Arshavin praying for Arsenal move; let’s hope he’s got some tokens left

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Hello to you all. I realise this is a very late blog for the day, but football training and some bizarre inner-city traffic means it is after 10pm in Brisbane as I write to you. And in truth, there’s very little to write about apart from a certain Russian playmaker.

The Andrei Arshavin transfer saga continues to roll – as we knew it would – with the latest quotes from the player suggesting that he is praying to God to get the move he is after. Let’s just hope he hasn’t used up his tokens on asking for things like a new Chess set or one of those fluffy Russian hats with the ear-flaps.

Officials from Zenit St Petersburg have said they are hoping to reach a ‘logical conclusion’ while Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has said that the £12 million we have tabled is a ‘final offer’ and that ‘there are other fish in the sea’.

From our point of view as supporters it’s pretty difficult to know what exactly to believe. As I suggested yesterday it’s clear that both clubs are waiting for the other to budge in the hope of getting the best deal they can. All the while poor little Andrei sits at home, praying to God and probably crying himself to sleep. If he wasn’t worth millions of dollars I’d probably feel sorry for him.

Whatever the outcome is, we know it’s likely to be done by the 26th of January. As the Arsenal chairman suggests, there are other fish in the sea and if the Arshavin deal falls through then Arsene Wenger and Co. will need sufficient time to pursue other transfer targets, if they’re not already doing so.

There’s also the issue of the purchase of a defensive-midfielder which many supporters see as more important than an attacking player like Arshavin. If Arsenal put all their eggs in one basket for the Russian then we could well pay pay the price. Fingers crossed it all works out though, as Arshavin would be a hell of a player to add to our attack.

And that’s really all for today apart from some token comments from Emmanuel Adebayor about the need for our squad to show more self belief. I’ll speak/write to you tomorrow, hopefully a little bit earlier on than I did today. Cheers.

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20 thoughts on “Arshavin praying for Arsenal move; let’s hope he’s got some tokens left

  1. I would love to have Arshavin but I do hope the Wenger and co. have a back up plan ready to go if Zenit does not budge. We actually might luck out in this poor economic climate because normally another club would have probably swooped in and taken Arshavin by now.

  2. hello my dear fans or my dear arsenal players.Thank you for giving me right to write a comment on ARSHAVIN’S deal and i thick that is a good move for arsenal right now at the moment Arhsavin is a very good player and i also pray that the deal move arsenal. my name is destiny am from nigeria i want to say i love all arsenal fans out there and my highest love goes to arsenal players mostly Adebayor,Nasri,and Fabregas i love you all i am 18years old.

  3. I agree with Ade that the diference between winners and also rans is often the winning mindset. There are a lot of observations that I could make about the team I love, like FOR GODS SAKE SHOOT, and why is Eboue still on the team? However, I want to remain positive here. I am sure the sports psychlogist employed by the club is competent and professional. Not being one, I can only speculate on how he/she goes about their job; but there is obvious room for improvement. During our undefeated year, when the Gunners stepped outon the field we knew they were going to win. More importantly,THEY knew they were going to win and they carried themselves accordingly. Todays team has had a few major setbacks, especially with injuries to key players, so that mindset may be difficult to inculcate. If I knew how to answer the questio, I would not be writing here, I would be working at Emirates.

  4. Just happy he is praying about the move and hopefuly we sign him,so we can tell the world we can sign player for more than 10million.i also want to say we will win game on saturday.up kunle frm nigeria

  5. @ Mexican Gunner – same boat as me then lol.

    If the player wants to move and the club he wants to move to have made a good offer, adding the fact that his deal runs out soon. Zenit should be accepting 12 mil. Zenit have said they will accept other offers. So i think they will wait until 25/25th jan for other offers, if none then they will accept Arsenals.

  6. ive been an arsenal fan ever since i can remember, the only thing is i live in the US. it seems to me that this is a typical deal for January. both sides trying to squeeze the last bit out of each other. Guaranteed by the end of the month we will see someone new wearing that beautiful arsenal red.

  7. BTW Where I live I can’t get FSC or any program to watch the games on the weekends… Anybody know a safe site to watch this on. Much appreciated.

  8. @ cmoney_gun

    I visit a very complete site where they put all the goals of games around the world and the complete games to download a few hours after the games.

    And they have a very big live section and you can watch ALL the games in the same site without the necesity to download a program.

    Everything is in SPANISH, let me know if you need some help with the site.

  9. guys this deal is not pleasing me. Hopefully it will be done by the next two days. if not i will talk to you guys feb 2nd!

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