Arshavin – Eboue – Eduardo + I’ll be back tomorrow

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Hello all.

Just a super-duper quick one today because the FA Cup game against Cardiff is not on until Sunday and there’s very little going on. Don’t despair though, I’ll pop on some time tomorrow to do a full match preview.

News for today can be summarised as follows (including a one-word response indicating my feelings on each point):

And that’s about it. As I said, I’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves and if you’re bored check out the Arsecast over on Arseblog.


Have your say on Arshavin, Eboue or Eduardo by leaving a comment.


129 thoughts on “Arshavin – Eboue – Eduardo + I’ll be back tomorrow

  1. Arsenal do not mind losing their best players like Flamini, Hleb, Henry, Viera. How come drosses like Eboue, Diaby and Almunia are rejected for any potential moves. Serious joke. I think even Salamanca will not be willing to take Almunia. For Free! Their keeper is better rated in Spain than Almunia joke.

    Really excited about Eduardo. Strong character and a born winner. His finishing ability will certainly help us to be more dangerous in attack.

    Wilshere is quality. That goal for Reserves against Stoke is just a glimpse of his class. I want to know why Wilshere, Ramsey and Vela are not trusted to be in the pitch ahead of Diaby, Song and Eboue. Life goes on at Arsenal.

    As for Arshavin rumors, I gave up on few days before. Peter-Hill told us there are other fishes in the sea. There is a desperate wait for Arsenal fans to see which fishes Arsenal gonna catch. Maybe NONE cause we are Arsenal. No need for transfers.

  2. According to you guys, who’s gonna substitute Sagna?? You need a fast running player to be on the Left or Right Back.This position is one of the most difficult on the pitch, coz- 1st- The player shud be a gud defender (tackler), fast running agst a winger and strong enugh for a counter attack (Bosingua, Sagna, dany alves, etc..)
    2nd- He is a guy who’s happy to be on the bench,(You cant put a 1st class player on the bench!!!)
    3rd- He can also manage to be a winger.
    4th- he is experienced enugh to be on a PL game.
    5th- I know he can never score and he always dives but he can create danger and he Runs fast to fit with the fast usual Arsenal play.
    he isnt really a top player, or a player that we desperately need like Arsha but he is just necessary for us, and besides I personnaly LIKE His run and support for attack.(You always see him running up front even if he knows that Ade or RVP can score that goal: Thats the player I like).To me, he is among the architect of our last 8 clean sht games- coz at least he could provide some creativity and fast run for the club.
    Arsha will defntly come, we are just one step away.
    Eduardo is defntly a gud news, at least Diaby now can stay away and Eduardo can be RW (Puttin nasri at Fab’s Job) or he can also be an Center attackin mdfldr.

  3. I wonder why Wenger is holding on to Ebue and Diaby. He should sell them and buy good and quality players. We cant afford to loose out from winning trophy this year. Wenger brace up and open your wallet.

  4. Couldnt we have given Atletico Eboue+£10m for Sergio Aguero? Or at least tell me we offered new contracts to RvP and Walcott, not Eboue! WTF is wrong with this club?

    Well at least we got Arshavin, thats something to cheer about. Yay! 🙂

  5. I am a gunner 4 life. I live in Nigeria. My comment is that we can’t afford to miss Arshavin especially that FabreGas is not in the team. Pls Wenger do something

  6. @ Radads
    Kolo can play RB, he did it when both Sagna and Eboue were injured earlier in the season and he did a great job.

  7. “City offer Drogba a ‘double your money’ deal. (
    And rumour has it that they are after Veloso. Lets hope they fail!

  8. @Radads

    I completely agree. I never thought I’d utter those words, as Eboue has been one player that has frustrated me no end for a number of seasons. Point is that he does do a job, though periodically has been known to be a liability. He knows the Arsenal way of playing, the squad like him (look at the way they rallied round after the boo boys – idiots!!). Wenger is more than aware of his faults but also his strengths. He is definitely not world class, but, none of us know what extra he brings to the team which is why Wenger persists with him. Perhaps, he unifies the dressing room, infusing desire at half time when we’ve been playing lack lustre? Who knows? The fact remains, Wenger has managed for many years, he has transformed this club, and most of all he is the manager, not us. He is well aware of what is riding on him, and NONE of us could possibly do the job that he has, and also, NONE of us can suggest another available manager who could quite capably fill his shoes and continue to take the club forward. If Wenger decides that Eboue deserves a new contract, then Eboue deserves a new contract … and rest assured Theo, Robin, Cesc and co, are also his priority.


  9. good points SF. our lucking is turning, we are still in 4 the title and with ashav we can compete others (yes we can)
    what about Theo, is he coming back soon?

  10. Cast your mind back to last season. Arsenal were drawn against Manchester United in the FA Cup and Arsene Wenger fielded an almost reserve side. We were hammered and deservingly so, but we wasn’t as hammered on the pitch as much as Arsene Wenger was in the aftermath to the game.

    Every pundit and newspaper couldn’t wait to have a pop at Arsene Wenger for fielding an understrength side. So how come we haven’t seen the same with Harry Redknapp?

    For the FA Cup game with United at the weekend Redknapp has admitted he will play the weakest team he can find because that’s how it has to be. I’m sorry but the Spuds might as well not bother turning up!

    Where is all the criticism for Harry Redknapp? I suppose he is immune to it from the media because his son is in the game and Harry is such a nice chap.

    Maybe it goes deeper than that. Maybe because he is an Englishman he is exempt from being criticised and the horrible foreign lot at Arsenal, who are ruining the English game by the way, deserve to be shot at at every opportunity there is.

    From my knowledge Arsene Wenger has never ducked a press conference and always tries to answer a journalist’s question. Yet despite all this the media cannot wait to dig the knife into his back, as deep as possible.

    In the past Harry Redknapp has shown himself to be treacherous, especially to Portsmouth, and he never seems to receive any negative press. He even contridicted himself by saying he inherited a great squad at Tottenham, when they were doing well, and now he says that are not good enough because he is struggling and being found out!

    Arsene Wenger on the other hand has been loyal to Arsenal and his methods have helped revolutionise the English game. Despite this he is probably the first manager in the Premiership to receive any negativity from the English media.

    Perhaps Arsene Wenger should throw a strop, like Alex Ferguson has many a time, and refuse to talk to the media. Perhaps he should perfect a cheeky cockney accent and then maybe he will get the same treatment as the little darling Harry Redknapp.

    It’s xenophobic, plain and simple and this little Englander attitude most of us have is a reason that England are shit as international level. The more we bum-lick the likes of Harry Redknapp the longer England will suffer at the highest level.

    So can anyone tell me why this hasn’t been picked up by the media? Whats the difference between Wenger and Redknapp?

    I think its because Harry Redknapp is an Englishman.

  11. How many English players do you think would be able to succeed in another country?

    Many world players come into the EPL but very few English players play abroad, do you think any of the players playing for England would make it playing for Madrid, Barca, Milan etc?

  12. The reason Arsenal is always criticized is because we play the best football in the EPL. Deep down everyone wants to root for us and Wenger’s genius but they have to make up excuses and find ways around the fact… Just my opinion and it obviously goes deeper and is a bit more intricate but those are my thoughts…

  13. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is eager to keep the intricacies of any proposed deal for Andrei Arshavin out of the public eye for as long as possible.

    The Gunners are in discussions with Zenit St Petersburg with a view to bringing their £18million-rated Russian playmaker to the Premier League.

    It has been reported that the two clubs are struggling to agree a fee, but Uefa Cup holders Zenit recently announced they expected to reach a ‘logical conclusion’.

    Arsenal have remained quiet throughout the negotiations, with most claims coming from Arshavin’s agent, Dennis Lachter, and Wenger insists Emirates Stadium representatives will remain tight-lipped.

    “It is in the newspapers, but not from our side. We are quiet and we know what we want to do,” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

    “We will keep that as quiet as possible and for as long as we can.”

    Wenger is keen to keep details of the negotiations private because he is well aware that publicity can backfire if a transfer does not materialise.

    “It is difficult because I believe when it does not work, it can turn against them or against us,” he added.

    “You have to accept that in the transfer market, sometimes you go for a player and that sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t happen.

    “But I am very happy with the squad I have and will only add someone who can give us something special.

    “Should we not get what we want, we will accept it as well because I believe we are strong enough with what we have.”

    Wenger is also adamant that there are no other arrivals on the immediate horizon, and the Frenchman is instead focused upon the eventual return to fitness of captain Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and possibly Tomas Rosicky.

    He said: “We are not close to signing anybody else, but what I see in training is a very determined team of top quality.

    “Also the players coming back, like Fabregas and Walcott, there is a little chance that Rosicky will play again before the end of the season, so we have plenty of players coming back who are like new signings.”

    The above article is on SkySports – Football.
    I’m not making any comment other than to say I fear the worst.

  14. I think this is all going to end in dissapointment. I have this horrible feeling that Zenit have been pissin around and thet they will announce that Arshavin will stay. They dont need the money and may have wanted to bost their profile as a club.

    I hope to god he comes though! Just cant help but fear the worst!

    Although Cardiff on sunday is far more important, as is Everton at goodison next week!

  15. Athletico Madrid offered Arsenal Aguero + 5 million for Eboue. Arsenal refused to sell him since he is Wenger’s favorite player. He is favorite because he gives “mojo” to Wenger everyday.

    So Wenger is a gay; Loves black d***.

  16. Almunia, Eboue, Diaby, Song are Wenger’s Pets.
    Can’t believe those cunts are making at Arsenal. Waste of money. 45 pounds per match to watch those drosses is not reasonable. Have already decided not to renew the tickets for next season.

  17. @ Arsha or No Arsha

    Atletico offered Aguero+£5m for Eboue? Lol, are you serious fella?

    BTW, If Eboue was as bad as you say, then why Would teams like Inter and Atletico want him? I know he’s not been great in the last few seasons but he brings debth in the team, he provides cover for Sagna and Walcott/Rosicky. And if you look at the stats, youll find that we actually played well with him in the team.

  18. @ Arsha or No Arsha
    A Prick and a racist…grow up!
    BUT I do agree that Vela, Ramsey, and Wilshere should get more chances on the pitch…especially Vela. Whenever he enters the game we immediately have more pace, create more runs, and get to middle of the pitch in and around the box for more chances on goal. He needs to be in the starting side out on the wing.

    @ Radads
    I totally agree with you on Eboue…he is very serviceable as a player. We use him all over the pitch when we need the depth. He plays RB and out on the wing. Not to mention he is one of the fastest players at Arsenal. Every club needs a player like Eboue and that is why other teams throughout Europe have shown interest in acquiring him.

    I think/hope the Arshavin deal goes through!

  19. My opinion!
    Eboue has the ability to sise to the Arsenal standards. He makes many decisive runs into dangerous places, but no one seems to have ever told him that at the end you must lay off to a team mate. He wants to beat all and sundry with the ball at his feet… that is his problem… someone tell him that he has 10 team mates.

    Our boy Bendner is also not a Arsenal type. Yet he also makes us
    look good from time to time. some one should teach him that the idea in football is to pas the ball to one of your own side… not to the opposition!

    arsene wenger must stop buying growing school boys. Some one should tell him that their bone structure is still soft when growing and easily damaged at this time… his injury list surely should wise him up to this! Tell him that… will he never learn? Or is Arsenal only a players broker? Making money by trading players? Where are our trophies?
    This year we will nothing and if we do not get some top players next year will be worse because all around us are strengthening their squad.
    Let me have it you guys!

  20. It’s hard to believe that as bad as we have been so far this season, apart from the Man Utd and Chelsea games, I look at the league table now and we are only six points behind the joint leaders . We are only just over halfway in the season and yet we’re still in touch. Incredible.

    Though this is partly due to our main rivals dropping points along the way, it does give us cause for cautious optimism. If we can sign Arshavin or another quality midfield player plus a decent centre half and keep in touch then pretty soon we should (hopefully) start getting some of our injured players back. Arshavin?, Walcott, Eduardo, and dare I say it Rosicknote? And maybe even Cesc a little earlier than we hoped. Points will continue to be dropped by all the top five clubs, hopefully we will drop less than the others.

    The four clubs behind United all have to visit Old Trafford between now and the end of the season, how lucky that turned out Mr Ferguson. Chelsea have to play Villa as well, so there are still quite a lot of points up for grabs if only we can hang in there. I know we still have to visit Anfield and Goodison Park as well but I think Arsenal are more up for it in the big away games.

    Most of us including myself have been chastising the team for the last few months and with good reason but I think now is the time to be positive and optimistic. I have a feeling most of you think I have been on some ” happy meds” to be thinking like this but trust me Gooners I think we can have a real go for the rest of the season. I think Liverpool, Chelsea and Villa are vulnerable at the moment so second place at least is a strong possibility – but it’s top spot I want us to get and I really think it’s possible.

    Finally regarding Man City and their mental offer to AC Milan and Kaka, well you really can’t blame them for being adventurous though the sums of money being quoted were totally ridiculous in any financial and economic climate let alone the present one, I really think it was a case of them trying to sprint before they can crawl. The players of the quality they now aspire to sign are from the top table of world football, the cream of the crop, and while Man City can now afford their transfer asking price and salaries what they can’t offer them is the chance of the top honours – e.g. Premier League winners’ medals or Champions League football.

    Surely they would have been better strengthening their squad gradually, probably from home-based quality players (apart from Cesc & RVP and Sagna!) and started contesting for honours here before getting so ambitious. Anyway like most sensible football fans I’m really quite glad Kaka turned them down otherwise I really feared for the future of our beautiful game.

  21. Its official: Well kinda:

    Several sources are reporting that Zenit St Petersburg have finally moved to end this protracted transfer saga when it became clear yesterday that Manchester City were not interested in making an offer for the player.

    The sources are indicating that the official offer of £15 million will be payable in instalments, and this now opens the door for the player to negotiate personal terms. The noise coming from the Arshavin camp is that he will accept a pay cut in order to come to the Gunners.

    This is the first deal to be tied up by the new Ivan Gazidis/Wenger partnership



  22. Hello folks! I’m on me ‘olidays and haven’t had a chance to get on board lately so just wanted to pop in say – up the Gunners!
    Don’t care if we get our Arse shaved or not, but prefer if we do.
    Leave Eboue alone – he’s a good boy but will somebody please shoot Diaby cuz it’s the only way to stop AW playing him. Apart from him we improved a mite in the last game.
    Keep it up, lads. I enjoy reading all the comments later.

  23. @Arsha or no Arsha, please mate, I beg you not use those dirty words here.Ive never seen anybody here behaving such way since Ive started to writte here.You can write and express what you want but please keep your dirty words away.
    Well, lets hope, Arsha will come over.i just hope that its gonna be early next week so that we can have him on the training ground to prepare for Everton.

  24. I also have heard rumours that Zenit are dropping there price tag as well though. Come on Arsenal, clinch the deal!!

  25. John the Gooner’s link saays that Russian TV is saying that talks are continuing tomorrow… It aint over till Wenger tells us the resuts- probably after Cardiff at the earliest

  26. Ooops!!!! the Russians are greedy, id let them keep Arshavin if they want to.I didnt even expect Arsenal to rise their bid that much.PHW was right on his statements.I wouldnt bother to insist on this deal; If I were the Gunners representative in Russia, I would have already left, Its their turn now to come to London if they wanna make the deal happen.
    Besides, we’ve got Edu back and Walcott very very soon.Id put Nasri in the middle, keep Deni deep, and Edu on the left wing.Our form is improving weeks after weeks, look @ Nasri, RVP,Sagna even the Dane and Diaby who I ve never thought to imp[rove are now in the glimpse of some bright future.I still remember my mood when I watched Flamini’s and Fab’s first 3games, i kept on shoutting at my TV “What in the world these guys are doing on the pitch??”Why doesnt He (AW) just keep them on the bench?” AND LOOK HOW WELL THEY WERE A YEAR LATER!!! My point here is: Game after game, our players are all improving, and Le Boss isnt a fool to rates and have chosen these players from his own analysis, the man is at least one of the top manager in this planet ( if not the best).Many top clubs are now desperate to have a manager like AW.I personnaly think that we are lucky to have him, so therefore, lets just respect his judgement and his decision.(For those who has criticised him abt Bendy and Diaby and Song).

  27. Arsene Wenger is the best Manager in the world. I’m happy that Eboue is staying, every club needs at least 2 ppl that play in every position, why would arsenal be any different? We would be in big trouble if we sold Eboue and then Sagna got injured, Toure is not a Right Back!

  28. Arsha or No Arsha, please go away, we dont want to hear your stupid Teenage, hormone fuelled rants about Wenger being a ‘Greedy Moaning C**t’ or shit about dildos or how you like to get ‘Tucked’ by Adebayor (wtf?)

  29. i wish I could speak Russian, to writte to those lads abt my feeling on this deal.We have more than we need here and plus : Our squad is about to have all of the new injury singnings, while the other clubs have theirs startin to be infected by a massive injuries exodus.
    Our clubs become nore stronger while the others get more weaker.
    Why do I need to buy an ARSHAKNIKOV?

  30. ‘Arsha or No Arsha’s’ comments have been deleted. There is no need for the sort of things that were being said to be on this blog.

    Apologies to anyone who was offended by the comments they made.

  31. yahhhh!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SWIFT!!! This guy is mad, he must have taken the wrong weeds.
    I think Arsha-Arsha is 14!!! or 13….

  32. Nice move SF!!! i would recognize his comments if he comes back here again.He really talks like a drug addict

  33. to me CDM is no need either!! we shoud be better off of this story of signing and buying.Im happy with my actual Arsenal team, with or without new signing.The only thing which makes me sad here is Arsha’s feeling,I can really imagine how desperate the lad is!!and How sad he will be if this deal wont happen.My guess is: He would score an own goal agst Zenit.

  34. many people are insisting a lot on this CDM story, as well as myself not long ago, but eventually when I saw the improvement of our team weeks after weeks, I see that Deni would be able to handle this position with time.And no hastle to rush him coz he is already a great attackin mdfldr and busy working on his defensiv quality.

  35. Arse or bigger Arse,

    You are a poser! No offence and I hope SF you don’t mind; please go away and don’t come back…With fans like you Arsenal would be better off with fans at WHL…go away..PS glad you are not paying for season renewal! Youre the f*** who probably heckled Eboue & Nicky.

  36. @ Radads RSA;

    Spot on on Eboue and a lot of what you said with one tiny bit about Eduardo. He is a very left footed player, and when I say very I mean VERY. He will have a hard time at first and that will make him struggle and it will kill his confidence and some “fans” loyalty.

    I watched the reserve game, and although I am convinced that he is ready for the first team, another game in the reserves is utterly useless for him. Those kids were so selfish and wouldn’t play him as much, trying to shoot from impossible angles and distances. He was very frustrated at the end of the game and he quickly went down the tunnell as soon as the game endend very angry(very not happy). It was spun by Banfield that he was angry and dissappointed because he is a winner, but he was frustrated because the kids who should have played him were awful. Even Wilshere didn’t do enough to bring his CF into the game and that is why he score those goals from a distance. He(Eduardo) hurried one shot and missed badly because of desperation and if you manage to make Eduardo desperate in the box, you have some serious issues. His touch is all there, his sharpness is all there. The goal he scored(rulled out for offside) was pure Eduardo. The slightest of touches and agonizingly close to the keeper but still he couldn’t have stopped it. Mark Randall was as crappy as I have never hoped, and he was one of the players to bring Eduardo into the game. The kids simply didn’t play him. When he came out and said he was ready for the first team, he probably tried to say as diplomatically as he can, that enduring another night like that with the kids was not something he was looking forward to. AW came out and said he needs a game or two with the reserves, but unless he personally scold/Talk to those boys, It will be just as effective as getting Eduardo a bottle of scotch and tell him to drink himself into form, as long as he stay on the treadmill for 2 hrs!. Banfield , to me, seemed incapable or unwilling to rectify the situation and I think AW or Pat Rice should do something about that.

  37. TayGoon,
    Welcome back! Stop being such a baby. SF runs a tight blog although was suprised how he lit into you…nontheless apologize to SF and be done with it! Ive screwed up more than once and apologized….SF what took you so long to smack Arse or bigger Arse?

  38. @ hartwick89;

    If you think you are a comedian, you are such a lousy one. Still I had a chuckle from your post. I was surprised too, especially having being a “regular” for over a year, which means my type of posts and temperement are well known by other regulars!

    I still like the idea of going incognito for a while. Heck Prince did it! why can’t I?

  39. @ hartwick89;

    I appologized first to Bergy ’09 and then to SF on the same post! I am never the one to shy off taking responsibility for my doings/sayings/posts.

  40. I think everybody have to respect the opinion of Arsha or No Arsha.

    Im agree with many of his thoughts.

    Or he is lying about this is the worst Arsenal side on Arsene reign?

    At least he is just a disapointed fan like many of us about the current season.

  41. Tay,

    Nice…You are a regular and much respect for you and your posts! Stay with your name it’s a beaut! This site is great because its our voice in the down time in Arsenal history…Thanks SF! Keep them coming….

  42. Mexican;

    I draw the line on pure insult! And Arse or bigger Arse crossed it…SF has made it quite clear the requirements for input…Do not disparage..insult..or be vulgar..and your points will have a forum for debate…I myself crossed the lines when frustrated..But quickly learned that that’s not the way to go…Let’s respect that so this blog remains the best!

  43. I respect everybody’s opinion. But not when they start talking drivel about non-footballing topics in a highly offensive way. I have friends who are younger who read this blog and they should have to read excessive swearing or sexually explicit comments.

    That’s all.

  44. hartwick89: I wantented to go pseudeo-incognito for a while and you dragged me back. I won’t say I like you for that but I respect you enough to come out of my “pseudo-incognito” status. If you are in facebook, let me know on this post, because I would like you to be my friend, Radads RSA also. I have a soft spot for Fatboy and Grant(s)

  45. @ TayGoon – Will check it out.

    To everyone else, I’ve had something very important pop up this afternoon so won’t be able to post. However, I will try as hard as I can to get on tomorrow before the game and do a match report.

    Apologies to everyone.

  46. Sorry to start with a downer, but i have it on good faith that Zenit have officially rejected and improved £15m bid. It was announced on Russian radio yesterday.
    The Link below is in Russian, but its not good news!!!

  47. Dave – He was voted th 6th best player in the world – I know youtube is never the best place to judge players but he looks like he can do a job. Eboue or Arshavin?

  48. Arshavin is pure class which will be obvious if he joins. If they have rejected 15 mil I doubt it goes through but I am quite skeptical about all of these reports… I pray it gets done but Zenit have really been crazy here. I partly blame Man CIty- When they spend 14 mil on Bellamy, I kinda see Zenit’s reasoning on holding out for more for one of the world’s best. I really hope he joins just to prove to everyone how good he really is. We will compete for the league and FA cup if he does I think…

  49. Thanks for ur invitation on the facebook Taygoon, Ill dfntly be there, look forwrd to meet u there.
    Now, abt this Arshaknikov story….oof!!! Franckly, this a tiring story, I cant just beleive it!!! 15M and they cant still get to accept, and not only that but They are the ones now who are giving us the deadline; Id say: “Forget it”,
    For all Gooners: PLEASE FELLOW MATES, DO NOT FEEL SAD OR ANGRY AGST THE ARSENAL STAFF, ABT THIS ARSHAKNIKOV DEAL, I THINK THAT BY RISING THEIR BID @ 15M WAS ALREADY A BIG STEP FROM THEM, and id say that They have done their best.Zenit can keep Arshaknikov as long as they want.He is a very good player, No doubt abt that!! but our players arnt that bad either.ME WHO HAVE ALWAYS CRITICISED BENDY, HAVE NOW BECOME TO ADMIRE HIS STYLE, WE HAVE A VERY STRONG SQUAD AND OUR UPRISING PERFORMENCE IS VERY PROMISING, THIS IS EXCLUDING OUR INJURED ONES PREPAPRING TO GET BACK.OUR PBM DURIN THOSE CRISIS WERE THE FAILURE OF OUR TEAM TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER VERY WELL ON THE PITCH TO BE ABLE TO COMBINE A GOOD HARMONY PLAY, BUT NOW, I BELEIVE THAT THEY HAVE OVERCOME THAT FROM GAME TO GAME AND TIME.Lets just be confident with our current squad and especially with Le Boss.Who could expect our weak team to beat Chelsea and Manu??? and they did it!!!!.Now that they are in good form and harmony, Why not give them more encouragement and support?? If our weak team could beat those two top clubs those days,How come they would fail now being in form????.Our team is improving game after game, and you start to see more and more Arsenal way Play durin each games.Every week end for me, is always a new discovery since December.I see this current squad very promising, plus Walcott and Edu who are now preparing to be back for the 1st team.Now,Ive seen the best of Nasri, RVP (By scoring more and more with his right foot), Clichy, Djourou, Sagna, AND BELEIVE ME GUYS: THAT THERE ARE STILL A LOT MORE TO COME, THAT THIS CURRENT ARSENAL SQUAD HAVE RESTORED FOR US.I DONT THINK THAT THEY HAVE YET SHOWED THEIR BEST TO US.

  50. Eboue is a good player. Never mind that he is on the low at the moment. He is not the kind of player any coach wants to sell in a hurry because he is very versatile. As fans, we have the right to be impatient but the feeling from my guts is ‘keep the guy and give him time. Arshavin will be a very good addition to the side especially as i hope we go far in the Champions league where he is tied. The squad can be rotated easily and kept fresh and fit. Arsenal will explode towards the end of the season and a lot will depend on the gap between us and the top at that time. I’ll have a big big drink the first day Eduardo dresses for the full team. I can’t wait to sent my eyes on the guy. He is sublime

  51. @ Radads
    Agreed, anything over £15m for Arshavin would be a waste. They definately tried to get him this time, Zenits demands are just unrealistic and everyone knows it. So we cant blame Wenger or the board if we dont sign Arshavin.

    Our team has improved alot, new players arent needed anymore but 1 or 2 players to bring depth in the squad would be nice. Denilson (statistically the best DM in the EPL) is begining to reward Wenger’s faith in him and im loving the way he’s been playing lately. Nasri and RvP reaching top form (i dont think we’ve seen the best from them) , Eduardo and Walcott just a couple of weeks away from the starting lineup. If we keep getting the 3 points ’till then, we’ll be all set for clinching the title.

  52. Love all the positive comments and optimism now that the Russian deal looks sunk.It’s giving me a lift anyway. Bottom line is do we trust AW? I know I do.OK, sometimes(transfer deals and refusal to spend money) he leaves me grinding my teeth in frustration because it seems we are’t competing with you know who – and it IS a long time since we won anything,(even Spurs have won since we did-aahhhh!!!)-but I still have faith in HIM because as somebody else here said , “he’s the best manager in the world”, and he sees what’s going on with the squad on a daily basis.Full support guys, whatever happens with Arse shaver.

  53. Im still hopeful though I would understand if the deal fell through… Like I said- I blame Man City giving 14 mil for Bellamy…

    Today there are rumors of Micah Richards, a Gooner at heart, joining for 7 mil after a 5 mil bid by other clubs was rejected . I do not think he is ready to play right away but I would love the signing. Develop him for a year or two then pair him with Toure when Gallas leaves. If he is ready sooner- sell Gallas after a year. If we end up with Arshavin and Richards from this transfer period I expect to never hear another word from people about Wenger not buying…

  54. dudes..I don’t understand 1 thing..even if Arshavin does come to Arsenal..isn’t he a are we going to bench Adebayor or V.Persie…n if not would Arshavin play as a mid-fielder??the position in which…I don’t know if he is comfortable!!!

  55. He can play on the wings, or as a number 10 behind the strikers or as a second striker… More then enough spots for him until everyone is back healthy… And then he will give us GREAT depth and the ability to compete in the league every year even with injuries…

  56. arshavinski would be a positive addition to the squad with the injuries we have but its not the end of the world if it falls through there is always the summer? 🙂
    eboue is a squad player and it is not his fault he has become a first choice player i for one think we should keep him. we arsenal supporters have been spoilt for so long with te quality of play our team has shown, this season has started with a dip in form but things are starting to cme good. keep the faith people.

  57. Halftime- we should be up. need to focus and finish. I like Gibbs a lot goes forward and seems more confident in the back then Clichy. Will be interesting to see what happens at that spot when Traore gets back too…

  58. We should move the team to Spain- Id rather live with the diving then the stupid defensive gameplans… So annoying. Especially when I stay up all night to watch here in the states…

  59. Pretty lukewarm performance from us. Wenger won’t be happy with another game congesting up the schedule, but it’s another example of us not seeming able to dispatch inferior teams. Sorry SF, your Danish boy was crap again today mate.

  60. Bedtner was better at the dribbling and passing part but could not finish… Ade cant either. IMO they are the same and equal s owe should swap Ade for a real striker over the summer…

    Why didnt Vela play?

  61. @ MoMoney

    Here in Mexico the press say that Sven Goran Erickson (our national manager) ask Arsene to dont play Vela for 2 weeks until our first eliminatory game for the world cup against USA because Mexico have the best players injured (our best 6 players who plays in Europe) and another one could be disastrous against USA.

  62. Yeah, it was a disapointing display but it was an away game and Cardiff is a good team. I was worried in first half, Cardiff were all over us, but we survived. Nasri should scored in the first half, and Bendtner in the second half Anyway, i dont see us losing at home, it should be a decent win.

    Vela shouldve played, Wenger wont give him a chance, i wonder why b/c he is such a great player.
    @ MG
    Wenger’s priority is Arsenal, not Mexico. So why would he compromise Arsenals position to please Sven?

  63. So much for my “optomistic” post earlier.That was pretty depressing at Cardiff.Bendtner’s performance was no surprise to me.I know he’s got a couple lately when coming on as a late sub but when he plays a full game he really is a tosser.
    What a waste of a good shirt.
    Yeah,I want to know too why Vela didn’t play and I think Mexican Gunner might just have given me the answer.Can that really be true? From where I’m sat I can believe it.The Directors will be rubbing their greedy hands with delight at the extra revenue from the replay.Awful today and in truth lucky we didn’t lose it.

  64. Once again, lacks of good run,We really miss Fab and walcott; but good line up from Le Boss thou.We will dfntly crash these guys at home.Bendy wasnt that bad,Song either, In overall, it was good, just that they played deeper in the 2nd half, thats why we couldnt break thr defnc which was also stronger than I thought it was.
    I see Ramsey a very gud player, but forgive me to say that there are still something that missing in him for a big game, I personnaly think that he was the bad card.He is gud!! no doubt abt that!!!but to handle that position where he was today, isnt easy at all, and that is Fab’s Job (One of the best play maker in the world).
    Ramsey is an individual gud player but still lacks the quality of being a real play maker, thats why we couldnt bring up anything durin the 1st half, thats why AW put him off the 1st, but then again, another mistake from Le Boss for not playing Nasri to take over the Centre Attackin mdfldr, and put Vela in, instead of Diaby.
    In over all, our play wasnt that bad thou, as we really dominated them durin the whole 2nd half.Im sure, we will crash them at home, no big deal.My biggest worry is Everton on Wdnesday, we cant play like that agst these guys, they will totaly sink us.But i hope that our draw today will lift us again on wdnesday agst Everton by pulling a gud lesson from from it.

  65. I think when Diaby came on he did a gr8 job, I just think we need to have more shots outside the box BACK YOURSELF BOYZ. RVP play gr8 tried everything to score. ADE should have won it for us near the end but some how scuffed it still one of my favorite players though. We lacked that final ball some of our passes and first touches were really woefull.Im sure LE BOSS will have a lot to talk (YELL) at the boyz and im sure we will finish the job in the replay. All in all we were kinda lucky to walk away whit the draw but in sayin that the center back pairin of KOLO and JOHAN did a soild job. 2-0 in the replay and heard VELA had taken ill just before kick off true or not hard to say!

  66. We should know about Arshavin by the 26th night… Thats tomorrow (but today if you are in the UK). I am still quite optimistic. We will see but you cant fault Wenger for his handling of the situation at all…

  67. Also Roma is looking real good all of a sudden. And Totti isnt back yet either… We could have our hands full with them…

  68. So today is the day when the deal will be done or not!! (According to Reports) Talks have gone on all weekend and Zenit are saud to have been negotiating with the price!!

    Im trying to remain positive!!

    How long can it possibly take!! Come on Arsenal!!

    Why does every transfer we make have to be such a shtty process!!

  69. Once Again an lackluster performance. In the first half I thought arsenal were not at all premiere league team. They were outplayed by Cardiff. I think we should count ourselves luck to survive and come with a draw. I think AW need to seriously think about the squad. If any player gets injured who will play in his position. We all have here is kids in the squad who are under 20’s. Take for example if Eboue gets injured who will play in the position. We still have recovering from injury. Seriously if we don’t go and buy 3 players at least with good experience forget about title fourth place is also not guaranteed. Aston villa are pushing us all the way. Come on AW now is the time bring is some player and increase the moral of the the team.

  70. Zenit had a friendly game on saturday and Arshavin wasnt even in the squad.

    Must be a positive thing, surely.

  71. Have it on good faith that Arshavin is practically an Arsenal player, the clubs have come to agreement and its now just minor details that are being sorted.

    He should have been unveiled friday, but has all been delayed – Therefore its today!

  72. Looks fake to me… Tho they got tricky and added on the face instead of the jersey to make it seem real…

    Hopefully he is announced today. The team needs that spark so the confidence is regained and we can go back to playing our kind of football. This is crucial before the champions league. Wenger knows this…

  73. It does look rather fake – Until its on im not gonna get drawn into anything.

    He is a quality player and the team, does need that extra lift up front when creating.

    He cant play in Champs league this year, but this will benefit him for the league games, fitness wise.

    Hope he settles here as well and adapts to the game quickly enough. (If he comes of course)

  74. Rosicky really back? That would be incredible news. Still think we go for Arshavin though. Im also holding out for one more signing- Some one like Mohamed Diame who was linked. I doubt Micah Richards is available but for 7 mil we would have to do it… Arshavin + Diame/ Richards and we are set for the year and Wenger has done the job right

  75. I’ll be honest and admit that when Arsenal were drawn away to Cardiff I wasn’t filled with glee. I thought that the tie could be a potential banana skin for us and defeat would give the Arsenal haters another reason to have a pop.

    An away draw in the FA Cup at Cardiff is a very difficult game. Cardiff can cause any team big problems at home, the crowd are very intimidating and this almost acts as an extra player for them.

    We’ve come through a potentially difficult afternoon with a draw. Admittedly a draw isn’t the best result because of an already hectic fixture list now becoming even more hectic, but at least our name is in the fifth round.

    We have to try and take the positives from this. As I’ve said, a draw wasn’t the best result but we’ve remained unbeaten for a while now. It’s another game undefeated and the side can gain confidence from that.

    Arsenal have found clean sheets hard to come by this season and today’s was a bonus. It gives the defence a boost and defenders always cherish not conceding as much as strikers score goals.

    Song had his best game in an Arsenal shirt but we must remember that it came against a Championside side. He still has to go a long way to convincing me he is Arsenal quality but credit is due where credit is due.

    The FA Cup is full of shocks and I’m glad that Arsenal have avoided one. I’ll admit that being happy we avoided a shock doesn’t show the greatest of ambitions but at least we are in the draw for the fifth round.

  76. I’m not being funny, the invincibles team would have been happy to come away from Cardiff with a replay as well. All thos on here complaining about comments saying we were happy with a draw are ridiculous. We are not saying we would be happy if we were playing for three points in the league. We are saying we are happy as we are still in the cup and will do them quite easily at home. Ninian Park is a hard place to go (Remember CL Team Leeds got beat there in 2002), and these ties are always potential banana skins (Anyone remember Barnsley doing Chelsea and Liverpool Last year). Get a grip guys, we are saying we are happy because bar the first 20 minutes we controlled the game and just didnt finish them off. The pitch was aweful (Ball bobbling everywhere) and we didnt lose. Anyone thinking this means fans are saying that we would be happy drawing against Championships sides every week if we are playing for league points need to get a grip and dont know what football is about. FA Cup is all about getting through. No one remembers you winning on penalties against lower league opposition if you are the winners come May.

  77. I think we can still get Richards for 7 mil. City do not want him. Hughes said after the dissappoitment of not signing Kaka, he will make his fans happier by unloading Richards and Richards wants to be a Gunner. I am also hopeful of this Arshavin deal. Not so sure on the 8 mil Newcastle want for N’Zogbia though.

  78. N’Zogbia is very average and i wouldnt want him. Richards would be more expensive i reckon, which is shame. Im hopefull on Arshavin but It could all go wrong. If nobody comes in, i will be worried for thre rest of thr season.

  79. N’Zogbia is very average and i wouldnt want him. Richards would be more expensive i reckon, which is shame. Im hopefull on Arshavin but It could all go wrong. If nobody comes in, i will be worried for thre rest of thr season.

  80. Guys the transfer will be closed on 1st Feb and we haven’t set our priority right. All through I read in blogs and from Arsenal camp is we all gunners need Arshavin. But Please think for a minute his physical attributes he is a averagely build player and more over an flair player. But what we needed is an Hard tackling, Good heading CDM(Defensive Midfielder). All Through out the season we have conceded goals and that to bad goals. It is easy to say that attack is the best form of defence. But it is applicable for an tournament were an team play 5 to 6 games. But here it is an season were we need player for every sort of situation.I think for the first time AW is going in the wrong direction and thinking of a player how we don’t desperately need. As we have seen we have enough flair player like RVP,Nasri and Ramsey and off course Dani etc who are not injured. I personally don’t fancy Arshavin. We need an good CDM. And now to the latest if we get Micah Richards from MCity(Which is just and rumour). My goodness he would be the right replacement for Sol Campbel. So Come on AW buy us an hard hitting CDM.

  81. Most Hilarious Arsenal Joke of all time involving Arsene Wenger & Arsenal Superstars.

    It makes me laugh.

    TH 14: ‘Arsene I want to leave. Barcelona are offering £51 million for me and I think you could use this money to re-create the team. Think about it’

    AW: ‘You are going nowhere. No chance you are leaving.’

    One summer later:
    AW: ‘Thierry I have decided that you can now leave. I have an MA in Economics and have decided that the £16 million offer is too good to turn down. They have offered me Eto’o in part exchange but Eto’o as you know is not French. I would prefer only a French exchange like Gallas’.

    PV4: ‘Arsene I want to leave. Real Madrid have made a £31 million offer for me. That is a huge fee. Imagine who you could replace me with?’

    AW: ‘You are going nowhere yet. I usually prefer to wait for a season of my special player being injured before I sell. So like Thierry in the future, I will wait for you to have a season of injuries.’

    One summer later:

    ‘Patrick the door is open you can leave. I did not like Madrid’s offer of £31 million so I have decided that the Juventus offer of £14 million was far better. Besides I no longer need you because I have a long-term internal solution by the name of Alex Song. A little bit of a sharpness cross between Zidane and Makelele’.

    EE in the summer of 2007: ‘Arsene I want to leave. Milan are interested in me and have proposed £11 million’

    AW: ‘No chance’

    EE in the January of 2008: ‘Arsene Inter Milan have come in and made a tempting offer for me. I want to leave’

    AW: ‘No’.

    EE last week: ‘Arsene. I want to leave. Atletico is my last chance. No one else will take me after this. Please’.

    AW: ‘Look. No is no. I always keep my super super-class talents’.

    EE: ‘But you let Alex Hleb walk. You let Thierry walk. You made Flamini an offer so bad he had to walk. You let Patrick walk. You let Bobby walk even though he would have accepted less money. You let Sol go to the Mediterranean South Coast for nothing. You let Gilberto walk for next to nothing. You even let Jens leave and made the waiter take his place instead. Why am I different?’

    AW: ‘Because Emmanuel. You are the future of Arsenal FC. You are a pass master. Your excellent ability gives the team that little bit of sharpness and extra quality. I have the belief that with a bit more spirit and an extra 1-2%, you can dominate again’.

  82. Where is Spanish fry? Is he drinking too much Tiger Beers. I believe that he is passed out and his GF is taking care of him. It happens a lot with me also.

    Cardiff are one of the best team in Championship who hadn’t conceded for 10 matches. We will beat them in our place.

    Imagine our Greedy Board who are so happy with the chance to generate more revenue from the replay game. According to Arsenal insider’s Board member’s are having “Champgane Party with Teens”. Cunts.

  83. Why Arsenal fans are still criticizing Bentdner, a 4th choice striker. And, he is 21. Then what about 80k per week superstar “Bayor” who keeps missing shitter’s and disappear in the pitch for whole 90 mins.

    It’s not fair for Bentdner who has won more matches for Arsenal than “80k Bayor”. If my memory is right, it was Bentdner’s goal that guaranteed our progress in Europe. Can anyone name me a 4th choice striker in a big club who has made more contribution to his team than Bentdner. ZERO. Guys stop acting like a Spurs fan.

  84. @ New-Arse-Hole – I have criticised Bentner this season, he has infuriated me at teams, but recently he has been doing well, admittedly he hasnt great v Cardiff but Adebayor missed a sitter and he starts for us, Would like to see RVP and Vela start and swap Adebayor for Eto’o, Villa or Pato.

  85. SF;
    The posts are from Fox (America)…Hope you don’t mind bloggers asking where I have been”Greek,
    Too long! I’ve taken to another blog. It’s an australian based Arsenal blog. More sense less nonsense….arsenalfcblog
    .com. It has some more quality in terms of contacts and what is really going on with the club. I always visit this site for prospective. Left Fox because I always get irritated by the bias of bloggers who just dentigrate the gunners.

  86. @ New-Arse-Hole

    Madrid: Van Nistelrooy, Raul, Higuain, HUNTELAAR and SAVIOLA

    Barca: Messi, Etoo, Henry, BOJAN

    Liverpool: Torres, Keane, Kuyt, BABEL

    Chelsea: Brogba, Anelka, Kalou, DI SANTO

    Tottenham: Pavlyuchenco, Defoe, Bent, DOS SANTOS

    Juventus: Del Piero, Amauri, Trezeguet, IAQUINTA

    Inter: Ibrahimovic, Adriano, Cruz, OBINNA, BALLOTELLI

    Milan: Pato, Schevchenko, Inzaghi, BORRIELLO

    Roma: Vucinic, Baptista, Menez, MONTELLA and OKAKA

    Bayern: Toni, Klose, Podolski, DONOVAN

    All in capitals are SO MUCH better than the unnameable danish!!

    Do u still think he is the best 4th striker in Europe??

  87. To be honest Id say he has as much potential as some of those guys- most of which havent done well this season either.Im not the biggest fan of his but I think he could be good- and I think he is nearly as good as Adebayor already…

  88. He may be as good as Ade but then again Ade is not that good, certainly not worth the 80k we’re paying him. Cheers!

  89. Yea thats more of what my point was- I would rather get rid of Ade for a new kind of striker, especially with his value high (Maybe Villa?) then get rid of 20 year old Bendtner who will only improve…

  90. Hey guys, please Ade isnt goin anywhere, He is better than Villa, forget abt it.
    Good news, good news, the clubs finally reached out an agreemnt of 16M on Arshavin, (A bit overpriced thou,but sounds ok), now the rest is about a wages pbm, which I think to be an easy pbm to sort out.
    Get ready guys, Arsha is coming to the Emirates!!!! i consider this as 2% left of completing the deal.

  91. All the stuff I said about Ade I meant for the summer- and he has plenty of time to prove me wrong. Also the fact that Barca/ Milan want him makes me think twice…

    I think Arshavin will seal it today. A week ago he wanted to strike or buyout his contract- now he wants more wages? Something isnt true in these stories. Only time will tell but I think he really wants his chance to shine and he will join soon.

    More good news:

    I wonder if this is just because he is fearing for his future with Arshavin coming in… If he gets back soon, Arshavin gets back, eduardo comes back then walcott comes back- the EPL should be VERY scared. I just pray we have the focus to dig ourselves out of this hole all the way to the top!

    Cant help but feel we still need one more Defensive guy- even if it is a Wenger type signing like Diame who I have heard good things about. Things looking good for our gunners… Now lets focus on Everton…

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