Arsenal’s Stars Predict Success

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After an extended injury lay-off Arsenal’s Robin van Persie is hungry for successVan Persie fired up for success

I didn’t think that getting into all the transfer speculation was worth it today so I’ve chosen to focus a little bit more closely on the comments made by two of Arsenal’s most important players with regards to the club’s chances of success next season.

Arsenal’s Dutch striker Robin van Persie has said that the time he has taken to reflect on his life has made him more determined and confident of success with Arsenal next season

“I had a lot of time to think about things, such as how I see Arsenal, how Arsenal sees me, how I can improve. Those things you can really think about, but when you live day to day there is no time to stop and think about it. I want that feeling back, to celebrate a goal with the fans again. I cannot wait for that, it is my aim now.”

“I am sure that if we keep on playing the way that the boss thinks, the way Arsenal thinks, the way most of the players think, we will be successful. Maybe next year, and certainly within two years, as long as we all stay together.”

For someone who has had a reputation of being something of a hot-headed troublemaker when he joined the club three seasons ago, these intelligent comments suggest that van Persie has matured signicantly under Wenger’s care at Arsenal. It all bodes well for a big year as long as van Persie and Thierry Henry (among others) can get fit and stay fit. 

Cesc Fabregas wants Arsenal to show more aggressionFabregas urges team to be more aggressive

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has continued his theme of speaking the obvious truths of late by saying that his team need to play with more aggression if they want to compete for English Premier League and UEFA Champions League titles.

“If you are ambitious and really want to win [titles], you have to play with more aggressiveness and do your job properly. We have to really go for it [next season].”

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that what Fabregas is saying is 100% right. Arsenal lacked the aggressive part of their game that was so evident in the teams containing the likes of Adams, Parlour, Keown, Vieira and Bergkamp. Whilst Fabregas suggests that playing with more aggression can solve the problem, I believe it is more down to a select group of players to provide that aggression.

The players with the bigger bodies – and yes, Arsenal do have them (Abou Diaby, Julio Baptista, William Gallas, Gilberto Silva, Emmanuel Adebayor and Thierry Henry just to name a few) – need to start excerting themselves more aggressively on the park. Players like Abou Diaby and Julio Baptista have looked distinctively lightweight at times and I believe that this sort of toughness we so desperately require needs to become a more featured part of their game.

Again, this is something that Wenger needs to address in the off-season.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Stars Predict Success

  1. Hi! guys it was a real disaster for us arsenal funs but i thnk wenger should change upfrant where Tommas R and Alex H have to fight and produce not only dribles but goals atleast 22gls btn them plus cecs 8 and Silver 10 at that rate arsenal will be assured of atrophy next season. if we only depend on henry and Robn then we expect another trophless season.
    we need agood replacement for Eboua and Toure as thy are on their way to african cup in jnuary.
    NB. i here that thy want to sale Robn V then it be the wast thng to do for us the Funs, he’s the only guy who’s giving us agood hope 4half season he knocked 11gls adebayour less than 11gls it will be areal gamble.

    Hussein in Ugnda.

  2. I’m not sure that Rosicky and Hleb can get 11 goals each as well as Cesc getting 8 and Gilberto 10. I think if one of our strikers gets 20+ next season and two others grab 10 apiece then we’ll be looking OK. I think we have ready-made replacements for when Eboue and Toure leave in Hoyte and Senderod/Djourou respectively. As for Robin van Persie, he most certainly will be at the club next season so don’t worry. Thanks for your comments Hussein.

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