoughts during the game:
    the first was a small shock, though it was remarkable, because a little bit curious from Blackburn, keeper, header, goal, very simple, and a cold shower for Mannone, indeed, I stayed confident, it was 4 minutes and I couldn’t imagine Arsenal would break down because of this, but of course you had to swallow, then there was the right reaction, they seemed determined and a little bit angry, but didn’t lose their heads, Rosicky seemed sometimes a little bit overmotivated, but he too showed some world class crosses, then the relief when Vermaelen did his stirke, unbeleavable that he is a defender, he has quite a good shot technique too, I would say, what a type, crasy, I thought, I calmed a little bit down inside of me, and Arsenal too slowed down their aggressivity one gear I felt, you got the confident back, they would make it, all went well, the dominated, but the goal fell on the other side again, again with a struck of luck and couriosity, I think Gallas tried to block a shot and it deflected into the corner with Mannone on the wrong food, again he could only shake his head I think, and you had to swallow twice, I didn’t get nervous, but I got the feeling things would go against Arsenal, it came the right reaction again, they stayed focused and showed determination, fortunately a quick level came, who was the second?, I think van Persie, great pass from Fabregas I think, and van Persie broke through the defence line, no offside, and I prayed: do it! and he did! typical striker finish but not for granted, accurate finish, Henry-like I would guess, (I saw him too in the stands with his family I guess, sympathical guy), again relief and a kind of satisfaction, I felt as if there lied a wild determination in these equalizers, and as if they needed to shoot their frust of their souls, I felt in this way, and the Arsenal storm went on, though the story seemed to go on in that beginning way too, I think, then came the incident with Vermaelen and the penalty claim, I think you couln’t have complained with a penalty decision, but this time a little bit luck for Arsenal cause the referee had bad sight I would say, would they have levelled a third time? but the answer was clear then, I think it was nearly the direct return of that incident when .. who was the third? I think Shava, nearly same goal like the one from van Persie I think, fired home a break through with a initial pass from Faby I would think, can’t remember exactly, but accurate finish, like van Persie before, there were more chances of course, you could have get the fear, that they would be punished for not have taken them, but the tide had turned, halftime it was 3:2 I think and the confidence grew, I was nearly a bit exhausted of such an exciting first half, asked myself if I could stand a second in that way, as to Fabregas, he was excellent indeed, the right passing, and I think he managed the tempo of the game brilliantly, every player got his chance, and he dirigated, but of course he himself got his chances too, and there seemed to be a knod, it was the third time the bar? I don’t know exactly, but I couldn’t believe it any more that his shots were denied so narrow to the target, but even his knot was cut, and excellent shot from outside the box, volley, outstanding, you can’t praise all the goals, it was really too much for one game, and afterwards they had their flow, though Blackburn even came to one great chance again, but they answered always with a goal then, the tide has turned, I mentioned it already, Walcott and Bendtner added one, I think one counter attacking goal and Bendtners? can’t remember, haven’t seen the video yet, a great shot I would think, important for the players not so much in that game, but to kill things off, it was outstanding, so this were my thoughts :thumbleft:

  17. I watched the match in my living room with delight. I do not know what to do with Bendtner. If there had been a goal draught yesterday, the two clear chances he lost would have haunted us. Diaby is almost a lost case. I just pray Le Boss “sees” what all fans know and gets a DM in the winter window. I pray that Almunia does not recover before winter window ’cause Manone is doing a better job. Did you guys see Thiery in the stands? What an opposite when compared to Adebayor.

  18. Sorry, lest I forget; can you remove Toure’ picture (the band on top of the blog page)from the blog? Though he is more tolerable than Adebayor. H/ever, since he now wears blue, it would be appropriate to post a recent picture of a goal celebration. Sorry,just a passionate Lagos Nigeria fan.

  19. Certainly i am not surprised at all by this performance, but what I would like to recognize is the winning attitude our players have adopted and the strong feeling of not to loose any game. I think this is what the team used to lack and if it continues like this,it will take us to championship. I also would like to appreciate the attitude of Van persie. He looks so determined to fight to the end, he is indeed a wonderful boy,bigup men!

  20. how comes u guys aren’t mentioning the outstanding performance of the blackburn keeper?were it not 4 him,i think everyone in arsenal would have his name on the socresheet including Diaby lol!we missed so many other chances especially coz Black burn seemd tired and they had given up in the closing minutes of the game.

  21. HI i just want coment abit about sunday game it was quiet enjoyble game, why Rosicky taken off instead of Diaby.

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