Bendtner on the right gives us balance + Wenger unfairly slammed by Bordeaux over Chamakh

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Bendtner has done well so far this season on the right

So it’s Thursday, the Carling Cup game detour is done and dusted and we can all look forward to the real football again. That might sound a little harsh on the Arsenal kids who beat West Bromwich on Tuesday but it’s certainly how I feel ahead of Saturday’s game away to Fulham at Craven Cottage.

One of the players who is certain to feature is Nicklas Bendtner and in the past couple of days he has spoken of Arsene Wenger’s somewhat surprising decision to use him predominantly on the right this season. In his own words he said:

“I think it is a short-term decision. I have spoken to the manager, obviously, and he explained why he’s playing me there at the moment. He knows as well though that my position is to play up front as a striker. That’s where I prefer personally, but if I have to do a job for the team and play on the right or the left sometimes then I’m happy to do that as well.”

With his physique and aerial prowess – plus the fact he’s played their nearly his whole career – I think most Arsenal supporters would agree that Bendtner’s best position is up front. In saying that I also believe that Wenger’s decision to play Bendtner on the right and Robin van Persie in the middle is proving to be the right one for the team. He provides a physical yin to Andrey Arshavin or Emmanuel Eboue’s nippy yang as well as an aerial target out of defence, something that Gael Clichy and in particular Thomas Vermaelen has used regularly.

It’s clear that the manager wants the Dutchman to be the focal point of the attack and although he’s not slotting his chances just yet he’s certainly making them as well as creating a whole host of opportunities for the players around him. There’s no doubt that Bendtner’s time as a striker will come as van Persie is rotated or gets injured – we saw it against Standard Liege – and the most important thing is that the Dane maintains his clearly positive attitude and keeps playing for the good of the team.

Moving on now and Arsene Wenger has today received some fierce criticism from Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud over his behaviour regardin the Marouane Chamakh transfer. The problem is, as far as I can tell from Triaud’s comments, the criticism is completely unfair. Read for yourself:

“What I do not like in the behaviour of Arsene Wenger who is doing this again today, is that at the beginning, he declared his interest in Chamakh, a long time before calling me. Then he ended up doing so. I said I wanted around 18million euros for the transfer because in a negotiation, I know very well that there is always a counter offer. He said that was a lot, and called me 48 hours later, as agreed. He offered seven. I replied that was too low and he suggested calling me back a little later to find a compromise, but in the end he never called back.”

“Seeing Eduardo make a fantastic start to the season, Wenger suddenly realised he no longer needed Chamakh. So there was no more news from London. At that point Chamakh asked me to block everything for Arsenal and I told him no, and called Wenger to know (what was happening). He told me he didn’t want him anymore, stating that he is a great player, that he respects him, but if he takes him and he does not play, it would not be right for the player or for the club. He said that, regardless of the price of the transfer, he was not interested. Thank you and goodbye!”

Hmm – not sure I see anything wrong with it. As far as I can tell Wenger stated his interest without approaching the player, called Bordeaux to negotiate, wasn’t happy with the price and decided he didn’t want the player after Bordeaux turned down the offer. Sounds OK to me, or am I missing something?

Anyway, that’s really it for today aside from some more comments from the manager regarding the FA’s proposed changes to prevent clubs signing certain players under 18 years of age. I’ve not yet made too much sense of the proposal so instead of writing something wishy-washy and ultimately flawed I think I’ll just link to a more appropriate article from another Arsenal blogger who knows what they’re talking about.

Watch this space and other than that, have a lovely Thursday.

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25 thoughts on “Bendtner on the right gives us balance + Wenger unfairly slammed by Bordeaux over Chamakh

  1. Are you thick or what ? The president clearly states that Wenger called him up only after publicly stating his interest in Chamakh. This is the same grouse that Arsenal has against the Real Madrids and Barcelonas of the world …

  2. as much as i dislike it i have to agree with pet. wenger has done what the likes of joan laporta and ilk have been guilty of, talking publicly about the player before contacting the club. thats if the president of bourdeaux is to be believed.

  3. I have to say that I also am uneasy about our pursuit of chamakh. It sounds like he may even have turned down a move to other prem teams because he thought we wanted him. So possibly we have fucked him as well as the club.

    AW has talked a lot about him in the press and when RM or Barca do that about cesc or any other arsenal player it really pisses me off. I think that enough instability has been introduced to the players relationship with the club that he will eventually leave now and if i was a bordeaux fan i would be fucked off about that.

    If you want the player make an offer and buy him, if you don’t like the price walk away. Then shut up. Its the only fair way to treat the player, and the fans and manager of the selling club. Everything else is just a nuance of the same thing that barca, rm, city etc do to us and which we rightly get annoyed about. We know AW never talks about his targets so for him to do so in this case is an obvious tactic of some sort. Also we don’t need him, we need a DM and a CB, we have too many strikers already (theo, nik, rvp, arsh, vela, eduardo) – I don’t see where he fits in.

  4. !) Can someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with a manager of a team saying I’d like to buy-so -and-so I think he’s a really good player?

    2) Andrew – you’re moving at such dizzying speed now I can’ keep up – there’s a new blog every time I get back to the computer! I’m not complaining. Thanks for the brilliant Vermaelen Vid. And he was playing with an injured hand!

    3) Well done the lads for another fine display against tough opposition. Isn’t it a fact that AW has never lost a match against lower league opposition? Yet another record of his probably.

    4) I want to second your thanks to the folks who posted xcellent reviews of the Carling Cup game. Just what I was looking for.

    5) Finally – hope we draw one of the manc wank teams in the next round. Revenge!! The kids’ll do it for us.

  5. But R. Madrid, Barcelona, the Milan teams, Juventus and others have been doing exactly the same to us for a long time. We have complained and no one seems to notice. Why is it that suddenly when Wenger does what all the others are doing, then it becomes a problem?
    Each day, Cesc is tapped up, they have also started tapping up Arshavin, why should we lie down?

  6. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it Bordeaux who started revealing the details of Arsenal interest during the Chamakh negotiation and not Wenger?

    Then, when Wenger didn’t pursue the crazy transfer fee, wasn’t there interest from West Ham and Sunderland, who Bordeaux declined drawing ire from the player?

  7. to rayman & co

    “We know AW never talks about his targets…” And he still dosnt.
    Arsene way is not to talk about them, unless the opposition brings the case to public. Like in this case Bordeax talked about Arsenal intrest to papers first to pump up the price. How they have a 20 M player who Arsenal is after. U know how many transfers this has destroed for us. Now Bordeaux have shot themself in the leg couse they couldnt bring annybode but Sunderland to bid for him and Chamakh rather runs his contract down and wait for better offers.

  8. yes, Bordeaux who let the cat out of the bag in order to spark a bidding war, which never materialised. Wenger doesn’t do his transfer business in public everyone knows that. it was Triaud who betrayed the confidentiality of the deal and probably this helped scupper it as well.

  9. If only you took pain to look at the genesis of this scenario you will find that Wenger did no wrong. It was the media that started it all albeit helped by Bordeaux who think by pimping him around they could get maximum fees for him. The media had succeded in hood winking most the fans. Media made you believe gobshite and you come on here spouting them off like they are the truth. It was not until Bordeaux started leaking all offers to the media that Wenger admitted that yes he is interested and might still be intrested come January window.

    British media are just pathetic for turning Arsenal fans against their manager. Read between the lines!

  10. schnezhy really impressed me the other night,ok he didnt hav to make 10 saves but what he had to do he did capably and for the first time in ages i am upbeat about us having quality in this position
    i dont know if manuel-fawlty towers- almunia has recovered from his ‘virus’ yet but id like to see mannone again this weekend

  11. Playing Bendtner from the right is a waste of time and slowing down of the process of adapting to the 4-3-3 formation. Will RvP feel bruised if played from the right as in the Dutch team? Are formations and player positions done by seniority? I believe that Bendtner is the best option upfront right now. Messi plays from the right and gets to score a lot;he was second highest goal scorer for Barca behind Eto’o, the CF last season. And besides, RvP’s linkup play is enough to distabilise most teams.Again, with his stronger left foot he can shoot from the right with greter precision, he cut inside from there, he will be playing against a leftback and this counts for something as the leftback will labour to hold him down. Apart from this, Arshavin plays from the left against his will and preference so RvP can do so for the right just for the team, yes?I believe our best options upfront are: RvP…Bendtner/Edu…Arshavin/Rosicky with the trio of Cesc, Denilson and Song in midfield.

  12. Don’t think Chamakh is what we require at this time.The position is already over crowded. RVP,Eduardo,Bendy,Arshavin,Theo,Rosicky,Vela.
    For the past two season we all know that CDM was the priority. So that should be filled in the January transfer windows. Apart for that GK position is big concern. Almunia,Fabinsiki are an big concern. Even Mannone is not that good just hope he does well. We are short of an genie shot stopper after jens lehmann. We also need an good cover for that position. Apart from that quite happy with the squad.Bordeaux president criticizing Arsene Wenger is just an attempt to know the world that Chamakh is available for transfer this January that’s it. Just an publicity stunt.

  13. I think we whould let adebayour alone. He has really put the African continent to shame… y’all also saw what Craig Bellamy did to a ManU fan.. i think its something that has to do with ManC…

  14. I think so too. we all know too well that Arsene doesnt deal on the pages of newpapers. he will prepfer to conclude the deal before announcing his recruits – Vermalene is a typical example so was Arshavin…. Bordeuax presido should learn how to do biz wen it comes to AW…. he is a thorough professional who wouldnt thrown money around just for the sake of it….

  15. Hi rayman… i totally disagree with you. AW didnt do anything wrong…nobody knew Arsenal was after Chamakh until their presido made noise about it expecting a bid war for him thinking he would cash in on his sale…too bad. this is quite different from C.Fabregas who says he is not leaving for now…. As a matter of Policy, AW never discusses his signings on the pages of newspapers nor with journalists at his press briefings until its a done deal…

  16. On a lighter note, did any of the Oz gooners watch Getaway tonight? They had a story on the Arsenal. They showed the stadium tour, spoke to some gooners and showed a pub right next to the stadium which had a “Home team supporters only” sign out the front.

    Flights from just under 2k from Brisvegas…..i didnt think it was that expensive. Oh well, keep saving 8)

  17. Don’t expect to see any new transfers in the January window. Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis, has stated that “entering the transfer market is a last resort”. I take that to mean “spending money on new players is a last resort”.

    Bendtner will continue on the wing untill either Walcott or Arshavin recover from injury.

    My real concern is that Fabregas discovers his form and enthusiasm very quickly, any more lacklustre performances like the ones against Standard Liege and Wigan will only add to the feeling that he would rather be elsewhere, El Camp Nou perhaps!

  18. I believe we need the service of Chamark. this is becuase Eduardo and Van are better players but we cant tell what will happen in the next match, so we need a enough stock of players. I alwyas remind you guys that it will be disgusting to finish this season without a trophy.

  19. One of my favourite things in the season is seeing the CC kids. Last season we blew Sheff Utd away 6-0 and I believe just because it was 2-0 and they got a red card, not much is being made about it. The keeper (cnt spell his name), Gilbert, Traore, Coquelin, Sunu and Watt all made their full debuts (except Traore) against a very good side. They are used to playing reserve football all the time and its a big step up. Wasnt impressed with Sunu or Gilbert. Gilbert needs to go and Sunu has plenty of time to develop. Coquelin and Watt however were very good. Both still young and both very eager and talented. Am excited already. Then Ramsey and Wilshere also there, we have a strong CC squad. Last year it was always Bendtner, Vela, Eboue, Song. But this years CC sqaud is even younger and less experienced, only Silvestre and Senderos with major experience. Players like Vela, Gibbs, Wilshere and Ramsey were all key players last year and they keep their spot. I am very excited for the fourth round. I just really like the arsenal kids.

    Secondly, I personally believe we should leave Chamakh alone, he will proabably play in the CC and about 5 other games. We dont need him and he said that West Ham and Sunderland werent big enough clubs. Not Arsenes fault the boy believes he should be at big clubs. We have RvP, Vela, Bendy, Arsha, Eboue, Wilshere, Walcott and Eduardo to fill in the 3 forward places. We dont need him.

  20. @ PET / henrykissinher – I have to disagree with you both and maintain my original position. Gooner4eva’s comments tends to sum up my position on it, although you can never be quite sure when it comes to these things!

  21. To start, anyones criticism of wenger in this is fatally flawed. He made an offer. And it was not accepted. The player has one year to run on their contract. 18mill is far too much. Bourdeaux’s actions with arsenal were criticized by chamakh himself. Who’s thick?

  22. I don’t think if Manchester city (our market) had done such a thing to us, one of us would say it is fine. It is a good think Wenger did. to raise someone’s hopes and then at the end of it all kind of dump the person.
    and if he didn’t want him, he would at least have used kind words when talking to the manager.

  23. I don’t think if Manchester city (our market) had done such a thing to us, one of us would say it is fine. It isn’t a good think Wenger did. to raise someone’s hopes and then at the end of it all kind of dump the person.
    and if he didn’t want him, he would at least have used kind words when talking to the manager.

  24. I really think Bendtner should be playing at the center and Persie on the right side.. After all, Persie at Holland National Team, played on the right side, or I’m wrong?

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