Cesc and Vermaelen rewarded with PFA selection

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Cesc Fabregas and Thomas Vermaelen have been rewarded for their outstanding performance for Arsenal this season with selection for the PFA Team of the Year for 2009/10.

Fabregas developed from one of the world’s brightest starlets into a fully fledged star, contributing 15 goals and a equal league-high 15 assists from just 27 Premiership games over the course of the season. He has been the heartbeat of an Arsenal side that has exceeded expectations to (most likely) finish third, scoring some brilliant goals, converting crucial penalties and guiding the side from his new position as captain.

Vermaelen has been outstanding in his first season of English football adding aggression, strength and leadership to a defence that has struggled in recent seasons. He played more minutes than any other Arsenal player before a calf injury ended his season a little while ago and also impressed with his distribution from the back and a happy tendency to find the net, scoring seven league goals.

Both players absolutely deserved to make the PFA Team of the Season and they deserve our congratulations. Personally I thought Alex Song was a little unlucky to miss out on the second central midfield spot to Darren Fletcher, but given that Mathieu Flamini was also harshly denied in 2007/08 despite a spectacular season, it didn’t surprise me.


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36 thoughts on “Cesc and Vermaelen rewarded with PFA selection

  1. In the 1930s and 1940s, Phyllis Dixey was a “stage artist”, of whom it was said “seldom have so many paid so much to see so little”, suggesting that there was more “tease” than “strip” to her, er… performances. Those of us attending Saturday’s end-of-season fare had good cause to remember her unfulfilled promises to get her kit off. According to MOTD stats, Citeh achieved a “Nelson”: 1 corner, 1 shot off target, 1 shot on target. I cannot remember the latter, so perhaps I’d already nodded off. Citeh’s owners must be wondering how many more gazillions they’ll need to “spend, spend, spend” to even get close to the world domination that’s been arrogantly predicted from within. Some years ago a group of Japanese thought they’d bought Tower Bridge; maybe these more-money-than-sense merchants thought they’d bought United, not City.

    It was lovely to see again PV4 (now PV24), albeit briefly, although it must be said he is a shadow of his former self. Arsene was surely right not to re-sign him when speculation was rife. The only reason Barndoor prepared for his own entrance with cheers ringing in his ears was because of the impending exit of this Gooner legend that he was replacing. As others have already noted, he looked ridiculous, frankly; my god-daughter may look cute in ponytails, he most certainly does not. Call me biased.

    The battle for fourth is a fascinating tussle, with Villa and the Spuds both visiting Eastlands in May. Obviously we Gooners all want Villa by a process of elimination, but only the few who think with their heads rather than their hearts will be supporting [not quite the word I was after, but you know what I mean] the Spuds on 5th May. Of course one does not relish the prospect of Sp*rs playing in the Champions League (qualifying round), but if Citeh prevail, they’ll be able to attract more world class mercenaries to their cause this summer and beyond, to the obvious detriment of Arsenal. Be careful what you wish for, fellow Gooners. By the way, Liverpool fans face a quandary next weekend. They must beat Chelski to maintain even the faintest of hopes of retaining CL status but to take anything from the game will virtually hand their hated Manc rivals their 19th domestic title, eclipsing Liverpool’s own long-held record. Oh!, the angst of it all.

    Even though Fabianski was under-employed, one still felt nervous when he was asked to clear a back pass. Szczesny’s promotion cannot come soon enough, as I keep boring anyone who will listen (as well as those who won’t). So it was encouraging to read an Arsene piece on the official website late last week wherein he stated that the younger of the two Poles – by exactly five years to the day, please note – will be his long-term number one. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll also have gleaned that Arsene has also dropped huge clues that he will extend his contract beyond next summer.

    And finally, as they used to say at the end of That’s Life… ‘Er Indoors did the Marathon yesterday. She proudly showed me her medal, which states it was the 30th Anniversary of the Event. Loads of Ballacks. It was the 30th running, the first being in 1981. Such people probably also celebrated Millennium Year 12 months too early in 2000, rather than the correct 2001.

  2. Ian i certainly hope Wenger wont renew his contract. i said to my mate before the spurs game i could not see us winning another game of the 5 remaining although i thought wigan was our best opportunity and we all know what happened there. sat performance was dismal and again showed the shortcomings that we have but our manager will not see. he is quoted today to say that eufa restrictions on foreign players will affect is signings but he also said there is not much wrong with the squad possibly one or two additions. he remains stubborn and blinkered about the ability of several players who are not good enough to wear the shirt,i will remind you again,almunia,fabiansky,denilson,silvestre,rosicky,edwardo,vela and bendtner in my opinion is no more than a squad player and should not be considered next to vp in our stiker division. does aw believe that chelsea,manu,man c,spurs,l/pool will not improve their squad.it looks as though we will scrap in 3rd but as we require a gk,2 cbs,a def midf,and at least one striker we will not be challenging for honours with wengers policy and we will probably struggle to achieve a top 4 position.i despair with aw and the pathetic board we have,noone requires our club to trade beyond its means but every year its the same old crap,the team is a year older and will improve,no arsene they wont and for a man of your intelligence i am so frustrated at your continued a\ttitude which i do not support. i will renew my season ticket but only because i love the club but cannot see any trophy seasons with our present manager.

  3. Guys, this post is about Cesc and Vermaelen and any other players that could be considered for the Team of the Season. Let’s not go down this path…

  4. At the end of the day though we need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

    I believe there is mitigating circumstances as to why we havent one anything for that period. I’ll be short and sweet and I’ll list a few reason’s.

    – Injuries

    – We have moved to a new stadium. Look at how teams like Southampton, Manchester City and Sinderland fared whilst moving.

    – Injuries

    – Chelsea have, during the last five years, had the best team in their history with the help of Roman Abramovich. And spending an absolute fortune that we cant compete with.

    – Barcelona for the last couple of years have had the best season’s in their history which is some statement when you think about it.

    – Both the above at a time when we have to cut our clth accordingly

    – Team’s were spending like there was no tomorrow but the short term gain : Pompey winning The FA Cup even United’s big spending will lead to long term pain.

    – In the case of United though, love him or hate him – when he quits people will realise how good Ferguson is. 11 League title’s and 2 Champions League’s and others.

    – With the execption of Real Madrid, the team’s that spent the most money last Summer have gone the furthest in this years Champons League.

    – We have been Runners-Up in the UEFA Champions League, the Football League Cup and The FA Community Shield in that period.

    – If you look at were we have finished in the Premier League/Premiership, we have either finished in an appropriate position all considered (injuries and bad luck) or overachieved.

  5. NOOOO

    We will be hearing the same excuses next season,Injuries,New stadium.The truth is when we get injuries the back up players are not good enough,We dont have a keeper.And no team that has to play Almunia/Flappy banghead Silvestre banghead ,Eboue banghead ,Denilson banghead ,Diaby banghead and Bendtner banghead will NEVER win anything.And if Cesc leaves…………………

  6. You need to consider some points about english football:

    1. LFC owners don’t own lease for new ground site: implication, they won’t build it.
    2. Torres ‘might need to not play in EPL as he might become a cripple’ – I’m off in the summer?
    3. Rafa ‘may get an offer he can’t refuse’ from Italy. Taking Torres with him?
    4. Rooney ‘may not play in the World Cup’ (the US would like that). A story he personally denies this morning.
    5. England 2018 bid ‘may be eclipsed by Russia’ (any alliance with the US depends on you doing as you are told) – any more threats from you and we’ll side with Roman, not you.
    6. ‘Many EPL clubs may be bought by middle east/Indian businessmen who will pile debts onto the clubs’ (if you think it’s bad now, this is what I could do to you)
    7. Lady Bracewell-Smith will sell her shares to an East European billionaire (not too many of them are nice people and gambling is endemic in eastern European football) – the ‘if Arsenal weren’t a gambling club before, they soon will be’ threat…..

    I don’t know much about horse racing, Mr Attwell, but I know that races were fixed at Royal Ascot in more than one year. And the folks promoting Cheltenham alluded to that in the papers too……you either accept it or you don’t I guess. If you can read the signals, you can make safe profits. If you can’t, you’ll be a mug. I hope St Nicholas Abbey is really as good as they say he is. Great if so. Wouldn’t want a big fix on him ‘doing the Triple Crown’ just for media headlines and some Paddys making a fortune backing it and fixing it at the same time……..that’s not racing, that’s farce.

    Look at ludicrous decisions in an Ireland-England international and Guscott saying ‘that’s a disgusting decision’, after the ref upstairs clearly made a bent decision. None of the Irish players cared afterwards.

    Look at the penalty yesterday against Birmingham. Well you say, what about the one they got 2008 against us. Tit for tat and all that. But that one yesterday was a shocker. Not much better at Goodison. The Man Utd second one on Saturday wasn’t too good either. I guess Chelsea negated that by winning 7-0. Hopefully that was fair and square. Just a bad day at the office for Stoke, eh?

    I’d be seriously surprised if match fixing didn’t happen here. Seriously surprised.

    But Mr Murdoch now has Sky in Spain and Italy, so his next tactic will be to play them off one against the other and anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass doesn’t get the money.

    What we need to ask is: is this still football? Football we will shell out thousands for?

  7. No I think Wenger is mentally ill? Some of the things he does and says just make no sense. For example, Friday’s news conference:

    – We have been un-lucky in the last 3 games (Barcelona, Spurs and Wigan..???)
    – The attitude of the team is good. If we continue this attitude we will be ok this season…
    – Fabianski will be a world-class keeper…
    – Please do not incite Ade…

    Before that:

    – Arsenal are the only team of the top four that are on the way up.. (I accept Chelsea, but Man U have got far more established youngsters than us)
    – The substitutions at Wigan
    – Blaming everyone but the players when we get a poor result.
    – Failing to see that we have a Goal-keeping crisis.

    I could go on.

    The man who seemed to have everything in full control during the glory years, seems to be showing the strain. I think he has all the symptoms of a stress dis–order.

  8. Not that I’m against Chamakh, but do we really need this type of player? Do we need another guy that links play well therfore in the mould of a team player? I think we need a poacher, David Villa although too expensive, would be ideal. We need somebody that if we give him the ball he will bury it in the back of the net. We need a striker to be greedy. Of course, there’s no telling that Chamkah could be converted into this sort of player but I’m just giving food for thought guys. Also, in the Daily Mail Wenger quoted that the Emirates stadium prevented him from buying players that where needed but now the club is in a much stronger position financially he is ready to “buy the players we need.”

  9. Delighted to see the Verminator in the Team of the Season, as chosen by his fellow professionals. He really has been a breath of fresh air and what a fantstic purchase by the boss.

    Cesc deserves his slot and it’s great that he has improved season after season – this is further evidence of this fact. Can he get any better? I think so!

    But as for Vermaelen, I hope that next season he puts in the same commitment and effort that won us all over instantly. A few more sensational goals won’t hurt his reputation either! It’s early days, but he is a candidate for future Arsenal captain. Well done TV.

    Andy, don’t be surprised to see Song in the team next year…fingers crossed!

  10. With the announcement of the clubs financial value, the inflation of player price by the Chavs, Madrid e.t.c and with this being a world cup year, the club will have to pay through the noise to sign any player of known quality. WHY?

    Its simple, Everyone in the world of football now knows what Arsenal FC are looking for in this summer transfer market

    We don’t spend more than £15mill on a player and more than £30mill every summer, so curb your expectations because an international level Goalkeeper, Defender/s and or a DM would cost us way more.
    Hope Arsene finds more “Vermaelens” because “Melos” are out of our reach lest I be proven wrong by the Board’s and Arsene’s new found desire to win trophies.

    “Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today” we had the chance to improve our squad at a reasonable price.

  11. Look how many current City players made it? For all their millions, no City player except perhaps Tevez, stands out.

    (realise Hart is a on-loan City player).

    Going by fantasy football performances, Lampard should have been in there – pretty much consistently good though not exactly eye catching. Probably did more than Milner though.

  12. Andy – perhaps a suggestion for a though-peice. Would be interested in hearing your views “Which goalkeeper should Arsenal go after? Should Arsenal try buy Joe Hart?”

  13. Yes the defeats against Wigan and ***** have hurt our feelings.

    The reaction from some fans was to sell the whole squad and buy a whole new team. Certainly after those 10 minutes disaster those fans had nothing but bad words for the team. And yes the performance could be criticised and this was a major blow to our last title hopes and also for the way it happened.

    But as it is not yet the transfer period the solution proposed by some fans (get rid of those ***** ) was not an option. Yeah we could have put a team on with some players on crutches like Cesc and Ramsey, fill them up with a centre back pairing on one leg. We could have risked Arshavin and made sure he wasn’t going to play for us anymore this season.

    We could have played our Carling cup team against City like we did in the Carling cup. But most of those players are out on loan for the moment, so again not an option. We could have played our youth team which is a very young side but could you imagine those angry fans seeing such a team out against the likes of Vieira, Tevez, Kompany and Touré?

    So Wenger did what any normal person does when he faces a crisis with his players. He goes back to the training ground, talks with them, points out what went wrong, who did or didn’t do what he was supposed to do. And he tells his players to learn from their mistakes and to make up for them.

    Moral maybe low after 2 defeats and with the coming of Manchester City many fans even started to fear for us finishing 4th. Yes and the coming of Manchester City was not the easiest job to be done this weekend. City who has spend millions if not billions on players in the past season and the seasons before. So we had to face a team that in transfer money paid more for one player than we did for almost our whole team.

    It would be interesting if someone has the exact transfer sums of the team that was out for us on Saturday and compare that with the City team on the field. I think their transfer sums in total would be some 7 to 8 times higher than ours.

    But was City worth that money? Were they 7 to 8 times better than our “useless bunch of no goods”? Well that so expensive team managed to have 1 (one) shot on target in 90 minutes, 1 (one) shot off target in 90 minutes and 1 (one) shot blocked in 90 minutes.

    And don’t forget according to some of our own fans City played against a useless team. So is our team, that lost to Wigan, that bad?

    No, they are not. They were just a group of players who knew they had screwed up big in the last game and one thing was sure and on their minds: this will not happen again. And yes we didn’t play our best football, but don’t forget we played against a team that could have been ours if our manager would have been willing to risk the future of The Arsenal for ever. Didn’t some of you said we should have bought all those players ourselves because “We are The Arsenal and we must buy them whatever the cost may be”?

    I have said it many times before, a team that can learn from their mistakes, a team that is willing to work harder after a defeat is a team that has a future. We did all this on Saturday and if there was one team that should have won the game it should have been us.

    So our useless, crap and cheap team not only held the Moneychester City team to a draw, no we also didn’t give them any chances even to threaten our goalkeeper. They even outfought our former captain in this game. I think both Diaby and Song showed they can win physical battles against one of the most physical players in the EPL over the last 10 years.

    So do we sell those players and tell them they are useless? No, I will tell them to keep hard working and with the hard work will come the reward.

    When the season is over and all the players will look back at this season they will realise more how close they have been and they will also realise what went wrong in some games. And because they are young, they will have the chance to put things right in the next seasons.

    The fact we are young is our biggest advantage we have and if the football gods would spare us a bit more from injuries then we will be unstoppable in the very near future.

    And if I may add: if the football gods would have spared us from injuries like Van Persie, Cesc, Denilson, Song, Vermaelen and Gallas in those crucial games in the last weeks we would have been right there with the other 2 teams that will decide the title race. About that I have no doubt in my mind.

  14. at least we have two stars.we need two top defenders,two top strikers,two top wingers to replace some players who are past their peak

  15. some people need to calm down the media is making a mockery of you, people diss the anti wenger lot for believing the media but yet do the same when a player apparntly said something. like i said before proberly misquoted like hell, if ashavan did say nowt just google his name and go to his website he puts everything there

  16. @kiki,
    i take exception to your statements about the ‘paddys’ fixing horse racing, if it is happening, and in high profile english race meetings you can be sure fixing isnt exclusive to the irish.
    You begin your meandering argument by saying you know nothing about horse racing then end the same paragraph with ‘thats not horse racing….thats farce’…..well as you confessed, how do YOU know???
    As far as the rugby goes youve got your fair share of decisions down through the years and just because Jeremy Guscott calls something a disgrace it doesnt make it so, especially when hes not a nuetrel to begin with.
    Even with those things taken into account iv no idea what bearing your paranoid and unfounded allegations have to do with the current state of Arsenal Football Club…….with horse racing a jockey or trainer can influence a horse to lose but it cant make it go faster if there is a better or luckier horse in the race, so fixing is still a gamble heavily dependant on luck, unless your paying off the other possible 20 jockeys in the race…..alot of money changing hands there eh mate??and its all kept under wraps by the media? The same media who never highlight the diving and potty mouths of Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard.
    So how can a high profile 20 team league with relegation and financial safety hanging in the balance be fixed??
    You have all our attention mate…..

  17. @shambo, where you been mate. Whats going to appen next season with the young players out on loan. Who do you think will get into the team or will Wenger disgard them all for real proven talent.
    What do you think bout all the ammers team being put up for sale. Do you think Arsene could use any to strengthen the squad.

  18. @ice,
    I came back on to yesterdays blog to respond to you mate and ended commenting again today……i left you a response yesterday.
    Like i said before pal i would love parker but dunno about the others really,im at a loss to talk about who we need since i heard quotes from Wenger today saying he doesnt see the need to really strengthen with the players weve got. Now with any other manager that might mean we will sign few but quality, but with this guy its appeasing us fans for a few months till the storm blows over and it will be back to signing unknowns and bargains.
    I ask you this ice, would Wenger be breaking the bank to sign Chamakh if he were under a four year contract mate? No way pal its pure meaness again because hes on a free and represents value but value might not necessarily represent the quality we need going forwards.
    Am glad your crowd stayed up and i hope zola gets another crack man. Who would you like to keep out of the current squad?? Surely youd keep upson,cole,parker,green,behrami and diamanti and rebuild from there?

  19. @shambo, everyone you underlined except upson, he is just far to slow and does not love the club enough.
    As for Chamakh, not sure it the answer to your problems up front. He looks to play to much football instead of taking any sniff of a chance available. You need a killer. Wenger likes his players to be able to play in 4 or five positions.

  20. @shambo, just watch yr clips of the players arseing around. Spotted a couple of world class gunners now gone onto pastures new. P and G that is. Has Wenger replaced them yet. they might cost im the stadium

  21. If you look at our final position (assuming we get 3rd) and you would say that we have improved. What would be interesting is to go through the playing personnel and see which ones over performed, under performed and ones the jury is still out on. By my reckoning, it shows that we rely too heaviliy on a few key players and too many are make weights. For what it’s worth here’s my assessment.

    Over performers: Cesc, Vermeulen, Gallas, van Persie (and that’s based on 11 games before he got injured!), Song, Campbell (about 5 games), Ramsay

    Under performers: Almunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Silvestre, Rosicky, Walcott, Nasri, Eduardo, Vela, Traore

    Not sure (or bloody inconsistent!): Arshavin, Diaby, Eboue, Sagna, Bendtner, Mannone, Eastmond, Merida

    Once those key players got injured we were buggered. The others did not step up to the plate when it counted.

    Am prepared to give Arsh the benefit of the doubt as to make him centre forward in the absence of RVB, Bendtner and eduardo was optimism of the highest order! I still reckon he can be the business if he has RVP and someone like Chamakh up front as well.

  22. Barca Dumped out of CL by inter. What an shame. But to be fair inter where the better team on both the leg.

  23. i told you all a motivated team with a game plan would knock them out….well done mourinho and inter.
    I didnt want to see that prat busquets in a CL final anyway…..diving and peeking through his hands to see what the refs reaction was….a tosser of the highest order

  24. What a player Maicon is,if only we could sign him. Cesar would be a more likely signing,especially if Mourinho leaves inter. I thought Lloris looked a bit average lastnight. Ibrahimovic must be the most over rated player i’ve ever seen.

  25. It was nice to see two Arsenal players make the team of the year. But I can’t help but feel that Gallas deserved a place more than Vermaelen. While I like Thomas, I think he makes bad decisions and gets caught out too often. It’ll get ironed out eventually. Gallas is probably the best defender in the league and had an amazing season. But he didn’t score as many goals so he doesn’t make it. Bah!

    And I think it’s a bit rich that they made the team of the year a 4-4-2 when Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, and Man Utd all use other systems quite often.

    Here’s mine:

    GK – Hart
    RB – Ivanovic
    CB – Gallas
    CB – Dunne
    LB – Cole
    MF – Milner
    MF – Fabregas
    MF – Malouda
    FW – Tevez
    FW – Drogba
    FW – Rooney

    Couldn’t find a place for Bellamy or Valencia. Hmph.

  26. This thread proves very few gunner fans are interested with players getting PFA’s rather than winning something!!

    Congrats Fab n Verma, u guys have been our key players…….n not to mention Song….he was awsome!!

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