Arsenal sign Bacary Sagna

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Bacary Sagna has completed his transfer to ArsenalBacary Sagna signs for Arsenal

Arsenal have completed the signing of 24-year-old French full-back Bacary Sagna from Auxerre on a long-term contract. Reports suggest the transfer to be worth around £6million but at this stage – as is the norm for Arsenal signings – the fee has not been disclosed. What is confirmed is that Sagna will wear the #3 shirt vacated by Ashley Cole and you can read a profile on the man here.

Sagna is the fourth official signing to be made by the club following the arrivals of Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, young Norwegian defender Harvard Nordtveit and Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva. Sanga has been linked with Arsenal for some time now and is unsurprisingly thrilled to join the club.

“It’s amazing. If someone had told me that one day I would be an Arsenal player I would not have believed him. I am very happy for my family, my friends and also for my future. It is really a positive move.”

For those that aren’t aware, Sagna was voted into the French Ligue 1 Team of the Season in his favoured position at right-back, a position he will surely compete for at Arsenal with the likes of Emmanuel Eboue and Justin Hoyte. However, there has been some suggestion that Sagna has been signed as a utility defender (much like William Gallas) who will be able to operate anywhere across the back four. Upon signing the Frenchman, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger supported this suggestion by saying:

“He plays mainly at right back, but can also play along the defence or in midfield. He is strong, quick and enjoys defending but also has a good offensive side to his game. He has a fighting spirit and will be a very good addition to our squad.”

Interesting comments, to say the least. I am still baffled as to how a defender who is only 1.76m tall could play as a central defender, but stranger things have happened. There has also been the suggestion that Sagna may be deployed as a right-sided midfielder or play at right back and push Eboue onto the wing, an area that is in desperate need of improvement.

Like Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, Sagna should adapt quickly to English footballSagna will not need time to adapt to English football

I see a lot of similarities between this signing and the one involving Eduardo. Both players are relatively unknown outside their respective countries, both are in their mid-twenties and it is still uncertain how both will fit into the structure of the team. Interestingly, Sagna believes he will not need long to adapt to the pace of the Premiership.

“I don’t know why I will have problems adapting in England. It is quite a French-speaking club, everybody has put me at ease right from the start and I feel good.”

Sagna raises an interesting point with regards to the French-speaking culture at Arsenal. Indeed, apart from goalkeeper Jens Lehmann and Hoyte, the entire Arsenal defence speaks French. Hopefully this will ensure that communication is at a high and some of the defensive errors the team made last season will be avoided.

He sounds like an intelligent young man and a player that will no doubt improve the current Arsenal squad. I see a lot of similarities between him and Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra so if he can prove as effective as the ex-Monaco player then he will do well at the club. Like the other three signings made by Arsenal so far this summer, Sagna is not a big name but will surely prove to be a quality signing. He seems to have a good attitude and is looking forward to a successful first season and promising long-term career at the club.

“We have the youth card and the fact that no one really rates us means that maybe we can surprise people. The young players want to prove what they can do and I want to prove what I can do. And all of this together will help us have a good season, I hope.”

I hope so too. What do you think?

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50 thoughts on “Arsenal sign Bacary Sagna

  1. Nice one,I’m happy Wenger convinced Fabragas to stay.I believe this is the last piece of puzzle that Wenger had been looking for,The team is now more than ready to compete for the top spot.

  2. sagna coming makes me :)..two more signings people and we go for the leauge an FA plus carling cup for the young boys. is it a fact now that obafemi isn’t coming? brace for more surprises from AW and in my opinion, we need a winger and it’s all sealed. cheers!

  3. Gradually, Arsene is rebuilding as promised. We’ll need replacements for Freddie and Reyes, then we’re ready for the challenge. This season, we’re going to score a lot of goals. I know fans and opposing fans alike and so called pundits don’t give us a chance ‘cos we’re not buying so called big players. We’re howevr, going to shock the EPL. My other concern is for Arsenal to try and bring one English player in, playing 11 without an English player is often a bother to me. Sometimes I’ve a feeling that we’re doing so much for the French football system, developing their players for them. English quality is overhyped and overpriced, yes but Arsenal is first and foremost an English team and the presence of some quality Englih players however expensive will promote the attachment English fans have with the club and help with business as well. Arsene should consider bringing in Curtis Davie as a supporting CB. He’s English, tall and growing big with pace and both good in the air?ground as a supporting CB. He’s better than Senderos and will cost about 8+. He’s very expensive for a championship player but he’ll be good for the Arsenal as highlighted above. Hope Matthew Connolly, sent on loan to a Championship club for a whole season will come back as a better player. We need to bring in some English players, it’ll do us a lot of good. Mind you, I’m not English.

  4. well i compare him to lillian thuram my cousin in france said that to me yestaday.

    he told me more about yoan gouffran and he said he is a good player, he has the same hype about him like david nugent.

    he has speed, technique, composure and can finish

  5. harlan i agree that we need more english players. another point on that is the Refs decisions which – as much as many may diasgree – are always biased against hte gunners especially where blacks are concerned (we all remember the carling cup finals scuffle). so am for one or even two full blood english players so we get the ‘english’ favor on our side. it’s important.

  6. Gilles Grimandi says the club have watched him (sagna) over 40 times in the last three years..hey isn’t that enough to make us a bit more confident in wenger’s strange signings? a player being watched that much assures me of quality and have watched the dude play in a couple of games.he’s a right choice people.

  7. First, congratulations on another 50 post thread SF. Next 75? 100? The world?
    8-10 million for Curtis Davies as no. 4 centre back is ridiculous, he is no better than Senderos – the grass is always greener on the english side etc.
    Freddie hasn’t gone yet people 😀 And I don’t think he will.
    Is Flamini going or not?
    We only need a winger/wide striker now, depending on how we are going to play. Hopefully both, i’d like to see all Goufrann, di Maria and Semioli or whatever his name is mentioned on gunnerblog. If we get all three it doesn’t matter if Goufrann or di Maria is loaned out.
    Wenger is re-applying for Vela’s work permit.

    We are not a club that goes and pays f25-f30m for ready made success.We have enough talents in,Van Persie,Da Silva,Walcott,Adebayor and Bendtner who will sooner rather later more than compensate for Thierry Henry 14.Mr.Wenger has been gradually completing the jigsaw puzzle of a complete team.He clearly decided that Ryan Babel asking price was not justified.

  9. Is Gilles Grimandi now officially at the club because he’s talking like he is even though there has not been any official statement?

  10. TT – I think we can assume either he has, or him and ken friar (took care of eduardo and wookash) have kept their job titles but just taken on more responsibility.
    I’m surprised Wenger hasen’t done anything today before our first game tomorrow. And I have to go to work in a bit, so I won’t find out till tonight if he does.
    Fucking excited about tomorrow though. It’s barnet, eduardo for a hatrick? hleb to have a shot or two? fuck yes.

  11. REYES

    Daily Mail reports that Reyes is back; I pray that God change his heart to love the Arsenal and stay to give us width. He should learn from Fabregas and stay; we must do everything to make him happy to stay especially now that Henry is gone. If he stays then our LW problem is solved and the team will almost be complete, he’s a good player and Arsene rate him a lot.


    What I read from SKY SPORTS today has made me believe how much Freddie loves the club; we should find the money to keep Freddie. He said he can’t play for any EPL team for the sake of the Arsenal fans. 70k is a lot but we can afford it now that all the big wage players are gone except Gallas at 80k. The team is almost complete if Reyes stays and Freddie also stays. We can now challenge the title.

  12. Reyes should stay at Arsenal he has fantastic potential and it would be like a new signing.Let’s regard him as the prodigal son.

  13. I’ve read today that Fabragas would love to see Eto’o come over and join Arsenal. Maybe Wenger will listen to him and try to sign him, i really dont think Barca want him, esp now after Henry has come. It probably wont happen but Eto’o has been heavily linked with the move to Arsenal, hopefully they will turn rumor into reality. I for one would love to see it.

  14. Demetrio: What makes better business, Eto’o to Arsenal for 20 mill or Ronaldinho to Ac Milan for EIGHTY FUCKING MILLION?

  15. Being FROM ITALIA and reading and listening to the Italian news, reports in Italia have died down about Ronaldinho joining Milano, with Kaka there they dont really need him. Milan want Eto’o, sayin again.. with Kaka there they dont really need Ronaldinho, he would be a plus but is not someone they are gonna go out of their way to get. They have made clear all thru the Italian news that Eto’o is their top guy. They’ve said Arsenal dont have a chance in gettin Eto’o, LIKE i said, it would be nice to get him but it most likely wont happen, im glad that Fabragas feels the same about Eto’o tho.

  16. sagna? fine…we didnt need him but o well

    whilst we sign unknowns we dont need, all the other top clubs sign quality players. we saw babel slip thru our fingers YET AGAIN and go to liverpool. malouda slipped thru our fingers and go to chel$ki. Tevez will 99% slip thru oru fingers and go to United.

    for god’s sake arsene, sign someone we need!

  17. The Barnet game revealed massive future for the Arsenal. Theo has improved and seems to be in Arsene’s plans for this season. I was also impreesed with Fabianski, Paul Rogers, Randal and Harvard, but more of Theo. His wing play was vey good and he got behind defenders several times. Hleb should be on the look out for his position as Theo is seriously knocking on the door.

  18. Coming back to the Barnet game; Ade still needs to improve, he’s missing too many goal chances and we’ll won’t be happy with that in the coming season.

  19. just another update for my friends over here

    rodrigo palacio, apparently we have bidded £16m and got a bid accepted by boca juniors last night

    he is a number 14 player and could be a replacement for theirry henry

    well, am sure about the truth in this but that can go along with yoan gouffran, angel di maria and now rodrigo palacio

    Arsenal are trying to sort a swap deal involving Reyes and Robinho,It will be announced this week once Robinho finishes copa.Hopefully we will see this deal concluded this week.”Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  21. Boca & Arsenal have agree a fee for Rodrigo Sebastian Palacio but the player himself is yet to agree personal terms.
    Arsenal new stiker to come!

  22. Who is Palacio? Please say he is one big, BIG, strong motherfucker? Our team keeps getting slighter by the day. Also tell me he scores a fuck load, knows how to pass and kills over defenders for fun.
    If Robinho came, I think he’d have to only play against more attacking teams, and stay weight training when we play bolton or chelsea for next season.
    Does di Maria play for Boca too? Double swoop?

  23. Hey all! Apologies for the lack of updates – I’ve been away all weekend relaxing my bones at the beach. I have to say I’m surprised to see no more signings made by Arsenal despite continuous speculation. I’ll get cracking on the latest news soon and pop up a new post as soon as possible. Cheers!

  24. some one tell me where i can find the torrent for sartudays friendly? i only got the first half and i got to watch that game people

  25. I don’t know where this Rodrigo Palacio rumour has surfaced from. I was actually in Argentina over Christmas and saw Boca Juniors final two games of the season. He is quite a nifty player but not one that Arsenal need at this stage. And as you mention, gunnershabz, there is no winger and that is the top priority for Arsenal at the moment.

  26. i seriously think wenger if he does buy this player we going for 4-3-3

    then we dont need much wingers

    or he has faith in rosicky, hleb, ljungberg and walcott and of course eboue is up for midfield now as well

    watchin on sat, we did not have wingers exepct walcott

    randall cuts in and looks for the pass

    rodrigo palacio is an excellent prospect and everyone wanted martins well martins aint a target

  27. Martins never was a target. Big Sam came out many times and said Arsenal never got in touch.
    I think if we get Palacio we can play without a winger like Holland or Barca play without a real winger.
    Barca’s midfield and forwards last season:
    Arsenal’s possible midfield and forwards next:
    ———-Gilberto———- (Denilson/Flamini)
    —–Fabregas—Rosicky—– (Diaby/Hleb/Song)
    —Van Persie—–Eduardo— (Walcott/Ade/Freddie)
    ———-Palacio———– (Eduardo/Bendtner)

  28. Very, very interesting Samuel. I suggested 4-3-3 a long while ago and if Palacio does sign it is a real possibility. I will be investigating resources suggesting his signing is forthcoming.

  29. It looks like we’ve landed Rodrigo Sebastian Palacio from Argentina for EI5M!(Subject to medical)
    He is amazing player,he is quick and has a deadly right foot.
    Walcott and Dudu can play as wingers after signing this guy.We will finish the rebuilding.
    It’s good enough to the title!

  30. If Palacio signs, it does not mean Eduardo will move to the wing. That would be madness! Eduardo will play as a striker no matter what happens – mark my words.

  31. There is no confirmation yet. The rumours of a signing have come from Argentina, from a reported statement from the President of Boca Juniors. Apparently Barcelona were lining up a bid for Palacio in case Henry stayed at Arsenal. But with Henry going to Barcelona it left the door open for Arsenal to sign Palacio. I’ll again repeat that nothing has been confirmed but as soon as it is, you’ll be the first to know. 🙂

  32. Thanks. It wasn’t bad. You’ll probably hear a little bit more about it tomorrow :). As for Palacio, I have a few friends over in Argentina and I will try and get the word on the situation according to the Argentine newspapers.

  33. Palacio who? Doubt if its Arsene signing. For 15+ and 39 goals out of 79 matches? Don’t think Arsene will pay for that. We need a left winger then the jigsaw puzzle will be complete. May be he intends playing Freddie and Hleb on the left. Freddie has played LW several times and barring injuries, he’ll play there. Hleb too use to play on the left at Stuttgart, so may be he thinks any additional striker will be fine to cover injuries and ACN games. I think Walcott can grab the RW position for himself if he continues to develop as evidenced in the Barnet game.

  34. We only have four strikers realistically: Walcott will play on the wing, Ade will go to the ANC and two of them are unproven. After knowing that we can have 4 strikers out at once last year, I think Palacio is needed. If he’s good enough for Barca, he’s good enough for us.
    A left sided player is needed. If we play 4-4-2 he needs to be a winger, 4-3-3 he doesn’t but it would still be good. Freddie obviously isn’t the answer, he supposedly hasen’t made it to a training session abroad right now. Whether he is injured or leaving, neither would surprise me.

  35. Harlan – I don’t think we should take a friendly against Barnet as an indication of how our players will play next year.
    I have a real belief about next season though. Our first eleven isn’t as good as United or Chelsea’s yet, but with di Maria and Palacio (the most likely signings) I think our squad overall is better than both.

  36. Samuel-di Maria, I’m told is a 19 year old chap who can’t get into the team straight away, so in that case how do we fix the LW problem in the interim? Palacio? The rumour is all over on the net and Arsene says he’s okay with the squard so I doubt if he’s bringing anybody in again. Meanwhile the same Arsene and Hill-wood says we’ll be challenging for the title this year but the depth of the team is still weak as you noted earlier on. Let’s just trust Arsene and see what he intends doing; it seems he’s been having sleepless nights as he looked tired in his post-Barnet match interview.

  37. Harlan: Hill-Wood said there was a lot going on behind the scenes, even when Sagna had all but signed, Wenger said “at the moment”. For Wenger, “at the moment” means while we are playing for the next 90 minutes.
    Until he is sold, Reyes is our left winger on the payroll.
    Since when haven’t we been the team to give a gifted 19 year a chance?

  38. Samuel-How convinced is this Palacio story? Its all over. Do you think Arsene will pay 15+ for his goal scoring record? To me he doesn’t look exceptional in his YouTube clip seen so far. If good why was he not prominent in the Argentine team during the Copa American games?

  39. According to a friend in London “The Sun” says it is a done deal. You must remember that “The Sun” is not very creditable when it comes out with these stories so I’m waiting for word from another friend in Buenos Aires to get his perspective on things.

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