Arsenal win makes everything just fine

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Arsenal produced the best result of the season so far to fight back from a goal down against Tottenham and record a fabulous 3-1 win at White Hart Lane.

After falling behind to an early free kick from Gareth Bale, Arsenal equalised through an Emmanuel Adebayor header in the 65th minute before taking the lead in the 80th through a scintillating long-range effort from Cesc Fabregas. Adebayor put the icing on the cake deep into stoppage time with another fantastic striker to ensure all three points went to Arsenal. An epic 3-1 win over their closest rivals coupled with Chelsea and Liverpool dropping points means that Arsenal have returned to the top of the table for the first time in a long while.

The result was particularly important for me because I was in desperate need of a boost after a very disappointing day. The club side that I play for in Brisbane qualified for the semi-finals for the first time in four years and played the first leg yesterday night in a nearby town called Toowoomba, a good hour and a half drive away. Unfortunately, it also fell on the same night that my roommate was celebrating his birthday in some style at our house, an event I inevitably had to miss.

I was obviously quite disappointed, but the fact was that I had played nine hard months of football to get where we were and there was no question about what was more important to me. Warm up went well and with quite a good atmosphere in Toowoomba’s little stadium I made my way to the familar right-midfield position with my mind set on having a good game.

Cesc Fabregas scored another magnificent goalDisaster and redemption

But in the first minute, disaster struck. With my first involvement in the game I played a one-two with one of our strikers and he released me down the wing. After sprinting after the ball I stretched my leg out to keep the ball from going into touch, felt a rip of pain in the back of my hamstring and realised that the game was over for me. I had torn my hamstring and there was nothing that could be done. I jogged off the pitch to let the manager know and was substituted soon after with the realisation that I was likely to miss not only the first leg, but the second leg and the grand final if we make it.

We did win the game in the end, 3-2 in a thriller, and look set to make the grand final if we hold our nerve back home on Wednesday night. But I can’t say how disappointing it was to play such a big part in the season and know that it is probably over. By the time I had completed the rather painful drive back to Brisbane it was 11.30 at night and the Arsenal game was half over. I called a friend to find out the score. 1-0 down, he said. Could this night get any worse, I thought to myself.

But then more messages came flooding in; 1-1 – Adebayor header. Yes! Then; 2-1 Arsenal – Fabregas belter! YES! And then; 3-1 Arsenal – Adebayor again! I was in dreamland. Thoughts of my torn hamstring and night of disappointment were forgotten in an instant. Arsenal had just beaten Tottenham from a goal down and were now sitting on top of the Premiership. I was buzzing so much that for a second I thought somehow, just somehow, my leg was going to be alright for next week’s game.

Adebayor was immense against TottenhamClassy Adebayor

I watched the highlights of the match this morning and it seemed like quite a good contest. Tottenham looked like they had quite a few good chances and maybe could have put the game out of reach before the fightback from Arsenal. When I saw the quality of Arsenal’s goals I almost couldn’t believe it. So rarely do they score from outside of the box, so to see both Fabregas and Adebayor hit two absolute screamers was sensational.

From the highlights, Adebayor looked outstanding. Regular readers of the blog will know that Adebayor is my favourite player and everyone knows how great it feels when your favourite player does well. He might divide opinion amongst many Arsenal supporters but in my mind he is a great player and it looks like he showed that again against Tottenham. And while his finishing has always been a weakness the quality of his two goals suggest he is definitely improving.

So, I may have missed my friend’s birthday and torn my hamstring, but I have Arsenal to thank for turning yesterday into a positive day. Long may they stay at the top.

What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal win makes everything just fine

  1. Hope you can recover on time to involve in the final.

    Ade missed 2 good chances and scored 2 good goals so that even out, I reckon.

  2. Yes,yes,yes shades of the invicibles coming from behind to win.It will take a really good team to beat us.All Arsenal have to do now is,win every game and we’ve won it without the greatest player ever to wear the red shirt.
    A spectacular strike in injury time by Adebayor,Arsenal well done….you guys are the better team by miles.
    Any spurs fan who disagree go kiss dirt,spurs know nothing.
    Long way to go yet though at least the pressure is off,as all the pundits have been focussing on Liverpool,Man U and Chelsea this season.Lets see,would be nice to win a trophy,and I’m confident of a good cup run at the very least.

  3. There were people blasting Adebayor last week,No doubt they will all be rather quiet now!Lets wait till after the derby to pass judgment on Adebayor,but they wouldn’t listen.
    His performance yesterday was almost the complete striker’s performance,excellent creation of space,intelligent running,brilliant harrying of opponents,good aerial contribution,good tracking back,excellent use of strength to unsettle opponents,and also goals.What people fail to realise is that even if he doesn’t score he’s worth his place for all the other things I mentioned.
    Adebayor a real hero with the fans now,and has shown real character to become a fan favourite.
    Finally,I think Fabregas should operate as an attacking not holding midfielder,What’s your analysis?

  4. The position Fabregas plays will always combine attacking and defending. He is creative from deep and further afield and I think he’s playing just where he should at the moment. He doesn’t have the pace or dynamism to be a strictly attacking midfielder, that would be someone more like Hleb.

  5. Still a long way to go for Ade to be top world class striker. He need a lot of chances to score = convertion rate still pretty low. But he is still young and I like his work rate, just like Flamini worked his sock off. So far his partnership with RvP didn’t work well. I strongly believe Eduardo + Ade will be more fruitful than RvP + Ade. Hopefully AW still start Eduardo + Ade on Sevilla game.

  6. India-Gunner – I don’t think you can change a winning team. Although van Persie and Adebayor haven’t clicked yet and van Persie’s form has been questionable, the fact is that he takes up the best defender on the opposition and ensures his strike partner can run riot. I would be starting the same front two against Sevilla unless Wenger wants a tactical change or to rest one of the pair.

  7. Spanish Fry – unlucky about the hamstring. Must admit Ade played fairly well – there was one instance that I thought he was a bit lazy – there was an instance where hleb hit a strike directly at robertson, and it rebounded to Diaby (I think) who crossed it straight in front of goal. If either one of the strikers had been central, it would have been an easy goal. The replay showed Adebayor off the left wing with his back turned to the play.

    Nitpicking I know! But I felt I had to point it out. Saying that Adebayor had superior game to a very quiet Van Persie.

  8. darragh – I’m guessing you watched the game. There’s definitely too schools of thought about Adebayor and I’m from the more positive one. I think he’s one of the least lazy players in the squad so I think I’ll let him off the hook on this one 🙂

  9. Haha. Well yes – as I said, I was being nitpicking. I’m not totally anti-adebayor. I think he is good, but occasionally goes through form dips. Hopefully this is a sign of him getting some good form – I can imagine he’ll be unstoppable once he reaches top-gear.

    Looks like Fabregas is winning the bet at the moment!

  10. Adebayor, what a sizzler in the last miniute, candidate for goal of the season already. Also i haven’t seen it mentioned but Well Done Kolo Toure for tackling Berbatov. It was Berbatov against Toure and Almunia. toure went behind Almunia and Berbatov took the ball past the keeper but could not get past Toure, Also! Gael Clichy headed off the line for us, solid defence. Fabregas keep it up!!

  11. I rele think Da Silva and Ade slice the most solid defence in half but i can’t stop think about Da Silva and Walcott. I was so impressed with Ade against Spuds but i rele can’t stop thinking what would happen. Hope your hamstring heals soon SF. When i played my game at the weekend, i played the full game ( striker) and i scored 2 goals, was voted man of the match and made one of the best defenders in the league look like a sausage. My first goal was a good goal, i turned the defender and smashed it in the bottom corner, then i gotr the ball turned the ball about 6 times, making the defender dance lol! Then i went to shot and stopped about 2 inches from the ball, by then the defender had slide tackled the air. then i hit the post when i finally shot, but everyone was cheering me which was great as i’m not a confident player. My second goal came from a goal kick. the keeper kicked it out and it came straight to me and i lashed my left foot at it, it swerved right to the bottom of the goal and i was then voted man of the match. I loved my game. We won 5-1. I am now more confident of my ability.

  12. I was looking at Garth Crooks “Team of the Week” on the bbc website, and am amazed that Toure didn’t make the team, given his tackle on Berbatov (fabregas and adebayor did naturally).

    Just watched the highlights – geeze, Tottenham missed some sitters – especially Bent.

    In regards to that, it is interesting to see how much influence Hleb is exerting – he is playing very very well. Spanish Fry, any chance of an analysis on how Hleb is going, especially considering his current form in light of last season?

  13. holy jesus! what a match! i definitely agree that adebayor’s conversion rate isn’t as sexy as most would like it to be but man! did he have a match of what! he was all over the place. RVP on the other hand seems to go missing in the middle of matches for patches of time. i am definitely in favor the eduardo adebayor pairing, or even a bendtner and adebayor pairing for that matter! RVP has been very disappointing as of late. i thought flamini was amazing in this match. he did everything i think you could ask from a player and definitely from a backup. i thought hleb was really shaky. he didn’t seem to be in sink with the rest of the squad and made lots of sloppy passes. gael clichy! again continues to be amazing, i wonder if we should just move him to left wing sometimes. toure had a good match but i thought gilberto not so much. i thought our defense was actually pretty hurendous. how many great opportunities did the spurs get overall? far too many. what was almunia doing on that play to come that far out? thank god for kolo toure. again it just shows how thin our defense is and how much we’re missing gallas. i was also hoping a bit of a better performance from diaby but i do think he shows that he’s going to be great soon enough. overall, we’re top of the table. so who cares about the rest but i thought i’d share my thoughts anyways. ARSENAL!!!

  14. thanks! you might have to contract me soon to write some articles! haha. i could be the “american correspondent”

  15. If I had to choose between the two goals I’d have to say that Henry’s was better. But that doesn’t mean Adebayor’s wasn’t fabulous. Hopefully Adebayor can build from here and score a few more.

  16. Love beating those spuds, can’t wait til Liverpool next month, already booked my hotel, just hope I have enough away match credits to get a ticket. If anyone is staying up there I found a blinding website for Liverpool fc hotels try it out (if the link works, fingers crossed) I got a blinding deal, c u there.

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