Can Arsenal still win the Premiership?

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Let’s start with the facts. As things stand Arsenal sit second on the Premiership table, level on 67 points with Manchester United but trailing due to an inferior goal difference of +36 compared with +44. Sir Alex Ferguson’s side of course have a game in hand, while the only other challengers for the title, Chelsea, sit a further three points back from the leading pair. However, like Manchester United they have played one less game than Arsenal but have a slightly less positive goal than Arsene Wenger’s side, that of +31.

Weekend goalscorer Kolo Toure and his Arsenal teammates are up against itBreaking things down a little further, assuming that both Chelsea and United win their game in hand that will see the Manchester side go three points ahead of Arsenal at the top with a far superior goal difference while Chelsea would go level on points with Wenger’s side but most likely stay third due to a mildly inferior goal difference. What this essentially means is that going forward, if either Arsenal or Chelsea are to win the title they are going to have to score four points more than Manchester United in the run-in.

Looking at the fixtures, this is not impossible task, but results will have to go the right way in the games between the top three sides. Indeed, each of the leading three teams will play each other once more, with Arsenal having the most difficult task of traveling away to both United and Chelsea while Avram Grant’s side have it the easiest with two home ties against their main rivals. Manchester United, of course play Arsenal at home but Chelsea away. The other club that will be expected to steal some points of the leading pack are Liverpool, who play both Arsenal and Manchester United in the run-in. Arsenal will host Liverpool in a couple weeks time while Manchester travel to Anfield this weekend.

Update: As has been pointed out, United are in fact hosting Liverpool at home this weekend, not traveling away. Unfortunately you would back them to get all three points in that one so Arsenal are erally going to have to beat Chelsea.

Given that Chelsea also host Arsenal on the same night that Liverpool host United, this weekend could go a long way to determining who will walk away with the Premiership this season. If either Arsenal or Chelsea lose their match they will virtually be out of the race, while the other will be right back in it, especially if Liverpool can steal two or three points off Manchester United. If Ferguson’s men take all three points home from Anfield and Arsenal and Chelsea draw then the Premiership is as good as United’s. There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ an ‘buts’ to take into account, but at the end of the day this weekend is about as big a weekend as there is going to be in the Premiership this season.

Fernando Torres could have a big say in the title race this weekendA big weekend coming up

So what does it all mean for Arsenal? I mentioned yesterday that after the draw with Middlesbrough, for the first time this season I really feel like the Premiership could be slipping away. Of course, a win away to Chelsea and a helping hand from Liverpool would mean Wenger’s side would be right back in the race again, but I have to say I’m still a little worried. Grant’s side are yet to lose at home this season and it’s going to take a monumental effort and performance from Arsenal to get the win they so badly need. Given that a loss for Chelsea would be nothing short of disastrous for their title aspirations, it’s going to be one hell of a battle at Stamford Bridge this Saturday.

The benefactor of any points dropped by Arsenal or Chelsea will of course be Manchester United, but there is still a very real possibility of them dropping points of their own away to a Liverpool side who have lost just once at home this season. Given United’s tendency of losing rather than drawing games when things don’t go so well and Fernando Torres’ amazing run of form of late and it not impossible that they will drop all three points at Anfield.

In short, this means that if things go Arsenal’s way this weekend then they are still every chance to win the title. It remains a big ‘if’, but supporters should not lose hope yet. However, a poor result against Chelsea and a win for Manchester United against Liverpool and the title race is all but over. Unfortunately this is a very real possibility, perhaps the most likely of all the scenarios, so I will be hoping for the best but expecting the worst this weekend.

As fans, all we can do is keep supporting. Things may look bleak but the reason why Arsenal are such a great club is that they continue to try and win whilst playing wonderful football. When the trophies don’t come and the wins dry out people will always begin to question what the priority is at the club but I think that would be missing the point. Just because Wenger wants his side to play romantic football does not mean he has lost his winning edge. Indeed, this side has been as competitive as any Arsenal side has been in the past three seasons and supporters should remember that.

What do you think?

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58 thoughts on “Can Arsenal still win the Premiership?

  1. I aint sure whether we can win EPL this time..we left the chance once Clichy conceded last second penalty at Birmingham..that moment cost us 2 points and we are yet to recover…I hope we do well at Champions league atleast..we have reach semifinals atleast…but football is a funny game–if Chelsea lose to us and Stevie G and Torres destroy Manu at Anfield, we will still be in contention…

  2. I don’t think we will win it. The talent is there but mentally the team is too immature. Now that the pressure is really on, the players are all looking to someone else to step up and make a difference. That player is usually Fabregas – 20 years old. It’s insane when you think about it.

    I think Arsenal really do need to win a trophy with these young players – any trophy. That’s why I was so disappointed that Wenger threw the Man Utd cup tie. It was an unbelievably stupid thing to do and domestically Arsenal have suffered from a lack of confidence and conviction ever since.

    I don’t blame the players so much as Wenger, he has mentally destroyed them somehow. It’s like he’s broken his own toy. Geat toy though.

  3. Fair comment.Agree 100%
    We lost the Premiership against Birmingham,especially with the brutal foul on Eduardo which influenced all the players in a negative way!!!!!
    I am still of the opinion that the culprit of that brutal foul will be banned forever,because he is the only person responsible for Eduardo and the nearly loss off form of the team

  4. I think you are paying United too big a complement – they have stumbled a few times so far this season ( against City twice!) and could well stumble again against one of the lesser sides. And a win at OT is not beyond us.

  5. All ifs and buts! The only fact is Man U are at HOME to Liverpool not away. MU beat them at Anfield.

  6. Nice article but a few flaws. Man Utd play at home to Liverpool. They already beat them at Anfield 1-0 earlier in the season. So, at OT it is pretty much a sure victory for the Mancs. Also, Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday and not on Saturday, not that it really matters. I believe we will beat the Chavs, because our team always gears up for the big games, and let me tell you something tackles are going to be flying right-left and center. RVP has to step up, and lets hope Hleb is going to rediscover his San Siro form. As Arsene loves to say, I BELIEVE

  7. so you are not predicting t we will win 4:0 ?

    from Arsenal-FC Blog:
    “Birmingham (away), Villa (home), Wigan (away), and Boro (home). Four games from which I predicted we could amass twelve points.”

    what the f**k is going on with the bloggers ?!
    are they on something or what ?

  8. I know arsenal can win the trophy, just b’cos we drew that’s why they’re saying can arsenal still win the premiership. yes, arsenal will win it by God grace.

  9. I would bet my mortgage on United dropping points at home on Sunday. I also don’t see Arsenal losing on sunday. Whether that makes a big difference in the race is if Arsenal win at Chelsea. That would be a huge shot in the arm.

  10. The chances of winning the Premiership is remote. The players look sluggish and tired. The way we have played recently, it is unlikely that we can win anything. The manager is great but he has convinced himself that he can win with school kids. We do not have depth or experience and that is due to the lack of investing in experienced players. I fear that our season is over once again without any trophies. Let us hope that Wenger looks hard at the squad and bolsters it with some quality players

  11. Realistically speaking, we are out of the race, the reason is simple, we have no striker with a cutting edge like ETO, Van ne stroy, Thieery (then), Torres etc..relying on the likes of ade to score for us wont take us anywhere…Wenger needs to realise that these draws are really affecting us, we cant even go to the pubs to enjoy a beer while watching gunners..struggling against bottom placed team who have no realistic chance of playing in the top flight next season is frustrating..Come on wenger arsenal is not you family property!!!!

  12. I keep hearing about how we lack squad depth. Can somebody please explain what observable evidence we have of us lacking strength compared to our rivals?

  13. Nice summary Spanish Fryer.

    We’ve left it late in most games this season and we’ll leave it late to win this title as well.

    Now, it get’s very exciting….

  14. i dn’t think we can win the premiership, cos the way things are at moment i’m convinced we can win it. both champions leauge. if we realy want to win, this is the time for them to keep scoring and win things before manchester united does.

  15. I’ve been saying this ALL SEASON LONG…

    Wenger’s priority this year is the Champions league. He has qualified for Europe for next year and he will go for it this year now he is safely in 1/4 final. I think we can knock out Liverpool and Chelsea and then Moscow is anyone’s game (please let it be Man United.!

    Wenger is stubborn and he will commit to what his priorities are I think…

  16. I still believe, but i have a sneaky feeling that the turning point of our season was the Birmingham game. But I will always be a gooner, whether we lift it this year or in ten years time.

  17. We are missing that cutting edge that was evident in the first half of the Premiership. Watching us against Middlesborogh and indeed Wigan I couldn’t help thinking our attacking play looked too obvious. We didn’t trouble their defences enough. We had a lot of posession but we weren’t inventive enough. I really think we miss Rosicky. He has that little bit of class & trickery like Hleb when he’s on form. Eboue does a decent job but he will never be a goal scorer and I think of the number of great opportunities he has had that he has lashed wide. Theo or Rosicky would have burried those chances. The biggest difference between this team and the Invincibles is that Pires and Ljungberg would put away 90% of the chances they got. Our wingers are not chipping in with anywhere near enough goals.
    The Invincibles were ruthless because they attacked in numbers so if one door was shut someone would be right behind ready to open another one!
    Think of the number of tap-ins Pires scored due to him always following up.
    That is experience and it is what our team is missing this season. I believe it is up to Wenger to instill some good habits into his players. Far too often the ball arrives in the box but there are no Arsenal shirts near it.
    Now we have to dig deep and put on a performance like we did in Milan to try to get 3 points off Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. They are unbeaten in something stupid like 4 years so if we could manage to break that run and get 3 points as well it could be the boost we need to regain our form and confidence!!

    Bring on the Chavs!!!!!!

  18. We are mentally tired and the Eduardo incident has destroyed the Arsenal youngsters, they don’t tackle hard enough,pull out of every 50/50 ball.
    We should have bought Alnelka, as his experience would have been vital to us in the last stretch.
    Wenger’s youth policy obsession and over 30’s policy has cost us me thinks.
    The players put more effort into talking to the media than they do on the pitch.
    it’s been the same for the last four seasons failing to kill of the lesser teams, I would like to see Adams back at the club as Wenger’s record i buying defenders and Keepers has been crap since he came to the club.
    Wenger’s obsession with saving money has back-fired and to add insult to injury ticket prices are going up.
    The buck stops with Wenger not the players

  19. We need to get a bit of perspective. We’ve finished 4th for the past few years and that was with experienced players like Henry, Ljungberg and Pires in the team! You can’t blame it on lack of experience. This has been our best season in the Premiership since our Unbeaten season and that is with youth and inexperience!! We’ve just beaten Milan at the San Siro and qualified for the Quarter finals of the Champs league! This is still a good season for us! We’ve been very unlucky with injuries to key players and decisions going against us and it is impressive we are still joint top what with our main striker and left winger being crocked for most of the season and the Africa Cup of Nations! We have dealt with more than Man U and Chelski have such a huge squad that their problems can never be compared with any other team.

    What i’m saying is Wenger has done a good job this season and this is a marked improvement on last season so we should stop complaining and start supporting!

    I aggree with everything said about tickets prices though! Everytime Keith Edleman states how much mooney we have and how we’re going to plough it straight back into the team i think b*llocks! Wenger doesn’t spend it so why not lower the ticket prices or at least freeze them. The truth is Arsenal does not NEED to put the prices up so why shoud the fans accept it?

    They are going to make a mint from the Highbury development so they should stop fleecing the fans!

  20. I agree Looneygooner, the buck does stop with AW.

    Although he’s been an exceptional manager and I don’t agree with the people who say he should go, I firmly believe certain aspects of his philosophy are flawed and yes his obsession and stubborness will cost us.
    This team is young and does lack experience and it seems, mentally fragile.
    Given time this team may produce, so bottom line it’s about the patience of the supporters.

    How long will we continue to be also rans??

    As supporters we’re entitled to have an opinion on our teams performances as long as our opinions are constructive.

    But hey we play great football so that compensates for our lack of trophies!!!!!!

  21. Wow

    Most of you sound like Manc fans, complaining about how bad your team is because they don’t spend 30 million pounds each year on a new striker, and if they don’t win the League, League cup, FA Cup, and CL then the season is a disaster.

    Get off Ade, Get off Wenger, Get off the rest of the boys. If you were really Arsenal fans you’d realize how impressive this season has been, especially since we were written off before it started. Ade will score and become a true world-class striker, Wenger is a genius, always has been and always will be, and yeah the boys are young, but they’ll be around next year stronger than ever.

    I’m sure the majority of you thought we wouldn’t win a trophy when the year started, now you’re disappointed that we won’t lift the treble. Ease up and get you’re shit in perspective.

  22. WENGER SCREWED IT AGAIN..Lets face it fellow gooners….our season is over.we are going cupless just like last season and 2 seasons before..and lets forget about the champions league…if we cant beat wigan,birmingham,villa and middlesborough we dont stand a chance against manure,cheski,liver or even roma..its over….Wenger screwed it again.

  23. DPM I hear your point, but I’m sure you’d agree that Titi,freddie and pires weren’t at their best in the last couple of seasons.

    Of course we’ve had an exceptional season (above my expectations) but that’s not to say that everything is rosy.

    It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where we’re going wrong, it’s probably a combination of things, experience, in depth quality, mental strength, lack of signings, injuries and bad luck.

    I think the AC game was a false dawn.Milan are not Wigan or Birmingham, they gave us time and space to play where as these lowly PL teams don’t allow you to do that.As yet I don’t think we’ve mastered that side of the game, we’ve had the odd result against these teams but I think it’s fair to say that we have struggled in these types of games for several seasons now.It may well be the players attitudes in these games I don’t know.

    Chelsea had a few players in the ANC, they had injuries to drogba,terry and lampard but still managed to stay in touch in the PL.Perhaps it is the depth of squad that has affected our run in.

  24. US Gunner, I couldn’t agree with you more!

    The funny thing is that no club in England has had a better season than we have so far. We’re still competing for the trophies everyone’s competing for. And in with a shout too!

    I don’t see Liverpool, Chelsea and United fans slating their club and managers like our fans.

    Some Arsenal fans are a disgrace, let’s face it!

  25. Just airing our thoughts USgunner just like you are mate.What you fail to realise is that we’ve fun fuck all for 3 seasons, so much for the eternal optimist.

    I think you should get you SHIT into perspective.

  26. I agree that it was the Birmingham game that seemed to turn it for us, it just seemed to destroy us.
    I don’t think we’ll do it simply because I don’t think we are the best team. Utd look the best team and will probably win it. That’s what makes the league the best judge of quality(as opposed to cups) the best team always wins. We looked liked champions earlier in the season but not recently.
    It could all change though and if we win the rest of our games, including beating Utd and Chelsea then we’ll win the title.

  27. Nick, get your facts straight. They won the Champions League in 2004 and we won the FA Cup in 2005. So again, let’s do this exercise again; in the 20 or so years since Liverpool last won the league, we have won it 5 times.

    And Liverpool fans are not childishly slamming their team and ridiculing their manager.

    Maybe some Arsenal fans are just emotional goons who don’t really support the team. If you do, when the support is most needed is when they are down.

  28. Ole, my facts are straight, I think you mean CL 2004/2005 and FA 2005/2006.

    It’s not childish to air an opinion.I’ve tried to be constructive with my comments. I haven’t slammed any player and my mild criticism of AW is a view held by lots of Arsenal fans who have supported the club through thick and thin.I’ve supported the club for nearly 40 years well before the AW era and will continue to do so, but will always air my feelings.

  29. Nick. I have supported the club 30 years too. But I think the criticism is too severe and quite irrational. But then I guess our wives and girlfriends will agree that it’s irrational that we’re here thins long arguing passionately about our beloved club with people we don’t know.

    Listen; we’re all disappointed that the season seems to be going down the toilet but some of the reaction is extreme and destructive to the chances we do have of taking something this season.

  30. Ouch!!!

    I think our little blip has given people very little to talk about too much. I wonder what people would say after we come out of OT with 3 points. We haven’t played badly, we just haven’t been scoring. With all the dry spell we have had we are still 1 goal short of Man U (“the world beaters”?!?. Ade goals to come in bunches, RVP will always flourish in games against big teams. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, for Arsenal are back with style & vengeance.

  31. Apologies for the Anfield/Old Trafford mix-up guys. I completely misread the fixtures. Unfortunately that does make things even tougher for Arsenal to win it.

    In saying that I think the criticism that Wenger and the boys are getting from quite a few commentors is unfair. Even if we don’t win anything the team has performed above expectations. It’s hard to realise that now because as the season has progressed and the club has done so well our expectations have become higher and higher.

    It’s interesting, because at the start of the season I predicted Arsenal to finish second and get pipped right at the end by either Manchester United or Chelsea and it seems like that is what could happen. On top of that I said I thought anything more than a quarter-final place in the Champions League would be a bonus due to the youthfulness of the team. They have already achieved that and it should not be forgotten.

    This side will get better with each season, especially if Wenger adds a couple of shrewd signings (ala Sagna and Eduardo) into the mix. Despite what he says about not wanting to spend big the manager is not a fool and he will add quality in the areas that Arsenal need it.

    In the end I think everyone needs to stay positive. There is just far too much criticism and I really think it is unfair. We’re still in with a chance – a small one now, but still a chance – to win this and that is pretty amazing considering the predictions about Arsenal slipping out of the top four at the start of the season. On top of that the side has played some amazing football and it’s been a joy to watch.

  32. When you get taken up the garden path for a full bloody year and then you see fergie tending the garden up the hill it surely hurts.

    Wenger surely did goof up on pieces like Gilberto, bendtner and not having bench strength at the back and in front.

    The kids are no longer the united bunch they were. cracks are showing and that is contributing to the lack of wins.

    My advice – prepare for a life without cups.

  33. if we win the game aginst Liverpool, i bet ur young squad will trembling all over the pitch..

  34. i believe we can still do it, but we have to win 7 of our 8 games left.

    now i am confident united will get beaten by some team again, but it will be close

    but the positives are, this time last year we would be dreaming of even having a chance to win the premier league and this season we have only lost once but its the draws that are adding up, man utd have lost more but the time early in the season where they getting 1 nils when playing badly are now in effect.

    we just have to hope liverpool do a job on them, at least a draw i be happy but we have to beat chelsea on their own ground and i think we can do it

    believe in our team people….

  35. Hmmmm… Nice to see all the positives outweigh the negatives.
    Come on guys, wheres the spirit? Ok, I’ll admit that were in a slump, but whats the point moaning about it and going “poor me, poor me”? The quickest way to get out of a slump is to think positive, Put things behind you and focus on whats coming. We complain about the other clubs fans and the media bagging us all the time, so why the hell are we saying that our team sucks and that we will lose all our remaining matches? Not only is that putting ourselves down, but its boosting the morale of the other teams. I could almost guarentee you that if I went on a Manchester Utd blog right now, i wouldnt see “sack Fergie, we only beat Derby by one”, or on a chelsea site “Why on earth was terry playing, he hasn’t scored all season (well, not till this round”. Also, I have a friend who supports Newcastle in the prem. As far as I know, Newcastle hasnt actually been in a position to win ANYTHING recently, but does he complain that they lost? that they arent up in the top four? no. You see, the difference between us and them at the moment is that they possess the ability to put things behind them and move on, while we sulk about the manager!
    Honestly, if you call yourself a fan, maybe try act like one! I know I havent been the most positive in my comments recently. But, we need to get over it. For all we know, there could be better oppertunities around the corner! So lets get behind the boys, and in the words of another commenter, lets “support arsenal till we rot”.

  36. Sorry if that above comment seems too harsh SF, but i really think that everyone needs rallying together again. Too much negativity lately…

  37. Grand slam Sunday is Looming its time for boys to become men.If we hack chelsea then it is all back on track. Remenber none of the big boys have beaten us and that says something.Big teams tent to come out more and that suits us perfectley unless if they too resort to Boro tactics.To all the doom merchants stop beeing so negative still level on point M.utd hasn’t won their game in hand yet and chelsea hasn’t beaten us yet so stop it you bunch of cry babies.And to all the fans leaving the stadium early you are a disgrace.The team need your 100% support right to the death.

  38. ye i agree wiv you completely RvP Fan..!! too much negativity..! i think some of our supporters are actually listening to the crap the media is constantly chattin!! If we believe everything the media is sayin we would be fighting for a Uefa cup place now. But that isnt the case, wenger is bringing together a quality team that loves playing together. Our performances lately aint been bad, weve had more injuries than any other team i reckon, and we have bee, really unlucky in some of those draws. But we cant look back and moan because we have a league title to play for, and us true supporters know that we can go to United and Chelsea and win.. i think we did beat United last year up there, or have u all forgetten! and we played them off the park with our so called lacking in depth squad of players. We have just as much quality than any other team, why do u think we are joint top at this stage of the season..? I was very optimistic at the start of the season, and i still am, if we can find some form now, nuffin will stop us from bringing the title home.. No team can beat us wen we play at our best. Never forget that!

  39. How many games are left..?? 8 or 9… theres a lot of points to play for people..!! come on u gooners..!!!

  40. Ade and RVP are reunited. Flamergas is still in the midfield. Gallas is still captaining the back four. It’s the same team minus Rosicky that was tearing through everyone in the beginning of the season.

    But Bloody Hell we haven a dimwit manager, our skinny stick of a striker can only be third in the Premiership in goals blah blah blah, welcome to a mid-table team next year, we can’t win without Richards, Benzema, and Eto.

    PISS OFF!!!

    Best if you look at your blood under a microscope. You should see a bunch of little cannons floating through. I think it’s time you acted like it.

    Lets take the big for to the cleaners boys!

  41. Ole, I totally agree,some of the reaction has been OTT, people saying that AW should go, or get rid of Ade etc. That’s not my stance.As I stated earlier, for me it’s more about observation and what I believe will take the club forward and of course the passion that we all share for OUR GREAT CLUB.I wouldn’t swap AW for any manager in the world but it doesn’t mean that I will always agree with him.

    The old cliche really does hold true Ole “Football is about opinions”, and I’m sure like yourself even if we were playing conference football our love wouldn’t diminish, it’s in our blood albiet all the frustrations and disappointments we fans go through, we’ll always remain faithful to our team.

    I fancy us to get a result at the bridge and if the mancs slip up against the scousers that’ll really give us the belief to push on.

  42. Nope,the league title is gone.Losing points in the
    “wrong” games is fatal.Wenger was a bit naive and to much a man of principle not to buy anything in jan.Well known injuries and a thin squad should ring a bell.

  43. Nope,the league title is gone.Losing points in the “wrong” games is fatal.Wenger was a bit naive and to much a man of principle not to buy anything in jan.Well known injuries and a thin squad should ring a bell.

  44. HI Everyone.This weekend is a tight one so we better play better than chelsea otherwise will be in third place.Am hoping that liverpool will outperform united and if we win we be back on top.what arsenal needs is concentration,the main thing is to score.nevertheless, whatever will happen this weekend am still an arsenal supporter and will forever continue to be.benrry

  45. I declare up-front that I’m a Man U fan

    The results last night were good for United and although Arsenal didn’t lose second place to Chelski United’s victory over Bolton just rubber-stamps United’s Premiership superiority.

    Just a correction: the two games United v Liverpool and Chelski v Arsenal are being played on Sunday and not Saturday as the the lead article states.

    My spin is that Arsenal have thrown it away (with only 4 points out of the last 12) as mch as United have put themselves in pole position.

    I expect a hard game against Liverpool and I think United will not claim all the points. A draw would be a good result I think because I expect that Chelski will not beat Arsenal so I expect a draw at Stamford Bridge.

    Thus with two draws the top 4 positions and points differences and goal differences will remain static.

    If United win and Chelski/Arsenal draw then I would expect the race for the title to be all but over. I can see United dropping a 5 point lead over Arsenal (especially with Arsenal in such poor form) and with Chelski being 7 points behind.

    If Arsenal do the unexpected and beat Chelski then United’s result against Liverpool is crucial. United must match results with Arsenal to feel some sense of security (if any can be drawn from any title run-in).

    Chelsi are almost out of it following last nights draw and United’s form. If Chelski fail to win this weekend they are really out of it I feel.

    So the results I predict this weekend are:

    United 2 Liverpool 2
    Chelski 0 Arsenal 0

    Main factors affecting the top 4 are:

    United – the form of Ronaldo, the depth of quality cover in the squad, the lack of crucial player injuries, the fact that United have more home games than away games and meet 2 of the top 4 at home and only 1 away, the Alex Ferguson factor (the best manager to have in this situation), the fact that by the time we have our most difficult game (away at Chelski) the race may already be over.

    Arsenal – the lack of form of Adebayor, the lack of goals from other players (especially in the last 5 / 6 weeks), poor and over-emotional on-field leadership (Gallas), the lack of Eduardo (genuine United fans wish him well) nobody likes to see such tackles and injuries, not enough British based players who really can be a huge asset on title run-ins, the Arsenal factor – they really believe they are hard-done-by!!!

    Chelski – Avram Grant – not good enough – he is relying on the skills of his players and very little else (poor tactics, team-selection, motivation and a plan), the impatience and pressure of Abromovich, the points they need to make up is already too high, too many hot-heads (Essien, Obi-Michel, Terry, A. Cole etc.), the indifferent form of Drogba

    Liverpool – too many points to make up, the rotation policy means that Raffa will drop Gerrard and Torres between now and the end of the season and that means they will drop more points, just too many sapping battles against Arsenal, the squad is threadbare when it comes to quality replacements for the quality players, there appears to be little hunger just an acceptance of the Premiership situation (they fear at the outside are not going to finish above United or Arsenal and possibly Chelski) and the only desire is to finish in the top 4.


    Champions – United 90 points
    Runners up – Arseanl 85 points
    Third place – Chelski 84 points
    Fourth place – Everton – 72 points

  46. We have to keep our fingers crossed.It’s a nail biting time for all of us.We just hope for the best.Let’s see what will happen on sunday. God willing, we will salvage something.

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