Blackburn 1-2 Arsenal: Player Ratings

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Adetuwo ‘Yemi Jr. rates the Arsenal players performance against Blackburn…

Manuel Almunia: Going into this match, Manuel had the task of holding his own against a barrage of long balls from Blackburn. He will definitely be happy with his game as he had answers to that was asked of him. His command of the area was great and his handling was superb throughout. If only he can play like this week in week out. 8

Gael Clichy: Not the best of days for him as he left a lot of spaces behind him. He offered little going forward and poorly positioned for the Blackburn goal. 5.5

Bacary Sagna: Extremely solid performance from Bakky as he was equal to everything Blackburn threw at him. He defended superbly and offered an outlet going forward. It was his intelligent cross to Fabregas that led to the winning goal. 8

Laurent Koscielny: He had his first taste of what the Premier League is really about and he did not do too badly. Bar his naivety in shrugging shoulders with Diouf when a sliding clearance might have been better. Other than that, he was good on the ball and tackled decently. 6.5

Thomas Vermaelen: He was quite sharp at the start of the game and won a some headers. But as the match progressed, the pressure got to him and he had some nervous moments including a bad clearance which almost led to a goal for Blackburn. 7

Alex Song: Back to his position in the first team and he gave us everything we needed against a very physical Blackburn team. His short and quick passes made our game flow really well. He put in his own fair share of tackles too and is slowly returning to full fitness. I love his new look. 7.5

Cesc Fabregas: He was obviously not match fit but still managed to put in a decent professional performance. Where his fitness failed him, his class did the job and he did everything expected of him. Great awareness to remain at the post to clear an effort off the line when most players would have been distracted by the movement of the ball. 6.5

Abou Diaby: On the whole, he had a very encouraging performance. He helped Cesc and Song well but his decision making still needs to be worked on. 7

Andrey Arshavin: Determined performance from our little Russian. He looked very interested and tried to do something good anytime he had the ball. He made good runs,showed superb composure to pick his spot among a crowd of Blackburn players and got a good goal. 7.5

Robin Van Persie: He was beginning to get into the game when he got injured, again. He is obviously made of a delicate material and gives me a great scare whenever he is tackled. Great vision to pick out the pass for our first goal. 6.5

Theo Walcott: One thing that impressed me about his game was that he made use of the little opportunity he had. He was a constant thorn on the flesh of the home team and surely gave Fat Sam something to worry about. My Man of Match must have gotten Fabio Capello up from his seat in the stands with his shot that almost tore the net open. 8.5


Tomas Rosicky: Came on for Cesc in the second half but did not really do anything special. He went about his job well. 6

Jack Wilshere: Came on late in the game for Arshavin and almost got a goal in the dying minutes. It was good to see him bring Samba to the ground. 6

Marouane Chamakh: I feel he should have started this game in place of the obviously unfit Van Persie. We had a focal point once he came on and he switched positions with Walcott to devastating effect. Good game. 7


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21 thoughts on “Blackburn 1-2 Arsenal: Player Ratings

  1. Cesc 6,5 and TR7 just a 6. You gotta be kiddin me. We looked alot better when Chamakh and Rosicky came on because they are actually match fit unlike Van Persie and Fabregas

  2. Not sure i agree with the rating given for diaby. I thought he was immense and it was his physical presence and work rate that kept the team going. He was absolutely everywhere on the pitch, running from defense to offence and back to defense. I agree he misplaced few passes and got caught in possession but without him i dont think we would have managed to get a result from blackburn. Anyways check this site out too for match ratings and analysis,

  3. marwane chamakh!! boy! this guy is fuckin meaning business.his work rate is amazing.he should be the first name on the team sheet.

  4. Song 7.5? Boy you see no wrong in this dude after seeing him give away possession on several occassions. And Walcott’s shot actually tore the net.

  5. Manuel Almunia 8
    Gael Clichy 5.5
    Bacary Sagna: 8
    Laurent Koscielny: 5
    Thomas Vermaelen: 6
    :Alex Song:7.5
    Cesc Fabregas:5
    Abou Diaby:6.5
    Andrey Arshavin: 7
    Robin Van Persie:5.5
    Theo Walcott:8.5

  6. Our Best Team So Far Is:
    ————— Almunia ——————
    Sagna — Koscielny — Vermaelen — Clichy —
    ——————— Song ——————————
    ——————————– Diaby ——————-
    ———— Rosicky ———————————
    Walcot ———————————– Arshavin
    ——————— Chamakh ————————

    V.Persie n Fabregas are not fully Fit n Nasri is Injured

  7. @ Ezra – Even though they’re not my ratings, I thought Song was pretty damn good. He gives the team such a different feel and as I said in the match report, his presence seems to release Diaby mentally. Also, if you check his passing statistics he only misplaced 7 passes out of 72. I think that’s pretty good.

  8. Well I guess everyone has their opinion. I thought Diaby and Walcott were hard to split for Man of the Match. I don’t think anyone else was in the same league. To me it looks like Diaby starts at -1 rating before kick off cos ppl remember something they don’t like about him in previous games.

  9. I don’t agree with some of the grades. Almunia did well, that one is ok. He did exactly the opposite of what he was critisized for, and it’s commanding his box. He boxed and picked balls from the air fairly well, though one boxing went horribly wrong and had to be desperately cleared by the defence. Other than that, good goalkeeping.

    Sagna did well and his cross for the goal was good. He defended his side well, apart for the Blackburn goal, where Sagna was nowhere to be found at his right back.

    Kocsielny had a bad game, his mark should be a 5. He cut out some passes well, but his positioning was poor, he was off pace, he’s way to weak and got undressed by Diouf for Rovers goal like a blind kitten. That was horrible defending, Diouf passed his as easy as a standing chair. This fellow needs to improve his one on one defending, and he is definitely going to be benched ones Squillaci get to Emirates

    Vermalene was nervous and didn’t look as a top flight defender. He bursted forward without cover at the back and again his positioning was off. But his pace and strenght saved him and he won some good headers. Almost gifted Rovers a goal when he tried to play it cool. His positioning for the Rovers goal was also bad, should have marked the goalscorer or at least thrown out a foot. He was probably afraid to score an own goal. He is still our best defender, and that is kinda scary

    Clichy’s grade is ok, didn’t have the best of games. As all the other defenders, he was at fault for the goal, failing to drop in the box following hte run of M.Diouf. Offered little going forward and left some space inbehind, though his pace and stamina were used to good purpose. It has to be said that he doesn’t play very well with Arshavin on the left, he plays way better with Rosicky on the left as he has done for years

    Song did his stuff well, usual day at the office. Strong and covered some ground at the back, also good passing. He did go forward to much and that resultet in Cesc having to do more defencive duties that he should.

    Diaby used his strenght well and covered at the back. Made some good runs and passes, but as mentioned, has to pass more. He doesn’t seem to fin into the fast-paced Arsenal style of play with quick passes and touches. Uses to much time on the ball and tries to come out with it using his strenght, resulting in him losing the ball far to often.

    Fabregas was off pace and looked tired throughout the game. Was covered by Rovers hardworkers all the time, but passed the ball well. Will probably improve.

    Walcott – Good touches and used his pace well. Excellent finish for the goal. Faded as the game wore on. Needs to get more involved.

    Arshavin – good goal. Made some good passes and runs. But is to slow to think/pass. Lost the ball immidietly after getting and looked off pace. A bit to selfish on some occasions and when he passed, more often that not, his passes hit the closes opponent. Won us the game when the ball luckly landed right infront of him

    van Persie – was involved in the game a lot, met the ball and distributet it well. Great assist to Walcott. Was bullied off the ball easily though, as seing how he’s made of glass, got himself a ticket to the sickbay, probably for a long time. So basially the usual for Robin.

    Chamach – got involved and played more of midfielder than a striker, passing and running along the sides. Nothing good, nothing bad, still adapts

    Rosicky – to weak and didn’t duel to well. Neat passes

    Wilshere – needs to grow up or sit on the bench. Used his strenght, but didn’t score when he should.

  10. And that warrants him a 6.5 rating. Had it been Denilson to give away even 3 passes am sure he would be chopped to pieces by now my point here is why go for a complicated pass when easy ones are there like a pas to clichy so obvious he should leave the intricate works to Csec because he can and is built for that. Song’s over confindence is goin to cost us one of these days am afraid.

  11. I too thought Diaby was excellent; he moved about with purpose and energy and, crucially, his choice of pass and timing of pass were right most of the time.

    I’m worried about Laurent Koscielny though. He was skinned far too easily by Diouf for my liking and lacked the physical strength to assert himself again. I was more concerned by his lack of positional discipline; there were times when he looked completely out of place and out of synch in that defence, which is of course to be expected arriving in a new team. It is worth acknowledging that this is a giant step up for Koscielny. To get to the age of 24 and only have one season of top-flight experience under your belt must amount to quite the culture shock when you’re thrown into the Premiership. This makes him a gamble on Arsene’s part. While I don’t mind him gambling because he is usually a fantastic judge of player, sometimes I wish he’d spend the extra money to buy some solid Premier League experience (but not Silvestre!). It costs more but there isn’t the bedding in time. But Koscielny has had one good game and one bad so I’m willing to give him the time he deserves to prove himself.

  12. I didn’t get to see the game but listened to commentary on Five Live – I kept hearing ‘cleared by Koscielny’ or ‘headed away by Koscielny’ so it seems to me the man must have put in a pretty good shift. Remember this was only his second game for the gunners! I’m relieved that we’ve got someone who can head the ball away again a la Sol.

    Does Theo get an ass-ist for Arshavin’s goal? 😆

  13. Agreed with TPD.. Diaby was present against a physical side.. Song and wallcott were the other obvious stand outs.. Still a lil fragile in defence but I’m liking the new look re vamped defensive line.. Hopefully arshavin clicks into gear and reminds us how much he is capable of troubling the opposition.. I don’t mind his selfishness.. As pretty as it is, I don’t always want the ball walked into the back of the net :p

  14. Ash is right about Diaby – he was great v blackburn. Clichy was scored too highly in my opinion, we should sell him and let Gibbs be the first choice left back

  15. i think the rating are spot on pretty much, couple could be higher or lower. i liked Koscielnys performance but the only thing is it may have just been me but he gave away a few too many loose passes when trying to give the ball to someone further than 5m away upfield. i remember letting out a few frustrated yells at various stages, so a bit more precision there would have been nice, but im open to being completely wrong here haha

  16. Agree with your comment on RVP. Arsene should have left him out till he regains match fitness & Chamakh would have been an obvious choice to start the game given his good performances so far and his physical presence. Have you noticed how he controlled the threat of Rovers’ captain Samba? He did a superb job in nullifying the threat from their big man.

  17. A few words in defence of Arshavin. Again, most people are trying to measure him by certain standards. Please don’t. There are players who run, players who strike, players who tackle. Arsh is a player who thinks. And that is why he won’t be running after a ball he cannot reach, he won’t try to win a header from Crouch, and he won’t try to muscle through the Blackburn defence.
    But he will be able to serve a nice pass to Van Persie, or to be in the right place at the right time to score us a winner.
    You should not use a microscope to drive in nails, as Russians say…

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