Arsenal v Spurs Preview: A huuuuuuuuuuuge game!

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Tomorrow is the first proper North London Derby of the season and it’s building up to be quite a match.

Aside from the usual city bragging rights both teams have something to prove. If we win we go top of the Premier League for the first time this season and rubber stamp our title credentials. Meanwhile if Spurs win… well, it’s best not to think about that.

Our team news going into the game is excellent with Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky and Andrey Arshavin all passed fit despite injury worries. Robin van Persie came through 45 minutes with Holland while for the first time in as long as I can remember, we have lost nobody to injury during the recent international break.

A repeat tomorrow would be nice!

Given that Johan Djourou has formed a decent partnership with Sebastien Squillaci and both played at White Hart Lane in the Carling Cup earlier in the season, I expect the pair to keep Laurent Koscielny out of the starting team. Bacary Sagna will no doubt start to combat Gareth Bale, while Gael Clichy should play on the left. I say ‘should’ because I have a sneaking suspicion after Sagna’s midweek hints that Kieran Gibbs will play some part. Watch this space.

Lukasz Fabianski will of course start in goals while it is hard to see a midfield trio consisting of anyone but Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere. Meanwhile up front Marouane Chamakh will keep his spot, although I expect a puffed-out Arshavin to be replaced by Samir Nasri on the left with Theo Walcott starting on the right. That combination would leave us with the likes of Robin van Persie, Nicklas Bendtner and Tomas Rosicky, which gives us plenty of options to change the game in attack.

This Arsenal team has been fairly inconsistent over the past month and North London Derbies are always unpredictable affairs, yet I expect us to win tomorrow. Our squad is as close to full-strength as I can ever remember it and with a back four that have been communicating well, a goalkeeper that is making saves, a midfield packed with quality and attacking threat and a front three consisting of our two most consistent players this season — Chamakh and Nasri — we have a brilliant starting team.

For all that Spurs throw at us I feel our defence is slightly stronger and that could make all the difference.

Get excited: it’s going to be huuuuuge. Just ask Cesc Fabregas…


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75 thoughts on “Arsenal v Spurs Preview: A huuuuuuuuuuuge game!

  1. I duno I feel that the hoodoo hanging over spurs against top 4 team has to be broken and I have a funny feeling this will be the game I just think Gallas coming back will be a distraction and areas worry me aerially Crouch vs Djourou and Bale v Sagna, with VDVaart n Squillaci ummmmm

  2. do you think rosicky could start??? because whenever he does we look a lot tidier in midfield, and he has a great thing with cesc. Plus he works hard and tackles well so he could help sagna out against bale.
    so something like
    sagna djourou squillaci clichy
    song wilshere/denilson
    rosicky nasri

  3. With VDV Arsenal should be extra, extra carefull. Then comes Bale, remember what he did at SanSiro!! This Derby!! A must win for the Gunners to enroll for the EPL CUP!! Al the best.

  4. we have to win this game. we have to prove that our form at home has improved to compete for the title. This is our chance to do that against a good spurs side. I am not sure what our defence is going to do about Crouch and VDV. those two have been connecting real well. and Bale is going to be a problem. and I hope that he will be marked well. As long as his crosses are intercepted early. we will put that fire out quick that comes from Crouch and VDV in the box. lets do this gunners and make us proud. lets show whos boss and who belongs at the top of the table. I predict 2-1 to Us. Go Gunners

  5. I think there is a chance that Theo will rip Spurs apart tomorrow, I see him playing through the middle more and R.V.P (replacing Chamakh) moving wide right when that happens. Spurs defence will not be able to play the offside and Walcott’s runs will mean late tackles flying in around the penalty area.

  6. With Defoe back and Bale’s recent form, and not to forget VDV’s stunning entrance to the EPL, as well as Crouch’s aerial threat, we shouldn’t be so confident even if our recent history should point towards a win. We should be very wary.

    Fabianski for sure
    Bale-crusher, I mean Sagna – Squiller – Djourou – Clichy
    Song – Denilson
    Cesc – Nasri (Kos 80′) – Walcott (AA23 70′)
    Chamakh (RVP 65′)

    I’m so pumped.

  7. Boy i hope wenger get his tactics right or else were screwed.
    BUT these derby games are sometimes misleading because on quite a few occasions the best team seldom wins
    I don’t care ARSENAL better win tomorrow and go top or else,
    Wenger get you tactics right PLEASE.

  8. I rather have a dull 1 goal game than a high scoring one. As long as we win is the bottom line. Me heart can’t take another 4-4 or a 5-4.

    Money on Jack or Nasri to score.

  9. Take heart, Gooners. Spuds are vulnerable and we, as a team, have a fearsome strike force. Everyone scores. Even Bac Sag! There will be goals, oh, yes, there will be goals…
    Sag/ Kosh/ Djorou/ Gibbs
    Fab4/ Song/ Denilson
    Walnut/ RVP/ Nasri

    Bendy / Wilshire/ Rocky – to be used off the bench.

  10. I saw someone put AA23 there in the comments page to signify Andrei Arshavin coming on as a sub.

    Is the said poster an avid fan of PLO8 or otherwise known as PLO hi-lo? 😛 AA23 doublesuited ftw!!!

  11. Relax guys . Our customers are back for a thumping. Hot spurs is no match for arsenal.Unless we suffer the effects of international break but we are so equipped to win the game at all costs. We have a fierce strike force and am failing to find who to start where. Andrei is there, Rosicky, Nasri, Walcot, Bendtner, Persie, Denilson,. Its just a problem now. Am one of those few who doesnt fancy Chamak so much especially when Persie and Bendtner are on form. With time people will realise what am saying. Chamak doesnt shoot enough which is a pain to every gunner.He doesnt have the eye for goal compared to Persie. Bendtner is slow but has an eye for goal.Unless he styles up heading the ball alone wont win us the trophy. In any case we should use two strikers atleast lest we risk loosing Bendtner ,vela or Walcott.

  12. that took the breath away…………… great 😀
    for me Chamakh has proven more than Bendtner and van Persie, maybe I’ve forgotten their qualities, can’t remember, …… 😉

  13. Just letting everyone know I’m off to the pub now for a couple of pre-drinks and then the big game.

    I hope everyone gets behind the boys and enjoys the game. Looking forward to celebrating on the blog tomorrow!

  14. 2-0 1st half stats
    Excellent display from the boys playing real deep again and using the counter. This is where speed up front is vital, but, Chamakh scores with his foot and this is why we love him.
    The midfield is just amazing.
    Lets hope they keep this up for the 2nd 45

  15. 2-0 1st half stats
    Excellent display from the boys playing real deep again and using the counter. This is where speed up front is vital, but, Chamakh scores with his foot and this is why we love him.
    The midfield is just amazing.
    Lets hope they keep this up for the 2nd 45
    This is GunnerBoss’s post…
    Its clear Hope is allowed to post and I’m not..
    Andy is there a problem?

  16. 2-0
    1st half
    Playing a bit deep giving us the potential to counter….this is the shit i’ve been talking about. This is why I said we need speed up front, but its like the boys are getting used to it.
    The midfield is just amazing.
    Excellent display


    Horrible second half form! I wouldn’t even say Tottenham played all that great; Arsenal served them those goals through ridiculous coverage and an absolute idiotic error by our CAPTAIN. The ball was head level! Jump!

    Incredibly disappointing showing today and once again the dark cloud of inconsistency looms over Arsenal.

  18. @Andy – Happy birthday in areas. I’m posting from my phone and maybe i’m having network problems.
    Sad news is we just lost the match, we couldn’t protect the lead and were outscored at home 3-2.
    Is anything wrong with Wilshere? Its not that the result could’ve been any different….but the 2nd half front three were playing together for probably the 1st time together this season.
    Just dont know how we got this one wrong…..
    Crazy stuff

    Seriously, I would say the large squad could be a curse in this aspect cos u look at a bench and u want to pacify some who seriously do not deserve to play. Arshavin was doing excellent. I guess RVP didn’t deserve to come on so early….Maybe Walcott should have been used in the centre…..Its just crazy

  19. 1st spurs goal was the turning point. I still can’t understand why both our center halves went to the other end to contest our free kick. Absolutely unnecessary! It was really foolish!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We were not chasing the game. We were 2-0 up. What we should have done is retain the ball or sit dip & catch spurs on the counter.
    Afterwards, we were always under pressure.
    Wenger should have told them to be cautious at half time. Contrasting halves of football!

  20. @GunnerBoss – yes the hand ball as well was stupid; in fact, replay showed that the ball was only at head level….he didn’t need to do that.
    But for me, I still can’t get over that 1st goal. It’s another sign of our consistent LACK of tactical discipline.
    Why to go on the offensive with full force at that stage of the game when it wasn’t necessary at all????

  21. This result today just shows that we have learnt nothing in the last 5 seasons, despite all Wenger’s claims about our qualities and mental strength. All lies, just like Wenger’s management a lie.This is without doubt the most embarrassing defeat of Wenger’s era, and I struggle to find a worse one in my lifetime.This should be Wenger’s last game as Arsenal manager, and I call on him now to resign, this is not a knee jerk reaction, merely final recognition that time is up for this arrogant lying man.I felt really sorry for Thierry Henry. He was so passionate about beating Spuds, and on his DVD states just how much it means to him that he never lost to them in his time at Arsenal.Fast forward to now, and you’ve got c**ts like Sagna saying that ‘It doesn’t matter more if we beat Spuds’ during the week, and a second-rate team throwing away a two-goal lead as if it doesn’t really matter.Fans say that foreigners can’t understand the passion of a local rivalry, but TH14 (and his co-horts) proved that utterly wrong. We’ve just educated players from the Wenger academy the wrong way.I’d be very happy if AW resigned tonight, as we’ve been treading water for the past five (maybe six) years.The sad truth is we are seemingly powerless to do anything about it, and there are those who will make excuses and accept those given by Wenger himself.This reign will end eventually, though I fear by then we will be in an even far worse state than we are now.There are no words to express the pain, anger and disgust we are all feeling right now. But those feelings will count for nothing if the fans turn up again next week and sing Wenger’s name. He must be made to see how we feel, through banners and hear how we feel by calling for him to resign or by calling on the board to sack him

  22. The warning signs were loud & clear last week. Not for the first time either. Two goals up, let complacency kick in & gift them a foothold back into the game & then find it impossible to switch back on again. Last week we got away with it… West Ham, Wigan away last season & the 4-4 scum game, to name but a few, we didn’t. In all those cases we didn’t learn a single fucking lesson.First half we were brilliant, pretty much to a man. Outclassed them all over the pitch. But you just knew we were gonna come out second half with the slippers on & they’d score first. Was just a question of whether we’d hold on from there. How can it be that blindingly obvious to a pub full of drunks still celebrating and yet the GIC cant see it?Not fucking good enough. What’s the point in throwing your water bottle all over the shop & your hands up in the air like a retarded village people when it’s too late? Where’s that passion & fervour when/where it’s needed in the changing room? How many times can we fall into the same self-imposed trap from winning positions before somebody somewhere gets the fucking message?!! Cos either he’s not telling them what needs to be said or he is but they aint listening. Either way he’s lost it. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me… fool yourself every couple of weeks, fuck the fuck off and take your fucking goldfish memory & your fucking mental strength with you!

  23. Wenger is still arsenals problem. As long as we have strikers like Chamak we are fooling no one but our selves. Look at the chances he had at goal and decided to pass the ball. He is just pathetic to watch. Dont remind me that we got him for free. I rather play without a striker. Koscinly is pathetic at worst.w hy not play Jorou a winning team. Why not paly two strikers in the attack and rely on a hopeless team player like chamk. We are tired of Wenger stupidity and madness. Tactically he is dwarfed. Walcott was seated the whole game and you prefer chamak who has no eye for goal. We should have killed off Totenham. I just cant take this.

  24. Maybe, just maybe Wenger will get in a specialist defence coach after this?
    Jesus derek&simba – you sound like you might as well just end it all!

  25. what a joke!how can we go from absolutely dominating one half to complete self destruction in the second?watching us in the first half I would have said no team in the league could have lived with us,never mind bloody Tottenham!second half were shocking.what was bales goal all about?a hoof over the top and our defence all taken out in one go.the second was an even bigger farce.why the hell couldn’t cesc just head the thing.we should have been out of sight by then.what kind of striker is chamakh?what is his problem.twice he was played clean through and he had no intention of going for rate is all well and good and being able to put it in from 3 yards but if he is going to lead the line he needs to have a proper strikers instinct.sure enough if we give away enough stupid free kicks then the opposition will score because we cant defend and thats exactly what happened.we’ll be winning nothing unless we buy some players with spines and balls.getting beat to 2 newly promoted teams and spurs at home.way to let chelsea off the hook fellas.what did wenger say yesterday…’best squad ive ever had….we are men now!’ thats an insult to the invincibles
    Wenger, once again you manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. How many times do I have to say this. WE CAN’T DEFEND THE BALL IN THE AIR. It’s not rocket science SIX ******* YEARS same problem. So what does Wenger do? He drops Djourou our best defender in the past 2 games and brings back that useless **** Koscielny. He can’t head the ball no matter which end of the pitch he’s at, how did he miss that sitter. Useless Wenger, you bottled it, complacency and arrogance, your speciality.
    i just cant believe what ive just witnessed… arsene wenger should resign! what a crappy defence! that showed every one whos claiming that wenger is a genius- that he’s nothing but a cheap old imposter who ran out of magic! i say again, thank you arsene for the invincibles time, and good bye! the most loser-full team in the premier league gave us a lesson today. just press arsenal, send high balls throw the center, and throw yourself every time an arsenal player is next to you so you could get a FK and that’s it! that’s what chelskea, west brom, and now after 17 years the spuds! until mr wenger wont resign, or atleast buys one decent high center back, a new keeper and another DM were doomed. i just can’t believe how many chances weve had! chamakh is a player who can play in the highest level and RVP is rusted, were nothing but idiots! can you even imagine what would have happend if man utd or chelskea had the same amount of chances? they’d probably win 6,7,8-0. thats it im done with this team, this is the lowest it could get! losing to the spuds 3-2 after we were in a 2-0 lead? if wenger a tiny bit of respect, he should leave!

  26. calling for wenger’s head is of no use mates….yes, there are issues he needs to address but some of the outbursts here are just inappropriate.

  27. A really hard defeat to take but man, North London Derbies are consistently crazy games. Not sure what conclusions to draw, just disappointed. Time for some beers and for the reflection to be done in the morning.

    Great first half, strange second. Not sure what else to add.

  28. @ delano,you wanker,we should fire wenger and appoint you,right? IMO,theo is of no use,he´s not a winger,decision making very poor,you cant win football with speed alone,and wenger also got it wrong today,there´s no way i take out nasri for walcott,never,and denilson can´t replace wilshire in our midfield,as he gives up so easily and always looking to pass sideways,he just gave up on bale instead of tracking him and making it hard for him to get a shot off,and also squillaci,always toeing the ball right back to the opposition today was pathetic,where´s our ball playing defence? For me,time to cut the dead wood off,walcott,denilson,almunia,diaby,these guys are all jokers,and i don´t see us winning anything with them,fab´s not in top gear,that i can clearly see,thing is what you do with him? I´m so gutted right now.

  29. All Wenger haters: Please review the season. We are still in november. We are 5 points off the TOP of the table which is never disastrous [especially in this year’s league]. We are first in our group in the Champions League, still in the FA Cup, we are in the quarterfinal of the Carling Cup. I don’t know why we are jumping to conclusions. I can understand the situation of each and everyone of you. This was a derby game and we MUST have won it. But that is the way it goes sometimes. I can understand the bitterness of the disappointment and I am disappointed too. We must NEVER forget that the ‘INVINCIBLE’ season happened during WENGER’S era. Wenger had a significant hand in that. No matter what you people say, Wenger played a significant part and was instrumental in that. And now, when he is rebuilding the team, we as fans must support the team and we need to have patience. Yes, I know that when we have not won anything for five long years, it hurts. But we need to show that we are fans of arsenal. I can still see a GREAT time ahead of us RIGHT is THIS VERY SEASON. I read above that what would have happened if chelsea of man utd had the lead, I wonder what would have happened to that comment if we had gone on to win it 4-0. Well, even MAN UTD threw away a 2-0 lead at home. The fact of the matter is, it just happens sometimes. Even Barcelona lost to a promoted team. Nobody is perfect ! I do understand the fact that it was a shocking loss to our biggest rival, but calls for the sacking of Wenger are absolutely foolish.

    ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’ and this is called ARSENAL FC.

    For those like adanan who say I’m done with this team, I can’t say anything because we all know that people like these are NEVER true supporters. I am not surprised if this guy comes back next WEEK and says ‘I love Arsenal’ just because MAN UTD lost 🙂

    However, I agree that this is a bad day, a bad derby loss and a shocking result.
    But it is the duty of us as fans to support OUR TEAM in the worst of times.

    By the way, Francisco has commented ‘Burn the Emirates’. I won’t say anything because all the blog readers can recognize that he is mentally challenged.

    I am an Arsenal since only 3 years. YES, only since 3 years. I have NEVER seen Arsenal win anything. I have just heard about the INVINCIBLE season. Yet, my attachment to this club has been great and will stay that way even if we won’t win anything for another 50 years !!


  30. Having had time to calm down, I think it’s pretty clear why the squad lost. Despite scoring, both Bale and RVDV were pretty much shut down. Also, they got no production up front or in the middle. So, you have to ask yourself: How do you still lose a match against Spurs after shutting down their forwards, Bale, and RVDV? Mistakes the back and on set pieces. Yes, Fabregas’ penalty was inane, but the worst goal was Bale’s. There should have been no way for him to score being surrounded by FOUR Arsenal players. When you watch that goal, it wasn’t even that Bale was all that fast. Denilson and and co. were jogging back. That goal did not start with RVDV’s pass, it started at the corner (or free kick, I forget). Look at that goal again. Look how the defensive players were taking their time to get back.

    If we get played off the pitch, I don’t mind that. However, I get really frustrated when we give no effort, and Bale’s goal was a goal of a lack of effort. It reminded me of the goal Rooney scored last season when he sprinted past Denilson to score his goal. Interestingly, it was Denilson again who was involved in this lack of effort. This is not to say that it was all his fault, but damnit why doesn’t he hustle??

    Also, I thought that Wenger said players had to earn their spots on the pitch. What did Djourou do to be placed back on the bench? Koscielny has struggled in his last few matches, and Djourou has been getting better each match. This selection was mystifying.

    The best thing about this match is that I think Wenger will now 100% go after Cahill.

  31. I’ve always stood up for arsenal for many years when pple say we are hopeless. Today, my loyalty is largely waivered. Moyes and redknapp, even hughton, have shown to win wenger in a tactical battle as dey change to a different tactic when their original one is not working. If cesc leaves it’ll b completely understandable. Being a wengerite all my life, i believe a change of manager would be a breath of fresh air for a side that is highly one dimensional. I’ll no longer go out and proudly declare myself an arsenal fan, its humiliating after 3 stupid loses at home.

  32. @gunnashah you dumb twat – when will you get it? The manager is clueless and with retarded fans like you we will never sack this bozo of a manager- 6 years of the same shit and you still dont get it. dumb ass

  33. @LAGunner….good analysis. What’s really frustrating about this game is that spurs were never on top (even for 5 minutes) & yet thanks to our defensive blunders, they escaped with all the points.
    As I have repeatedly said in the above comments, the 1st goal was down to our basic lack of effort.
    Either Djourou or Wilshere would have closed down Bale.
    Heaven knows if ever Denilson is going to improve his defensive game (specially backtracking).

  34. Our stadium… our home… is being disrespected… and is the team’s fault. You can’t be 2-0 leading and then concede those stupid goals… fabregas really made me angry. You can’t do that when the ball had not even a goal direction. I’m really worried about the future if things remain like this game. Calling for wenger’s head is not the solution… I understand it’s the derby but don’t go crazy guys. Positive is that chelsea lost but… it’s a shame because we could have been at the top if this hadn’t happened. Sorry for my poor english.

  35. Wenger should quit. Why not give Vic Ackers the job? Look how many titles he’s won with arsenal ladies.

  36. Its not the worrying home-form and its not missing the chance to top the table, its the fact that this was a derby. Its early enough for our home-form to improve and likewise to challenge for the title, but how this great club could let down the fans like this, is beyond me.

    In response to the spurs bragging rights, i don’t know what to say. Is there any explanation as to why we lost this match!?

    I don’t blame wenger, i blame the mindset of SOME of our players. A 2 goal lead at home is, surprisingly, no longer a reason to take your mind off the game.

    Here’s to praying this is the biggest wake-up call arsenal could recieve, and that we knock this match out of the history books by turning them over at the lane, or even better, see them out of the Champions League.

  37. @derek you actually reason like a retarded person,if every club was sacking their manager to satisfy crazies like you,i wonder what football would come to,why dont you point the finger at players who performed below par today? you seem to be the only one not to realise that the EPL is really tough this year,wenger is not clueless nor is he a bozo,he fielded the best team he could,the guys just lost concentration and became too comfortable,after scoring 2 in the first half,and we paid the price.You are just a dumb fan,you cant see that at 2 back we are still in this,calling for arsene to go is complete stupidity,and will never happen, so go and support some other team you doom and destruction fan,sack wenger indeed,andhire who? you twaat dumb ass.

  38. Listening to Wenger’s press conference…he is right on some things and absolutely dead wrong on others. Let me just say that I am not a Wenger hater or head hunter. In Arsene I Trust. Also, managers too often get too much of the blame for the miscues of their players. With that said, Wenger’s story to the press (what he tells the media could easily be entirely different from what he tells his players) is that the squad suffered mentally and from heavy legs from the international game. I say YES to the FIRST, and NO to the second. Looking at Bale’s goal, again, there were about four players around Bale when he scored (or should’ve been there): Squillaci, Denilson, Clichy, and I believe Koscielny. Did any of them play for country during the week?? NO! Hell, Squallaci has had about two weeks off! At the end of the day it’s just effort effort effort. This is where you may be able to question tactics. It’s clear that Wenger believed that his problem was in the attack, when it was at the back. He could’ve left Chamakh on, rested him during the week, and started RVP midweek. He could’ve taken off Koscielny and brought in Djourou. This brings me to another question: When is the last time Wenger has subbed on a CB or RB/LB due to fatigue or poor performance, rather than injury? Why isn’t this done more often?

    But as I write this and consider the game, maybe a sub wasn’t needed. The Kaboul header was bs and the penalty was the result of a Fabregas brain fart. Other than the Bale goal, Spurs were SHUT DOWN. World beat Bale was pretty much shut out by Sagna, who for me is having a masterful season thus far.

  39. We deserved what we got. Underestimating the opponent is an amateur’s error, sadly Arsenal is a pro football team.

    Don’t really blame Denilson as I just act like he’s not there, kinda like Gallas in his last season.

    Some comments already blame Chamakh for being undecisive, as expected *sigh* he didn’t drive towards goal but come on guys give the guy a break, he did score a goal, yesterday’s hero today’s villian *headache*.

    It’s a defeat so lets not be crybabies about it, the next game is Braga let’s put aside the rage and look forward to European football.

  40. What a crazy comments by some of “FANS” here? Why should we blame our manager? Can’t you see how frustrated he was? Just like us. That proved us that Arsenal players weren’t stick to his plan. I guess. All the blames should be put on Arsenal players. Well of course we can put a question mark on some of his decision. But on the pitch, it looks like the players suddenly lose all the spirits they needed. I don’t know why our brilliant captain became a stupid player today. I LOLed so much when i looked on the replay. Fab even hold Chamakh’s hand to help him stop the ball with hand! What ever it is, IN ARSENE WE TRUST. This season is still far ahead. Man Utd and Chelsea are struggling too.

    Sorry for the poor english.

  41. and once again we played cowardly…. exctly like we did last week .Frankly our victory last week wasnt very satisfying cos that game was almost a draw and this is what we have now as a result, i have noticed this attitude since then.. I dont really know whether its from the manager himself or its our young players dunno!!!?…… Our biggest and best defence is our Bloody beautiful ATTACK……….Why keep the ball while evrybody knows that when we attack we keep most of our opponents players at their half…….. we shud have just played our football…its bloody SIIMMPLE!!!!!!!!! . That game shud have been 4-0 to us. Thats why we are not winners cos 2-0 on 45mn game is already a win for our BOYS, cmon boys!!!! this is the 1er league!!!!! anyone can score and beat you at anyrtime of the game……..

  42. What a disappointing performance. At one point I really wished Henry could change and get on the pitch and show the players what it means to play at home for Arsenal!! Hopefully the harder we fall, the higher we’ll bounce. I’m always going to be a Gooner!!!

  43. Shit happens.

    Move on, we’re still only five points off the lead.

    NB : This is my conclusion after spending the last ten hours smashing my head against a wall.

  44. The hoodoo is finally over, this was worth waiting for.2 derby wins on the trot, what was it u all said after the league cup game.”SHALL WE MAKE A DVD, SHALL WE MAKE A DVD” and what have u been smoking calling Sagna the Bale buster, Maicon was out classed so Sagna had no chance.

  45. Two points off the top of the table in November. Yes, please.

    A pretty sh*t day, but as per the norm people are overreacting. North London Derbies are always mental and this was the same. If we win the title no-one will give two thoughts about this game.

  46. And with a higher aim and a bigger collective revenge, we are coming to WHITE HART LANE for the return fixture. BEWARE SPURS !!!!

  47. @2nilanduf**keditup – ‘worth waiting for’? What, worth waiting 17 years for? you poor sad, ****er!

    And, um… the ‘shall we make a DVD’ thing was joke, you chimp.

    – well, the lads handed it to them on a plate, didn’t they? I didn’t really think they played all that well all game really but fortunately spuds were worse. And then they just pissed it all out the window. …I don’t want to hear anything about a lesson learned because they never do learn. The team changes and the same thing happens. They cannot be consistent until they get someone with big brass balls out on the pitch to start kicking some ass when they slack off. AW doesn’t do it, he’s a gentleman. He doesn’t shout. Someone else said above that it’s like there’s no captain in the team. After that first (Bale-full) goal he should have been screaming blue murder at the team. I was!!! It’s a cup for us this season, lads. And the Prem when we get a new Tony Adams.

    Also – I’m finding Fab4’s demeanor and general attitude somewhat disturbing, know what I mean? Like someone who..ahem…doesn’t want to be there…?

  48. Give me the prozac! I can’t take these mood swings much longer. I still don’t know how we lost that . Spurs were utterly crap for most of the game. Defence was crap for thefirst goal but you can’t blame them for the penalty which was a Cesc brain snp, and the third well, it was RVP marking Kaboul. Fabanski could not be blamed for an of the goals either. What is a worry is the number of players who seem to fade after an hour – Arshavin, Nasri, Chamakh, Denilson all seemed to have lead in their boots. And RVP is clearly nowhere near being back to full fitness. The first half was probably the best football we have played all season but after that was just awful. I agree with those posters who said Djourou should have played. I hope he gets his chnce again soon. Still, the crazy thing is we are still 3rd and only 2 points off the lead! I reckn this season is going to be crazy – but if we don’t fix the concentration lapses and fitness issues we are buggered.

  49. @ Hey Nonny – u r right mate…Wenger doesn’t want (or know how to) bark orders at his team. Looking again at the extended hi-lights, signs of complacency were there just before the 1st goal.
    ……And Kosch? Beaten in the air by the diminutive Defoe in the build up to the Bale goal & then missed a sitter at the end which would have made it 3-2 in our favor.
    Still don’t know what DJ did to lose his place in the starting XI after his decent performances in the previous 2 away fixtures.
    Kosch doesn’t look like he has settled into the English game. Mistimes his tackles & already 2 red cards…..hmmmmm…..

  50. And Denilson? Why does AW play this guy in such important games? Utter crap… commitment at all……he shouldn’t play in the EPL/ Champ Lg team anymore…..the guy never improves!!!!!!!

  51. ‘It is difficult to accept when you are 2-0 up and you have a freekick but you are caught on the counter- attack,’ added Wenger

  52. School boy display yesterday. What juvenile mistakes. I am sick of watching this team throw matches away. What was Fabregas thinking on that free kick? Absolutely unforgivable, especially for the captain. And how does this team manage to get beat on the counter attack when up 2 nil? Poor coaching, it must be said.

  53. serve your wenger..i hate to see fabianski, almunia, rosicky, denilson, eboue and koscielny on the pitch..let me tell the truth about the the syles of playing all of them…fabianski n almuia both blunders goalies…koscielny is not strong physically, not tall enough or not good in the air, doesn;t knows how to make perfect tackles ( has multi colours of cards every game ).,,denilson totally not ready for big team like arsenal, poor skill and bad deffensively,,roscicky is too old for BPL..missfit and doesnt has good finnishing…our arsenal must be STEKELENBERG-CLICHY-VERMALAEN-DJOUROU ( SUBOTIC)-SAGNA-SONG-FABREGAS-GOURCUFF-NASRI-PERSIE-ARSHAVIN-subS: SCHZNEY, DJOUROR (SUBOTIC),DIABY,WALCOTT,CHAMAKH, BENZEMA & VELA….

  54. Hey nonny mouse, u is the sad f***er. We beat the scum 3-2 at your shithole & we’ve qualified for the knockout stages of the CL b4 your filth. You were so excited when u won that game in the tin pot cup, Wenger and you scummers are desperate to win anything. Wenger has failed u. The fact is that u all called the League Cup the tin pot cup when we won it in 2008 so tell me what will it be called if u win it? What a good week to be a yid and a shite one to be a scummer.

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