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Babel will be hoping to impress Arsene Wenger in tonight’s gameThe latest musings of Spanish Fry

Ajax forward Ryan Babel will face off against young Arsenal defender Justin Hoyte in tonight’s UEFA Under-21 Championship semi-final between the Netherlands and England. The match will provide the perfect stage for Babel to impress Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after he recently admitted it would be a dream to one day play for Wenger’s side.

As for Hoyte, he has performed well for England so far in the tournament playing in his favoured position at right-back. Despite receiving racial abuse from opposition supporters during England’s last game against Serbia & Montenegro, Hoyte was able to hold his nerve and help his side to an impressive 2-0 win to ensure England’s progress to the semi-final stage.

Whilst Babel will surely start up front against England his tendency to drift wide to create space for himself will mean that the two players should come face-to-face regularly during the match. The outcome of these duels between the Hoyte and Babel should provide great interest for the Arsenal manager and the club’s supporters.

Hoyte can showcase his improvement under Wenger against the NetherlandsWhat the game means for Arsenal 

If Babel has a blinder then it will provide much incentive for Wenger to step up negotiations with Ajax and put in a firm bid for the player. Conversely, if Hoyte impresses, it will cast doubts over Babel’s potential to make an impact at the club should he sign. It will also provide solid evidence of Hoyte’s continued improvement as a player since joining Arsenal in 2003 and apply some much-needed pressure on the club’s current right-back, Emmanuel Eboue.

It is no secret that Wenger is a proud defender of the his own players, but if Babel happens to outplay one of his young guns it will force the Arsenal manager to take notice. However, if Wenger’s man outplays Babel then it will justify both his recent decision to reward Hoyte with a new long-term deal with the club and his refusal to pursue the Ajax forward any further.

Unlike Arseblogger and Goodplaya, I am not the biggest fan of Hoyte and I believe he does not yet possess the ability to stake a claim as Arsenal’s first-choice right-back. However, at just 22, time is on his side and if the Englishman can impress in tonight’s game then my opinion of him would certainly be up for revision.

Conversely, I think Wenger would be mad to ignore Babel’s “Come and get me!” plea if the Dutchman stars against England. As a result, it should an interesting night of football for those connected to the Arsenal Football Club.

Voice your opinions on Justin Hoyte or Ryan Babel by leaving a comment.

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12 thoughts on “Babel playing for Arsenal future

  1. well i dont mind ryan babel coming to arsenal i seen him when he first started for ajax, he is a good player just needs a coach like wenger to make him even more better, he has got some class about him. marco van basten always picks him for the dutch national side, he has similarities with theirry henry, everyone knows it… but he needs to work at it and he can be class. i dont think arsenal will bid for florent malouda £17m is too much that lyon chairman is an idiot dont you think but he has to sell because they bought two players from lille for like that much so i guess he is looking to offload.
    fred is available from lyon as well, but i dont think we need him.

    well am going to watch the game today am hoping arsenal to bid on royston drenthe he is a class player

  2. He seems the most likely of the names around this summer, simply because he fits Wenger’s criteria – young, talented, athletic, strong, hungry and not a complete rip-off.

    Character is one thing that Wenger prides himself on, when it comes to his players. He seems to buy two types of player – the hungry youngster who forces his way into the team and runs his socks off (Toure, Ade, …) or the player who arrives with a less than perfect reputation but actually never causes trouble under his guidance (RVP, Ade again…). Even when Wenger buys someone in their mid 20s (Rosicky), it’s a player looking to improve themselves.

    My point is that Babel first the mould of the first type – he wants to join Arsenal, he wants to better himself, and he has the potential to be moulded by Wenger. Malouda strikes me as a little lazy, I always get the impression he thinks he’s the finished article, so he doesn’t really fit, while Eto’o certainly feels that way.

    So of all the transfer rumours I’ve heard this summer, I’d plump for Babel as quite likely.

    Of course, the other alternative is for Wenger to bu another three players we’ve never heard of…

  3. there’s a reason why he is £6m and Malouda is £17m and its because Babel is not as good. he is not so young as to think he will develop massively over the coming years either. If other top clubs wanted him he would not be £6m. as soon as other big clubs are interested the value of a player more than doubles. it doesn’t mean they are twice as good, its all about supply and demand. thats the difference between players who can play for teams like spurs, everton and Newcastle and those that can play for Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U.

  4. Spanish Fry

    Are you sure Babel can do an excellent job at LW? I’m told his natural position is CF, which we don’t need at the moment. The player we need for LW, who is very pacy, strong and direct and has defensive capability to support Clichy is DRENTHE. The guy has already shown his skills in U21 competition and we should go for him.He will like to play in the CL. He could be available for less than 6+. SF, sometimes I’m surprised that you want to give PS, who has had more opportunities to prove himself a chance than JH, who popped up only last year and keep on improving. The only thing left with JH is his coming forward and crossing, once this drawback is improved you will see him playing for the senior side. As for PS, don’t put your bet on him; there is no way he can improve on his speed and turnings; may be tackling abilities and positioning. PS could fit well in a 4-5-1 system where defenders play deep and get massive support from the mid-field as we experienced in the CL the previous year and managed to get to the finals with an excellent defensive record, which enabled PS to shine. However, Arsenal is generally an attacking team, which require pacy defenders to run and stop counterattacks when a forward movement is forestalled, and there lies the big problem PS has. His turnings and runs are so poor that more often than not he had to pull opposing forwards down, resulting in fowls. We should send him on loan or sell him. Not good for Arsenal and don’t think he can develop these failings.

  5. Harlan – I have to say that at this stage I’m not overly impressed with either Senderos or Hoyte. I don’t think that I am limiting Hoyte’s chance to make an impact though. To quote from the article:
    ” I am not the biggest fan of Hoyte and I believe he does not yet possess the ability to stake a claim as Arsenal’s first-choice right-back. However, at just 22, time is on his side and if the Englishman can impress in tonight’s game then my opinion of him would certainly be up for revision.”
    I think he has every chance to make it as a right-back but he’s just not quite there yet. As for Senderos, to quote from a previous article:
    “It has to be said that although Senderos has made solid progress at the club he is still some way off fulfilling his potential.”
    I think your statement about Arsenal being an attacking team is spot on, and as a result, maybe Senderos does not fit in with our style of defending. But I just don’t think it’s worth giving up on a defender who will no doubt improve as he gets older.

  6. What we really need is left winger I would recommend Royston Drenthe. He should be much more cheaper than Malouda but bad news is Chelski is looking at him too. Drenthe provided himself in U21. Rumour is Chelski willing to pay 4m for his service. I believe if we go in with same price Drenthe will choose us where he will have more 1st team chances in Arsenal. Babel is good too but base on U21 performance then I would say Drenthe is ahead of Babel.

  7. India-Gunner – The issue of Drenthe is an interesting one. There has been so much talk about him from Arsenal supporters over the course of this tournament and to his credit he has done very well. But I personally know nothing about his performances in the Eredevisie last season and so don’t feel in a position to comment. Can you judge a player based solely on his U21 performances? It is an interesting question. What do others think?

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  9. Spanish Fry – your last point is exactly the one I was going to make. I always get worried when people talk about how we should sign a player who they’ve seen for three/four matches in a tournament, in which they may be raising their game.

    We’ve seen it before with international tournaments – some players overperform, some underperform, but we need those who do the business week in week out. It strikes me that many who are recommending Drenthe haven’t seen that side of him.

    That’s not to say he won’t make it, because I haven’t seen him in regular action either.

  10. Pete – Yeah. When it’s all said and done there are probably thousands of Drenthe’s running around in South America but that does not mean they will make it at the top level. Like you said, I’m not bagging Drenthe at all, just stating that there is a lot of hype surrounding him and I’m not sure its completely warranted because it’s over such a short period of time.

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