Arsenal v Liverpool II: Title dream finally over

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Arsenal again outplayed Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium but were, for the third time this season, held to a 1-1 draw by Rafa Benitez’s side. But for a miracle of epic proportions, I feel safe in saying that Arsenal’s dreams of winning the Premiership this season are now over.

Sums it all up really…

Despite trailing to Peter Crouch’s well-taken goal at half-time Arsene Wenger’s much-changed side had worked so hard to get back into it, pulling level through Nicklas Bendtner’s header early in the second period. And although the manager threw on Emmanuel Adebayor and Alexandr Hleb in the hopes of grabbing a winner it never came as Liverpool held firm.

I caught this match at the pub with a number of mates through a haze of beer and scotch and at the end of it I felt pretty gutted. The realisation that Arsenal have only the Champions League to play for this season is digging in pretty badly today and I’m none to happy about it. But that’s life and if the boys can get past Liverpool on Wednesday then the blow will be softened just a little bit.

I’ll have more tomorrow when I can organise my thoughts a little bit more. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of the game or how you’re feeling about things today by leaving a comment. Cheers.

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26 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool II: Title dream finally over

  1. Apparently the boys were too tired and unlucky to save the hope for PL. But i will support gooners forever.
    Come on you arsenal

  2. it is a sad reality….
    i have never seen arsene wenger this frustrated before. the players knew it, you could see it in their eyes at the end. it was not frustration or sadness but a sense of resignation. but what needs to be changed? should be bite the bullet and buy a ton of good players. what will change for arsenal to stop being the prennial bridesmaid of the EPL?

    regardless, there is still hope for the CL! come on gooners!

  3. the team needs better supporting players thats whats biting us the starters are fatigued wenger needs to spend and spend heavily this summer if he plans to win anything in the near future

  4. Haha u guys are sad. Come wednesday the gunners will be out of all competitions. U have never experience anfield in european nights.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I think AW should spend well in the summer.When money is available, spend it.Arsenal is a big team and will naturally play lots of games every season.You need a big squad to cope with the demands of a long season.AW’s policy of blooding youngsters is fine, but with the other teams buying ready made superstars, it becomes difficult for Arsenal to cope.That is exactly what has happened this time.
    Its not mthematically over, but its really really tough for u guys to win it now.I want u guys to win all ur remaining games and push Chelsea & United all the way.

    All the best for ur UCL night at Anfield


  6. Traumatised. That sums up how I felt last night.

    We need a to buy a good lot of players this transfer period. Players need to stop being played too heavily because there simply is no-one else to play.
    I want to see more players being brought in because there is no reason for the Arsenal talent pool to be limited to the starting team the way it is.

  7. Not gonna happen, Liverpool virtually changed the whole team and were largely better in the match. Arsenal rested Hleb, and adebayor. After two demoralising draws at their home, it would be impossible to to beat the Reds at Anfield on a European night. Arsenal are done, Fergie was right when he said that Liverpool will finish Arsenal`s season.

  8. we will win at anfield… we have to otherwise there was no point resting and playing a ‘b’, no, make it a ‘C’ grade team..but we will win, im confident

  9. I dont see the reason why AW is frustrated when he refuses to sign top players to beef up the team.Its the same story season after season. We’ve played with only one top striker all season,how can you win the league like that ? I’m more frustrated with AW’s decision than with the team’s performances.He seems to console himself that pple expected us to finish 10th or 12th this season….who cares about that? You cannot expect magic when you have a player like Brentdner and you keep playing Walcott on the right, Eboue is CLUELESS on the right hand side, rosicky spends half of the season on the treatment table.

    Anyway,its ovbious we need a change for next season and not just words.2 top strikers are needed cos Edu wouldnt be in good shape until feb/march and brendtner should be sent on loan to wherever.One good midfielder should also come in cos Fab and Flam needs good cover and shouldnt be playing so many games

    Spanish fry.. you should do a writeup for those that should come in and those that could leave next season

  10. Nik I think Wenger’s frustration is borne of delusion because he really believes that the players he picks are good enough …when everybody else knows that 5 or 6 of them should be shipped out and better players (those that can actually play good football) can be brought in. The only thing I disagree with you is that Bendtner should be sold not sent on loan …he’s one of the 5 or 6 who are not good enouh.

  11. It’s painfully obvious that the squad needs strengthening.
    I’ve been saying it for ages and have got quite a bit of stick from guys on this forum.

    We don’t need an overhaul, just 2-3 real quality players.The squad at the moment isn’t good enough, we can’t constantly rely on the developing players.

    There are players at Arsenal that are just not good enough and I don’t think they ever will be.

    I hope we can get a result on tuesday but I’ve got say that I’m feeling less confident after these 2 games with liverpool.

    I think AW now realises that he has to bolster the squad otherwise the same thing will happen next season.

  12. I agree with you Mark,AW has been deluded regarding the strength of his squad. Hopefully now he’ll realise that this squad isn’t good enough to mount a serious challenge for the EPL.

    Nik I agree with you mate 100%.You’re spot on.

  13. Yes Nick lets hopw he does reslise and buy the players we need in the summer. As for Tuesday …I’m afraid my confidence has gone …Wenger has been tactically outplayed by Benitez and I think Liverpool will let us run our pretty circles outside the box where we can’t hurt them and catch us on the counter attack. Someone on one of the blogs said that our best chance of beating them is on penalties. OHHH dear …. is this really what this quick passing incisive talented Arsenal team of earlier in the season has come to ….praying to get through the game as a draw so we can have a chance to go through on penalties. So this is what Wenger’s vision has been all about.

  14. You’re right again Mark, AW has been out thought by benitez.

    Even if we get past liverpool I can’t see us beating chelsea if they get through.

    There is a quote by Cesc in one of todays papers saying that liverpool play boring defensive football, and that he’d rather win nothing and stay loyal to our style of football!!!!To me that is a worrying statement.

    Confidence comes with winning football matches,let’s win first then the football will flow.

  15. I agree with Nick. I don’t think were that far away. Two to three top quality players will do the trick. And I think about the same number needs to be sold. Really only two IMHO.

    I didn’t see the match but I think we could use a midfielder that goes down the wings more than he cuts inside. Maybe were missing it with Rosicky’s injury problems but Helb almost always wants to cut inside. He’s a great dribbler and I understand his role but I would definitely like to see us rely less on Clichy and Sagna for width. Especially when Ade and Nik are decent in the air. With those two on the pitch I don’t see why we don’t hoof it down the flanks a bit more and cross.

    I however am not going to throw out names I think we should go get or who should go until after the season though. I support the boys that take the field now. All of them. I might criticize their past performances but you won’t see me saying I don’t support them.

    As for Wednesday at Anfield, fine let Rafa think he’s out smarted Wenger. Let them think our only chance is to eek it out on penalties. Go ahead tell Arsenal they can’t win in Anfield on European nights. Fine with me. Wait and see what happens. Just wait and see fellas. Football is a funny game sometimes.

  16. Oh yes and great picture for the blog Spanish Fry. It really shows that Wenger is feeling as much pain as we all are.

  17. C-Bass the point is we all support them … that’s why we are so bloody frustrated and angry when they don’t deliver. We are supporters of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB and loyal to this club (unlike players who will become loyal to whoever pays their wages). Nick I didn’t see that quote from Cesc but yes that is worrying because as you rightly say winning games brings confidence (look at the current form of Christiano Ronaldo at Man Utd)winning gives the confidence and belief to entertain and turn on the skill. Until we put a run of wins together we will struggle with confidence. I also think if Cesc is accusing Liverpool of being boring he should watch yesterday’s first half, along with a couple of the draws we’ve had over the last few months, and see how boring we too can be. I think this is what annoys supporters …. the players come out with big statements of how much they care about the way they play and how determined they are and then in some games they just don’t perform. I think it was Geoff who said, about yesterday’s game, they seemed to resent having to work on a Saturday, which sums their attitude up completely. I also see in the paper that Justin Hoyte was saying that he was pissed off for not starting the game against Liverpool last Wednesday as he is the 3rd choice right back and should have played ahead of Toure. So he may be looking to move on to get first team football. Fucking go then …you had your chance (again) yesterday against a weak reserve Liverpool team and what did you do exactly Justin to warrant your inclusion in the first team????? did you entertain us with robust defending skills and demonstrate why we need you so much. NO you were one of those who given the chance they are always bleating on about played like a boy against men and looked completely out of your depth, like Geoff said, it looked as if we had disturbed your weekend by asking you to play and you couldn’t be arsed to do so. Go and play for Southend … may get a few more games there than at Arsenal …but not that many.

  18. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said Mark.

    It’s disappointing to hear Hoyte was having a moan.As you say he just hasn’t performed this season when given the opportunity.

    Regarding some of the talk coming out of the Arsenal camp, I think we should do our talking on the pitch and stop all this talk about how good we are.

    The proof is in the pudding, the EPL doesn’t lie,the FA cup doesn’t lie nor does the CC.The CL remains to be seen.

    Let’s hope we can turn it round in the CL and save our season and look forward to the new one. Another years experience for the “youngsters” (can’t use this as an excuse anymore)2-3 additions, perhaps more if AW decides to sell and hopefully we’ll do something great next season.

    Bottom line we need to win a trophy to give these players the belief they need to go on to bigger and better things.

  19. Wenger was silly not to play his strongest team against liverpool. Liverpool didn´t play their strongest 11, and Wenger could have made up some valuable ground in the premiership.

    I am still very proud of the way arsenal played this season. Their defence has been a bit weak in the latter half of the season though. Wenger must buy next season something like a decent finisher in the mould of Fernando Torres, and more experienced backup central defenders. Get rid of the fringe players and the players who are constantly getting injured.

  20. Yes Nick …it’s about time they let their football do the talking …hopefully starting Tuesday.

    Darragh …what makes yesterday’s weak team selection even harder to take now is that Man U only drew at Middlesboro so if we had played a stronger side yesterday and beaten Liverpool’s 3rd team then we would have kept that pressure on Man Utd. But no it seems like the premiership means nothing to Wenger and the team anymore …… Well Mr Wenger and lads …….it still means a bloody lot to us supporters and you shouldn’t have given it away so easily and cheaply without a fight … just with a whimper …as you did the domestic cups …….. I think we deserved much better. No it is not our right to win things every year but the manner in which we have just caved in and not bothered in some games is an embarrassment and a disgrace to this great club.

  21. I’m still waiting for that tiny bit of luck to come our way and I’m hoping it’ll come at Anfield. after seeing M.utd dropping points today Wenger must be kicking himself. a tiny bit of hope still left.I think Wenger will do some shopping this summer no doubt. 2 natural wingers one as back up for Rosicky as he is always injured and one to replace Eboue and move Theo to his natural position as a striker.2 srikers one to replace Eduardo for his long term injury and a back up for RVP. in the past we had Pires and Lunberg on the wings and gave us 30 goals between them a season, while now no goals at all from Eboue few from Walcott and Rosicky is always missing we became predictable and easy to deal with.I said Wenger will shop this summer I think I’m kidding myself. The only player on loan at the moment that deserves a chance next season is Carlos Vela.

  22. if Arsene Wenger buy somme players i meen somme real players
    what’s whrong about amine el chormiti,karim ben zima,
    whay those players go to chelesa or man u ???
    please Arsene Wenger please arsenal need to win the league
    or the chapions league

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