Arsenal v Chelsea: Open Thread

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There’s no preview for the Chelsea game tonight — I’m still on holiday in Sweden and enjoying a little break from writing — so I’m just opening up a thread for comment and discussion on the game.

Can our boys get the right result?

Here’s to three points.

Have your say on Arsenal v Chelsea by leaving a comment.


24 thoughts on “Arsenal v Chelsea: Open Thread

  1. I frankly do not see us goin thru!!!
    The key thing shud be with the defense frm leaking goals!

    Be it anything, Keeping the FAITH!

  2. Chelsea is not coming from heaven is like other team, on Arsenal’s side the big plobrem is defense but I hope Arsenal is going to win to night.
    Let us pray for our best team.

  3. Well am not overly optimistic about this game but i have a feeling that if we can be able to replicate the performance at Stamford bridge in October we might have a chance of beating them. we will however need to keep Drogba quiet by cutting supply of the ball to him. I also do hope that Wenger will not start chamakh and van Persie together coz that may not work. Also our defenders will need to be on high concentration levels throughout the game.

    We keep the faith with the team though. Good luck!

  4. Who would have thought the day would come when we would actually have a near full strength squad to choose from.
    a fit Fab has to be a sure start. as good as chamakh is lets not forget what an on form RVP can do. i think the weakest link if you can call it, is arshavin.
    but is a nasri, chamakh, RVP front line possible? or will we stick nasri, song, fab across the middle.
    where do we put all these players.
    even stranger who would have thought the day would come when fabianski is not a bad choice for goal.
    no excuses today!!!

  5. like Allen, Chelsea is not a team out of the blues; they are like any other team in the premier league. Pls do not forget so soon that they were beaten and battered 3-0 by Sunderland not long ago right in their own backyard. It only comfirms, they are as ordinary as any other team. We must learn to reduce the hype over Chelsea and concentrate wholly on our game plan. we have a near full strenght team. Do not bet; tonight is Arsenal’s night of glory.

  6. As Moze said, starting RVP with Chamack, wud not work. It shud be Cesc no 10, Wilshere no 8 den Song no 6 Nasri no 7 & Ashavin no 11 finaly Chamaka no 9! Dat link do a good job!!

  7. i really want to believe we can win… just let down so many times against bigger teams with no wins. i’m hoping chamahk starts and not RVP. he has been effective overall this year, is afraid of nobody, will put in the required work and will casue problems for chelscum. RVP is not there yet this year. song also needs to look more like his old self, sitting back deeper for added protection, especially if arshavin is starting. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease gunners, make me proud.

  8. My dear chelsea has been beaten by Arsenal not only once but on several occassions. Pliz lets keep our faith alive to night we shall smile. I personally i trust in Arsene Wenger but he should not spoil the lineup b’se i know most of our boys are fit then why not? Good luck Guys.

  9. the gunners must beat chelsea unless and otherwise the superiority of arsenal will be @ ????.i hope that arsenal will beat atleast 2 – 1.

  10. Good Luck Gunners. Make us proud. To Arsene It’s time to beat the critic. No more academy thing. May the force be with U.

  11. We are clearly winning this.
    The starting formation is excellent. Only surprise is Arshavin. But guess what.. Nasri is on super hot form and we badly need Walcotts speed up front.
    This is the defensive pairing I prefer….till Vermaelen comes back.
    We just have to win this
    Kick-off in 5mins

  12. We are rushing the game clearly….this is not good. 16mins
    We should be a bit more sensible in the middle.

  13. AW at last fielded the right formation for the game. Defence was solid and neutralised Drogba and Malouda, midfield was dominated by Fab and Nasri, and Van P and Walcott kept the guns firing. Even the substitutions worked like clock-work. Is this the launch of some honest hoping? Well done boys, you have overcome the inferiority complex which you experienced when meeting the big boys, and made us sceptics believe that this could be a positive season.

  14. Excellent game by Song. Djorou did very well against Drogba. Everybody hustled all the time. A little ragged at first, but we should all be proud. Yeah, no clean sheet, but no blame I could see. Sometimes you have to give the other professional credit. Even MacManaman had to give us credit.

  15. What a massive win! MOTM goes to Song with Walcott a very very close second. What was so great about this match was that the squad did NOT take its foot off of the gas defensively, challenging for every ball from start to finish. It was absolutely fantastic to see the team score from defensive pressure, not once, but twice!

    Fab and RVP looked a lot better today and are beginning to click. Djourou was Djinormous. Wilshere was very solid. It was so clear from this game and others that our defensive intensity makes all the difference in the world. It just can’t be made any clearer from today’s match. Just an excellent match!

    Finally, it was great to end the match without allowing Drogba to score. Icing on the cake!

  16. The difference b/n this game & the one against Utd? Our boys showed great determination in this one & fought for each other.
    The guys at the front helped the defense by chasing every ball across the field. Well done everyone!
    My special praise goes to Djourou, Song & Wilshere!!!

  17. Woohoo! Bring on Barcelona!

    Dragunov477 hit the nail on the head. Finally we have a near full strength squad to choose from, Wegner couldn’t have picked a better starting side and the 4-3-3 formation worked a treat today.

    Big differences from last time? Djourou and Koscielny were terrific, Fabianski didn’t put a foot wrong and we won the midfield battle. Also, Drogba’s face looked shrunken and ill after his battle with maleria. I hope the guy manages to recover in time for the game against ManUre.

  18. hey gunners
    it was great to watch a great performance by our team against Chelsea on Monday; everybody did thier duty exceptionally well and some were almost perfect. aganist Wigan, i feel the line up was a little bit “short” especially considering that some of the folks who had done a tremendous job on Monday were left out. Yes i do understand the rotation policy and the need to give some of the players a much needed rest, however, we should be focusing more on the need of collecting maximum points from the following game instead of thinking games that will come in the 3 or 4 days . please MR. AW, give Vela a chance , i think that he is better than some of the players who played against Wigan. I hope you will not make a mistake of selling him. This boy has a great potential ; him and other gunners youngstrars hold the future for our dear team. we gooners in the states are confident that this is the year to end the pain of going without trophies.

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