Arsenal v Chelsea: The biggest game of our season

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Unfortunately time constraints have prevented me from getting a preview of any substance up for today’s game against Chelsea.

Instead I thought I’d just create a space for the readers to share their thoughts both before and after the game.

Cheers – and here’s to an Arsenal win!

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70 thoughts on “Arsenal v Chelsea: The biggest game of our season

  1. I think the lads get it done at the Bridge. No idea what the score will be, but I just have a feeling we’ll knock the Chavs off and get things back on course.

  2. Walcott has to start!, i know he’s way out of form but, when rosiscky and nasri play on the wings together it makes our wing one dimesional because their basically the same player.

  3. How did Hull hold off chelsea. These two words :time and space shd be drummed into every player.The we shall see.
    AV and Everton manage to shackle the danger men of Mu and Chelsea and there is no reason why Arsenal can’t do it.
    For this to happen AW must curb his attacking instinct.Play Chelsea at their own game. pack the mid field. Even if it ends 0-0 so what.
    Anti soccer to stay.

  4. I just wish ManUre would burn in hell for all eternity. Anyway, my predicted scoreline would be 2-4 to The Great Arse, provided Denilson is not included. Boys should take this game for what it is, just a game, otherwise we’ll see heavy feet and a shitload of missed chances again. Godspeed to you, Gooners!

  5. The problem with the ManU game was that the roles of Denilson and Song were not suitable to any of them. While Denilson is good going forward, Song is good defensively. Why Denilson was to be the holding MF, and Song alongside Cesc going forward is beyond me. Song was not going to go anywhere and that caused the uncertainty between the 2 on defensive issues. What we had was an ineffective central mf going forward and one which was uncertain of who is doing what defensively. Period. When those 2 play together, Song has to hold, and Denilson play foil to Fabregas in attack. We do that tonight and we are in business!

  6. I think d scores will be 2-1 in favour of Arsenal & we’ll score first. I also hope Wenger makes d right selections this time or it will be another de ja vu 4 Arsenal. Gunners 4 life!

  7. give a shot lads..though it’s just blind faith.At least show us something to convince ourselves.

    time zone …

  8. @TayGoon
    i liked yur observation! but i `ve to say tat denilson is neither good going forward nor as a holding MF.
    I wuld really like diaby to come into the side .because if bendner isn`t match fit enugh he could be used to hold ball a bit higher up in the pitch when almunia throws tat long ball up. Also Diaby `ll provide tat phisical presence .

    so if bendner is fit . the front 3 `ll be Rosicky,Bendner,Arshavin. I like wat Rosicky n Arshavin did in the starting of the season ,switching the wings. i shuld surely give the full backy on both sides to worry abut Arshavin`s presence.

    If bendner isn`t fit enugh well, Arshavin `ll `ve to start upfront. n i wuld like Eboue to start on the right wing. Am sure his pace and directness is always a threat .Eboue always gives free kickes when he runs into the box. and if u go by the stats ,chelsea has been a bit vulnerable on the airball threats, the likes of Vermaelen ,gallas , diaby culd come handy.
    SO my biggest concern tonite is Diaby. Hope he is fit..Hope the team plays better tonite.An improved perfomance frm last match is much needed.

  9. Mr. Wenger- please get Abou fit and sell Denilson to some 3rd division club. I think even the presence of Denilson on the bench is enough to crush the confidence of everyone on the field. Just get our best midfielders fit and keep them fit and snatching the title from manure and chelski would be a lot easier. Cesc-Diaby-Song-Nasri – a much better midfield than the rich kids from chelski who have hardly been playing alongside each other in practise as the coach keeps on bringing loads of new faces in the team every transfer window.

  10. I think it will be 1-1, i’m hoping it will 2-1 to the Arse.
    Its time for the ritual to start, the three S’s, fried breakie then train to London Victoria, tube to Fulham Broadway, pub then the game! Then pub again celebrating a win!!!!
    Oh and a shed load of abuse for Trouser Snake Terry!!

  11. Denilson was poor in united game, if arsenal need to win this they need to get their mid field strong. i wish Diaby plays instead of Denilson

  12. Hi to u all gooners ! I have this line up on my head & I want u to tell of if it’s workable. Mannone (Fabianski), RB-Sagna, CB-Gallas, CB-Campbell, LB-Clichy DM-Vamaelen, DM-Song, AM-Fabregas, RW-Diaby LW-Arshavin, CF-Bedner. It’s a very defensive line up but that’s the key & trust me that line up is not going to leak even a single goal. On corners & freekicks when B52, TV5, SC31, WG10, VD2 & Song are up there – atleast 3 goals. Have your say….

  13. We should play Vermealen as a holding midfielder, and sol with Gallas so we can contain and frustrate them.
    Be PATIENT and break quick and we will get a result at the bridge.

  14. is it just me or r john terry and ivanovic not eligible 4 this match cuz they got their fifth yellows against hull city

  15. Wao! Diaby has sudenly become a hero must you guys condem a player all the time? If u cry from today till tomorow it doesn’t stop wenger from doing what he want so why not stop crying and watch. We all know wenger will not start a player jurt coming from injury except the outstanding one like cesc and TV so stop dreaming of starting diaby i wount be suprise to see thesame line-up as last sunday am hoping we draw or win

  16. we’ll make it at the bridge this evening with 2:1.Arshavin will score 1st,but if results come out the opposite way,we shouldn’t lose hopes however we may blame the french man 4 being too mean as in not buying 2 strikers to help the existing ones.other wise lets be patient&bear in our minds that anything can happen at any time&never ever lose hopes till the referee blows the final whistle.IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!!!

  17. Well, we need to get our defences in order, and that means a pairing of two defensive midfielders parked in front of our defensive four and being conservative with their forays forward. This should be Song-Diaby, but if Diaby isn’t fit I would play Song-Eboué. Denilson is probably crushed in his self-confidence and should be spared this difficult game! I also think putting Vermaelen on left fullback would be an interesting solution, with Campbell filling the centre back position. But that’s probably too daring for Mr Wenger. Going forward we have to score on our chances, they won’t be many to be sure. I predict 0-0.

  18. i actually think wenger will put out the same team that played utd,not that i agree with that team,for me bendtner has to start ,none of that off the bench stuff 10 minutes from time after the game is lost, i hope diaby is fit and ramsey in for denilson would be another change i,d make.its obvious wenger wont drop old falty between the sticks so i guess we,re stuck with him for the remainder of the season.clichy needs to sort himself out LIVELY. expecting a big game from the little russian today so lads show some pride,passion and learn from past mistakes now go kick their chav asses at the bridge!!!

  19. Go arsenal!! shoot them down!!!! id love to see Walcott start tonite/ btw, welcome back Taygoon, !! Its been a while u havent been here!! and a nice comment right a way, still a Deni fan??? Not surprising!!as usual

  20. Hi Gooners, Just to say i cant understand why today should be yr bigest or most important game of the season, for what ever the outcome which i think will be 0-1 to Chelsea, i cant see you having the stamina or depth to go all the way to finishing top of the pile, especially as the CL will be starting soon. Here’s hoping that im totally wrong though. Up de ammers…..or should i be saying down de ammers. Good luck.

  21. Shava seems to be offended by the critics, oh dear,
    bad run for Arsenal , bite your teeth together boys, hard times are hard times……….

  22. at some point this pathetic arsenal team has to stand up and be counted…. or we need to buy the players to break down the best teams.

  23. How can you win the Premier without a proper stricker ?????
    I can’t understand how an intelligent person like Mr Wenger can beleive his lies

  24. I cant understand why Arsene cant see what’s missing from this team. You dominated possession in the second half, but you have no strikers who look devil enough. They look into the abyss and choose not to shoooooot or by the time they dicide to shoot its far far far far far toooo
    late. Why do they want to walk the ball into the net. How much longer will you all TRUST IN ARSENE or IN ARSENE WE TRUST. More strength power drive devil pain needed in this team. The engin is not large or powerful enough in the last third and middle of the park. LOOK AT THE DROGS…….he might cheat but he is a danger man in and around the box. Wenger open your eyes and see what is going on. Fabs can see it but is loyal to the team colours…but for how long.

  25. Dont blame the players blame the coach. arsene is the most stupid man i have ever seen, not that i have seen him though cos i would spit on him. he is killing us guys cant u see it. no striker no bench. players like denilson and almunia. did u see the second goal. so sad. keeper has no command of his technical are. i am gutted. fuck wenger let him go. its better. we can build a team



  27. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2…..Game over….EPL is over i think…Still we could won EPL mathematically. But I think it is done and dusted for us no EPL Title. I enjoyed Brm’City and enjoyed the fight back. I still think arsenal played well but missed an ST. Arsha is not an ST. Bmm can we hold on to the 3rd Place now that is what reality is 3rd place is our i think hopefully. We are now playing for that. NO END PRODUCT. This is what arsenal are now for the past 5 season. Seriously this is not an criticism to our team it is the fact.

  28. Do you all think Pat Rice has learned enough from Wenger to take over the big chair. I’m sure the rest of the back room staff know their jobs by now after all these years. What about putting Arsene upstairs, he can look after the money from up there. He can give someone else the power to pick the players they want in the team squad.

  29. Shut up William, there’s nothing wrong with the team. We dominated the entire game as usual but there is only one person who has the ability of clinical finishing after henry and adebayor left and that’s RvP. Our midfield can create lots of opportunities against any club in the world but neither arshavin nor bendtner can fit inside the opportunist role. Arshavin isnt the type who just ‘sticks his feet out from a crowd and manages to find the back of the net’ player and bendtner might be tall and good in the air but he’s just another Peter Crouch. If Bendtner is playing in the opposing team, good defenders like vermaelen can dispossess him 10 out of 10 times. In big games, we just cant expect midfield players to pull off some magic by scoring goals. Nasri could have scored but he hasnt faced this kind of situation in his entire life to know that the first touch should have been better and then he could have simply flicked or lobbed the ball over the keeper’s head IF the keeper committed himself and IF he had complete control over the ball. Other than that, there’s too much pressure on arshavin in the big games to score at all costs.

  30. they lost 🙁
    omg, im like going to cry.
    Almonia is like our biggest problem!
    WE NEED TO REPLACE HIM (no offense to those who like him).

    – Gunner 4 Life <3 GO ARSENAL!

  31. @Avik… know there’s nothing wrong with Westham in the last three games we have created so many chances, had lots of possession but have only scored one goal. Why are we at the bottom then.

  32. Avik I agree 100% with you , but we all knew we need a striker and Arsene had all the summer and all January to get one, so what is he waiting for ???????

  33. AVIK DONT WANT TO BE THE ANTIHERO BUT WE ALL NOW HOW GOOD WE ARE AT GAMEPLAY. tO Me we are one dimensional to much. What chelsea did was crash everyone on the 18 yard box. Lets see if pass and dribble your way in. Against big and agile defenders we cant win. Its been proven time and time again Man City,Man U,Chelsea,Aston Villa. Its obvious. Tell you the truth AW cant be fired he made to much money for the club, he practically owns the club. If he does go, i am sure he will remain as a director or advisor.

    Do I want him to go NO!!! I want to know if he has a PLAN B, Its too late now but i want him to suffer. EGo Trippin bastard. If cesc goes to spain i wont blame him at all.

    Time and time again MOney gives you silverware. If you dont spend money you wont win anything.

  34. 1. We need a first class goalkeeper because Manuel Almunia is very, very incompetent. There are many examples of his incompetence, but I ll leave you to choose which hurts you the most.

    2. Denilson is really not a defensive midfielder. He is lethargic and very low on work rate; thus he cannot play as holding midfielder.

    3. Song and Diaby have tremendously improved. Diaby adds some creativity and rigidity in the midfield

    4. Bacary Sagna needs to improve his delivery of crosses. He is fantastic defensively, but he needs to work on his attackiing ability– and maybe 2-3 feet addition to his height will be fantastic for us.

    5. Arsene Wenger promised us a striker, but he brought us SOL CAMPBELL. (I will leave the thoughts to you guys)

    6. I seriously think Thomas Vermelean (TV5) should be employed as a striker. He has an eye for goal, physical strength, shooting capabilities,decent pace, and aerial abilities. What more do you need?

    7. Gael Clichy is erratic sometimes. He is a good player, but his decision making is really poor especially when he turns on his eccentricity.

    8. Gallas should abandon his dreams of becoming a striker. He should try staying at the back more often than staying forward.I would suggest that Arsene Wenger changes Gallas’ shirt number from 10 to 5– that could be the motivating factor.

    9. Arsene Wenger should consider solidifying the defensive tactics such that when we go forward, there are players positioned to snuff out counter attacks

    10. We need Theo Walcott to mature already!!! When is he going to improve his final delivery?

  35. @teezee09, firstly i think Gallas like you gets fucked off with the strikers not scoring the goals and decides to have a go himself, he is still a fantastic defender though. i beginning to feel that Arsenal’s style of pitta patta play does not sute Theo. He needs the ball much quicker just after he makes his run into open field not when Arsenal have reach the final third and dont know what to do apart from pushing the ball from left to right and back again because of the two lines of 4 defenders infront of them. Not that i think Theo is any good any more anyway. Cant see where he is improving. He must be doing something good during training for Wenger to pick im. Why not try im up front! Was Arsene going to play Sol up front.

  36. Just been thinking how come we dont play with tandem strikers.
    Croutch and Defoe
    Heselink and altidore
    Drogba and Anelka
    Berbatov and Rooney
    Heskey/carew and Agbonlahor
    Cole and Diamanti
    Jones and Bent
    Samba and Mcartney
    Davies and Gera/zamora
    cahill and saha
    Adebayor and Tevez

    How many team have an excellent 1,2 punch. Bendtner can be the big striker but the problem was there was no1 else in the pitch who was running of him. there was always a free defender. If we have two strikers at least its 2v2. Also i didnt expect arshavin to score of that oppurtinity he isnt a striker. He didnt grow up knowing that he is going to be striker. He doesnt have the striker state of mind. AW if you reading this just think about it!!!

  37. @teddi, i dont think Wenger would pay the money needed to get players like your list. He wants more players with more potential.That way he gets us all to invest more of our money and time waiting for them to bare fruit.

  38. wel ice how ya keepin mate?
    we hav become so predictable its unreal,we hav no pace goin forward ….wev gone from being maybe the best counter attacking team in the world to the most vulnerable to it… one stage in the first half at 2-0 i remember ballack tripping over himself and nasri coming onto the ball at full speed,which is rather slow, and i sat upright and thought ‘here we go wev got them on the back foot’ but 4 lateral passes later and the ball was at sagnas feet back in our half with 11 men lined up against us…seriously we offer nothing in behind teams anymore all our play is tedious lateral passing outside an opponents 16 yard box and its so easy to intercept if even 1 touch goes astray…..i felt sorry for arshavin today as nothing worked for him vs the physically superior terry and carv,he is not the type of guy you need collecting balls with his back to goal,he cant hold up play and wenger shud know this
    also wot is it with sagna and nasri crossing brutal high balls into arsha and theo….hav they no brains????nasri for me is one of the biggest bluffers as regards being a top footballer….wot does the guy offer????technically very good at times but come on he is consistantly inept and thereis rarely end product….yet wenger leaves him on for the duration moreoften than not
    clichy looked along way from fit
    almunia for the 2nd goal was hilarious… instinct
    song,verm,cesc and gallas tried thier best while diaby was good
    am off now before i get real negative….am just fed up wit bein so lightweight

  39. Well it’s happened again,I wasted an entire anxious weekend just to get thrashed.
    You know I’ve always liked Almunia and kept hoping for him to regain his form and confidence but I guess not.
    As for as Bendtner being the answer that’s a long laugh at a bad joke. Who can take a ball into the box back out of the area faster than a center-back? Old Nicky can.
    Well AW says everything is OK so who am I to independently observe that he might be quite incorrect?
    Ladies and Gents, Heads up, We’ll get through this yet but who knows when.
    Andrew, are you out there?…

  40. Arsenal need a defensive coach like Tony Adams & we need to start playing Theo as a striker.
    Lose Denilson & Almunia.
    Even I could’ve saved 3 of the last 5 goals he’s let in & i’m 45!
    Don’t know how much longer Wenger expects us to keep the faith.

  41. We always hear ‘Arsenal have money to spend’, but I really wonder if that is true. Arsene seems like a smart man, so how can he say in one breath that ‘injuries have hurt us this season’ and then say ‘we dont need anyone’????

  42. We arsenl fans are getting tired of our team being taunted as perenial underachievers.Everyone tells you that arsenal will always start well and raise the hopes of fans only for the team to get blown away when it matters most.The last three games have been nightmarish; one point out of a possible nine is no way to go for a team desiring to win the league.The freefall has started, again with a loss to man u and like last year the team may end up emptyhanded for the uptenth time.Wenger should realise that a coach is as good as his last game. Every arsenal fan wants the team to win trophies but it appears wenger is more interested in balancing the books.I thought that was the duty of the club chief executive. Arsenal needsa mix of youth and experience. To achieve this, wenger must buy. All his previous successes were achieved this way. IF it pleases him to see arsenal players being bullied by stronger teams like chelsea and man u , it certainly does not amuse some of the fans.

  43. So we lost again! what then was the purpose of leaving these over-pampered big salary earners on the bench in FA/Carling cup matches? The reason we have not won any silverware in the last five years is not far-fetched. Arsene Wenger’s recruitment and tactical policies are utterly out of tune with modern day result-oriented football, hence he deserves a movement upstairs or a move to one of those teams pantsying up to him. Can he survive a stint at Real Madrid or AC Milan toying with the fans emotions as he does with us Arsenal fans year in year out without any serious bid to challenge for the title other than breeding potential kids who go on to play for other teams ? I think not. The most annoying thing is he cons us year in year out that he has money to spend but never spends the dosh. It is very glaring that we need a good goalkeeper, strong defender/wing back, versatile midfielder and a proven target man, but AW would rather keep buying kids on the cheapie. So Mr. AW i think deserves a big heave-ho!

  44. What it so great about having such a young team that isn’t allowed to mature.. The average age continually stays at around 22 / 23. Before these guys have gained enough experience to give them character, there seem to be new younger ones coming in to replace them. Apart from Gallas, who is in his 30’s, there’s no big characters in there.. whereas chelsea and man united have five or six each. They don’t have this strange ageist agenda that Arsene employs. Why should having younger players be an excuse each time? Older players are good to watch too. There is no English / British thread in the team whatsoever, no wonder Ashley Cole left… I even think the Arsenal beautiful game is a myth, at least its totally overrated. I’m not even a utd fan and much prefer to watch them wrip teams up than arsenal’s over complicated one trick game.. Or Chelsea’s power…

  45. Well well well…
    This was totally predictable! We were all just wishfully thinking that somehow the “beautiful Passing game” will bring results against Chelsea and United…well, we saw that it is not enough…even at that..our passing game tends to develop really slow with the ball rolling rather than zipping like chelsea’s passes…..OK, Alumina and Denilson need to go. Arshavin to me does not have the strength to play in the EPL day in day out..he has brilliance at times but not day in day out…I would have started with Eboue at the right back position and have Rosiscky start and help connect with Cesc and Nasri. Walcot would be better if played as a central striker, but his touch on the ball does not fit the arsenal game yet!
    I guess Arsenal are content with being in top 4 and making a lot of money..maybe we are fooling ourselves..Wenger is now a better Chief Financial Officer than a Manager !!

  46. I’m totally disgruntled. My prayers for a striker fell on deaf ears and now Wenger has shattered my confidence.

    Like all intellectuals, he believes without question his way is best. The master has had his day.

    Maybe we can put together a run but not for the title. I fear for the Liverpool game. I almost can’t watch.

  47. Why are people here angry? You guys actually thought we could win. Come on it was at the bridge and the best result I could see was a draw. Our season starts against Liverpool now. We are back to fighting for third or fourth with liverpool and the boys must win all the remaining games to achieve that.

    The game against ManU revealed that Arsenal have no alternative tactics whilst against Chelsea showed that additions are needed next season.

    Hope that all of you guys here stays untill the end, we all still have the world cup to look forward to.

  48. “Why are people here angry?”
    “We are back to fighting for third or fourth ”

    I’m pretty sure you answered this question yourself. The constant fight for 3rd or 4th is not what most of us expect out a season, especially when there appears no urgency in rectifying the situation. I for one am sick of watching a team that promises so much yet fails to deliver. A lot of this is down to the maturity of the squad but our reluctance to play any part in the transfer market is holding us back from making any advances.

    Can anyone here honestly say they honestly believe that the current squad is capable of winning a title? We have 2 superstars and

  49. What a sad state of affairs. We clearly are not learning from our mistakes. We were warned by Stoke and by Manyoo but we still are not prepared for counter attacks. Why? because Wenger clearly does not think that defending is part of the game. If he doesn’t want to address our defensive problems then he should bring back someone liked Keown to do the job for him.

    I’m sick of it, SORT IT OUT WENGER FFS!!

  50. Hi guys, that performance by our still maturing team sums up our EPL title hopes this season. I felt that we lost physical battle on the pitch. I also feel that I can be a better keeper than almunia wtf is wrong with this guy, and why does wenger keep him on starting 11.

    Lets look on the bright side though our style of football suits us in the CL, FYI when we are not against playing an English side.

    In addition am really disappointed with wenger not signing a proven striker on January and I only think he has himself to blame for the current woes facing the team. I really dont think signing a keeper would have helped much because we are a team known for our goal scoring capabilities than defending them, and with such am of the opinion that we need a proven striker more than a keeper. Now lets put all our eggs in our in one basket(CL) and hope we dont meet barca and EPL teams.

  51. Sell Almunia, Clichy, Denilson, Rosicky, Walcott and Eduardo. Bring in Joe Hart, a decent central defender and a more physical striker. God I’d even have Adebayor back!

  52. No, you r all lost, what needs to be done is to sell AW, he is the cause of all this distress.

    trying to groom kids into title contenders, who ever heard that, that’s a fairy tale only AW knows where he got from. where on earth has that ever happened, and who will even remember him for that, managers are remembered for the titles they brought in.

    the title charge is over, do not even think of the CL, let the real clubs go for it, its true, Arsenal and AW are just pretenders, no more nothing less.

  53. Its so predictable, isnt it. Cramp the midfield so that arsenal cannot get inside the box with their short passes. And if they try to exploit the wings as an alternative there is no tall player to use those balls(there are hardly any useful balls crossed in with clichy n sagna).

    Catch us on the counter attack with some raw pace, as our kids suffer to breathe properly while running back!!!

    I think wenger is happy to see 70% possession in a game with us, thats how he sounded after the match!! Didnt understand why walcott started(whatever little he has given to the club has been as a substitute), didnt understand why bendtner didnt start(arshavin on left with bendtner upfront would have made them play diferently).
    Wenger has lost everything……..i dont think he is good anymore!! He is hit by this virus called ‘Faith’

    Our club has changed into an academy now, players come in at young age get all the notice required and then move on for greener pastures!!

  54. Arsenal according to bbc are like a circus. beautiful to watch but you do not take anything home. Wenger should go

  55. True Story DJ RC. We can now fight for 4th or 5th, n the best we can do in the CL with these kids is just past Port. Lets just wait for NEXT SEASON, like we are now used to.
    you cant even walk to the office with your head high, unless its October!!!!!

  56. Well, that’s football, kids. You win some you lose some. What the hell are you crying and blubbing like a bunch of babies for? ‘Ruined my weekend.’ – ‘Can’t walk into the office with my head high.’ Get a frigging life. Jeez.

    @icehammer – do you go to the Arsenal games now?

  57. did you remember when Shava’s shot went straight against the leg of Cech? if ever this ball could have gone in
    this match is the best prove again how much football depends on psychological factors, for 50 % it’s a fight of the psyche, especially in games against big names or big tournaments, I just have wished the match would have gone exactly vice versa, Arsenal to score first and then take advantage from that

  58. Heynonnymouse, i go to about 5-6 home games a season when my son is given tkts. We sit just behind the away team where the Arsenal fans further back always give them a roasting with very very bad language.

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