Arsenal to take care of Manchester City

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Arsenal v Manchester CityArsenal v Manchester City Match Preview 

I have to apologise for the lack of an update today but let’s just say that things have been busy for me. The Australian A-League season kicked off today and I just watched my local team Queensland draw 2-2 with Adelaide United. Most people in Europe and the United States will have very little knowledge of Australian football but with the reformatted A-League now in its third year things are definitely building.

Anyway, back to Arsenal. They take on table-topping Manchester City tonight (in just under an hour) and both sides will be looking to continue their undefeated starts to the season. Manchester City are still an unknown quantity and it is difficult to tell which team will turn out; the exciting attacking side that dominated West Ham or the defensive side that scraped a win against rivals Manchester United.

Manchester City’s Kasper Schmeichel has struggled in the airSchmeicel should be pressured  

I was unable to catch the Manchester derby last weekend but a close friend of mine – a Manchester United supporter – saw the game and basically stated that Manchester City were pretty average. Whilst he is a Manchester United fan and there is definitely some bias attached, most reports suggest that this is a pretty fair assessment of that game. He also mentioned that Kasper Schmeichel, their goalkeeper, was rubbish and that Arsenal would be mad not to send in crosses as often as possible to test him. It’s not normally Arsenal’s style, but with Emmanuel Adebayor returning to the squad it might be the best way to go.

Arsenal are likely start with the team predicted by Gunnerblog and should prove too strong for Manchester City. I’ll be looking very closely at the performances of Manuel Almunia (who will start in place of “injured” goalkeeper Jens Lehmann), Philippe Senderos (who will be slotting in for William Gallas) and Eduardo da Silva (who will surely make his home debut). If you’re looking for an online stream to watch the match check out the options provided by FSi. Despite City’s good start to the season I really think the boys will be up for this and I’m tipping a 2-0 win for Arsenal.

What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal to take care of Manchester City

  1. No Senderos. Sagna injured in the first 20 minutes…..! And only 33 minutes gone. I hope Arsenal are not going to suffer the Chelsea defender dilemma of last season! I must say Man City’s Richards is a superb centre back.

  2. Great match. Got to hand it to Almunia – made a great save at the end there. Feel sorry for Casper Schmeichel – he had a cracker of a match for City.

    I felt that Adebayor had a fairly ordinary match. I wasn’t sad to see him substituted. Van Persie wasn’t much better (argh, what a penalty miss! why wasn’t Gilberto taking the penalty!) I wish Wenger, when Sagna was introduced, had brought brought on a wider player than Denilson, and moved Hleb into the centre with Fabregas.

    However, pleased with the 1-0 victory.

  3. 1-0, phew relieved. Agreeing with most of the things that Darragh said. Any idea how bad Senderos’ and Sagna’s injuries are? We wont be doing ourselves much favor by playing without two proper defenders for long.

  4. Now we defo need defenders, no doubt bout that. Yes we got the win (and Almunia has his 1st start and arsenals 1st clean sheet.) Sagna injured, Senderos injured. Djourou can come back on loan. BUY RICHARDS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We still have Hoyte and Eboué. And Traoré though he’ll be out for some days with the U-18 or something like that.

  6. The one negative from the match is as it was last year,too many wasted opportunities in front of an exposed goal.Who on our front line will rise up to solve that problem?We need a striker that can beat one or two players and create a goal.
    Why should Wenger wait till January before he buy a defender and a winger!
    We don’t need to bring back Djourou on loan.
    We need 1 or 2 players before the transfer deadline.
    BUY——(Micah Richards and Ricardo Quaresma)

  7. Wenger has said he is NOT going to buy any new players. Meaning Richards is staying at City. Emre is staying at Newcastle and Robinho is staying at Real.

  8. Let’s see what happens this week with the new signings. Just because Wenger said that he is not going to buy anyone, does not mean that he has to follow that.

    Riquelme is going somewhere…

    I just hope we get someone!!!

  9. Riquelme isnt what we need at all. He needs time and room to work in, he plays at a slower pace and wouldnt be fast enough to make that room his self in the Premier League, it just wouldnt work. I think Jay is right, Wenger isnt gonna buy anyone. He’ll use what we have and if something opens up in January he’ll buy then, maybe for a cheaper price. Richards isnt going to Arsenal this year, Man City have said they will have trouble keepin him NEXT year if they dont finish with a spot in the European competition, but coming to Arsenal before next year is very unlikely. Maybe in January if Man City isnt doing too well, hopefully im wrong but i dont see it happening this season. Flamini was excellent today! I dont understand why so many Arsenal fan’s dont see that this guy can play. He does a lot of the little things that go unnoticed and needs more starting time but he is gonna be a class player!

  10. I agree with Demetrio – Flamini is a great asset to have. Gilberto was quiet today but got the job done – but I can’t help but imagine how good it would be to have Richards and Toure at the heart of the defense. What a combo!

  11. I think every Arsenal fan who writes something up would love Richards to come to Arsenal before Aug 31 but in reality we knoew that is not going to happen. I hope it would but i just don’t see AW bringing anyone in although i have heard Lucio wants to be a Gooner but with the rate of rumors of players coming to Arsenal being very low, i don’t believe it at all.

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