Arsenal v Sunderland: Open Thread

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If you didn’t already know, I’m currently zipping around Spain taking in the sights — Girona yesterday, Barcelona today and then onto Valencia tomorrow — and don’t have time for a match preview of today’s game.

So as I usually do in these situations I’m just creating an open thread for any discussion on today’s game.

For the second game running I won’t be able to watch — I’m seeing Barça v Zaragoza at the Nou Camp today (and tossing up whether to wear my Supernick shirt to the game, hah!) — so any updates or info for me to read on the train to Valencia tomorrow would be appreciated.

Keep it fun, keep it friendly and enjoy yourselves.

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37 thoughts on “Arsenal v Sunderland: Open Thread

  1. Dats a good work,kip it d match against sund’land i prophesied victory&notin les.go Arsenal d trophy is ours.goodluck

  2. Arsenal can win this match and if they loose, it will be Wenger’s fault. Remember the way he changes winning lineups, or fields a feeble team or rests players when Arsenal are 2/0 up only to have all the goals paid and more. A win will give Arsenal another level. In fact if Arsenal beat Sunderland, they will beat Barca. If they loose or draw today, they will also loose all of next week’s games.

    Emmanuel – Kenya.

  3. Looking forward to the match, just a couple of hours now, glad to see the open thread ’cause you know we all like to talk about our favourite team 🙂 A victory today would mean not only that we’ll get closer to the top but actually, if Liverpool does it’s job tomorrow, that we’ll have a real chance of snatching the 1st place on that extra match we have to play. First thing’s first though, no matter what the other teams do, we absolutely must win this game. I didn’t have much time to catch the latest news, but I hope Arshavin, Nasri, Wilshere and Bendner will be on the starting XI. GO GUNNERS!

  4. Put on the supernick shirts, they need to know you are around and watching the closely.
    As for Sunderland, we can beat them if we play our game, i dont see us loosing this game, we are charged thanks to that mid-week win against Leyton. and if we get to one point away nobody will stop us from taking the Premiership.

  5. I know the substitution bringing Clichy in was caused by injury, but was I the only one who saw how effective he was playing in front of Gibbs in midfield? Yeah, he scored, but his speed, pace, and especially his savvy was great. Yeah, it was only a League one side, and no way is Clichy as strong as Jack, but I was impressed. Look forward to a win today, but always nervous, not negative! C’mon you Gooners!

  6. what the hell was wrong with those referees?! jesus f* christ, it was a clear penalty, and after that Arshavin was ONSIDE, dammit! How many decisions were taken against us this season, it’s incredibly frustrating. And at the same time, even if we played well in the last 30 minutes, after Denilson’s substitution, why didn’t we do it the whole time and why don’t all the players in this team have Wilshere’s energy, determination, fighting spirit… a couple of minutes after the final whistle, I find myself not disappointed, but angry, because we deserved to win, we played the better football and I’m trying to look at the good side, we’re 1 point closer to Man Utd. There’s a voice inside of me though constantly saying “it shoould’ve been 3 points closer, 3!”

  7. Again I watch two kind of players inside the field…players who never give up and want the glory and the othe group of lazy, weak and losers who don’t deserve to wear our shirt.
    3 points behind MU, 7 games before meet them at our home….title race is harder because of us.
    Our next game is tomorrow at Anfield, but I feel our real game face to face to our destiny and future is in Spain:
    -If we win Arsenal could dream to make something big, show the world we are capable of start a new golden age with this gunner’s generation
    -If we lost (Hope don’t happen) trophy’s challange maybe could end, because as the past years we aren’t strong to stand a elimination like this….

  8. @Cisco, we did what we had to do to win the game. Scored a legitimate goal and were denied stone cold penalty. What else are we supposed to do? You can’t play against 12 men every weekend. What’s happening is such a tragedy. Sir F cries about someone not been sent off, we could have a full dossier of injustices through out the season to make a court case. What I’m tired of hearing is the same thing from everyone, “Even if decisions went against us we should have done better” You win games when you score goals, we just did! We all could have done better in life, but that’s not really the point when other factors are in play.

    This is really desperate time and don’t know how this kind of bias or out right corruption of match officials can be addressed. He started out with the foul throw he called against Clichy, Wilshere was getting kicked off the park, goal denied, penalty declined.

    If Manure don’t win the league after all these favors from almost every corner and everyone, they are really shit!

  9. I agree with Getty. It’s easy to say we should have been better. That’ll ALWAYS be true. Even if we win 7-0.. But how many times can the team be expected to rise up and win, in the face of wrong calls. It’s too many incidents for it to be just shrugged off. I feel it is corruption. Now I know that won’t be accepted by people because sport is filled with bad calls. But for me this goes beyond that. It’s like 07-08 all over again. The refs stole the league from us that year, though at the time I put it down to refereeing mistakes. Since then I have been brought around to the view that it isn’t just coincidence. there is a pattern and design in it. what’s more, I think even Wenger knows it. His comments to the BBC after the game, at least to me, show that he thinks its not just mistakes.

    In any case, why is it so unthinkable that match fixing can happen in the Premier League? It’s happened in Belgium, Germany and Italy. It’s happened in UK in cricket. Football has a lot more money involved than cricket does and the authorities seem to not be answerable or accountable to anyone. That sort of situation is fertile ground for corruption to prosper.

  10. I think that criticism of this team is completely unfair. It’s one thing for a ref. to make one massive mistake, but TWO massive mistakes in one match (though by two different officials) is absurd. The FA is quick to hand out punishments to managers and players when they complain about poor refereeing. However, what happens to refs when they make such obvious and costly blunders? Complete BS. The squad did what it had to today to win and win in championship fashion, but the refs. literally took the win away from the squad. Fortunately, it won’t be too costly. We have a game in hand, AND we still face United. This will just make for a more interesting conclusion to the season.

  11. I love this club, I love this club, I love this club!

    But I couldn’t disagree more with all the whining and whinging. I hate it when we waste chances like this. Especially after ths Chavs did us a huge favour last week.

    Yes, it’s as plain as day that we were on the wrong end (again) of poor refereeing, but we are the Arsenal! Why consistently put ourselves in game situations where we live and die on the call of the ref? Absolutely YES that we should surely should be better than this, especially NOW and at this time and in this place, in our HOME. We were nervy and listless in the first half, didn’t create chances, and paid the price in the 2nd thanks to some near misses, the poor officiating and some outstanding goalkeeping (hats off to Mignolet – really fantastic stuff from him).

    We can scream indignantly at poor decisions, but we really have no one to blame but ourselves for a s$!t first 45 minutes of football, poor finishing, and a mercurial sqaud that is inconsistent beyond imagining.

    Kudos to our keeper as well for a couple of spectacular saves, and the French Footballer of the Year, Nasri who seems to be working himself back into form.

    Now we have to cheer on the Reds tomorrow. COYG…


  12. This was precisely the type of game that makes me wish I never cared about sports in the first place. Such a painful result (or lack thereof) to swallow.

  13. @1NNTA, do you think it matters if you dominate the first 45 and get denied a goal? No team in this world creates a lot of chances and score all of them. Remember Barca? If you are denied, not one, but two sure goals in a game, you better start planning to score 5 every game. This is not one game we are talking about, this has been going on for awhile. Yes, we all can stop whining, but to what end? We should just accept our fate and move on? I’m so surprised that Wenger and the players don’t get in trouble with the FA every weekend. Because there is always some major call going against us. Sometimes I wonder how they really feel. I don’t know how they go on knowing there are 12 men waiting for them in the pitch every game. If we win the league this season, it will be against all odds.

    I need a bit distraction that the CL brings up, win or lose, so that I can forget this shitty league the PL has become.

  14. @Getty: I’m sorry, but I just can’t swallow NOT manning up in front of 61,000 + screaming fans in OUR HOUSE and not coming up with a win when you have all the motivation in the world and the wind at your back when the enemy of your enemy does their job.

    We have more talent than anyone in this league to score 5 against a side like Sunderland given the circumstances, and put away a game like this. No more excuses. Anyway, I’m not here to argue with loyal supporters like myself. A bitter pill to swallow, but we must move on. We are not out it by any means yet, we didn’t LOSE the match. Let’s pull it together and get it done in the next league fixture.


  15. BBC hates us. “Both sides were set up in 4-2-3-1 formations yet it was the visitors, winless in the league at Arsenal since 1983, who carried the greater threat going forward.” i remember 2 or 3 sunderland moves getting forward. most of the time JD and Kos were there to stop the attack. fuck em all i say (besides you fellow gooner!)

  16. We should stop complaining about referee decisions and play our game.
    That’s it. It is part of the game and whining about it does not help in anything.
    We have to look forward and learn from our mistakes.
    The biggest today was not to believe in our chances to win this title. Starting today’s game the equation was simple. If we win the last 11 games we are champions.
    We failed miserably on the first.
    United gave us 2defeats. Each time we didnt take the opportunity. Today United should be 4points behind and not us 3behind. Why ? Because I feel we are playing with 11 talentuous players, all of them boys, none of them real men that can take it when it comes to it.
    I dont share the optimistic point of view of our manager and to me the last two games (I didnt take into account Orient which was more than of joke to me in order to give us the opportunity to bounce back from the Carling Cup final defeat) showed me how we dont have the guts to go to the end of it. We should have a silverware and teasing the ass of Manu. Instead I feel like we loose everything.
    Unfortunately as an Arsenal fan I have seen that story before. And it hurts. And because its hurts and make me so bitter.

    And the bitterness of it all tells me that we let it go … I mean … everything.

    I dont except ManU to give us another chance.
    I dont see how on Earth Bendtner or Chamakh are gonna score at the Nou Camp but I can see how Messi and Villa are gonna drive us crazy.
    And whithout any silverware this season I dont see how we are gonna keep Cesc and Samir.
    It is a black day of sorrowness really.

    All I hope is that the team is gonna prove me wrong.
    I love this club so there is still the light of hope at the end of the tunnel of course.
    But the the tunnel is very long and the light really far away I am afraid.

    Show me wrong Gunners ! Show me all of you the passion and desire of 19old Whilsere !

  17. @ Referee haters all over the world
    I agree about the referee, but you can’t blame him for every point WE lost on the season….what about WBA (September 25) , Newcastle (November 7) , Spurs (November 20)…..9 points losed at HOME and still counting.
    Remember that the referee can’t score goals like RVP or control the midfield like Jack or Song
    B52, Chamcack, Diaby, Denilson either….this kind of players are not good FOR OUR WAY TO PLAY football; maybe they are good and have talent but aren’t born to play the Arsenal Way.
    My personal light of hope it’s the new and fresh generation of young gunners and robot referees….

  18. I switched off when the referee blew a wrong throw-in against Arsenal, it was ridiculous and since then you knew what was going on, again, it is always when Arsenal can approach or take over to United, so the refs must be biased and that by purpose, it is more than annoying, I would have blamed the players this time for not being sharp enough and not showing the will to win the league, but they managed it and it was taken from them injustifyingly ** , your Premier League is really frustrating, I know this tendance of the referees to give advantage to the favourit teams or even singel players when they are fouled, but … this favour for United and I think for Chelsea too is really…………. disgusting, you even can’t be disappointed because this play is not fair, you just can shrug your shoulders …………… 🙁 😕 😯

  19. There are two things Arsenal should have drilled into their heads every season: you can’t expect fair refereeing. Nor can you expect to have a fit Van Persie for the whole season. And then work out a plan around these caveats. Because these two recurring occurrences have happened so often, they need to be a given. That said, the sluggish first half display picked up after the Chamak substitution. It seemed to bring fresh energy which the ref decided was not according to the script. Well, still in with a shout, which is pretty good.

  20. Spot on Dennis10.. As soon as our game picked up, the referee’s performance ‘picked up’ too. People bringing up the WBA and other losses are missing the point. I don’t think anybody is saying that our team is perfect. We have lost games because of our failings. Yet, our wins and draws are made tougher than they should be because referees do not do their job properly. Newcastle away, for me was a point gained, not 2 dropped. We were meant to lose that game. Wigan away with the blatant handball in the end is another example of dropped points.. In all of those games you can always correcty argue we should have been better. That doesn’t change the fact that we did enough. Contrast that with the help ManU get from referees and how long this has been happening. These decisions do NOT even out over the course of a season, or even 4 seasons in our case. Look at Wenger’s comments to the BBC. I think he knows that what is happening is coordinated too.

  21. referee was poor i dont think anyone can argue that, but what about the first 45 mins. i personally think we have the most talented squad in Europe (except for Barca’s first 11) but these player think they can just walk into the field and get 3 points without breaking a sweat. we did absolutely nothing to deserve the 3 points until the last 35 mins.

  22. the hell explodes at Anfield, it’s 2:0 to Liverpool…………. 😀 great background-sound

  23. I dont believe in conspiracies, we got a favour in the FINAL and couldnt take advantage. Unfortunately other teams make good use of it, ask Sunderland and Newcastle

  24. that was more fun to watch than yesterday……………. so they get another chance, and it is possible to beat Manu ………………. really…………… 😉

  25. well, Liverpool did their job, good for us. I’m starting to think this whole season will boil down to our game against Man Utd; of course, in the meantime we’ll still have to beat Liverpool at home and Tottenham away and probably drop some points in the process, but hell, so will they. Overall, not such a bad weekend after all, and from now on there’s only thing I have in mind… the Barca game, tuesday night. Maybe we’ll get a preview tomorrow, Andy, or an open thread? 🙂

  26. First half was really poor. Denilson and Diaby were crap and they cost us the three points nearly as much as the officials. Makes you realise just how important Fab, RVP and Song are going to be in the run in. The two D’s gave the bal away time and time again. I thought Wenger got his tactics and team selection wrong. Nasri should have played centrally from the start and Eboue on the right instead of Diaby or Denilson.

    Thank you Kuyt!!! Still in it somehow…

  27. can’t say the dropped points yesterday hurt worse with the liverpool win today but…. it really hurts. we could be tops right now! i guess not too bad of a weekend overall… spuds drop 3 points in the closing minutes, brum got beat by WBA, manUre lose again, wilshere says he’s ready for barca. can’t wait for the barca game.

  28. As much as I love this club, I agree that they frustrating to follow at times. It can get maddening. With United dropping points, it seems like we’re being gifted the top of the table, but can’t grab it. Well, the league takes a back seat for a fortnight as Champions League and FA Cup fixtures beckon.

  29. Arsenal 0 – Sunderland 0; you can’t expect the likes of Bendther and Chamakh to carry the team, and that’s Arsene’s fault. No hope against Barca this week. Bendther won’t have occassion to put his hands to his face to woe yet another miss.

  30. Get rid of Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby and go out and buy – don’t tell us that we have good young uns coming through, that’s crap, I’ve seen the reserves play. Heard about the wonderkid Wellington!! Seems I heard about another young wonderkid about 4 years ago, Denilson! He’s Brazilian – wow. I hear that Sir Alex is going to spend £100M on new players next year. We need to, he doesn’t!! I also heard a couple of years ago about a wonderkid defender from Norway who was the new Tony Adams. I hear AW is not looking to sell him. Bring back Eduardo no matter what cost, he knew how to poach.

    We’ll get stuffed by Barca – sorry for the pessism but after their abysmal display against Sunderland what can you expect!!

  31. “Nicholas March 5, 2011 at 6:20 pm
    why don’t all the players in this team have Wilshere’s energy, determination, fighting spirit…
    Cisco de Tours March 5, 2011 at 6:21 pm
    Again I watch two kind of players inside the field…players who never give up and want the glory and the othe group of lazy, weak and losers who don’t deserve to wear our shirt.”

    I hate that:
    – before: Cesc’s right, the others’re wrong.
    – now: Jack is always right, the rest are always wrong.
    -> Is it true?
    Immer so. typisch.

    anyway, hope for good mood coming soon.

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