Celebrate good times – Arsenal and Fabregas are back!

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Cesc is back!Woo-fecking-hoo – Arsenal is back. An International Break as dull as my 9th grade English teacher is over and that means it’s time to return to the real football. Oh, how I’ve missed it.

Unfortunately the “break” has seen us lose three key players to injury – Robin van Persie, Abou Diaby and the freshly crocked Eduardo will all miss out – while Samir Nasri and Carlos Vela are not fit to start due to illness and fatigue respectively. With Nicklas Bendtner being made available it means he’ll likely partner the returning Emmanuel Adebayor up front instead of Eduardo, while Theo Walcott is also back in contention for a place.

Oh, and Cesc Fabregas is back too. 

That’s right, our little pseudo-spitting captain and heart and soul of the Arsenal Football Club will play his first game since having his knee clunked by Xabi Alonso back in December. I’ve included an exclusive video outlining exactly how I feel about his return. You can view it here.

On a serious note though, I honestly think that Arsene Wenger will start Fabregas in the middle and he’s likely to complete four-man midfield combination of Denilson, Andrey Arshavin and Emmanuel Eboue. Suggestions are that Nasri will pull up just short while the manager is likely to ease Walcott back in a little more carefully than Fabregas given his consistent recent injury problems.

It will be interesting to see the impact that Cesc makes on the side, particularly given the fact our excellent form going into the International Break. There will be many fans hoping that the captain’s return takes us to the next level and while he might just do that in some of the big games we have coming up, I suspect the Manchester City game will be used more to ease him back into the side. We have enough proven game breakers available in Arshavin, Adebayor and Bendtner to not need to rely on Cesc this weekend and hopefully that will allow him to subtly make his mark.

Given that our goal in the league is essentially to finish fourth and our nearest rivals Aston Villa are likely to drop points against United, this is not strictly a “must-win” encounter. However, the lure of creeping up to third or even second and the underrated need to maintain momentum means the boys should be giving it their all to beat a Manchester City side that are quite frankly hopeless on the road. 

I think we might put a few goals past them and I sincerely hope we do. Come on Arsenal!

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32 thoughts on “Celebrate good times – Arsenal and Fabregas are back!

  1. @SF Shame but like a lot of sites utube is banned in Turkey.
    It will be great to get Fab back in the side, lets hope he can as you say takes us to the next level. As we all know he wasn’t at his best before the injury but having 4 months out will hopefully have recharged his batteries and he will be raring to go. I can see us going back to the slick passing that was evident last season when we were dominating games and heading the table. Lets hope this is the case.

  2. What happend to Eduardo? What now? Aaaargh. Why do u sound so excited by the adebayor bendy patnershp. Its the worst ptnshp ever! + i badly need rosicky!

  3. Feck oath, this may not be a “must-win” but it’s a “must-not-lose” we need that 50 DVD to be released. Also yaaaay football! That isn’t Azerbijan vs Bratislava

  4. SF,

    I can’t agree with you about this game not being a must win. Every game through to the end of the season is a must win. We cannot rely on other teams dropping points, fourth place is in our hands and only winning every match will guarantee our final position.

  5. I also agree with @Johno that every game is a must win at this point.Remember we have three games with the top three still to come and you never know.We are safer winning all matches against the smaller teams and hope for the best against the top three.What if Villa get a result against ManU this weekend?It will put pressure on us to also get a result against ManU in the second last final game of the season at the theatre of nightmares (as liverpool turned it into a few weeks ago) which might be a tall order depending on the league standings then

  6. im saddened by Dudu’s abscence,one thing i respect about him,even if he was sidelined coz of injury for 2yrs,he would still come back and score!!!!with Captain Fab and Walcott,things are tres promising.go gunners

  7. this is defo a must win, we still have to play Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United and i really dont think we will get 9 points from them and although Villa will surely drop points v United, im sure we will drop points, too so we need to get as many points infront as possible.

  8. In his defence, SF said it is ‘not strictly’ a must win. Of course, every game is must win nowadays, especially in the position that we are in this season. And ideally, we would like to win every game. But technically if we lost this one it would only mean that the remaining games become ‘must win’ games.

    Let’s hope it doesnt come to that and we can get three points against City. That would mean there is less necessity to come away against man u and liverpool with six points. We don’t want it to come down to the wire Mr. Wenger, if possible.

    Shame about Eduardo’s set-back. I hope Ade is ready and focused. If he steps up a few gears now he could really make our season. I think I’m speaking for many people who read this blog when I say that he isn’t our first choice striker anymore – but he still has time to change that back, starting tomorrow.

  9. this game is a must win for us. we cannot afford to lose now.
    fancy arshavin and fab playing together. GO ARSENAL!

  10. Good post SF, a lil correction thou on the must win word, i just see that you and I are actually having the same feeling as for the first time this season, our team looks a bit off pressure.Still, its absolutely true what the other guys have mentiond above, that we still have 3 games agst the top3 so lets just try to push as much as we can.some other reasons for Arsenal must win tmrw are:We must revenge our 3-0 deft agst them as we’ve alredy failed one good revenge agst Villa.
    Cecs will proove himslef tmrw with Arsha and Ade back, and I still keep my appreciation for the Dane.
    Time to proove now that we deserve to be called top4 in the PL.
    My line up tmrw:

    Id far prefer to see Song alongside with Cecs than seeing Deni, for me Cecs/Deni would be the same scenario that weve seen during the startin of the season where we saw Cecs pulling back deep to help Deni for CDM job.The young master needs a strong CDM for him to be able to perform upfront, and the best player for that to me so far is SONG, otherways, we’re gonna see pbms agn.
    Allrit, engh said, I ll chat to you guys tmrw during the game.

  11. The international break has taken its toll on this blog eh? Well its finally over now so hopefully things will go back to normal.

    Anyway, this game is not a must win but i believe a win is needed. A convincing win will be a good morale booster for the lads going into the CL clash against Villarreal, and we will either close in on ManU or widen the gap between us and Villa. So, a 2-0 or 3-0 win against Citeh is what im hoping for.

  12. @ RadadsRSA – I never thought I’d say it, but I think I would prefer to see Song and Cesc in the midfield too.

    Also, how is Walcott’s fitness and what is the best way to use him? Should he start and bring in Eboue when Walcott’s leg tire? or should Walcott come off the bench to provide an offensive spark with his pace?

  13. Ade! I knew putting one in for his country would lead to him putting one in the ‘ol onion bag.

  14. Dont wanna say anything too soon but Ade’s comfornt with the ball and in front of goal is something Bendtner really needs to learn… We will see how he does in the Champions League but if he is constantly cool like this then he definitely has a place in this Arsenal squad…

  15. Great performance, this game was just a training session, too easy. Villarreal next, lets hope we come out on top. It will be a much tougher game thats for sure.
    Anyway, UP THE ARSENAL!

  16. I’m no fan of denilson. But I thought he answered the critics today with this match against man city. well done!

  17. Great result and welcome back Captain Cesc and Theo, not to mention Ade2goalsbayor.

    Now let’s go and sink the Yellow Submarine.

  18. Couldnt have asked for an easier game ahead of the champo league clash with Villarreal. what a difference Fabregas and ade make eh?, Ade using his physical prowess and Fabregas using his talented football brain, a very exciting end to the season. Fabregas, Ade and Walcott all back for UCL. No Arshavin so I hope Nasri and RvP are back, didnt watch the match so I cant comment on anyones performances but ade and Cesc, but will comment later when i see the highlights.

  19. happy days ! great result today just that should keep us confidant for our wee trip 2 spain to meet our bobbie an the yellow submarine !!!
    whoop whoop
    bring it on !!!

  20. We win, fab says he’s staying, totts losing and so did villa and people are going to be wondering why I’ve got such a big smile today.

  21. Crisis! What Crisis? 6 points clear in the UCL space. Semi-final FA CUp, 1/4 final UCL. 16 prem games unbeaten. Only team in 2009 to be unbeaten in EPL. All our players coming back. Villa lost today :), Cracking goal for the winner, Marcheda or something. Was well happy, and i dont normally smile at last gasp United winers.

  22. I was hoping for the draw- Nothing would make me happier if we personally ended United’s UCL, EPL, and FA Cup bids…

  23. Difficult one to call but at 2-2 I was happy, I don’t want to see manure win the league again but 6 points is a nice cushion for the CL spot. Getting back to Arsenal, I only saw the highlights on arsenal.com but it was great to see Cesc back and two good goals from Ade, we seem to have a lot of options now, even though we seem to swap one injured player for another. Villerreal, sorry about the spelling, got hit for 3 on Saturday so that wont put them in good sted for Tuesday, lets hope Arsenal can continue on their fine run of form and get a couple of away goals to finish of the tie.

  24. Im actually a bit worried about Tuesday. They have their backs against the wall. We need absolute focus and NEED to get an away goal.

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