Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky: “My injury was unique”

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The thought of Rosicky and Cesc teaming up again is a welcome oneWith the International Break in full swing and very little going, I thought I’d take some time out today to talk about one Tomas Rosicky. That’s right, Tomas Rosicky.

Those of you who only started watching Arsenal in the last year probably won’t know who I’m even talking about, while the rest of us will know Rosicky as an exquisite midfielder who is almost as injury-prone as he is technically gifted. Since joining Arsenal just prior to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the Czech midfielder has stumbled from injury to injury, eventually culminating in a peculiar problem that has seen him sidelined since January 2008, a full 14 months.

The good news of course is that Rosicky is very, very close to a return to first-team action.

In an interesting and very detailed interview with the official Arsenal website, Rosicky paints the picture of a man who is thrilled to be so close to return and relieved to be rid of the pesky knee injury that, in truth, none of us have known much about. Indeed, most people have been under the assumption that Rosicky’s hamstrings have been the problem rather than his knee. But the midfielder confirmed that he completely ruptured his knee tendon back in January last year, an injury that was not picked up by the usual scans and baffled numerous doctors around Europe.

According to Rosicky, no-one had seen an injury quite like his and it made it almost impossible to treat effectively.

Rosicky commented that in comparison to Eduardo’s ‘smooth’ improvements his recovery was constantly ‘three steps forward, two steps back’. He revealed that at times he was worried that he would never play football again and it would not surprise me in the slightest if he had to deal with various symptoms of depression over the past year as a result, juggling trips to Prague, Germany and London in a bid to keep his spirits up.

Personally I can’t wait to have Rosicky back and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that. He is a top class player whose injury problems have never seen him reach his full potential, a reality that has seen him underrated by many football observers. Although he can’t be realistically expected to have an impact on this season the thought of having him line up alongside the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Andrey Arshavin is pretty exciting.

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Just before I go, if you’re interested in how the Arsenal players faired for their respective countries check out this article by Arsenal Insider. A quick scan sees Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin van Persie amongst the goals and Nicklas Bendtner the only injury casualty.

Anyway that’s it for today. I’m having another cheeky day off tomorrow so I’ll speak to you on Wednesday. Cheers.

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky: “My injury was unique”

  1. cant wait to have him back as rosicky, theo, fab and arsharvin would be a awesome midfield and more sore in the cl when teams are a little bit more open. More worried about who we are going to loose this summer than sign as a few of the young guns are doing really well and I hope we don’t loose too many of then as clubs will be sniffing around again.
    Hows the podcast idea going? Still did like the wednesday poll and just wish if that could happen if the gazette goes. Who knows get a big enough fan base and charge for the site and give up your day job or just employ me as a journo haha.

  2. Poor fella, i really miss the guy. Im looking forward to his return. With him on the left, Theo on the right, Nasri and Cesc in CM and Arshavin in the no10 role, we will be unstopable. When is he expected to return? 2, 3, 4 weeks?

  3. @ butterfingers – The podcast idea is going well. It will happen soon, probably in two weeks time.

    The polls will be back too, they’ll be available on the main page which I’m altering a little bit. There will be latest video highlights and a weekly poll to go along with each podcast.

  4. @ Gibbs – The suggestion is two weeks with the current groin problem, but he indicated in the interview that there is likely to be a few Eduardo-type niggles. I’d say give him 3-4 weeks to start again if all goes well.

  5. I agree with you guys about the midfield looking impressive with Rosicky back. Does anyone know his injury history before he joined us? I’m worried he might turn out to be a Darren Anderton type player, who lurches from one injury crisis to another.

  6. I for one don’t believe that he will be back before the end of the season (Rosicky) and if he does come back then he will cop another injury, the man is injury proned and as such should be sold as qucik as possible. Keeping him is only goimg to cost us money. I don’t thoink he has given us a full season yet.

  7. @ Fatboy – he has always been injury prone.

    Here’s a quote from a German football fan, from his days in Dortmund:

    “he was constantly injured in dortmund. wasted talent.”

    I too hope he can improve on this though. One person who used to be really injury prone was van Persie – but it seems he’s somehow gotten over it this season…

  8. @ chee martin / Berrern – I think if you listen to the interview with Rosicky you’ll see that this particular injury was unique and it’s unlikely to affect him again. Look at van Persie, he was previously injury-prone but has essentially made it through this season without any issues.

    Fingers crossed over Rosicky, I wouldn’t call him a waste of money.

  9. HI fellows,i feel sorry for the poor fellow(rosisky)and think he deserves our support and best wishes,all this talk about shiping him out in the summer is absolut trash,just look at RVP,we stuck with him when he was down,and now,look who`s reaping the reward,at least bear in mind he was not diagnosed properly until recently.I for one expect him to bounce back,and prove me right.At least we know whats wrong with him now. G: S

  10. Thanks for the update on Rosicky, SF. I appreciate your take on the Gunners – you’re one of my first Internet stops each day. 🙂

    Speaking of injury-prone midfielders, Freddie Ljungberg had his Seattle Sounders FC debut on Saturday night in a 2-0 win against Salt Lake. He looked good and felt good moving around, even though he didn’t have a hand in either goal. He played about 30 minutes and is looking to up his time on the pitch in upcoming matches.

    Keep up the great work on the blog, and thanks also to my fellow Arsenal fans for your excellent comments – it’s nice to read multiple takes on the matches that I don’t get to see.

    –Adrienne in Seattle, USA

  11. @ Adrienne – I actually watched highlights of the Seattle game to see if Freddie was involved in any of the goals. I didn’t really notice him but he’s not as recognisable as he used to be with his flaming red hair. Plus, there were about four other bald guys running around for Seattle.

    Did you get to see the game? Also, what do you think of their off-green shirts?

  12. I love Rosicky and think he’s absolute class. If we dump him we’ll do it for pennies and then just watch him return to form. I see no reason why he doesn’t deserve our full support. C’mon Rosicky get fit and well the team needs you.

    Adrienne, I too watched the Sounders game. Freddie still has skill but he was rusty and it was obvious. He’d have a class touch to slip by a defender and then boggle it up. Fortunately the Sounders have a mighty mouse of a Columbian striker with some real nifty feet who can bang ’em in quite nicely. I’m quite excited for the MLS season as well.

    C-Bass… also in Seattle.

  13. I think I agree with the majority of commenters on here that Rosicky is a very good player – I just think that he is going to get injured again.
    I hate to say it – but history tells us that he has always had these problems and he will continue to.
    We will see a rejuvenated Tomas Rosicky on his return and that will be great, but how long will the poor guy last?

  14. @ C-Bass / Adrienne – Wow, maybe I should change my name to ‘Seattle Fry’ with all the Sounders fans out there. I have to admit that Seattle and Vancouver are two of the places I want to visit most in USA/Canada so hopefully one day I’ll make it there.

  15. @ James – It’s a fair call, but something tells me Rosicky is going to be OK this time. He had those hamstring growth problems that have surely been corrected as a result of his rehabilitation and that should really fix things.

    Also, I read your article on the FA Cup semi, good stuff. Very jealous about your tickets to the game.

  16. @C-Bass/Adrienne – I really wanted to see that game but I didn’t have a chance. Did you happen to notice how Chris Wingert did for Salt Lake? I played with him at St. John’s back in college and try to keep tabs when I can.

    @SF – With the increasing numbers of options at forward, what do you think about selling Ade in the Summer, especially if he can build up his price with a strong close to the season? With his form having dipped a bit this year, what would you think about courting Van der Vaart at a decent value? I read he was unhappy at Real and was curious what people thought about him as a possibility. With Cesc, Rosicky, Arsha, Walcott, Nasri, Denilson, Song and Vdv Arsene would be able to sell one of the underperformers and slide Eboue back to the 2nd choice right back and utility fill-in midfielder when necessary.

  17. @ Medeski – I wouldn’t sell Adebayor. His attitude/effort has been a bit average so far this season but I think he’ll come back fighting for the rest of the season. I think he’s going to surprise a few people and I certainly wouldn’t let him go, even with our mounting list of forwards. If we want to win trophies we need competition and variety up front and that’s what we’ve got.

  18. Nice to hear from another Gooner in Seattle, C-Bass! I’m still learning about soccer, so perhaps my judgement of Freddie’s play wasn’t accurate – but I am hoping that he’ll shake the rust off and team up with Goal-Scoring Fredy for a lot more scores.

    As for the incredibly bright green jerseys, SF, they aren’t a very traditional color which is kind of a downer, but they are very vibrant, especially in the stands – I’ve sported mine to both Sounders matches so far. Let us know if you come to our little corner of the world – I’ll buy you a beer!

    Sorry, Medeski, I can’t comment on Wingert. I’m still learning the Sounders players, so the guys on the other side are pretty much mysteries to me.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Rosicky gets back on the pitch soon for Arsenal. Go Gunners!

    –Adrienne in Seattle

  19. @ sf having a manager and players that are french over the years shouldn’t you be called french frie!!!!! bom bom.
    RVP’s injury is a bummer as bendtner is also out and with vela and ade away we are pretty short and is dudu away playing? I would like to see what the likes of ramsey and wilshere do to city if started as they are a 1 man team and the brazilian hasn’t really cut the mustard but he should be out to prove a point after missing a pen in his last game. As an Englishman I really can’t get excited at my national team after moving to oz and also watching the players we have like ca$hley, lampard and then don’t get me started about the spuds like king and the others. Can’t wait for the likes of thomas, wilshere, gibbs and randall. Hopefully we will get the 2014 wc and then we can see the above mentioned.

  20. Plz stay out of injuries…and plz help us to the top of the preimer league…we love u Rosicky…i miss ur passes & your shot

  21. I want arsene wenger to ginger the team more and more to enable us go back with trophies .my cell phone number is (+2348030650448).cheers

  22. Please keep adebayor & cesc. In the team next season.also bring in high prolefic players to the club so that we can win trophies

  23. I have to agree with the majority of the comments on here that Rosicky is a very good player – I just think that he is going to get injured again, shame, nice boy!

  24. I’m pleading to arsenal players to be in unity and also prove to the world that arsenal is still the best club in the world not withstanding our cell phone number is +2348030650448.bye see you at the top of the world.

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