Arsenal v Sunderland: Open Thread

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Just setting up an open thread for today’s game.

Hopefully we can grab a much-needed three points and kick-start the chase for a top four spot.

A match report will follow as soon as I can get something posted.

Cheers and enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal v Sunderland: Open Thread

  1. Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Gervinho, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Andre Santos, Djourou, Frimpong, Arshavin, Benayoun, Park.

    Why did Wenger buy Part? With Jenkinson playing I have no hope of us winning this march. Period.

  2. Frustrating, again.

    Unlucky to not be up by two goals at half time. It seems that the guys totally switched off after conceding.

    RvP is still smoldering, hoping he’s still alight in the second half.

    @Opus, apparently Park has had trouble adjusting to London and Arsenal life. Hence his gradual introduction.

  3. Really frustrating times to be a gunner!
    I really have lost my sympahty for Wengers’ “grooming” phylosofy and must agree… if players like Jenkingson, gibbs and Artetha (very static player to me!) have to make the sun shine at Arsenal than there is only one solution…
    Wenger has to gooooo!
    hoping for better times… and a more focussed and agressive transfer policy!

    gunner for life!!

  4. Rvp was unlucky with the second goal, lovely turn, good thinking, hit the post. When will we score from a free kick? Hope we get three points, comfortably.

  5. Rockin’ Robin. Love This Guy. We Need To Keep Him At All Costs!! Should Have Seen The Game Out By Half Time But Like We Always Do, We Let The Opposition Back In. Not A Convinving Performance, But Last 2 Games Have Seen Attackin Improvement, Now the Defence Really Needs To Get Its Act Together. Rvp, Song & Szczesny Were Great As Always

  6. @gruggy, thank god and rvp for that 🙂 hopefully, this will give them enough confidence to ensure more wins with less nervy endings. But seriously they should start practicing free kicks, we’ve not had a decent player since Henry I think.

  7. Arsenal fc keep up on making us happy as today. But manager should be care with the team and players, all are your players let them so their performance like benayun do.

  8. Top ten! Missed the first half hour when it sounds like we were on top. Pretty nervy for the next forty minutes until the second goal. I thought song and rosicky played well but arteta gave the ball away too easily. Defense looked pretty solid but it was only sunderland…

  9. Sorry gang I missed the game. I had to work early and late.
    However, I saw the score at Sportinglife. Wow Robin got both goals.
    Whatever he’s asking for in his contract negotiations I’m afraid we will have to give it to him. He’s really coming into his own. I’ve heard people say that he’s to slow for our style of play. But a striker who scores goals,what the heck else can you ask for?

  10. I had to work too, but am delighted that it is a win, I fear, when I am watching they are always losing, so take a deep breath and then walk on walk on . . .

  11. @lefftcoast,

    Try They’re usually pretty good for highlights.


    I was literally thinking the same thing about free kicks!

  12. @1NNTA
    Hey there you are 1-nil. Dude I just bought a used Honda Element.
    It’s red with racks for my board and bike and what not.
    I went to the DMV and tried to get plates that said 1NNTA but someone already has them. I don’t suppose you live in Cali? Anyhow Leftcoastgooner was to long and gooner and gooner2 and 2gooner are also taken so I’m going to have to think of something else. Howsabout Spurssuck is that too long? Just kiddin’.

  13. @leftcoast

    what about:… R SEN NOZE?!
    or… 8 2 BE MANURE
    or.. GOONER 26 12 0
    You could run a comp on the blog!

  14. @leftcoast, dude have you tried arsenalist? he puts up highlights almost immediately.
    @gruggy, I’ve been thinking about the freekick situation quite a while now, as we waste an alarming number of chances there.
    And while it’s great RvP is on fire (we hope he stays fit and in form for a long time), the rest of the guys should start chipping in with goals.
    Rosicky looked quite lively yesterday after a long time I felt. Arshavin was good too.

  15. Leftcoastgooner,that’s awesome you got your own asset,a“ samurai” reliable automobile,gud luck finding a suitable number plate,its been a while becoz my blackberry was down, not work up about it. Yesterday win was I am not sure what you call it but its awin,that need to be built upon,especially since it stoke n west brom before the real tester chelsea in this month. There is a difference I saw, a positive one but needs gellin, rosicky running is something rare to see.

  16. Park takes free kicks too….I heard his conversion ratio is 35%

    RVP is on fire, Song, Rosicky and Szczesny were excellent too. Arteta passes backwards a lot, Jenkinson has to improve on his confidence. i know he could do better, I hope it is not down to the manure game. Gervinho dissappointed me, Walcott is becoming more of a joke.

  17. Arsene thankfully has noticed the FK situation. I think Ray Charles would have noticed it though to be honest :

    “We didn’t make enough of our free-kicks, that’s an area that we can improve. If you consider the number of free-kicks we had today in interesting zones and the corners we had in offensive positions I feel we have to make more of our set-pieces. ”

    I’d start Arshavin over Walcott. I’ve never fully understood why Theo basically has a mortgage on the right hand side of our side. Yes, Andrey was out of form, but I strongly feel that we’re a better overall side when he’s playing. His ability to play anywhere across the front third, or behind it makes him double the player that Theo is.

    Mind you, I’m slightly biased. I do have ‘Arshavin 23’ on my jersey after all.

  18. @leftcoastgooner,

    Hey there Left Coast. I’d love to live in California – say somewhere near Santa Barbara would be nice, but nope, I’m up here in Toronto getting ready for another Canadian winter, eh?

    I like the idea of those plates. I’ll look into up here – more Man U, Barca, RM and Serie A fans up here (big, loyal Italian community in TO.), so I may have a better chance then you.



  19. There was a question that I wanted to raise which when did arsenal score from a direct kick but that question was error when rvp score yesterday. The reality is we have been unlikely to score from those positions for long now and before that second goal went in we wasted so many opportunies that it wasn’t funny anymore. Gooners there is good news that rvp says that he is commited to arsenal,but the truth will be unleash end of season whether he stays or goes,rvp has serve the club with full appraisals. If the team is going forward its going to take team work not individuality.

  20. @Gruggy
    Ray Charles dude? Don’t hold back. I mean he not only was blind he’s been dead for a number of years. Too,too funny.
    @1NNTA No, Toronto’s not close but has it’s own charms. I met Darryl Sittler and Mike Palmateer once at a hockey camp in Maine. They seemed like genuinely nice guys and were not only good coaches but truley enthusiastic. It makes a big difference to you when you’re a teen.
    @flyingdutchmen Dutch, Robin is part of the team,the captain to be precise. I hope we can keep him and build for the future too. I have a feeling Robin is waiting to see what we do in the winter transfer market. If we make serious moves to improve the team it may positively affect his desicion.

  21. Another sub-standard performance especially the leaky defence. How on earth wenger and arsenal dumb-headed board hope to finish fourth with donkeys like jenkinson and gibbs in defence with a goalkeeper still a rookie learning his trade. He has shown his weakness on free-kicks, corners and had no clue where to stand as shown by larsson’s goal. Just a thought for poor rvp others just simply poor and it would be better to boot out walcott, arshawin and chamak before january transfer window as they have been given enough opportunities but with no results.

  22. most people realise.
    Tiger gave Stuart Appleby the gift that keeps giving. For the second year in a row, the world’s top player opted out of competing in this week’s season-opening Mercedes Championship.

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