Arsenal v Olympiacos: Exclusive picture special

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I’m delighted to be able to share with you a set of exclusive photos taken from Arsenal’s 2-0 Champions League win over Olympiacos at Emirates Stadium last night. 

The photos were taken by freelance photographer and friend of mine Ryu Voelkel and are absolutely stunning. If you want see more of Ryu’s work then I strongly encourage to check out both his official website and Flickr profile.













Just a reminder that you cannot use any of these images without prior permission from Ryu so don’t get me in trouble by stealing them!

For the record my favourite one is the terrific shot of Thomas Rosicky and Cesc Fabregas reacting to another near miss. What about you?

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal v Olympiacos: Exclusive picture special

  1. First of all…thank you for sharing these. You are a true gooner.
    I wanted to point out that I watched our game and the Barca game. I’m proud to inform all doubters that we have nothing to envie from the Guardiola boys. We are every bit as good. Little twitches here and there such as Diaby – Nasri switches and we’d be right where we need to be. In fact, from the midfield, we have: song – yaya toure, Fab – Xavi, Arsh – iniesta, Rosicky – Messi (maybe not quite, but 80%), VP – Ibra, Diaby – Keita. Our defence is much better with Gallas and Verminator. I think we are almost as good if not better, due to our defense.
    What do you guys think?

  2. I couldn’t find high quality versions of these pics on the links you gave. Are they available? Some of them would be great wallpapers.

  3. I’m glad you all like them. I’m sure Ryu will be most pleased 🙂

    @ Marc – Thanks mate. I’ve got good contacts is all I can say 😉

    @ Ken – I’d say he’s got ligament damage in his wrist or a minor break that Wenger/Vermaelen doesn’t want anyone to know about. Or he just wants to look tough…

    @ Jack M – The best thing to do if you want better quality images is to get in touch with Ryu via his website and send a request. I don’t think he’d have a problem with it as long as you don’t use them for other purposes!

  4. Well done the lads! Another perfect result.

    Andrew=thanks for the great photos. Excellent – the Van Persie one is a classic pose for him. But the best? Cesc on the ball, three very nervous Olympiakos players. Where’s that ball going to go? Only Cesc knows…

  5. Olympiakos were very poor. I don’t think we should feel overconfident with this win. I would be happy if we could perform at this same level with the top teams in Europe.

  6. Dat was a briliant display frm d arsenal side but stil of d opinion dat diaby isn’t good 4 d startin x1+ play rosicky more cos its evidence in cl win over olymp. Up gunners

  7. I think they can really be proud of having broken down that defensive wall of greec side, I haven’t seen the first half but it sounds in the match description on like it has been a little bit frustrating and a run against the wall, so you can be happy when you are not punished with a counter attack or set-piece goal, keep a clean sheet and get a goal by yourself, you can’t shine in every game, so I think until now they can be satisfied, I really hope the Premier League will be a little bit more exciting than before, but I have a good feeling about that

  8. Ryu is an absolute legend with his football photos. You gunners should definitely check out his collection, including a recent France game. There are two good shots of Henry in them.

    As for my favourite picture here, Andy, I think Cesctraffic is my most favoured. Why? It captures Cesc watching for openings and Arsh trying to make that run in the direction of Cesc’ vision. Genius Ryu!

  9. Awesome, awesome pictures! They are the best pictures of the match I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing with us, your friend is really an amazing photographer!

  10. He who says Arsenal is not worth it name should not weep when i will carry the champion league trophy.BRAVO THE GUNNERS,u make me proud and every body here in my city is proud of u guys.Base in Douala/Cameroon.The gunner fan wishes u and Arsene Wenger a happy 13th anniversary.
    Fan president.

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