Arsenal’s orgasmic new home kit for 2010/11

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I’ve had another exceptionally busy day today which means no real blog post.

However, I do have a photo of what looks to be our FANTASTIC new home kit for the 2010/11 season (courtesy of Arseblog).


Orgasmic, isn’t it?

I’ll have a match preview of the West Ham game tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts on the 2010/11 Arsenal home shirt by leaving a comment.


41 thoughts on “Arsenal’s orgasmic new home kit for 2010/11

  1. It would be really great but I can’t see it happening. First, it is not fussy enough to satisfy the Nike designers, second, I cannot see us getting away with the Emirates logo being so small and third, I doubt our marketing mafia will let the crest be adulterated like that. Would be nice though.

  2. this has been proven fake by photoshop pro’s who have identified the above picture to be an edit of a current catalogue picture of another kit of ours. if you study the crease lines you will see they are identical, and zoom in on the sleeve ends you can see a clear photoshop change and dodgy lining.

    would have been great though!

  3. If we go with that kit, I think we should bring back those hair cuts as well. I mean…can you see Shava or Bendtner with those menacing ‘chops? Eboue with a thick shag on his melon? Cesc with an uber coiffed-helmet head cranium? Now THAT would be terrifying to opponents!! 😉

  4. This shirt is exactly the same we wore during 2006-08 seasons, except a couple of changes,

    1 – The 2006-08 had a golden lining on both of its sides.
    2 – The sleeve-cuffs were half red and half white.

    You could see it yourself.

  5. This is awesome, could also be a clever way of phasing Emirates off the front if we are renegotiating the front of shirt deal..

  6. I like it, but I doubt it will be the kit for the full year. Maybe one game, and then sell as many as possible for $$.

    Emirates is too small, and I don’t think they’d abandon the badge.

  7. not a lot you can do that we havnt already done to our shirt, not the best design i must say, i will buy it as i get all the shirts(x3 with my two kids) but i prefer a collar around my neck but not a v, bit like our maroon one about 5-6 years ago that would have looked good in red.

  8. :mrgreen:

    but there’s a mistake in the photo, normally they put the hands on the knees, not in front of the chest…………… can’t be true ……………

    :mrgreen: but would be handsome……….. indeed

  9. the question is who would you rather have in the quarters, semis and final? Of course, the lionesque would say let’s get revenge on United, hit Mourinho for six and then put the pain of Paris 2006 behind us… I, on the other hand, would prefer an easier run in, thank you very much. My preferred choice would be what I would consider to be the easiest route… I’d like the following draw:

    Man United vs Barcelona

    If these two teams play each other, it will knock one of the favourites, which bodes well for the rest of the hopefuls. I think Barcelona could do one over United and that would leave us a clear path to the final against our previous CL finalists and we’d relish the chance to beat them…

    Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan

    Bayern continually get to the quarter finals, and their squad is still pretty decent. We’ve not done too well against them in the competition before, and with Inter Milan having achieved a great result against Chelsea, and as a result, I think Bayern will be the more ambitious side. When a team achieves something against the odds, they often get knocked out in the next round…

    Lyon vs CSKA Moscow

    In a similar vein to Inter beating Chelsea, Lyon beat Real Madrid. On paper, Lyon have a stronger team, but the subconscious around the victory means I have a sneaky suspicion that CSKA will beat their French rivals and become one the first Russian team to make it to the semi’s in recent history.

    Arsenal vs Bordeaux

    The French team have done well so far, but have had a relatively easy run in – the win against Olympiakos helping through to the quarter finals. They do have talent, especially our target (has he already signed?), Maroune Chamakh, who would be out to impress, but I believe we’ll be way too strong for them and it will be a decent passage through.

    So, based on the above, that would see Barcelona, Bayern, CSKA and ourselves through to the semis… of course, Barcelona would take on and most likely beat Bayern, and of course, we’ll dispose of an overachieving CSKA, which would set up a perfect final…

  10. watching bremen v valencia its 4- 3 to valencia what a game 25 mins to go….. the word defend doesnt exist in this game, great stuff…

  11. Looks terrible. Good way to ruin the original ‘old’ style & as mentioned above by YuppieScum, i also cant see Emirates being happy with such a small logo or even Arsenal ditching the copyrighted shield after all the money spent creating it. If they did surely they would have to face the cannon the original direction!!!
    April 1st sounds like a great release date 🙂

  12. Im not a fan of that kit. I hope that it is a fake. I dont think Fly Emirates would be happy with their name that small and it looks too old to be a kit for us in the future. I hope it isnt our new kit!

  13. Its Fantastic and i have no doubt that having it on will always give orgasmic experience.

  14. i dnt like the kit at all.its either we wear last season’s than this thing.welcome chamakh

  15. I want the next shirt to be propper retro style polo neck like englands current white shirt just in red and with fly emirates in the middle in white, that would be class. The best kit yet is definately the farewell highbury shirt.

  16. its good to see the arse er nal going back in time with there new kit just a shame they dont play where they started

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