Arsenal v Everton preview (yay!) + Get down to The Pig Brisbane Gooners!

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Fabregas will lead the boys out against Everton

It’s Arsenal v Everton in the Premier League later today and my word does it feel good to say that.

Unfortunately we have some serious injury concerns going into the first game of the season. Samir Nasri (broken leg) and Tomas Rosicky (hamstring tweak) are of course out but joining them on the treatment table are Johan Djourou and Lukasz Fabianski (both knee problems) and Theo Walcott (back) and Abou Diaby (groin). It’s not the ideal way to start the season but on the plus side both Diaby and Walcott are expected back shortly.

The injuries and the switch to 4-3-3 means that the team virtually picks itself with Manuel Almunia set to start behind a very good back four of Bacary Sagna, William Gallas, new signing Thomas Vermaelen and Gael Clichy. Alex Song will start at defensive midfield supported by Denilson and Cesc Fabregas while Andrey Arshavin, Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner should make up the attacking trio. Although the options on the bench are far from brilliant there’s no denying it’s a quality first XI that should be expected to win at Goodison Park.

Everton’s main threat will surely be Tim Cahill who scored two goals for Australia against Ireland midweek (yay – sort of) and is always a threat in the air. The Toffees are undoubtedly a good side but there are worse times to play them than in the first game of the season and I think we stand a very good chance of winning the game.

I’ll be particularly looking to see how Vermaelen plays at the back alongside Gallas (I’ve yet watch a full pre-season game) and what sort of impact Arshavin can have with his new role on the left of the front trio. Mostly though I’ll just be looking forward to watching the Arsenal boys play again and hopefully they can put in the sort of determined performance that sends out the message to the Premiership that we mean serious business this season. We have a tough start to the campaign and 3 points at Goodison Park would be just the tonic to give the squad confidence to hit the ground running.

As you probably know right now I’ll be heading down to the Brisbane City Pig ‘n’ Whistle pub to watch the game today (which kicks off at 2.30am Australian time!) and there will be a big group of my friends as well as Arsenal Australia members watching the game there. I previously set up a Facebook event for the match which you can check out here and if you are a Gooner living in or travelling through Brisbane then I massively encourage you to attend because it will be great fun. 

I’ll be the one wearing the Djourou shirt hanging out with my Walcott, Arshavin, Fabregas and Nasri Arsenal FC Blog buddies. I’ll also be taking photos throughout the night that I’ll be posting on the blog tomorrow so it should be great fun.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for today. If you can’t wait for the game to start then you can help the time fly by reading this brilliant interview with Arsene Wenger but otherwise… “Come on Arsenal!!!!!!”

Have your say on Arsenal’s first game of the season against Everton by leaving a comment.


62 thoughts on “Arsenal v Everton preview (yay!) + Get down to The Pig Brisbane Gooners!

  1. hey SF! just commented on your fb status but im excited to see the team take the pitch for a enw season as well. im hoping that this 4-3-3 and our very shallow roster, health wise, hold up this season or until wenger does something.

    this will be my second year being a soccer (football) fan and my second year being an arsenal fan!

    best of luck and hope your night goes well and ends with an arsenal win.

  2. I am looking forward to this 4-3-3. It will bring the best out of Denilson (until Rosicky and Nasri recover) while allowing him to attack and defend with more help from Song and Cesc.

  3. Having Diaby back shortly is a plus?? Yes, we can only dream that son Diaby will return to our team and bring all the skill, commitment, vision, leadership, combativeness and goals that he gave us last season. ‘Sshyeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!’

  4. Yeah, I’ll be at home by myself then… Seeing as I’m still 17 for a week and a half. Bollocks.

  5. Arrgh Panda, spewin! Never mind mate, I’m half a country away so I can’t go either. But, like you, I will get to have a beer with Spanish and the excellent Brisvegas blogging community when I can. Come on you Arsh-enal! I’m hoping for a double from Russia’s greatest goal machine.

  6. @white ox “Russia’s greatest goal machine”

    I’m suddenly reminded of that Boney M song “Rasputin”, and how one could make a Arshavin chant (if they haven’t already) to the same tune.

    “Ar Ar..Arshavin, Russia’s greatest goal machine”

  7. I will see u there AW! Been waiting for the season to start, seems so long but its finally here!

    3-1 to the gunners.

  8. Hey Andy, thats the team alright but maybe Eduardo will start ahead of Bendy? either way im sure the lads will make us proud.

  9. I am wishing Bendtner to open up the scoring for us.May be i will be glad if our captain does it too.Let the start be a new saga for Arsenal sending a loud message that “we are back”.

  10. start of the season. dont you love it! read the papers here in the uk, they have all written us off for the championship.thats fine by me.i cant see a better starting 11 than ours. the problem is keeping them fit. i think our man to watch will be bentner. he has an arrogance about him that will shine through. adto leave for more cash bayor, will not be missed. think about how many times our attacks broke down because he was off side.arshavin, van persie, nasri, rosiky, cesc, gallas, clichy, sagna, walcott. tell me a team that has that!!!! come on you mighty gunners.

  11. thanks for the interview-link, I enjoyed it, cause I think A.W. is a very interesting person, and this song-version from White Ox, I like such things, great idea

  12. let’s watch n c,if we dont give d young lad chance,hw would deh improve n if dere is no improvement,dere is no success.i’m veri sure our 1st 3matches would tel.up gunner

  13. @Darragh that was precisely my point mate. I’ve been singing Boney M ever since AA23 signed.

    Ar Ar Arshavin, Russia’s greatest goal machine, it was a shame how Zenit carried on.

  14. Good luck you gooners, although i fear it might be difficult to come away with the whole 3 points. Lets hope our teams get off on the correct footing by playing electric and exciting footy. Up de ammers.

  15. I think arsenal r a great prospect bt u require alot of steel 2 survive in d premiership which is lacking in d makes me wonder when i read dat AW is concerned about d fans emotion.cos he is a selfish man when d whole world r picking holes in his egoistic expirement he believes all is well.stop playin wit our emotion n add more steel 2 d team as u have enough money 2 do so

  16. Hi guys! It is only small time left. here in Uganda, guys are busy are flocking the Dstv’s offices to have them reconnected. The match at Ewood park is a big one and to me it is a good one to start the season with. Success! Success! Success!

  17. firstly thanx 4 accepting mi membership.
    it looks like our biggest & strongest opponent each year is not man u, chelsy & liva but an invisible tim called INJURIES FC.wenger must play well against this tim by buying mo players noy selling

  18. Now the time arrives for our guys to step up .Iam so disappointing to know about the injuries ,but I have the believe in our players.

  19. It’s the start of my sixtieth season as a Gooner and I am just as excited as I was as a seven year old on my first ever trip to Highbury.

    I’m truly optimistic this time around, I’m sure we are in for a great season with silver ware waiting for us to win.

    @ Senior Citizen, hope you are not going to Ewood Park as the game is at Goodison.

  20. RVP will open his scoring account today. I just bought a new 42 inch plasma TV today, what a fun to watch Arsenal game. 3-1 for the Gunners.

  21. @hey nonny mouse- ur a legend enjoy ur posts
    @abba damataru- nicely put i echo those sentiments my friend
    @sf- enjoy the game dude i hope its worth stayin up and dat we get off to the start wel need if wer to challenge…bendtner to score first goal
    @ice hammer- goodluck to the hammers this year i hope the potential of noble,parker,collison,cole and ur new boys propel you to euro qualificaton, also wot is ur new centre backs name who came through the ranks?the guy has a huge future ahead
    @gunnerboss and all above wots the prediction my friends for the goodison test? in my opinion it will be the game of the weekend as i cant see either team lying down or sitting back…am hopeful of a 3-1 victory with bendy(2) and arsha puttin down our early marker.
    p.s wud love to see wenger give wishere some confidence and give him some matchtime today and show the kid wev got faith in him

  22. I can’t wait to see the Gooners later today. Even though I have waited for some new signings this summer, I think Arsenal can go all the way this season. I’m watching the game from Oslo, Norway. Come on! This season belong to The Gunners!

  23. Hi all – and a special hello to ‘Andrew’ as it is now – was Spanish last time I was here.
    Had to absent myself during the season break as I’d had enough and also cannot stand all the transfer speculation. Nice to be back now though and great to read all the Gooner’s comments. Isn’t it fantastic that we’ve got people from Norway, Australia, Uganda and God knows where coming on here and cheering on the team? Arsenal’s really a world team now.
    The sense I’m getting is that us supporters, although pissed off with last season’s ultimate disappointments, are prepared to give Arsene one last chance with his kids policy. That’s a good thing. I think he’s earned that for what he’s done for the club and I really really hope he succeeds because if we win nothing again this season – I think he’ll really get the brickbats. After all – he’s had the bouquets.

  24. Hey andy wish I was there but will be up in oct hope to catch up for a game. I’m staying in by myself trying not to wake the kiddies up and just as I say that drogba scores what a bastard I hate him sooooooooooooooooooooo much so it’s chelscum 2 hull 1 in the 92nd min. Anyway back to what I was saying…..oh bugger it another game is coming on soon might as well have another couple of beers and get comfy. Come on you gunners whoo!!!!!!!

  25. @ AR, Yeah thats what i mean that MF has got talent if he really put his mind into it as u would have seen by the goal. He could have been a legend at ARSENAL but the C*&TS mind was some where else. Must admit though he WAS one of my favorite players when he was with us. But life goes on and we will be fine COYG

  26. 0:3 first half,unfair foe Everton as according to the play,but arsenal took their chances. I insist,wenger needs to sign in defence,we look shaky!

  27. 3-0 halftime…great display,debut goal for vermaelen and gallas has been excellent..missed 1st goal but hear it was a cracker from tom14s fav player denilson..theres not many teams who will go there and be 3-0 up at halftime…hope we see it thru now and wilshere gets a run out…come on boys, great stuff

  28. Wow, we are bloody awesome! Vermy, Deni, Song, Cesc, Bendy, everyone is just great. Keep it up lads.

  29. yeah, Everton were really pressing from the start and could have leveled not only once, but Arsenal did the goals, not a typical Arsenal game I would say, they seemed to be nervous and under pressure for me, then I was surprised about Bendtner, I think good game from him till now, I don’t think Everton can turn that match around now but they are playing really well, Arsenal is absolutely not the dominating team in that game but in the score, so it’s o.k., and the much speculated defence is really be tested today, with Vermaalen and Gallas/Fabregas goals, they seem to have read the criticism

  30. yeahthe guys seem to be dealing with the pressureso far lets hope they keep it up, i thought at after the first ten mns it was gonna be a baptism of fire for the verminator but he has impressed me so far, song and denison have been quite good as well. bentner has been doin well in a position which isnt natural for him, him and vp should switch.

    another 3 goals would be a nice message to all the haters out there.

  31. Wow, what a performance. I didnt expect that. We were mercyless, now we must perform like this throughout the season.

  32. what a game that was, everton press us from the start which i think suited us. our defence dealt well with it and we were quick on the break and took our chances ruthlessly. nice way to start the season. who was your man of the match?

  33. @Johno
    thanks for the correction. I think was just being excited.

    But what a wonderful performance that was!!!!! skeptics of the Gooooners here are filled with an unknown cold that can’t be explained. Realy victory awaits us sh’d we continue utilising our chances the way we did today. I remember pointing out some concerns esp. with the way we are always wasteful.

  34. great reslt but its only 3pts and we shud not get carried away,watching it again everton wer appallin the 2nd cesc goal a prime example, but it gives us confidence and a great attitude going into a huge game wed nite

  35. Wonderful result. Big Nik played superbly. Vermy looks like the balls to the walls type we need. Defense wasn’t amazing but when they had to make the tackle they did. Song quietly did all the dirty work. Deni actually fit in with the flow and what a confidence builder for Cesc. Only person I wasn’t particularly impressed with was Arshavin thought he was kind of MIA till the subs came on.

  36. I cant find a thing to be miserable about – I’ve tried, trust me

    Bitch innit !

    Mind you Spanish

    Tim Cahill ?

    Snigger 🙂

  37. havent had much time to comment recently


    Denilson….wow….all you Denilson doubters should bow down and pay hommage now…he has come of age….that coupled with the 433 formation is a true genious stroke by AW…Cesc loved it…Andre loved it…Deni loved it…RVP loved it…The central defenders loved it…

    Everton were not an easy start on paper…

    The Gauntlet has been thrown…..Come on you Gooners!

  38. When was the last time the Arsenal scored twice from headers? And both from set pieces at that. Fantastic start to the season! Go you Gunners!

  39. Well that was the perfect start to the season. What a terrific effort from the Gunners – they made it look like a training run against the U-21s towards the end. I thought Vermaelen’s first Premier league game was faultless and the defense was rock solid. The midfield was dominant and possibly the only room for improvement was the front line as all the goals come from the backs and midfielders. Bendner isn’t agile enough to play out wide for my liking and Arsharvin was played out of position. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that we could do with another left winger along the lines of Pires. Arsenal Premiers 09/10!!

  40. Dat was a good begining 4 dis season,lets hp we cntinue flyin d flag dis high or at least let it b flying

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