Arsenal must sharpen movement and concentration to beat Chelsea

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It’s Arsenal v Chelsea at The Emirates on Sunday and what a game it promises to be.

A win would see our boys close to within 5 points of our opponents with a game in hand while a loss… well, it’s a bit too scary to think about.

Kieran Gibbs will of course be out after breaking his metatarsal midweek while Arsene Wenger has revealed that the swelling on William Gallas’ eye from his clash with Andrey Arshavin is so severe that he is a  doubt. However, the manager mentions that his face would have three days to recover and I have to say that I can’t see him missing the game against his old team.

Based on the players involved and the substitutions made against Standard Liege midweek I expect the team to be something like this: Manuel Almunia behind a back four of Bacary Sagna, Gallas, Thomas Vermaelen and Emmanuel Eboue with Alex Song, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas completing the midfield triangle and Tomas Rosicky, Eduardo and Arshavin playing up front.

Armand Traore may play at left-back like he did against Sunderland, yet I think Wenger will opt for the experience of an out-of-position Sagna or Eboue. Nasri’s early substitution midweek lends me to suggest he will start, possibly for Denilson who would be hard-pressed to play two games in a week after two months out. If Gallas doesn’t come up then it will be Mikael Silvestre who takes his place.

Up front we will need to take our chances against a well-drilled Chelsea defence and a forward trio of Rosicky, Eduardo and Arshavin has the quality, pace and experience to get the job done. Theo Walcott remains an outside chance to start but I suggest the manager might look to use him and Carlos Vela to provide impact off the bench when the forwards tire.

In the last couple of games I have been frustrated by a lack of movement and concentration by some of our senior players and I expect that to be addressed against Chelsea. Despite their position on the table The Blues are far from unbeatable on their travels and have in fact lost two of their last three away games. Additionally we have won all five of our Premier League games at home as well as two Champions League games and I expect the boys to give it their all to maintain that perfect record.

We spurned a number of chances at Sunderland and against Liege and the likes of Eduardo, Fabregas and Arshavin need to make the most of the opportunities we create. Chelsea’s defence is once against their strongest part of the team and it’s important that take our chances, particularly early on. Eduardo has been uncharacteristically wayward in front of goal recently and a big game against Chelsea will give him the perfect opportunity to turn things around.

After a week of negativity and worry I am genuinely excited about the opportunity that Sunday provides for us. The boys are yet to win a really big game since ending Chelsea’s unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge last season and despite our injury concerns I think we’re a huge chance to win this match. Regardless of the result, every single Gooner and the planet will want to see a performance full of passion and commitment and I sincerely hope our team provides that on Sunday.

It doesn’t get much bigger than this and I’ll leave you my favourite recent Arsenal v Chelsea memory.


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99 thoughts on “Arsenal must sharpen movement and concentration to beat Chelsea

  1. It been some time since i ave visited here and now it is Arsenal vs Chelsea.Arsenal it’s time 2 show ur worth u ave 2 defeat chelsea. I trust u guyz u can destroy chelsea.

  2. please change the font colour, otherwise black on red bacground does not do good to ours eyes.



  3. Good blog, a nice rallying cry. I completely agree about the movement and hunger of the front players.

    Whoever plays up front they have a chance to step up and do something huge for the club. Tom and Eddy if they play really need to deliver I have been very disappointed in them recently, not enough effort and no clinical edge given their experience.

    Terrible timing with the injuries, if we were going into this game with a forward line of RVP, Arsh and Nik/Eddy I would be very confident. I think we will struggle to score and thats where we will lose the game given that we know we will concede at least 1. Not confident at all going into this game unfortunately.

  4. i just want to comment on the defence, i suggest sagna,gallas,vamelean and ebuoe,bcos i dony see Traore fit for a geme against chelsea.

  5. 4.4.2 (diamond): petr-ivan,terry,calvaho,A.cole–
    wt essien and drogba. u guyz roast in fire.
    player2 watch: anelka.

  6. It’s time to stop this negativity and worries because of injuries. Arsenal at the Emirates against Chelsea is a game we can win big time with belief and some friggin’ balls. I’ve seen Fabregas and Flamini toying with Lampard and whoever was with him so why not Fabregas and our main man Alexandre Song. We have Arshavin, Nasri and Eduardo who all can score goals. Walcott could rip their left back to pieces. The only worry I have is that who will play at left back and will the same person be up for it. And yes, Gallas will play, he’s a menace! Camon Arsenal ! Let’s send some message out there that we are in it to effin’ win it!

  7. “We are starting to see Mr Wenger’s comments beginning to influence referees which is a shame,” Fletcher said. “Now we have to raise our game and ensure these decisions are not affecting the match.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks;

    “I don’t want to sound big-headed but I’ve never come up against anyone who has torn me to shreds,” said Fletcher.

    “The only time that’s happened has been in training against Roy Keane and Paul Scholes. I watch how good Lampard, Fabregas and Gerrard are but when we play them I think ‘Right, I’m going to see how good you really are! I’m going to get against you and see how you like it. And when you’ve not got the ball I’m still going to get about you and see how you like it. I’m going to ask you ‘Do you fancy it? Do you like getting kicked? Do you like the fact I am going to be at you for the whole 90 minutes?’ As soon as you get the ball I am going to be in your face. You are not going to like it one bit. Are you ready for that because that’s what’s going to happen’

    Oh dear!

    Maybe this is the reason ref’s pick on you Darren!

  8. Like many I was disappointed when Kolo Toure left the Arsenal. I wasn’t devastated though. It was always on the cards. Ever since the day he handed in a transfer request.

    When wearing the shirt nobody could deny that Kolo gave it his all. That’s the image I have of Kolo Toure. He would have bled for us.

    I always thought that he was extremely loyal but I have to admit I was a little gutted by his transfer request in January. I thought it was a little weak.

    Now we know the real reason he handed the request in. He had problems with certain players at Arsenal. Especially a certain person.

    What Kolo has to gain by revealing this now I have no idea. I just wish he hadn’t said anything at all.

    There are people I don’t like at work but I bite my lip and get on with it. That’s life. I’m surprised that this is the reason for Kolo’s departure.

    If Toure had just got on with it, pulled his socks up and played like he did prior to 2008 then maybe he could have finished his career at Arsenal. Like he wanted too.

    In truth, although Kolo is rightly regarded as a recent legend at Arsenal and rightly so, Arsenal have become a better side without him. Harsh it sounds but very true.

    I’ll always try to remember Toure with aplomb. He was part of the invincibles afterall and he grafted for Arsenal. We loved him and he loved us.

    But I have a nagging doubt in my mind that he is slightly bitter. I hope I’m very wrong but he should take a leaf out of Thierry Henry’s book.

    Everytime I hear Henry speak about us it is in glowing terms. That’s how it should be. That’s how Kolo should speak about us too. We made him.

    He should forget about moaning about Arsenal and keep the legacy he created at Arsenal intact. He shouldn’t whinge about player power forcing him out because that only annoys people.

    I know Kolo plays for a rival now but he should just talk about the good things he had at Arsenal because I want to remember him as a legend. Not as something else.

  9. Like someone said before Chelsea have been making a lot of noise in the press this week and in a similar way to the Spurs game we haven’t. Obviously Chelsea are light years ahead of Spurs but we’re at home with a 100 percent record there and if anyone can beat them on our day it’s us. It’ll be interesting to see Vermaelin up against Drogba (if he plays) and hopefuly Galas weill be back or things will be even for difficult. D

    Drogba and Lampard are doubts and even if they do play they wont be fully fit and certain players like Fabregas and Arshavin love this type of game. Also don’t forget Ancelotti was the man in charge when we beat Milan in the San Siro, obviously two different sides now but I think the managers will be aware of this and Chelsea play a similar game these days to that Milan side. Gonna stick my neck out and say we’ll win 2-1 in an incredibly nervy game.

  10. Eve all,
    Agreed with alot of what you say bout Kolo, very good player, shame he has gone, but in relation to what he said, i respect any player who says what he believe providing it is said respectfully. Sometimes it is good to know what is going on in the dressing room in order for us to make our own minds up. Its ashame we cant link it to names. Example-i hate when players say they are disappointed when i really know they must mean pissed off. B men say it how it is.
    As to the game, i hope The chelsea have a bad day at the office and you boys get the 3 points but im sure Wenger will be more than content with a score draw. Good luck to uou all. Hopeflly the ammers will pick up another point.

  11. Mark, hope you dont mind loosing it. Yr head that is.Good luck mate. I should be at the game because its my sons turn for tickets. We will be sitting just behind the away team with the acadmey boys and family.

  12. I think the boys have been thinking about this game for a couple of weeks now which may explain a couple of lack lustre perfomances. I expect they’ll be back on their A game this week and come away with a 3-1 win. The team you name Andy looks great on paper as long as Gallas plays. Hopefully Walcott gets a run towards the end and gives some of the old Chelsea backs a truck load of problems.
    They must, must, must contain Drogba though because he’s the one that’s caused us a lot of heartache in the past.

  13. I reckon have faith in Traore, this could be a similar to what happened when Clichy started to break into the first team, and was man of the match against Chelsea back in the day. Go Traore!

  14. Arsenal always looks weak everytime they play Man.U, Chelsea and Liverpool. Everytime Arsenal loses, they complain how Fletcher and Rooney play rough, Ballack and Terry attack and provoke our players and Carragher and then Alonso Tackle down our best players, but we never hear any Arsenal players stopping their best players. We (Arsenal) need to be stronger and tougher in the midfield, Song is good at it, but we need other teammates to step up to the challenges of these physical matchups.

  15. am i the only person that thinks senderos would b a better replacement 4 gallas rather than silvestre.senderos has had tough times with drogba but i think he has matured into a great cb that can stop drogba

  16. Actually, 037, Arsenal often do very well against Chelsea and have had some great wins against them in the past. And their record against manure, in the Wenger era, is an equal number of wins each isn’t it?

    @Steve-O – if you watch the clip the commentator says at the end ‘If Thierry Henry is the KIng of Highbury, well, there’s a new Prince now…”

    Personally I always liked Reyes and he scored some important goals for us against Chelsea.

  17. Flamini who???????
    It seems that not to long ago many were saying arsenal needed him back. Look at them now! It seems everytime arsenal sell they get stronger.. It will be a tough game on sunday but I feel the boys are ready to step it up a notch.It will definatly be a test of character for rosiscky and eduardo after last week but hopefully they will prove there worth.

  18. Fabregas vs Essien is goin 2 b vital i guess…… Nd juz in case gallas isnt fit, is there a possibility of song droppin back with denilson as CDM?? I dont think silvestre is upto da job.. 😐

  19. Indeed it is important that the Arsenal players commit to their style of play and this time round total calmness is desired. i watched ManU vrs Chelsea game and indeed had my reservations for Arsenal’s ability to counter such physical play. Chelsea must be aware that when it comes to hard game approach Arsenal are completely out,Arsenal tends to over elaborate passing even when striking is the best option. The Arsenal fans around the globe will not mind how we play provided we get the balls past the Chelsea net. Level of Concentration is indeed an important aspect for Sunday’s game, surely for the 1st 25 minutes into play for each half and the final 10 minutes towards the end of each half where Arsenal have faltered. Whereas such games are a great billing, my prayer is that we have the right mental strength and look forward to a game free of harsh play.

  20. Dont even mention about the possibility of losing,it would be unimaginable setback. My only hope is for Edwardo, Rosicky & Nasri to improve their game because against sunderland they let us down. I would prefer Denilson to start alongside Song(if fully fit) to add steel in that defensive midfield against the likes of Drogba & Essien. These two have always found it easy to score against Arsenal.

  21. They need to sign a DM, now, dt RVp is gone till they need a point man.
    Well livepool whiped both chelsea n manutd ass (12pts) last season but were 4pt behind leaders n 3pts above chelsea. So a match does n’t determine who wins d league rather concentration wc Arsenal lacks.
    Ars 1 : 3 Che.

  22. The news that RvP will undergo surgery on the ankle injury and will be out for around five to six months comes as a huge blow.

    We do not have a ready made replacement and so must buy in the January transfer window.

    Untill then our other strikers, Arshavin in particular, must raise their game.

  23. Bad bad bad news for us!! RVP out for 5 months!!!!! i think that we defntly need to buy a new striker!!
    Traore will start, and i beleive Walcott will be there instead of Rosicky, Deni and Song would pair in the mdfld along with Cesc.
    Gallas will recover.
    Verma will play his best game for Arsenal tomorw.


    Go Arsenal!!! Allez les rouges!!!

  24. I think Arshavin has done well enough considering he has been played out of position on the left. He made more impact on the left than Nasri or Rosicky.

    Since Rvp is out I think Arsene need to spend in January. We have only Eduardo left, Walcott can play there if we play 4-4-2 since he cant play a link up striker in a 4-4-3, anyway he havent done anything to prove he can play as a striker better he be kept on the wings.

    Hope its all gd tom, I really want to see how Song matches up with Essien, see which one is the true african bull.

  25. I think Vela and eduardo should start
    I’ve seen some highlights of the game and Carlos did indeed make some nice runs but the problem was that his team-mates didn’t pass the ball, they just took advantage of the space he created to go for goal explanation can be that some of the regulars are not use to playing with him so they haven’t built a good understanding with Vela in terms of knowing when and where Vela likes the ball. But, for me it was more selfishness and players playing with their head down to even noticed him open.
    Eduardo ad Vela udertsand themselves better in the only game they have play together

  26. Dear Gunners,
    just keep on faith on our guys. They gonna kill blues. I dreamt arshavin scoring brace. He is a big match player.
    Little worried of our back four. Its bit shaky. Vermaleen v Drogba a big fight. Be faithful.
    One thing More, title is our in any case. Chelsea gonna drop many points during african cup.
    Just pray for having a wonderful sunday..

  27. You are my Arsenal my only Arsenal you make me happy when skys are grey.. when skys are grey!! You’ll never notice how much I love you, please never take my Arsenal away!

    Keep up the good posts Andy! good to see some gooner pride downunder.

  28. Why does this injury curse plague us every season? Why does WENGER not seem to be playing his boys based on form? What on earth is this boy TRAORE doing against a very experienced Chelskum. WENGER must take his giant share in this blame.

    What are the boys gonna do now? What is he gonna say to them? I guess he has to bring in WALCOTT for DENILSON and EBOUE for TRAORE.

  29. Maybe WALCOTT for DUDU instead, I guess we might need a penalty or two to get on the scores.
    This is an insult

  30. we just loose the damn ball everytime we get it, i dont see us up to the challenge, and Chelsea just park the bus, and AW is gonna start to be frustrated, where is our fast composure?? Everybody is on the wing, nobody in box?

  31. Vela is gonna be worse?? no way to break chelsea like this, we need fast running attack to break chelsea down, i dont know guys but this just a disaster

  32. out of chelsea’s 4 good attacks, they ve csored 2 goals, we ve attacked more than 7 times and we only had 2 shot on target, one man attacking from chelsea agst 3 arsenal defenders, i saw this happening like this Andy and you ve not been negative but WE REALLY LACK STRENGTH, AND ITS DESAPOINTING TO SEE DROGBA SCORING THE 3RD GOAL AGAIN, WE CANT JUST ATTACK THEM, and today was our chance to prove that we can do it, but we just dont have the depth and strength, its desapointing,

  33. Yep, manone woul have done better, easiest free kick ive ever seen, we cant attack and we cant defend, what in the world is this???

  34. We have to admit that we are just too light weight. Our top player go missing in big games and that is not good at all. We can’t be just one man team. Everyone is getting his chance and can’t or not capable of taking it. That’s as bad as it gets for us.

    This is not even about individuals, but the team as whole. Terrible!

  35. That has not been a derby to me,we played very poorly today like a 2nd division team, iam so so desapointed,Our boys just let themslf beatten without a fight. IIIT is freaking desapointing, let me just watch barca agst real.

  36. WENGER has this all over his face…..why cant this guy ever be shrewd in his placements?
    He knew how he wanted to start the match and yet kept WALCOTT on the bench.

    He saw DUDU was not sharp enough at getting to the ball first, why not bring in WALCOTT there instead….cos SHEVA would’ve done a better job at the right.

    Awfully shameful

  37. Wat the f*** hapend out ther??
    We didnt even keep the ball in the second half… run,run nd then give them the ball!! And ne idea y dat goal was disallowed??

  38. During pre-season, when everyone was shouting for a DM, I said we should rather get a top class finisher with all that money.
    SHAMBO even suggested we should get GIVEN when he offered himself.
    Now we look like a leafless tree, no GOALS in two matches….top striker injured for 3 or 4 months AGAINNNNNN.
    ANDY said we’ve RVP, BENTNER, WALCOTT, EDUARDO, VELA who could do that job and that we rather needed a DM, otherwise we were fine.
    WENGER seemed to echo the same sentiments, now where are we for the 5th season running? Trusting in the players is one thing, another is being objective. For sure, WENGER isn’t.

  39. no guts no determination,men against boys…..again.absolutely no progress has been made since the last time we played them and they thumped us at home,it was the very same,all this passing with no end product and then they get the ball and anelka,cole,drogba and lampard hav the freedom of the emirates to counter attack because so many of our players refuse to put in the gut busting defense work that is required
    poor defending for the first but the kind of finish we cud only dream of today,2nd goal was sunday league hung over stuff and like the diaby 1 i lay little blame with the def….any keeper worth his salt is roaring his head off there and taking ball,man and anythin else in the way and the free kick was laughable,why set up a wall and then commit urself to that side?????if the player is good enough to get it up and down its a great freekick and u hold ur hands up but to concede that way again is needless…anyway even if we handnt conceded we still never looked like scoring.denilson,dudu,vela,nasri and in particular the ‘impact sub’ walcott wer shocking.the better and stronger team won no doubt and its very hard to defend anything from the manager and tactics to the individual performances

  40. No shooting outside the 18yard box, no good attempts on goal….Why does he keep on taking off EDUARDO for goodness sake? Why not shift him to the left instead? DUDU is far better than VELA, this was not a carling cup game.
    Its gotta be all in his face now. I’m livid

  41. MANNONE would’ve never conceeded like that.
    Must we continue supporting ALMUNIA when it is obvious it has a lot to do with sentiments?
    Must he be our first choice?
    Can we look at our team a bit more objectively ANDY?

  42. I just dunno what is wrong with Wenger. This time the guy should just resign. Either Arsenal has to be bought first for this guy to know that we need titles especially the EPL or we need to fire him. Just why in the world did he buy Silvestre am sure there is no way in hell Silvestre would be as bad as that kid Traore. He was out muscled on the ball everytime. Cole setup two goals…the first one i gotta blame the defence but the second where was the Communication between the G.K en the defenders?? I keep yelling on rooftops that Almunia sucks like hell but everyone says am mas and a hater. Imagine or dream even for one minute how ballistic Lehman would have been if dat ball had gone in. The third goal was absolute bollox…i mean u gat yo wall covering one area of the goal but chose just when the striker is gonna shoot to start walking towards the side that yo wall is covering…the striker being smart notices this en scores an eassssyyyy goal. And Almunia is Arsenal’s first choice G.K …makes me wanna puke. Vito was doing just fine but he was benched for making a small mistake not even letting the ball in but playing the ball back in play but Almunia lets them in anyways. I dunno where this team is headed..I was told by Andrew the blogger of this blog that to him it’s better the team plays entertaining soccer rather than win matches ..he considers entertainment above winning. Maybe i misquoted the guy but did you see how not even half empty the stadium was ten minutes to the end of the game??? Seems most Gooners agree with me..This was a match of men against boys en like Wenger said it was time they grew up. They didn’t maybe it’s time he accepts his kid’s experiment has backfired. Man this is so infuriating. En that’s just the tip of te Iceberg..imagine the Carling Cup how Adebayor will rub it in?? That will be the final straw…

  43. hi lads, ive just got back from the game. Very very very disappointing although, like i said yesterday Wenger would be very very content with a draw. From the moment Chelsea walked onto the pitch I couldn’t help thinking that they were more than ready for the fight. They have far to much muscle and punch for Arsenal. They looked like super middle weight boxers and Arsenal look like bantom weight. And there lies the main difference. Arsenal can not afford to get within punching range of Chelsea so they stay on the periphery of the ring. I have been going on about this for so long now even im getting board. The ‘invincibles’, god bless them had that weight. Shambo what do you think. Why wont Wenger see that.

  44. Why was EBOUE not preferred to TRAORE? Why did WALCOTT not start?
    He knew what CHELSEA can do, but pretended we were playing a second division team.
    Its quite clear i dont have any answers

  45. Almunia sucks. Period.

    Its going to be a struggle without RVP. We will probably sign someone in January.

    If you think its time for Wenger to go, you are insane. Not directed at any individuals but there is absolutely nobody that can et as much from our group of guys as Wenger. Bring in a real GK and a CF. Possible a CB for cover and we will be fine.

    Dont forget this was without our best player- RVP.

  46. Also Rosicky should ALWAYS start if he is fit enough.

    Walcott im not so sure about. He only does well against teams that are velocity challenged…

  47. wel ice your dead rite mate but i dont wanna say too much til i calm down becos wel get labelled as usual…am seriously gutted tho

  48. No one was running into the box. Can anyone tell me why there was no one in the box when we have the ball? A couple of time we were in we had shout for penalty. For me, all the players had chances to show us if they are good enough, but no one stepped up. It is not even the size, because look at the little men at Barca, no one push them of the ball.

    You know, I was pissed off that Eboue went and had that ESPN interview claiming that Chelsea is just too strong to beat. Is that what we need before our important game? It is bad enough that critics and opponents alike have no believe in Arsenal. There is nothing worst than losing belief in yourselves. And I really thought, half way into the game, the players have lost belief in their ability. I feel sorry for Verm. He was doing what he was supposed to be. Others should look themselves in the mirror and ask if they were good enough on this day!

  49. Sorry but i’d do with someone who would win me titles en Wenger seems to be deluded right now. It’s now obvious even to a blind man that Wenger can’t win the title this season. Am not sure if next season he will achieve the feat cuz if you believe the rumours going around that Chelsea are gonna make Ribbery top priority of their spending spree then you know they aren’t reinforcing with kids. Already they showed potential today and ave so far beaten two of the top four so called teams…i don’t see Liverpool beating them. Those are men …you could notice the difference right there on the pitch but then just when you think about go ask yoself how a defence of Evans and Brown can contain Drogba but one of Gallas and Vermaelen can’t. You look at the next match playing on T.V en it’s Barca playing Madrid the men are short but can’t be beat to the ball…then you loo at Arsenal and ask yoself what’s going wrong here?? How then do you start blaming the players? The only player in the Arsenal team that deserves the criticism he’s getting is Almunia cuz seriuosly he’s not Arsenal material otherwise the rest of the players can do much better with the right manager to instill the winning mentality and character in them cuz clearly Arsenal has no character when they go down a goal especially in big games. Just look at the character Manure has or Chelsea..

  50. GetGunMN, the players did the best they could. Arsenal are a high tempo fast moving nippy passing team. Unfortunately the body can not always perform at the level. And when Arsenal cant they, have no other way of playing because most of the players are very simular. Yes and how much money is the Barca team worth and cost. The spanish league is no way as physical as the prem. Was Eboue being honnest about what he said and why do you think that is. I would be fascinated to know. You also asked about players being in the box. Wenger hates out and out strikers. I get so infuriated with that when the ball goes across the six yard box all players stand outside the penalty area waiting for a cut back. They get taught that way in the u14s acadmey team. Wenger is the best manager for Arsenal but he is so so stuborn and hard headed. He just needs to twig it a little but he wont because other people are saying it. Will there be money to replace RVP in the Jan sales. Any accountants out there. What is the balance sheet looking like or the profet and loss.

  51. Shambo Gunner who labelled u?? cuz they labelled me like a thousand names when i told them the reality that their facing right now..Am past gutted now cuz this today was dun make sense to lose to Sunderland and come win against Chelsea…i mean seriously!

  52. the fact is you need to spend big to win the title,quality players all over th pitch who are physically and mentally strong,big game players who are exactly that players for a big game who take the game by the scruff of the neck and run the show,players who impose themselves when required and can win a game single handedly,apart from cesc arsenal dont posses those type of players and i am including arshavin who has been very disappointing this season,traore is simply not good enough and almunia is a liability an accident waiting to happen every time he enters the pitch again today no communication with his defence for the 2nd goal and so there are just a few reasons why its going to be another season without winning a trophy and its time for a reality check guys we aint good enough and never will be with the squad we have at present.

  53. I still believe that Wenger doesn’t need to spend really big money. Just please Wenger buy some powerpacked players to aid the silk and skill. Surely you can find 2 or 3 for 8-10mil. You can always improve their technique even if they are donkeys, but get them in.

  54. one other observation from today,s match was that song didn,t come out for the 2nd half if he was injured then fair enough but if it was tactical wenger has lost the plot thinking denilson could do a better job in the dm role than song against a physical team like chelski.

  55. @icy tell me a team in recent times who has won the league with out spending substantial funds?? now days you wont get a top quality player for less than 15/20 million we either haven,t or wont spend that so will remain on the outside looking in until we do.

  56. The supporters behind me went nuts when they realised it. Some of them were calling Wenger some coulouful names. It was really out of order and uncalled for. It belonged in the gutter. I was also surprised how quiet you lot were. There were nowhere near enough people singing. No atmosphere at all. After the second goal i almost left because of the vial intensity. There were Arsenal boys from undr 9 to undr 15 with their parents.

  57. Another season wtout a silver ware..
    mancity kicks arsenal out of carln cup,
    westham kicks arsenal out of F.A.
    Chelsea kicks U guys out of C.L.
    u guyz ‘ll be fifth on E.P.L table come may…
    Take my word 4 it.

  58. Looks like the Almunia bashers are out in force. Not much he could do about all three goals. The problem was that Arsenal did not shoot enough on target enough. No height up forward, and no one holding up the ball. Arshavin looked the best, but still wasn’t great. Frustrating.

  59. I thought we were lucky, Chelsea didn’t even hit top gear. They purposely let us pass the ball, as if they knew that their defence will stop us and well terry and co did just that.

    Wenger comments about referee decision is a tad bit embarassing, I think deep down inside he knew the power of Chelsea highlighted the gulf in strength between us and them.

    Oh well its only december, cheer up mates.

  60. Almunia was absolutely at fault for the third goal. And the second goal was a communication mixup that could have been sorted out if he was talking to his defenders…

  61. Calm down guys.
    We are still in cl
    still in FA cup
    Engli9sh league cup
    and the league
    1 striker would solve all problems
    A Torres type player

  62. Also could you imagine how much Arsenal would terrerise other teams if Henry came back1!!!
    Arshavin and Henry
    That would be magic!

  63. Gunna shah no doubt i am stupid but no doubt that arsene fucking bullocks wenger has cost us too much loss. U guys count what we achieve like it is too big for other teams. How has the goals diffrence made us better, spuds scored 9 past wigan did we? We moved to our new stadium spuds have submitted their plan so what arsenal. we never buy players, van persie is out paul merson said we can never win the league without him. He is so fucking right. Arsene in his french ego does not want to buy any quality player. Look at the chelsea team which individual player cost above 20 million? None but they buy quality and substance. U call vela, theo, eboue, diaby, denilson quality players. Fuck u fans that keep repeating arsene is the best coach we ever had. Note the word ever simply because he makes profit for the shareholders. What the fuck is football about? Winning morones. In Arsene we trust. Look at the team we used to win the title. Kewon, adams, sol, lauren. Which of these guys can drobs bully. Pause!!!!! All hail drogba i am african and i am proud of what he has done to my club at least i didnt loose both ways.Midfield viera,petit,pires, gilberto or edu.Compare them to fab, denilson, song and nasri. Hhahahahahaha hohohoo and you say in Arsene u trust. Who is stupid yu or me. we have declined in comparing with other clubs. I am not pissed Gunna shah that we lost to chelsea its why did we loose to west ham and sunderland. this game would have being sooo irrelevant. Buy chamakah the idiot said he is too expensive now that rat bent-idiot is injured and u say in arsene wenger u trust.Let arsene go bring in mourihno.Fab leave to barca this club has no ambition

  64. pls go to our website where a certain idiot by the name of wenger says money cannot guaranty success. Is that guy an idiot or what? Chelsea, Barca, Inter, United? Money or buys of cheap talent (Arsenal)?

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