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Now that the transfer window has shut, I’d thought I’d pop up a little forum for discussion about who Arsenal might have signed. Rumours, discussion and pot-stirring is most welcome. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Have your say on potential Arsenal signings by leaving a comment.


123 thoughts on “Arsenal sign [insert player name here]

  1. I love the hi-jacking Berbatov rumour. I’m sure it’s not true and it’s totally not at all what we need but it would be great to:

    1. Get one over the manc scum; and
    2. Have another Spurs player cross over, hopefully for sustained success.

  2. elton john

    hes the rock solid DM we’ve been looking for. Great with tackles, fantastic with his head and an all round superstar.

  3. I have it on good authority, that Wenger has convinced Pele to come out of retirement and Maradona to lose some (ok a lot) of weight so they can play for the mighty Arsenal. Oh and Johan Cruijff is also gonna sign for us (I saw him playing a game two years ago in the Bergkamp testimonial-he must be signing).

    No seriously…please Arsene, please tell me you’ve signed someone!

  4. Foolish Arsene Wenger, decided to play stubborn and made us look like pricks. Now we have the “sensational” Denilson to cover in DM for a while untill the injured bastard Rosicky and Fake vieira, Diaby get fit. Well done Arsene! All we wanted was one signing you selfish cunt.

  5. What’s the point? All the money’s going to pay for the stadium anyway. It was on the cards that Arsenal weren’t gonna sign anyone. The question is, can Arsene Wenger get the best out of the players we do have as Alex Ferguson has done with his players. The likes of Viera and Henry hardly required managing, they were self sufficient as players. Can you say the same about our current bunch?

  6. pls somebody tell me that arsene signed a DM. am about craying. i cant suffer heartbreak arsene me and arsenal fans here in Nigeria again.

  7. we will challenge for honours without a shadow of a doubt. Its always nice to sign players but the set up at arsenal since aquiring the planning permission for the emirates means we simply dont need to buy. Silly teams spending silly money is not the way forward. Please be patient and keep the faith. Fuck the doubters. We’ll shove it right up their arses with a pointed stick come the end of the season.

  8. I have never felt supporting the Arse was a burden to me like I did tonight. I have been using F5 on BBC and Skysports Transfer zones since 3pm. I hope I am not disappointed finally. It’s pitiful, though.

  9. I got a feeling we have made a deal or two and that it will all come out in the morning,I found it interesting that Juventus have signed Iago from Barca and have a sneaking feeling that we could wake up to see that Sebastian Giovincio could be coming our way-Le Boss has been intersted in him for a while now and although he is not the dm that everybody seems to want us to sign,he is an outstanding talent,and as the old saying goes “the best form of defense is attack”
    If it wasnt for Pavel Nedved this guy would have been starting for Juventus already.
    Chances are we probably picked up a quality dm too,wait till the morning and see.

  10. The big money revolution, remember this day as Arsenal will be no longer. Thanks to ARSENE WENGER.

  11. we hav a first team that can challenge for the title, but not a squad. it is frustrating that we probably only need one central midfielder to compliment cesc to take us to the next level. but hey, im not ruling out anything till i wake up tomoro morning. but then again, its not the end of the world, diaby is an able replacement, denilson plays well wen next to cesc and song is a solid flamini replacement. and anyway, forget defending, nasri and vela will enable us to score more goals than the other team so who cares bout defending!!!

  12. its not even funny any more. wenger better have signed someone. we are the mighty arsenal and we need to challenge for honours. simple

  13. i truely think that we’re screwed this season. i’ve been waiting up to see if we would sign anybody but we haven’t, does arsene really think his gonna win prem and champion league with kids don’t think so, not when you got squads like manu and chelsea (size and experience) of the squad. We were let down last season because the squad was so thin, this season he has not even replaced the players that we’ve lost. i’m just fuming that arsenal will get pushed out of the top four if they do not compete with the other top three, now man city are gonna be the new chelsea i just see arsenal going backwards

  14. Solution to our problem is simple. If we don’t win anything at the end of the season, whose head should go? Your guess is as good as mine- the stubborn goat from France.

  15. could be worse the totts have signed heaps and are still below us in the league. How good was real selling robhino to city haha got to love that. Berba off to man u it’s all such bull$h1t how they go on about real tapping up ronaldo and they go and do the same even though I hate the totts it only shades the hate I have for ol red nose and his cocky bunch of wankers at least ramsey and sivestre will win us the title and ol red nose can retire knowing he was beaten by the best team. GOOOOOOOOOO GUNNERS. WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL WE DO sing along boys!!!!!!!

  16. Miguel Veloso.. i heard Wenger asked about him late, he was to me the best replacement for Flamini so i hope Wenger signed him!


  18. Right now, I am so desperate that, I would rate Eric Djemba Djemba high if we sign him. Wenger please, just make a signing. U can sell him later but, dont let my night go a waste. I hate this.

  19. OK…What if we won the PL this year? What if Hleb continues to be a sub for Barca? What if Flamini is RB for AC? What If Senderos continues to be bench support? January is when the deals we could not make are made right?

  20. I hate this. We have got only one experianced central midfielder. If he is injured – god forbid that then we are F**ked.

    How one earth we will end up winning the cups and league – we might get relegated if Fab got injured.

  21. We’ve lost Diara, Gilberto, Henry, Flamstar, Hleb, Senderos, Hoyte, Lehman and possibly Djourou.

    Yet, we have brought in Nasri and a kid for the already filled reserve. I just dont have an excuse to present my case to God for committing suicide if not, I would have killed myself a long while ago. I cant stand this anymore. The shame is no longer a stubborness of one Goat from France but a case of Goats with Down Syndrome managing the board right now. I am almost dead. say “CHEESE”!

  22. whatever happened to de guzman? He would have been ideal and for half the price of veloso. Really need some grunt in the middle of the park to replace marathon man Flamini. Veloso would be a dream though. Also heard a rumour about taking metzelder on loan?

  23. I think i’ve got it.The way things are,we can either rally around our team,or continue to sulk.By doing the latter,we’re only giving spurs,chelsea and manu fans to mock us.There is no point calling for wenger’s head.U should know he is no loser.

  24. @Chika – top 4 is the base level. Anything outside of the top 4 is failure – I will only be satisfied with 1 or 2! Up the gunners!

  25. @pdp i would never call for wegner’s head. it would be a black day the day hey left – think about the player exodus….

  26. Hel….o my felo fan s in 9ja how una see to tht? Well tht s french madnss for u. Make una cal me tell say una don buy one person o 08035471076

  27. arsenal just signed nobody!!!!!i hope when i get up al find a deal finalised……….fuck WENGER.the guy is sooo courageous in some things,seriously how would denilson help us in the middle of the so frastrated…

  28. Why doesn’t wegner purchase some crazy south american players? Surely France isn’t the only good footballing nation…

  29. @ SF
    the last thing every arsenal fan needs now is another undue suspense.If u know anything about a new signing please inform.My anxiety died down after the deadline and u’re tryin to bring it back.
    To arsenal fans,faith is the word.We’re not that bad and wenger is definately not stupid.He’s not gonna put arsenal in a desperate situation.Wenger knows best.Keep faith,that’s why we’re gunners.

  30. Some perspective is needed on the comings and goings.

    Lehmann and Gilberto were no longer 1st choice. Fabianski has shown genuine talent in his last few appearances.
    Hleb has been upgraded with Nasri.
    Hoyte has been upgraded with Silvestre.
    Diaby was ahead of Flamini in the pecking order last summer.(Wenger has clearly stated that)
    Song has become top class. Pushing himself ahead of Senderos. Also able to fill in for Diaby.
    Djourou has not left, only improved.
    Denilson is improving.
    Vela looks like a top quality addition.
    As do youngsters Ramsey, Merida, Coquelin, Wilshere, etc

    We were not short last year. We were injured more than ever. We are possibly one body short in midfield. But attempts to buy Inler were unsuccessful. Panic buys are unacceptable. Wenger only buys quality.

  31. i don’t think a signing will be coming. and i do think you’re all a bunch of whiners. so we didn’t sign anyone. stop complaining! why don’t you go root for chelsea or man utd, and even better yet spurs! not long ago you were all singing the praises of arsene wenger and now you all curse him. he is the reason arsenal is the club they are today. so stop complaining! who knows. last year everyone thought flamini was garbage and if you told them that he would start next to cesc all season you’d all be saying the same thing! wouldn’t you? bunch of babies. so what if diaby comes in (who everyone thinks is garbage) and dominates the middle like flamini did? then what? denilson hasn’t looked completely awful! sure i would’ve loved it if xabi alonso came, but he hasn’t! arsenal is still a great club and we can still do great things. now stop complaining and be loyal for god’s sake! gunners for life!

  32. good point andre – still think the club could do with another star in the midfield – otherwise the “get the ball to henry” might become “get the ball to fab”

  33. @Austen
    That’s fine but Diaby is more injury prone that Rosicky. When did he last play 3 consecutive games? You can’t pin your hopes on someone who is injured that much. And then where are we left? Denilson was fine against Newcastle but Danny Murphy completely dominated him last weekend. That kind of thing will happen again.

  34. hahaha u didnt sign neone xcept a 16 yr old and a angry frenchy who h8s joey barton. ogh an th pofter frenchman from utd. NOW if u were a good club………………… city who signed a world classv player ud actuly win somthin

  35. I would have liked one more midfielder also. But there is no reason why Diaby can’t play most of the season. He’s nearly over the thigh strain. It’s hardly career threatening. If Van Persie can come back to form and get through fine after being kicked. Then surely a big, strong 20 yr old like Diaby can.

  36. The problem according to AW “is availability of players who are as good or better.”
    We certainly believe.
    That you have become super lazy.Arsenal is a club on the decline.Just as AW predicted Man U will be some years ago.

  37. Midfielder would have been nice but what can you do? No purchase is better than wasting a chunk on rubbish.

    Anyway, after Saturday I wasn’t bothered in the slightest if we didn’t sign today. I certainly didn’t want Alonso.

    Eduardo, Rosicky and Diaby all to come back too; We have some real quality in our team and if we can stay fit we’ll be challenging on both domestic and european fronts.

  38. Wenger why, we have been pleading for a DM since Flamini left, thats the 1 signing everyone was looking forward and you didnt go for it. I dont understand, sat here 4 bout 5 hours waiting for news that Arsenal signed someone but no. We have Rosicky, Diaby, Eduardo and RvP to come back from injuries but I am VERY upset and disappointed. What are peoples vies on Berba at United and Robinho at City, personally i think City got a better signing.

  39. Robinho is a phenomenal signing and I must say i’m glad man city got him rather than chelsea. Chelsea are looking very very dangerous this season. Probably more so than Man U especially while they don’t have cr7 in the team.

    I think Wegner has made a signing…I would put money on it…VELOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  40. I also think a signing will have been made. The point of this little forum was to encourage people who perhaps new some information on possible signings to speak up. That’s all.

  41. Hopefully AW was just playing with us all and he did actually sign someone that will be unveiled to the press in the morning.

  42. Wenger out, what a fucking disgrace.

    We’ve been asking for a DM for months and nothing.

    Get the fuck out Wenger, you don’t have a clue anymore!

  43. its 4.20 stil no announcment im hopin n prayin we got sum1 but if not we still got good squad and we will challenge

  44. I cant believe so many people are turning against Wenger. Signing or no signing, real Arsenal fans will stand by their team through good and bad times

  45. I still trust Wenger no doubt but I really wich we would have added someone… Appiah or Veloso or anyone really… Totally off topic but when is Rosicky expected to be back?

  46. I think the Wenger out stuff is ridiculous. Whether the club really do have money or not (and on the off-chance that they don’t), there is no other manager who could lead Arsenal to the same level of success on such a budget.
    I think Song and Diaby are good enough, the only problem is injuries and how we are thin and really need our first team to stay fit. But get serious. Wenger out? That is madness.

  47. I agree and disagree, Wenger can be replaced, i’ve said it in the past and still cant no one tell me any different. Wenger is not the only successful manager that could lead Arsenal to maybe even better accomplishments. But i agree that people saying sack him cuz he didnt buy is madness. There is a good chance that we really dont have the money to buy. And unless we get someone with a lot of money to invest or take over (as Man City just did), we wont have that money til the stadium is paid for.

  48. type xabi alonso in wikipedia…it tells u Arsenal fc have made a successful last minute signing when u click on that link it takes to independent site but gives u an error……

  49. it gives u an error but if u click the link they give you again then delete the /ref off it then will load the link

  50. I think i shud go and support man city, as they hav a beta chance than arsenal to win anything, u cut me deep wenger.

  51. @reagan why support a team at all then? You don’t support a team because they win, you support them to help them win!

  52. So did we sign Alsono? According to that independent link it doesn’t say the bid was rejected? will we find out later today or what?

  53. it dosent state that the bid was accepted or rejected. u wil def no some point later today either wenger will come out and say we havent signed anyone or him and alonso wil be standing holding the gunners shirt. hopefully the later

  54. Most media i’ve seen says Wenger was after Veloso, how great would it be if Wenger snatched both up before the deadline.. not likely tho

  55. Even if the transfer window is closed wenger can still sign stephen appiah on account of his being a free agent… which would make our Mr. Spanish Fry wishing he’d put money on it.

  56. The moment i read wenger’s comments after that newcastle game i knew that another signing was unlikely.I suspect that if we had performed dismally in that game things would have been different as wenger would have been under extreme pressure.
    To me things are looking bleak indeed.
    Man U and Chelsea have brought in quality signings despite the form they displayed last season.Spurs have strengthened big time. What’s so wrong with us?
    I do not have a problem with Wenger because he did not sign BUT BECAUSE OF BEING DISHONEST WITH US. Why did he have to raise our expectations that he’ll definitely sign a DM when he knew full well down in his heart that it was just a PR gimmick to get the media off his back?!He should have just told us he is not interested in signing anyone.To me this money issue does not just add up-what with Fiszman coming out and saying that if Wenger asks for 30 million pounds to buy he’ll be given!Who is being dishonest here?Needless to say that if he has made a late signing then I will take back my words.I hope we qualify for champions league next season.

  57. Rosicky is meant to be back this month, so he shud come back soon…
    Really off tpic, which country is this blog based in?

  58. i just bookmarked ur page, which means it has my seal of approval, not that my seal of approval really matters, but it does mean i will visit regularly

  59. West Ham United are hoping to wrap up the signing of Ghana captain Stephen Appiah before the transfer window shuts at midnight, according to reports. The east Londoners are believed to have agreed terms with the 27-year-old, who claims to be a free agent after negotiating an exit from Fenerbahce. However, the Hammers first need to confirm the player’s contract status with the Turkish club.

    Appiah had been in dispute with the club following a knee injury and his subsequent lack of involvement in the 2008 African Cup of Nations.The powerful midfielder has previously played for Italian clubs Udinese, Parma, Brescia and Juventus.

    And he has been linked with a sensational move back to Turin giants Juventus in recent days, while his agent revealed he has also received numerous offers from England, Scotland and Spain.


    i would be very dissapointed if the bloody hammers were too sign him

  60. no one.Beating newcastle let wenger to believe that all is still well at arsenal.But fact is denilson is paperweight in midfield and gets pushed off ball to easy so agaisnt good teams or physical away we are finished.
    This will be cescs last season as he realize wenger thinks he can do two players jobs in center.I dont think wenger cares

  61. rsenal were last night desperately trying to sign Xabi Alonso before the transfer window closed after submitting an improved offer, thought to be around £14m, for the Spanish international midfielder. Earlier the Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez, had insisted Alonso was not for sale but it is understood that he was always prepared to do a deal if his valuation was met

    From the Guardian newspaper

    for once in my life i would like to believe the english tabloids please, please be tru

    I will stop posting now

  62. With £30m in the kitty what’s AW been waiting for, any one with a football brain recognised that the squad that finished last season where a couple of players short haven’t lost key players during the summer our situation is even more critical.

    I think this season could be a watershed if we don’t win any trophies and don’t finish in the top four, AW will need to look himself in the mirror and question his judgement it could all end-up in tears.

  63. We don’t need anyone it would be a waste of money just to sign a player just for the sake of it, cry baby fans, you should remember where the club is coming from and where we are now, just stop bloodly winging all the time

  64. look, arsene needs smeone who fits into the arsenal squad and can play fast moving football which is why samir nasri is a good signing. tbh he fits right in! and even though everyone is undermining aumary bischoff, with a year in arsenal, he could really become something. also we have aaron ramsey who is going to be great and we won him out of loads of teams who wanted him so lets be fair here, well done arsene….

  65. Doesnt look at all likely that anyone was signed. everyone has been waiting all day for no news. never mind we might get into the top five this season. just need all our injured players back and although it will probably be too late by then theres always the january transfer window!!!!!

  66. stop fucking crying and support arsenal and Mr wenger sure im dissapointed theres no signing but no life long supporter slags off wenger he made arsenal he is the brains behind the fucking team and you lot cryingdoesnt help. We couldnt sign Alonso because he is cup tied, Inler signed a new contract , Veloso is to much we have a fucking stadium to pay for , Mountiniho would be off within a year to Real or Barca for a extra ten grand, Daniel De Guzman is crap trust me eye witness here be fucking realistic we need wenger he is the best at getting the best out of what he has. Just look forward to january with the prodigdy of Gerginiho probably joining and a race to sign Huntelaar maybe we should expect signings then.

    p.s stop fucking crying you call yourself life long supporters look on the brightside and get on with it

  67. wenger shud buy ashley young bring back fabrice muamba who he shud neve ov sold the wanker i am pissed off wiv him nw he shud bring in hatem ben arfa pato curtis davies adel taarabt renato augusto pogrenakbak

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