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The last few days have been very interesting on this blog. Since Arsenal slipped off the top of the table thanks to their fourth successive Premiership draw there have been some surprising comments on the blog. Indeed, a lot of readers have come out saying that a number of the players in the side are not good enough, that Arsene Wenger should have spent more on established players at the start of the season and even one – you know who you are – who said that if the club fail to win a trophy then they will not be supporting them anymore.

Arsenal supporters need to get behind the teamWhat the hell is going on? Sure, Arsenal have made things really difficult in recent weeks with draws against sides they would have expected to beat, but they’re still second on the table and at this stage only three points off the top. Beautiful football or no beautiful football – and make no mistake, this side has played beautiful football this season – that is still an amazing achievement given the situation at the start of the season. There’s little doubt that the title is looking more like Manchester United’s than ever before but Arsene Wenger’s side are as close as they have been to the title in the past three seasons and that should not be forgotten.

As a supporter of this great club and the writer of this blog I have been quite disappointed with some of the comments made by so-called ‘Arsenal fans’ over the past two days. Things are not lost yet and a difficult run of form resulting in four draws does not undermine the huge strides that the players in the squad and the team as a whole have made this season. Apart from just a couple of exceptions, virtually every Arsenal player has stepped up this season and performed well above what could have been expected of them at the start of the campaign.

Seriously, put your hand up if you thought Emmanuel Adebayor was going to score 20 goals in the league or you thought Mathieu Flamini would become the most consistent player in the side. Exactly. Yet, this improvement seems to have come at a price, and that price is that a lot of Arsenal supporters now expect them to play perfectly in every game and are simply too harsh on them when anything short of a world-beating performance is delivered. I seriously think some ‘supporters’ need to take a step back and get a little perspective on this situation.

I have the pleasure of working very closely with a devoted and level-headed Chelsea supporter of over 35 years and I showed him some of the responses to the articles of the past few days. He absolutely could not believe it. He stressed to me that this is a time that Arsenal supporters should be showing belief in their side because if the supporters don’t have that belief then how can they expect it from the players? It’s a very good point and one that I feel a few people could take on board. He also said to me how brilliantly he believed Arsenal have performed this season and stressed that he thought Arsenal were a very good chance to beat Chelsea this Sunday. Of course, should they do just that then the race for the Premiership is very much back on again.

The thing that I don’t understand is that if he – a Chelsea supporter – believes Arsenal can do it, then why can’t so many people who read this blog believe it? Why have people lost the faith in this side just when they need to feel that faith from the supporters the most? Things might seem bleak, but they’re not over yet, and as supporters of the club we have a responsibility to do what we can to get the boys over the line. My advice – get behind them, stay positive and keeping showing the boys the support they deserve.

Kolo Toure still believesConfident Kolo, Irksome Tomas

Moving onto today’s news now and recently-returned defender Kolo Toure has been speaking about Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premiership. The Ivorian stopper has suggested that the most consistent team out of Manchester United, Chelsea and his club will win the league but remained adament that if Arsenal can get back to winning ways at Stamford Bridge this weekend the momentum could carry on for the rest of the season.

“It is going to be an exciting finish to the Premier League. Whichever team is more confident and consistent is going to win the title. At the moment it is hard because we have dropped two points in every game. But when we get back to winning, we can carry that on until the end of the season.”

He’s a bubbly, positive guy Toure, and this sort of comment is the least you would expect from him. I think the point he makes that if Arsenal can beat Chelsea they can carry on the form until the end of the season is reasonably fair, but it is going to take an amazing performance or a little bit of luck to take all three points home from the trip to Stamford Bridge. I know that the boys failed to kick on like many people thought they would after beating AC Milan but I still think that if they can knock of Chelsea then they can find the spark to challenge Manchester United all the way to the end.

Unfortunately, it seems that Arsenal will have to complete the best part of the rest of the campaign without Tomas Rosicky, who revealed yesterday that he is still a while away from returning from the leg problem that has troubled him all season. The Czech midfielder commented on the frustration he has felt about spending so much time on the sidelines and amazingly revealed that he has not even started full training.

“It is pretty irksome. I still cannot start full training. There is nothing I can do but wait and hope that the injury goes away.”

I have to say that I laughed pretty hard when I saw the word ‘irksome’ used. What a strange choice of phrasing for a man who speaks English as a second language. I would probably use the word ‘bloody infuriating’ to describe the frustration of having Rosicky out for so long but there’s not really much point worrying about it now. It does mean, however, that the likes of Emmanuel Eboue and Theo Walcott really do need to step up to the plate over the last part of the season and hopefully chip in with a couple of goals that Rosicky surely would have scored had he been playing. Given that Eboue has yet to find the back of the net this season and Wenger seems to favour him over the Englishman I just can’t see it happening.

That’s about it for today. There’s no midweek game for Wenger’s side this week so all Arsenal supporters’ eyes should be  on Manchester United v Bolton and Tottenham v Chelsea. Fingers crossed that the results go the way they need to while the Arsenal boys have a much needed week off.

What do you think?

Have your say on the build up to Arsenal-Chelsea by leaving a comment.


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  1. It’s quite bizarre really. When I first started going to Highbury, an accurate 40 yard pass was met with applause. Not anymore. Any inaccurate pass (no matter how long or how difficult) is met with shouts and boos. It just strikes me as a bit crazy.

  2. Good on ya mate. that was an inspiring blog. i have been thinking the same as you for a while now, and its times like these where the fans need to stick together and support the team and back them to win it. Any real arsenal fan should never talk bad about their own team!

    We have the players and the backup players to be able to win both the Champions league and the league. if we beat all three of the other big boys its all ours!

  3. what a wonderful piece mate. People seem to forget what it means to support a club.You cant always have it your way. There are good time and there are bad times. Such is life. Football isnt any different.

    If ManUtd fans reacted (to their horrible start to the season)the way some of our so called “fans” are reacting right now, does anyone on this blog think they would have been able to be where they are in the league today? We were due a blip at some point of the season. All we can hope for is that we have seen the last of it with the draw over the weekend.

    I see another Milan-like performance on sunday to end Chelsea’s unbeaten home run, and that might just be the tonic to spark us both in the premiership and in europe.

    If you are are a true gunner, now is the time to say “I BELIEVE”

  4. “If you are a true gunner, now is the time to say “I BELIEVE”” – Gunnzilla
    I’m pretty sure Spanish Fry just showed that he is a true gunner. Loved the article man. Great stuff.

  5. I BELIEVE…by the way..who says the likes of ManU, Chelsea wont find these games just as difficult? don’t ever forget, at this tale end of the season, the most difficult teams to play are these relegation scrapping teams. Did anyone get to see derby vs ManU or Sunderland vs Chelsea? it can only get tougher for them, and believe me, they wont always be lucky..its time for our luck to begin!…common lads..lets do this!

  6. that was the most moving blog ive ever read good work man,as for the blues game,i know were better than chelsea this season so why cant we beat them this weekend mark my words “blues r going down”.

  7. well mjc, i think its just what us arsenal fans have come to expect of our prestigious club, these are the high standards that the likes of mercurial cesc fabregas and effervescent alex hleb (to mention just a few…) have gotten us used to. we should be proud that we support the most exciting club in europe if not the world.

    i also have to say i fully agree with the initial editor of this great column, we as arsenal fans should (now more than ever) stick together and help our club regain the necessary momentum to win the league and the one with the big ears.
    c’mon you gooners lets get lifted and inspire our club. remind them that they give us a reason to brag every monday morning at work, school, college etc…and every other day.

  8. I wonder what the moaners who bombard websites bemoaning Arsene’s lack of tactical nouse,our lack of team spirit,poor passing and finishing etc etc etc on the back of us being 2nd in The Premiership and in The CL quarter finals would have been like if they had had to put up with Jensen,Hillier,Selley and McGoldrick forming our midfield?

  9. Hey Spanish,

    Long time mate…

    Myself and a few others have been saying this for a while now too. For one reason or another many Arsenal fans have gotten fat on the sumptious football we play. It is almost as if fans now take for granted to incredible technical skill required to execute some of the moves that the team puts together.

    Winning is also taken for granted, there is a real arrogance brewing – “we are Arsenal, we can outpass anyone, we will win” mentality.

    Both these views are contributing to what we are seeing now.

    This Arsenal team is still very much a work in progress, abeit one that has so far surpasses all expectations we had of it. Few dared to dream that coming to the business end of the season we would be neck and neck at the top of the league, with a great chance to win it. The fact we are shows just how much progress this team has made in a year.

    Unfortunately football fans are a fickle bunch, and any sign of success breeds a hunger for more success. The goalposts have moved and now, anything less than the league will be seen as failure.

    Now, no team has a devine right to win a game, no team has a devine right to win the league. All we can demand from our team is that they play their hearts out for us. Should they finish 2nd, or dare I say it, 3rd, a few points off the eventual winners, is that really such a disgrace? A huge disappointment yes, but not a disgrace.

    What is a disgrace is that the same sorry bunch of fans who refused to believe that their team could challenge this year, are the same bunch who will be lambasting the team for this massive failing.

    These are not arsenal fans, if truth be told they are nothing more than parasites. I am proud to be a gooner and always will be. Any success that is acheived by the club is secondary to simply watching the team I love play.


  10. people are entitled to say their piece whether you agree or not We pay for the dearest s/tickets in the prem/ship I dont agree with all the fans you get on your website and their moans but we all see football different ways and have our own opinions on who is good or not
    I can’t imagine everybody coming out of A/grove after the Middsbro game with your opinion when I was in the queue to Arsenal Station on Sat I heard many more fans with a negative approach than a positive one.. as for Eddy naming players many of us can go ack to the 40’s and 50’s we moaned about those teams if they had a bad game. you seem to forget that even though fans moan.. when arguing with fans of other clubs they stand up for the very players they have a go at when talking with fans of their own club this applies to fans of all clubs I’ve heard fans moaning when coming out of Man-U Spurs and Chelsea fans are the same the world over moaning about different players whether on top or at the bottom of the league Don’t their club is their life not just a few years like some of the players who appear not to give their all

  11. hello there.i’m beeing a ukrainian gooner for 4 years and i’d like to emphasize that i rather support a glorious club that Arsenal are than a softy tactitian who sometimes makes childish tactical mistakes and is simply arrogant(example-letting go the superb Diarra a couple of months ago and then contemplating the undroppable Cesc go complacent) or a team that has 40% of ill-committed players who need a good Fergie-styled kick in the arse.Each of the last 4 draws hurt me a lot but ,even if i don’t believe anymore in liftinng the premiership cup this year,i’m pretty far from quitting supporting the Club.
    Since four years i’m listening to Wenger’s excuses about why the team constantly slips up ,though on the other hand there’s loads of praise for him from other gooners,i start to believe that if no trophy is won this season-the Wenger style of running the team is obsolete and needs to be modified.

  12. I BELIEVE!

    Oh and brilliant blog SF how you get your point across with the class and taste you do is beyond me.

  13. Its a very very nice blog I have read for sometime since the last draw.That day was my worst this season to admit but I am strong and believe (not still believe) that we will grab two trophies.What a moment will it be with all the ups and downs since the start of the season.I think in the situation we’re in we need balance on tackling the issue.Let’s consider that reactions of different people differ.Our fellow fans who reacted negatively and critical that day were tackling the issue with panic and I think they need to learn losing and winning are parts of life.For me as I can tell of Wenger,was much more counting on the next season more than the current though he might not tell anyone maybe the leaders and fellow coaches.I think the next season we will take EPL by a storm but we need to concentrate very much in the CL and capture the moment because it’s very difficult getting a chance for the next season.Go ask Ferguson or any CL winning coach.I dont like Ade that much but I need to deal with it that he is the chosen one by the coach cos the coach knows the players in out and we as the outsiders know less.Plus does anyone think the coach likes us losing?Players are in the growing process.How long did it take Henry to establish himself at Arsenal?Quite some time uhh?!!.Lets get behind the team yall or feel more worse when they capture the two (C.L and EPL).We’ll be eaten by something termed guilty conscience

  14. Thanks for the kind words all.

    I guess the one point that needs to be clarified is that I totally encourage people to have their own opinions, it’s just that it’s disappointing to see such knee-jerk reactions when Arsenal has an off game. After the Milan win a lot of people were proclaiming us as the best side in Europe but after a couple of draws many of the same people were ripping into Wenger and his methods.

    As I said, I really encourage people to have their opinion – mine is not the definitive one. I’m just another fan. It just disappoints me to see people losing faith in the boys when faith and belief is what supporters need to show to lift them when things aren’t going well.

  15. Arsenal will still win the title and i will bet that. Man U is going to drop points!!.. I think we may go to OT and take 3 points like last year.. I also think Chelsea will take (at least) a point away from them as well as Liverpool who need to win to stay in fourth and whom are in good form, and West Ham who always play them well and may beat them at OT.. I also think Middlesbrough have a chance to take a point away from Man U since they will be at home and it will be the game before the big CL game for them against Roma on the return leg which they may find themselves down since the first game is in Roma. Theres no need to panic, is not like Man U is gonna win the rest of their games and not drop points, and if they do they deserve the title… I think we’ve droped the points w’re gonna drop, maybe a few more will come but the boys will make a run of wins to bring the title to the emirates. Sayin that, i agree with those who said Arsenal need to buy more, the boys are clearly tired.. Helb to me shows alot of it. His play is sloppy and its from him being tired. We need a bigger squad of more established players!!

  16. I dont care whether we win titles or not (even though I want a title badly.. 🙁 ….I WILL BE A GUNNERFOREVR…have appreciated ARSENAL for the FOOTBALL..not TITLES..PIRES,BERGKAMP,HENRY GOD,VIEIRA,KEONE,ADAMS,CESC are all my favs….even though I criticize Wenger’s policies and our inconsistency…I am a GUNNER..I live in India and watch matches starting at 3AM, 4AM too….thats why I started a blog called GUNNERFOREVER….come on ARSENAL

  17. I believe. SF, Mate, you have really hit the nail on the head with this one. 11/10 mate. We supporters needed a wake up call, I tried yesterday, but you really did the job well. Now is the time to support, not throw in the towel. Come on, lets win this league, lets become the Champs of Europe! We, Arsenal, have a habit of performing well in big matches. Is this week the week we regain form? Only time will tell. Then, after completing the double defeat over ManUtd, then we can look back and say “What were we worried about again?”

  18. Some nice comments today… at least we have some level headed supporters around, was starting to get really aggetated with all the negative comments bein made. We havent got the results we should have got, and we are still on course for the title. Its time we showed our beleief to the players and maybe they will believe a bit more.

    Imagine after the events of Birmingham, Wigan, Middlesborough, not bein able to kill them games off will still be in the back of their minds. Lets give our team that extra push for the title. This starts with the fans that go to the games, every1 that is going to stamford bridge i wanna hear the cheers from my TV screen, becos if i was still able to go to the games i would sing my heart out. Everything the team has given us this season, all the scrappy points, hard thought wins, and excellent footy, we shuld give a little back people..!!

    come on u reds..!!

  19. Firstly I would like to thank Spanish Fly for the messages of hope and encouragement. I have been seriously down of late, with our fourth consecutive league draw.

    Arsenal can still do it and I believe we can.

  20. Oh the end is not near at all. I’m an Arsenal Supporter from the US and I have seen Arsenal play most every match this year and the Premiership is still very much within reach.

    Don’t fall off quite yet. Remember this time last season? They were out of it with injuries and was Henry staying or leaving, was Arsene’ staying or leaving, Adebayor was a young pup, Fabregas was a young pup…let’s see what happens against Chelsea and even then – don’t ever give up on ARSENAL!

  21. yea yea 3pts gap.. having rested 7players from start..

    Man Utd
    29 Tomasz Kuszczak
    22 John O’Shea
    15 Nemanja Vidic
    19 Gerard Pique
    24 Darren Fletcher
    4 Owen Hargreaves
    7 Cristiano Ronaldo
    17 Luis Nani
    8 Anderson
    9 Louis Saha
    32 Carlos Tevez

    Wes Brown for Nemanja Vidic (58)
    Wayne Rooney for Louis Saha (70)
    Paul Scholes for Anderson (70)

  22. Chelsea dropping points = good. United winning = bad (yet expected). Let’s just hope Chelsea don’t ruin our title chances this Sunday after wrecking their own today.

  23. Hye Red Hot Gunners, a very good day to all of us. Man U, will drop points againts Liverpool (3), Chelsea (3) & us (3) without doubt total of 9 points, will be gone for them. Chelsea the other side will drop points too againts us, definately this weekend as their title hope will be gone with the wind. Then the title will be ours. The standings at the end of season wil be :

    1. Arsenal is the 2007/2008 BPL Champion for 14th. time.
    2. Shellsea.
    3. Man Ure.
    4. Looserpool.

    Don’t be suprise, it’s gonna happen.

    Cheers. :p

  24. chelsea just got a taste of what goin to happen to them this easter weekend, only this time they wont get even a single point and much worse they’ll be at home.”Unbeat at home my ass” the bluz will totally be shocked.”nd now we pronouns u(bluz) ur wives”

  25. This weekends will be the end for that unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea. The “Red Hot Gunners” will show them who, the actual Daddy is !!! I believe that, Arsenal will win 2-0 for godsake & as they really performed well againts those so called big teams in England or in Europe this season. My money will be on our Arsenal team, without doubt. Will see you guyz back after that historic win at the Bridge next week.


  26. Very good blog. It’s time to rally round the team. I just hope the squad has enough left in them to perform on both fronts – league & CL. Unfortunately there seems to be a nasty habit of prioritizing competitions at Arsenal, as we’ve seen in the surrenders to Tottenham & Man U in both other cups.
    Hleb will get the winner on Sunday! Keep the faith!

  27. What a great blog. I really hope that our players can take the EPL silverweare home to A-groove. But what happend to Eduardo against Birmingham mixed with our lack of depth and experience in the squad migth have ruined the title hop for us. The team sprit and moral has changed.If we loose against Chelsea on Sunday we wont win the EPL unfortnally. I hope we do tough, our team that Arsene is building is still young and unexpirienced but in some few years this Arsenal team will dominate the Footbal world. Wenger is thinking on the future and wait some years and all afc supporters will be greatfull for having Wenger. Dont talk crap against Wenger he is the best coach in the world. And he has used several years on creating the Arsenal team that we are watching today. His talent for getting the best out of youngsters and his eye for wonderkinds abroad is enormous. Who had ever heard of Henry, Vieira, Cesc, or Adebayor before they came to arsenal? It is because of Wengers talent for develop young players into class players. Thats the reason why theese names has turned into well knowned players, with respect. Remember we were predicted to be placed fifth even behind Tottenham. And we are in the top chasing for the title.

    Arsenal is the team in mye heart and will always be the team that ill love. I love the team because of the fotball they are playing and i dont love them less just because they loose a match its not that i would not like them to win. Cause i want them to win, but its many ppl who are supporting teams just because they win silverwear every year. And if the team does not win the title over some years they start suporting another team. A true supporter who really loves his team and can call himself a true supporter is the ones who is supporting their team no matter they win or loose. No matter they win Silverweare or not. Go Arsenal!

    I hope u understand what im writing, my english is bad=)

    Daniel, Norway

  28. EXACTLY!!!!!
    Christ! It’s about time someone said it.
    I believe that many of these so called ‘supporters’ stem from the invincibles team and expect total domination all of the time.
    I’ve heard from quite a few fans recently say that they weren’t gonna renew their season tickets because we drew a few games??????????? GOOD
    they can fuck off out of our stadium and let someone who’ll actually SUPPORT the team have a season ticket.
    If we beat, sorry, when we beat the chavs on sunday, I guarantee all those doubting thomas’ will be silenced.
    The title race is still in our hands

  29. Hye Red Hot Gunners, a very god day to you all. In regards to this Sunday’s “Grand Slam”. Firstly, Liverpool, without doubt gonna nick all 3 points from Man U at Old Trafford by beating them 2 – 1 & Secondly, the climax where the long unbeaten run at home for Chelsea gonna be end at the hand of the young Gunners from North London. Arsenal, of course will win by 2 – 0. A silky goal from Alex Hleb & an own goal from JT26, ha.. ha.. ha…


  30. Without doubt, now’s the time for true gunners to show what sportsmanship is all about. Arsenal all the way. Chelsea will fall at the ‘Bridge’ this weekend and I can bet you ManU will be drowned at OT in the (liver)POOL! Just watch this space..
    Up Gunner!! For life!!!!!

  31. Really excited for the game tomorrow. I think this team needs to be put up against the wall to perform, and we’re about to see their reaction. I have a good feeling that Ade will find his scoring ways again and hopefully we can get VP a goal to get the confidence there. It’s only a matter of time for him to find that top gear. Let’s hope Manure’s luck of relying on Ronaldo to save them runs out tomorrow. Here’s to being level on points tomorrow! Come on Gunners!!!!!!!

  32. Support? What have got now for my support? 4 draws and now a loss to Chelsea when the game was theirs to win? How about some support for my faith from the players?

  33. Hye Guyz, we just can forget about the title now. Third placing, not so sure with Liverpool & Man U, away. May be 4th. or 5th. with Everton knocking the door but its ok, what to do ?? We have to atleast realise that we are not good enough to win the title with the players we’ve got. We don’t have players to lead us as well as subs to change the game as Man U or Chelsea have got. Its totally Arsene Wenger’s mistake with the money he has to buy players & he didn’t as well as selling the best ever player (Thierry Henry, Viera)he has got, while trusting the in-experience kids, its a disaster. Money, sometimes only cannot buy success but all the time surely can buy good, quality & reliable players in order to be successfull. The different between expensive brand & cheap brands is the quality (Ferrari cars vs Malysian Proton cars) same goes to the players or strikers, the department we are lacking of quality this season with too many waste chances, no consistency, lack of determination, poor ball control, very poor first touch & many more. I’m not complaining but this is the truth & fact, face it. At the beginning of the season we missed out on buying Ribbery, Babel, Torres & later missed on Anelka. A good manager must know how to manage a team for a whole season & take into account all issues including injury, poor of form & others. We have got the money, right ?? Just look at our bench, there is no one can come in to change the game off. Dropped too many points againts poor side, why ?? Wasted too many goalscoring chances. If, most of the chances has been converted into goal then we would have been still on top of the league with some points to be able to win the title, without doubt. The title is now definately belongs to Man U, because they are deserved to be the champion & they are a better team with a lot of good & quality players. “Money needed to buy Good & Quality players” in order to be successfull. Total players value for Arsenal team less than 50 million, do you guyz, knows that ??. Another season going without any achievement. Its ok, we wait, lar for next season.

    Cheers. 🙁

  34. I’ve heard that Arsene Wenger not going to buy any established players anymore, for next season but he will buy some new kids on the block.(as though the squad is full of superstars….)Its ok, lar as now Arsenal become a World Football Acedamy, where Arsene Wenger will find talent & train them to be a better player & thats it (5-10 years projectfor future). We can be proud of players produced by our beloved club not title or achievement anymore.

    Cheers. 🙂

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  36. gunners will reload an again blow there load an 8 point load …lol thasyt only thing they blew was the biggest lead ever

  37. Arsene Wenger need to buy some strong, quality, experience & talented players so called superstars to blend with the talented young player he has got. It has to be a mixture of Young & experience to win any sort of title. Young kids alone will never bring success. Those superstars can make the difference & without doubt can be a match winner & of course can pull/break away defendence in order to give way for other overlapping players to score goals. Its technically proven everywhere in the world of football!!! Those kids are good but don’t have the quality to make split second decision, experience & edge to perform when they really needs to perform in high intensity match. The team with those kids is growing but when we can get the profit ? Do, we need to wait for another 3, 4 or 5 years ?? I’m not suggesting Arsene Wenger to change the whole team but suggesting him to add some experience to the squad in order to compete in BPL or Europe. We need atleast 2 experience & good quality striker such as Samuel Eto’o & Karim Benzema as we can’t afford to have injury prone Robin Van Persie, eventhough he is damn good. Emmanuel Adebayour is not up to the task to lead our attack as he only can be our supersub together with Theo Walcott, 1 experience & skillful wide midfielders such as Hatem Ben Arfa to partner Alexandre Hleb, Mathieu Flamini & Francesc Febregas in the midfield as Tomas Rosicky is injury prone too plus 1 young, tall, pacey, strong & talented center back such as Micah Richards to back up ageing William Gallas. We can offload some players & add a bit of $$$ to buy those quality players. The defenders need to be scared of our striekrs in order for them to make more mistakes which will be beneficiary. The squad should look like this in order to be competitive.

    Arsenal first 11 : 4-3-1-2

    1. Almunia – Goal Keeper.
    3. Sagna – Right Back.
    5. Toure (c) – Center Back.
    12. Richards – Center Back.
    22. Clichy – Left Back.
    16. Flamini – Defending Midfield.
    4. Febregas – Right Midfield.
    7. Ben Arfa – Left Midfield.
    13. Hleb – Attacking Midfield.
    11. Benzema – Left Striker.
    8. Eto’o – Right Striker.

    Supersubs :

    24. Lehman – Goal Keeper.
    10. Gallas – Center Back/Left Back.
    27. Ebue – Right Back/Right Midfield.
    19. Gilberto – Defending Midfield/Center Back.
    17. Vela – Left Midfield/Left Striker.
    32. Walcott – Right Midfield/Right Striker.
    25. Adebayour – Top Striker.

    Wenger must get all the players to compete for first team appearence in order to bring “fired up” players for each & every game accordingly. If they are not performing, then out to the resrve squad or be a bench warmer.

    Cheers. 🙂

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