Arsenal v Liverpool: What is there that can be said?

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Arsenal really must beat Liverpool tonight to stay in the title race.

Anything less than three points would mean relying on Chelsea and Manchester United to drop points at Everton and Aston Villa respectively and although they are both tough fixtures I don’t expect that to happen.

The team is likely to be the same as the one that lost to Chelsea.

Manuel Almunia will probably be in goals while Nicklas Bendtner is still not fit enough to start the game.

If the defence don’t concentrate on defending it could mean the same problems that have plagued us for the last two fixtures.

Not much else to say really except – COME ON ARSENAL!

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56 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool: What is there that can be said?

  1. its funny people warned wenger”we needed a striker”and he didnt listen and its cost us da title.

  2. well we really need a win I think the boys will do it. Young jack wilshere played 70min for bolton did really well I though.

  3. This is really the make or mar match not the ManUre n Chelski matches and i believe our boys can do it. Pls make me proud cos i luv this club so much i cant support another cos theres only one Arsenal


  5. Nightmare scenario: Liverpool win by two goals to nil; one through our bad defending of a set-piece and one through a swift Liverpool counter attack after an Arshavin penalty hits the crossbar and bounces out to Gerrard. After the match Wenger says; ” Apart from letting in two goal and not scoring any, my team played even better than they did against Chelsea which is why I beleive in this squad. They showed their mental strength by turning up tonight and not staying at home and hiding under the sofa.”

  6. Arsene’s comments in the Times re we cannot afford the top players confirms what I have been going on about. Someone asked me for proof sometime ago but it was impossible to do. The plain facts are we have no money. Wenger as an employee of the club is told what to say by the spineless board. I think its very admirable of him to take all the flak. Fizman and his cohorts Should be ashamed. David dein would have fronted it and told us as it is. Again I will say until there are major changes nothing will change. AW has done miracles with what he has. You anti AW posters should be ashamed. You all talk like your so clever but you cannot see what’s really happening. Big deal chelsea beat us. They should do after spending a half billion pounds. City too. Utd and lpool are so in debt its obscene. Get your reality hat on you AFC knockers. We do things the correct and fair way. Always have done. You cannot buy CLASS.everything is for a reason. One day we will remember who were unfaithful. Go on reds.

  7. If results go our way we could be only six points off Chelsea and only four behind Manchester United.

    On the other hand we may find ourselves only two points clear of Liverpool.

    Two very different scenario’s but both should give this Arsenal squad enough motivation to go on and claim three of the most important points this Premiership campaign has to offer tonight.

    Every game for Arsenal from now to the end of the season must be treated like a cup-final. We need to keep winning, letting Chelsea and Manchester United know we haven’t given up yet.

    It may seem worthless at the moment, many Gooners have conceded defeat already but don’t. Please don’t.

    I know Wenger has made mistakes, especially not signing anyone other than Sol Campbell in January, but we have to get behind the side for the last push of the season.

    Let’s be like those away Gooners, who never gave up singing at Stamford Bridge despite being 2-0 down. Let’s call on that under-dog spirit that Arsenal are famous for. enter – Rocky sound track

    Chelsea and Manchester United will drop points from now till the end of the season. We have to be there to capitalise. We can help. We can be the twelfth man on that pitch.

    I know we are all pissed off at the moment. Who wouldn’t be? But let’s show the wankers out there that we are Arsenal and we are united as one.

    The media, experts, ex-players have all wrote us off and love having a dig. Let’s not resort to that amongst ourselves.

    we may be a little closer to the top. We may not. I reckon we will be though. We can still win the league, albeit relying on others, but we are still there. In the mix.

    Keep believing! Football is an unpredictable game.

  8. so liverpool will try and use counter attack football againts us?? im worried now…the liverpool teams pace is frightening without torres…

  9. Totally agree with the below article from goal.

    Arsenal v Liverpool Special: Despite their differences, Rafa Benitez & Arsene Wenger have become kindred spirits
    Reds’ boss has plenty in common with Gunners counterpart
    By Neil Jones | Liverpool Correspondent

    It is fair to say that Arsene Wenger is not the most popular manager in the Premier League at the moment. With his stinging critique of Aston Villa’s “long-ball” game, which drew an abrasive response from Martin O’Neill, and his ongoing war-of-words with Chelsea star Michael Ballack, the Frenchman has created a wave of ill-feeling against himself of late.

    Lucky then, that when his Arsenal side face Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night, Wenger will know he has the full support of his opposite number.

    Rafael Benitez was given ample opportunity to stick the boot into the under-fire Frenchman during his pre-match press conference at Melwood yesterday. He was asked whether he agreed with Ballack’s statement that Arsenal are a “predictable” side to play against, and whether he agreed that Wenger “makes too many excuses”. On both counts, he refused to twist the knife.

    “He [Wenger] is a fantastic manager doing a very good job for 15 years in a foreign country,” said Benitez, “Hopefully in 15 years I’ll be here!”

    It is no surprise to witness the burgeoning respect between the two managers. Benitez is no stranger to broadsides from fellow managers – Sam Allardyce and Steve Bruce are just two to have thrown verbal rocks in the past – but Wenger was quick to leap to the defence of Benitez when most were calling for his removal from Liverpool, and whilst the Frenchman has locked horns with the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and Mark Hughes down the years, with Benitez his attitude is far more hospitable.

    Football purists may point out that, tactically at least, they appear to be at different ends of the spectrum, but the two men have plenty in common.

    Both have an almost manic passion for the game – players at both clubs know the only chance of an in-depth conversation with either manager is a football-themed one – and both are as methodical as is humanly possible in their approach.

    Both retain immense support from their clubs’ fans, though equally both have found their methods questioned increasingly over the past year or so. Even if their respective methods are very different.

    Wenger is viewed by most as an idealist, a football romantic devoted to the notion of playing beautiful football with beautiful footballers. Benitez, on the contrary, is portrayed as a ruthless pragmatist, someone whose only satisfaction in the game comes from three points; a man who preaches solidity over self-expression, .

    Such pigeon-holing is at odds with the traditions of both clubs. Liverpool under Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley were famed for their simple yet effective ‘pass and move’ mantra – though neither Shankly nor Paisley were averse to grinding out the occasional victory. Arsenal, meanwhile, earned notoriety under George Graham in the late 1980s and early ’90s for their mean defensive record, and penchant for single-goal victories, “1-0 to the Arsenal” is as popular at the Emirates as it was at Highbury.

    Yet both are simplistic, and therefore flawed, stereotypes. Wenger has, rightly, earned a reputation as a manager who trusts young players. Yet the average age of sides fielded by Benitez this season is devilishly close to Arsenal’s. Few offer praise of Benitez’s faith in youth, preferring instead to criticise his selection of Lucas Leiva, Emiliano Insua or David Ngog.

    Furthermore, a quick glance at the Premier League table last season shows that Liverpool, not Arsenal, were the division’s top goalscorers – just as Graham’s ‘dour’ Arsenal side were in 1989, 1991 and 1992 – whilst the Gunners’ disciplinary record under Wenger is anything but beautiful – even if it has mellowed somewhat in recent seasons.

    Another common factor in the reigns of the two managers has been the intense pressure placed upon their shoulders to deliver, and deliver well. Wenger enjoyed almost a ten-year honeymoon period at Arsenal, with supporters delighted by his double successes of 1998 and 2002, and enchanted by the football of Overmars, Bergkamp, Henry and co.

    But since moving to the Emirates Stadium in 2006, the onus has increasingly shifted away from performances and towards results. Arsenal’s last trophy came just days before Benitez delivered Liverpool’s fifth European Cup, in 2005. And with recent results seemingly limiting the Gunners’ ambitions to the Champions League this season, it could well be five straight years without silverware at Ashburton Grove.

    Benitez too, has his problems in this respect. He did at least manage to deliver the FA Cup in 2006 (Arsenal lost to Barcelona in the Champions League final the following week), but pressure has intensified upon the Spaniard to end the Reds’ 20-year wait for a League title. Last season’s second-place finish promised plenty, but a dreadful start to the current campaign has left Benitez under perhaps the most fierce scrutiny of his six-year tenure at Anfield. It is little wonder that each has found time to sympathise with his opposite number.

    How ironic then, a little more than a month after the career-obituaries were being written for Benitez, following Liverpool’s shock FA Cup collapse at home to Reading, that the Spaniard will take his team to North London on Wednesday looking to strike a critical blow in the battle not for fourth, but for third place.

    For Wenger, a win is not only vital in terms of the league table – with Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa lurking ominously in the shadows – but also to ensure the maelstrom of negativity, which is threatening to engulf Arsenal, subsides.

    Yet if the Frenchman needs any advice on how to ride out a managerial storm, he need look no further than the away dugout on Wednesday night.

  10. @ laninja – Shorter? I spent two hours writing a 2000 word piece yesterday 🙂 Not sure what you are meaning…

    But seriously, I really don’t know what to say. We all know the type of team that will play, what our problems will be and what we need to do. All we can do is wait and hope.

  11. I don’t think we’ll win against Liverpool. But I’m not saying that out of pessimisim. I’m saying it because I don’t want to see my brother Gooners from around the world coming on here after the game bewaiing everything about our team from the Manager to the hot-dog vendor because we haven’t won. Let’s try and keep a perspective here, Gooners. Realistically we are fighting for third place now – and so are Liverpool. They are a very good side with quality players and are no doubt just as detemined as us. I don’t say we’ll lose nessersarily – but I don’t think we’ll win. There have been games before where we’ve had to face Liverpool after demoralising defeats – and we’ve won. But it can’t always be the case ~ and I don’t expect our various on-field problems to have magically righted themselves since Sunday. As ever, I hope I’m wrong but I think it may be after this Liverpool game that we can really put a good run together and hopefully, as I say,finish third. The only thing cheering me at the moment is the fact that manure and Chelski can’t both win the league – one of them has to also fail, as we have, and I will certainly enjoy the suffering of whichever of them it is I can tell you.

  12. We CAN still win the title but now we have to rely on the other two dropping points.

    What we must do is win all our remaining matches, starting with tonight against the boys from Merseyside.

    I think that hope will return if we win and the others drop points tonight but it is a huge ask, and we are only responsible for our own results.

    In the past we have made so many chances that we could afford to waste a few. We could not afford that against Chelsea or Man Utd who defended well. I hope I do not have to scream “shoot!” tonight as we pass the ball all around their penalty area again and again and again.

  13. Hi Andy,

    Great blog posts! I have been following your updates with interest and cannot believe people are still going on about Wenger not signing a striker. FFS we need to get over it as the transfer window has closed and get on with it with whatever resources we have.

    Playing (attacking and defending) as a team would be a great start. I felt we lacked cohesion and teamwork against ManUre and Chelskii, especially in defence.

    I am still hopeful we can finish top 2, but the depth afforded to ManUre and Chelskii will ultimately decide the premiership race. Sure, we might be out of the FA and Carling Cups, but with the Champions League resuming next week, I see another tough two months coming up for the young squad as well as us goooner fans.

    With ALL the injuries that’s hit us yet again, I don’t see how Wenger can weave his magic to compete in the champs league AND fight to the last game with ManU and Chelsea.

    To do that, we need to strive for and get maximum points with the remaining games, with Liverpool, Spurs and ManChity the 3 tough games to look out for.

    A lot will come down to luck, lots of it in fact:
    Injuries – how many more injuries await us? Will RvP return in time? Can Eduardo get his form back?
    Draw – WHAT IF we draw Barca or Real after getting through Porto?

    Before this recent 14 day run, I was realistically hoping to get 7 out of 12 points. 3 from the Villa game, a draw and a loss against Utd/Chelskii and a win (3) against Liverpool at home. We are 1 point from 9 and have only scored 1 goal in the last 270 minutes of football. Best we can do is at least get all 3 points tomorrow morning.

    A lot of questions will be asked in the next 2 months. We have been written off prior to the start of the last 2 seasons, lets back the Gunners to display the mental strength, maturity and determination to get back to our winning ways!

    Is Arshavin23 going to break his recent goal drought?

    Up the Gunners!

  14. Chelsea did not beat us because they spent half a billion pounds, Brian. They beat us because Arsenal to not do enough defence training and we have a goalkeeper who wears a blindfold.

  15. tonight I am expecting chances to be created and the boys to make use off them.I am dissappointed that some are expecting draw or less. We have beaten them away and now we are in the driving seat, WHY DO I SAYSO
    The greek krygionas whatever his name is not playing and also torres is still out, this is our chance to take advangte and make use of it not 4getting we are playing at home where pay top money for a result.

  16. chamakh is not the answer for arsenal for next season we need some who is built and ain’t afraid gicnac, podolski, loic remy would be my choice.

    I don’t know why they saying wenger has no money, he say if he find that player that will fit in best he will put in a request, NOT ONCE DID HE SAY HE AS NO MONEY.

    wenger didn’t want to buy for what reason so now he is suffering with defeats.

  17. I am still wondering if wenger believe that eduardo woud fill in rvp position, if you look that his record before that idiot tackle him you will see a goal scoring record worth appreciating. I just think eduardo need to camp out near the poles at get that wonder strokes going.

  18. Lets not forget that a lot of our money is tied up in the best stadium in the EPL. The Emirates was/is a big reason for our lack of spending. Arsenal want to be fiscally responsible which very admirable in the current economic climate and the spend happy big clubs. Arsene speaks the truth. Chamakh will put pen to paper Friday for L50,000/week and join in the summer. We seriously need a new goalie. Nobody will argue that. Do you guys think Bendtner or Eduardo or maybe Vela will leave since we?ve got Chamakh now? I think we played well against Chelsea just couldn?t get the goals. Some were unlucky, some were great defending by Chelsea. As long as we don?t let ourselves get countered against like we did against Chelsea and Man U. Rafa has said that?s what Liverpool will do. Have faith. The chances are there, we just have to take them.

  19. We should forget any title speculations (at this stage)!

    First of all, we have to come to a remarkable result tonight which means that we draw at least. This would give confidence to the squad which is exceptionally important in face of the Porto game next Wednesday.

    Secondly, we have to safeguard 4th place Currently, we don’t have to face Chelsea or ManU because there is no reason to do so. In this respect we have to accept that place 3 in the PL by end of season would be a fine given all the circumstances we have to deal this season.

  20. I am definitely not happy with results but neither have I lost faith in the team. Totally agree asad let’s take each game from tonite’s with that cup winning mentality. We might not win the league but lets get back some respect and confidence in the team to build up a strong finish to the EPL and champions league. I’m always gonna be a Gooner. Go Gunners and beat ’em scousers.

  21. Hey All, Thanks for the comments.
    I came home early to watch the game. If I’m seen crying at work again I’m finished.
    Just Kidding, Go gunners!

  22. Go gunners…
    Andrew,.. I like the video on Wojciech Szczesny. He is by miles better than Alumnia on every level.. Speed, strength, Leaping ability and confidence..
    is it possible to call him back aftr the transfer window has shut??

  23. there hasn’t happened much in the game so far neither
    few chances to score, maybe two shots on goal? many missed passes, patience patience, 😕

  24. I’m licking my lips now!!! this is just fantastic! I didn’t expected that chelsea and Man utd dropped points so quicly. we’ll see.

  25. That was a very important win and I’m glad the boys did the business tonight. 6 points behind with 11 games to play, we can still win the league.

  26. Uhhh..that bubble of pressure building up for awhile just burst and should give Wenger and Arsenal a breathing room. Please everyone take a deep breath and put this game into perspective. 9 points to 6 and 7 points to 5 what a magic just three days makes! Without getting too excited, this turn around may even be shorter than the 11 point deficit in November. Now we should just focus on our own game and support our team.

  27. At last some gooners to to celibrate with. We rock. Gallas was outstanding Clichy played well and Almunia had a comanding performance. There is a God which is good to know. Ashley Cole the cunt went off injured as the chavs lost and ‘the scum’ could only draw. I love life and whiskey in equal measure and I am on a promise from the wife. Oh happy day!

  28. lads,relax……its a good result but settle with the champion talk for christsake.our shortcomings havnt changed becos we beat a pool team whos season is over
    i mean,we beat a team with zero ambition 1-0,babel came on for 12 mins and nearly won it for them.we wer dire for most of the game wit reina a spectator.walcotts lack of a footballing brain nearly cost us when he opted away from holdin the ball in the corner for fear of gettin a clatter and liverpool cuda been awarded a late pen for cescs handball…..ul prob all be in now sayin almunias great aswel cos he saved a shot that was directly at him
    ……..but under the circumstances it WAS a fantastic win and you cud see it in the managers reaction at the end,iv rarely seen him show such emotion at a victory…..and that was before hed heard the nites other results!
    i hear alot of talk bout an easy run in but wev hull away(drew with chels last week),stoke away(recent history sez enuf),spuds away and other teams wholl be fighting for their PL existence….theres no easy games believe me
    also andy i still dont think big nics gonna get the goals we need,hes a menace and an honest worker but i dont know any striker in world football that doesnt shoot that ball across the keeper in the first half….ur thought to make him make a safe,maybe hel parry it to an oncoming attacker for a tap in but to not register a shot on target is unforgivable and nic does this all too often
    verm and gallas wer exceptional toni in driving us forward and nic,ros and diaby all played wel….lets enjoy this win but not take any games for granted
    ps this doesnt change that the manager shudv bought a striker or that almunias crap(distribution toni was woeful and under the high ball was his usual flapping self).no doubt il be told to cut him some slack now cos hes finally made a save….aint no slack here for slackers
    gunner for life

  29. lads the season remains open. Champions league to come the big 4 out of the way in the permiership. Tonight a big confidifence boost and my promise about to be fulfilled. come you reeeeeds!

  30. Shambo – But that’s just it. The shortcomings in our side haven’t affected our ability to beat the smaller teams. Our fixtures are favourable, there’s no point harping on and on about the title I realise, but the funny thing is we may not need to fix our problems to win the title. Chelsea and Manchester United dropping points in their difficult fixtures (of which they have 5 more each of) shows it’s still up for grab.

  31. “A shot that was directly at him”? Purr-leease. It’s all well and good to hold criticism of a player but don’t change the facts. It was a great save at an important time.

  32. TItle? A very long shot. One team faltering??? Very possible. But both ManUre and Chelsea losing six points to us? Doubtful. But it will be sweet when it happens.

  33. Andrew, let not go over board with that Alumnia save..the crossbar gods were on our side..
    Van der Saar or Czeck would have parried that ball to the moon with ease.. Alumina got lucky and now Wenger will say he is the right man for the job..

    On another note, thank you for all your positivity in the past 3 days..They kept us up and that’s what we needed. Many gunner fans were crying and calling for sackings all over the place And now look: We are in the hunt for a title! unbelievable premiership race this year…
    Today and from here on, we should only talk about positives.. (you hear that Shambo) more room for the negativity..
    -Clichy looked like he’s finding himself and should be fine against lower oppositions to come.
    -Eboue looked dangerous and very elusive (we needed that)
    -Fabregas was himself as always… true winner..
    -Bendtner worked his socks off and is exactly what we needed.. he gave that manly punch and caused defenders to second guess themselves.
    -Walcott is showing signs of bravery at times (this is new to his arsenal so let’s support him)
    -Diaby was sublime and did it all, defended, dribbled,scored, clearing headers, etc. lets hope he doesnt get injured- 11 games that’s all we ask diaby!
    – Gallas carrer is far from done , he was fantastic..
    I see nothing but positive energy, the hell with all the haters..!! GO GUNNERS.. GO ARSENAL FC BLOG! We rode out the storm man.. i hope you have the webo-mentary on the last game!
    p.s Im not English but the form of Gerrard is disturbing to say the least, how do English fans feel about him starting the WC 2010?

  34. Keep the faith Gunners. Only thing the players need to do is go out and win each of their next games! Wenger give them the steel for a strong finish. Arsenal state of mind, we can do this!

  35. @ lil wheezy – I honestly didn’t think I am going overboard. All I said was that “it was a great save at an important time”.

    But the rest of the stuff is spot on. Most people here have kept a calm head and this is something of a mini-reward.

    I’m thoroughly looking forward to writing today’s match report.

  36. I thought Gallas was immense tonight. My player of the match. Diaby, Song, Rosicky and Eboue were great as well.

  37. Hip-hip-hooray and all that but I agree with shambogunner – we lose and we’re the shits, win and suddenly we’re going to win the league. Why? Because all the rest of or games are so easy all we have to do is turn up and of course manure and Chelski are going to drop points all over the place. There’s no balance. It’s ridiculous. I’m not so much accusing you of this, Andrew, but the fans. Well, I suppose that’s how fans are…but come on chaps, forget about winning the league until we’re actually back on top. At the moment we’re third, which makes us the third best team in the league and I’d say that’s right.
    On another note – Diaby! Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Wouldn’t it be great if that winning goal gave him the confidence to really be The Man for us. Live Viera was.

    Carlton Cole back for The Hammers – scores. He’s the guy we should have bought, injured or not.

  38. Much deserved for Diaby. After the Old Trafford horror show I feel great that he has stepped up. He has to be considered first-choice as long as he is healthy now. Song-Diaby-Cesc midfield. Perfect combination of steel and finesse. What we need now is absolute focus. In the league there is no room for error and in the Champions League we will need our swagger and be ready to battle.

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