Arsenal must respect Torres

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Torres is a big signing for LiverpoolThe biggest signing of the summer

On the back of Arsenal improving their squad with the signature of Eduardo da Silva, Liverpool have splashed the cash and made, in my opinion, the biggest signing of the summer so far by bringing Fernando Torres to Merseyside. Torres was announced as Liverpool’s new £26.5million signing and has penned a six-year contract with the club.

Make no mistake, this is a big deal. Probably the biggest signing so far this summer, bigger even than Thierry Henry joining Barcelona. Forget the ludicrous amount of money for one second and you will realise that Liverpool – one of Arsenal’s major rivals for the Premier League title – have signed a player that will only make their side better.

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Wenger will need to respect a Liverpool side now containing TorresTorres will not flop next season 

Just looking around on a number of football websites and forums, there has been a mixed bag of opinions with regards to Liverpool’s signing of Torres. There is a feeling amongst some fans that Torres will flop in the same way that Fernando Morientes did with the same club. There are also some football ‘experts’ who think that he is all huff-and-puff but has no end product.

Anyone who has actually seen Torres play for either Atletico Madrid or Spain will know that this is absolute rubbish. Indeed, Liverpool have signed one of the only players in Europe who I believe is capable of scoring over 20 goals in their first season of English football. Many supporters are already laughing off Torres’ transfer as a waste of money, but I assure you that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s football knowledge will ensure he and his team are more respectful of Liverpool than ever before.

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Fabregas has pledged his allegiance with the clubFabregas loves Arsenal

Finally, I’d just like to put a shout out to Torres’ Spanish teammate Cesc Fabregas for having the guts to say the words that all Arsenal supporters have been wanting him to say without ever expecting him to.

“I’ll be back training with Arsenal. My team. I’m staying in London.”

Makes you smile, doesn’t it? Fabregas is one of Arsenal’s most important players and to hear him use the term “my team” after it was suggested he was attached to Wenger’s hip is music to any Arsenal ears.

That’s about it then. You can all get back to talking about how many more goals Eduardo is going to score next season than Tottenham’s Darren Bent. Have fun!

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal must respect Torres

  1. u have to respect liverpool signing fernando torres – i would of loved to see him play with cesc at arsenal.

    maybe benitez going to use a different tactic…

    anyways spanish hows u matey….

    well am just wishing a wonderful week, finish it of with another wenger signing.

    we all know bakari sagna is a target but wenger is at the colney training ground, maybe his advisors are tying up a deal..

    maybe we have nicked florent malouda… lyon accepting bids of £12m

    but i think he wants to sell reyes first.. and real madrid are giving us shitty money for him.. we should get £9m at least

    i dont know who we will get, wenger is so unpredicatble…

    maybe he may nipp in for dani alves of sevilla.

    obafemi martins could be a target

    carlos tevez would be a great signing… if man utd get him, we can forget about the league

  2. nice little article blogger.Finally someone talking sense.I was wondering whether these people who say torres will flop next season would have said the same had he signed for us.
    we all are on cloud9 over the signing of a virtually unknown guy and some are even tipping him to score ATLEAST 20 goals next season.And then you have liverpool sign one of the best young forwards in the world and people are tipping him to be a failure.this is so ridiculous.
    I rate Torres very highly and he along with Tevez were the only signings that could have got me seriously ‘excited’ after the sad exit of the gloomy french man.

    What happand to the ‘super super class’ signing that we were promised?Dont forget that this promise was made before our own super super class player left for barca.

  3. I think Arsenal have much to be exited about. We have made a signing that in many respected peoples eyes (Wenger, Bilic & Wilson) is a very good one for our club. I mentioned previously that Torres was the only striker who would have the right to immediately displace Adebayor as van Persie’s partner and I stick by that statement. That Liverpool have had to pay such a fee to get him is evidence that Benitez thinks this is also true. I don’t think we should be too worried though. Wenger has a habit for signing relatively unknown players and they usually turn out well and it is for that reason alone that I am excited to see Eduardo play. Even if he doesn’t fire on all cylinders in his first year I still think van Persie and Adebayor can do the job. I am very confident of this.

  4. Oh, and GunnerShabz, I’m doing great mate. Really good. It has been an excellent week for Arsenal and for the blog in general. You’re dead right about having no idea where Arsenal’s next signing is going to come from (Sagna excluded) and that makes following Arsenal transfer activity all the more entertaining.

  5. “Indeed, Liverpool have signed one of the only players in Europe who I believe is capable of scoring over 20 goals in their first season of English football. ”

    I think he could be a good player but I don’t understand this. He couldn’t even score this in his own league, with a team built around his strengths, why do you believe the defensive long ball liverpool is going to be the place for someone who likes the ball at his feet to score 20+?
    I have faith in Eduardo as a better player than Baptista. More and more though it seems Van Persie will be Henry’s replacement as the main goalscorer though…

  6. Quote: “Anyone who has actually seen Torres play for either Atletico Madrid or Spain will know that this is absolute rubbish. Indeed, Liverpool have signed one of the only players in Europe who I believe is capable of scoring over 20 goals in their first season of English football.”

    What a load of poo..

    Torres hadn’t ever scored more than 20 goals in a season (and that is playing for an attacking oriented team like Athletico Madrid).

    I have watched a lot of La Liga games and I have to say Torres is overrated. Although he is more similar to Rooney in his general play – he is not an out&out goalscorer. Compared to a Henry, van Nistelrooy or Eto’o he is a very pale shadow. I would have David Villa over Torres any day of the week…

  7. yes i would have david villa over torress and players like van and eto are classic poachers…but u have to understand torress has the attributes like rooney to succeed in the premiership…power, strength and he also has height…dont forget he is soooo young and strikers dont peak till there 25…..

    watch this space….torress for the next 3 seasonw ill be a liverpool hero

  8. Who does Arsene Wenger need to bring in after ”Goal Da Silva”to make Arsenal genuine title contenders?

  9. phatrick – Interesting perspective. It is only my opinion but I would back Torres to score around 20 goals next season. Benitez will not be silly enough to play long balls to a player like Torres – he is too an all-round player to be wasted. If they are going to break the bank in bringing him to the club then I believe the style of play will be based around his. That is why I believe he’ll score goals.

  10. Joshua – Arsenal definitely need a wide player. I’m not sure Wenger will bring someone like that in though, we’ll have to wait and see. I still see Malouda as the best option – but he seems on his way to Chelsea. Other options are harder to point out. Royston Drenthe is reportedly being chased by a few premiership clubs, but I’m not sure Wenger is after him either.

  11. Torres is great player, hard working, has pace, first touch and leadership but was NEVER top goalscorer.
    I don’t say he never will, because he can be.

    I have watched Torres a lot last season trough highlights and some games, and he missed many sitters, like we last season, hehe.
    So, there’s no point to say that he had weaker squad in Atl Madrid like excuse.

    He has talent, he can be top goalscorer but ATM there’s nothing that can convince me that he is capable to score 20+ goal this season.

  12. “It is only my opinion but I would back Torres to score around 20 goals next season. Benitez will not be silly enough to play long balls to a player like Torres – he is too an all-round player to be wasted.”

    I don’t understand Benitez as the master technician. Kuyt and Crouch work better with the ball at their feet, as will Torres, and yet they still just play long ball football.

    We need rid of Reyes already. The only reason I can think to why he hasen’t gone is a swap deal with Maxi or Robinho, players that are too busy to think about transfers right now.

    United signing Tevez has no proof of it happening but it is strange as the BBC usually waits till something is done and dusted to report it. The BBC have always been very anti-arsenal (run by a yid) and if this is to draw away speculation then I’d be very ashamed with them (with everything i’ve read, we seem to be front runners). The BBC will look very foolish if Tevez signs for someone else, they usually aren’t so clumsy as to be “Our boss says its true so its true”, they link not even his agent on it.

    I’m starting to get scared. Reyes hasen’t been sold yet, our first friendlies next week and we still need two signings.

  13. SF-I like your admiration for Torres, he’s a nice fella. seen him few times but don’t think Pool is the club for him. Their safety first philosophy, concerned more with defending than attacking and hoofing of the ball don’t sit well with players who’re technical; ala Morientes. His goals tally is also questionable, scoring 15 out of 40 appearances in all competitions; out of which 8 is from the penalty spot is not good enough.

  14. suck crap arsenal fans!!! united are signing tevez…agreed terms and will sign next week! how good is fergie, benitez goes and signs torres but fergie had tevez in the back ground the whole time….best attacking team in the world…

    holding mids carrick and hargreves

    i feel for u arsenal supporters all u get is a guy called eduardo

  15. It will be interesting to see what type of football Liverpool try and play next season with Torres up front. Benitez was complaining about the lack of big transfers and now he has one – so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them playing a little bit more like his old Valencia team; mainly defensive but with good technical counter attacks. As for Reyes, Samuel, we do need to get rid of him and bring in a replacement very soon. I don’t think there’s too much to worry about because Peter Hill-Wood stated that Wenger is doing a lot behind the scenes and Eduardo’s transfer came out of the blue as well. I think you guys are like me in that you are almost expecting a signing to be made every time you check the news. It’s quite exciting.
    ronaldo7 – With the risk of sounding bitter, the best attacking team in the world? Ha. Barcelona have much better claims for that I and I distinctly remember AC Milan giving you a 3-0 touch up last season containing some of the best football I’ve ever seen. You also might remember Arsenal beating you twice last season?

  16. saha was injured last year i said will be best after the great signings….sorry arsenal and spanish but fergie is killing wenger in the signing department

    Nani- promising exiting winger with a eye for goal and speed.

    Anderson- said to be the next ronaldinho (all that needs to be said about this player)

    Hargraeves- English central midfielder with a great shot and hard work ethic and great passing ability.

    Tevez- Potentially a world best player with strength speed and eye for goal.

    Not bagging arsenal but u guys must have alot of hope or be hoping this season will work out.

    We have one the best players in the world (ronaldo) a solid defence. and now depth in attack and i forgot to mention park sung….

    gd luck boys

  17. its scarey to see man utd, chelsea and liverpool spending money and we just watching…

    am kinda worried, but this has happened before though…

    mixed emotions… spanish???

  18. I wouldn’t say that we’re “just watching”. Accoring to Hill-Wood there is a lot going on behind the scenes so we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out. So far of those three clubs the only players that will actually better the starting line-ups are Hargreaves and Torres, and it can arguably be said that Eduardo will better ours. It’s all up in the air at this point – until the season kicks off.

  19. “Arsenal’s £6m deal for Auxerre’s Bakari Sagna may be off after current Gunner Matthieu Flamini said he is happy to play right-back. (Various)”

    Didn’t Flamini refuse to be a full back and want out last season? Do you think he noticed that Arsenal at full back replacement is way better than anywhere in the Birmingham team?

    Nani- promising exiting winger with a eye for goal and speed. READ: Not ever Portuguese winger can be as good as Ronaldo last season. I have a feeling that not even Ronaldo.

    Anderson- said to be the next ronaldinho (all that needs to be said about this player) READ: As is Pato. You know what? Arsenal played Porto twice last season and no-one even noticed him. Does being Brazilian and over-priced mean new Ronnie? Does talent have anything to do with it? He’s seems as good as Fran Merida (take that as you will.)

    Hargraeves- English central midfielder with a great shot and hard work ethic and great passing ability. READ: What club would pay 18million pounds on the English Flamini? Before 2 good performances in a distinctly average England World Cup team, everyone thought he was rubbish and he barely makes the bench at Bayern.

    Tevez- Potentially a world best player with strength speed and eye for goal. READ: I would actually be scared if this is true but yesterday Tevez come out and said he hadn’t been approached by anyone and the way Utd want to do it is still illegal. Arsenal still be in the running yo, as are Inter and Real.

  20. Also SF, yeah, Eduardo coming out of nowhere got me checking the news like mad crazy amounts of times a day. With lots of papers saying we may not be getting Sagna now (covering up knowing that a player saying something not = Wenger doing something?) I genuinely don’t know whats going to happen other than more signings (Fab’s agent saying more good players coming in etc.)

    Also, whats it like being an devoted Arsenal fan from half a world away? Is it on the tele a lot? How do you keep up with everything?

  21. when gunnershabz said “..carlos tevez would be a great signing… if man utd get him, we can forget about the league” i thought ‘this got to be the dumbest comment today’ but then i was wrong coz ronaldo 7 was down the column…
    first, we aren’t so ‘blown away’ by tevez as you may think(it will be good to have him, yes, but it’s not a case of life and death)..
    second, i respect sir alex but you must understand that his beliefs and those of arsene wenger are totally different. sir alex might believe in signning big names to win the leauge but wenger believes in making big names, with humility, to win the leauge or go for (remind me bout the record pliiiz)..yes 49 unbeaten games! hey ronaldo 7, when you hear the words ‘home and away’, do they ring a bell? at our worst form ever, we beat you guys HOME and smiling

    third, u say “saha was injured last year i said will be best after the great signings….” and i say Saha never performed in man u.hell, he plays like baptista and worse still, when he dribbles the ball he ends up tackling the defenders..

    fourth, you aren’t the best attacking team in the world.u ask why? i ask you to remember the fa cup final (one of the most boring games, a famous analyst compared it to a community shield match)…remember the thrashing you got from AC, you were ‘taught’ how real soccer is played

    fifth, you and others think ronaldo is the best, and i admit he’s one of the best but very stoppable..ask gatusso or our own ebuoe and they nod wickedly

    just so you know, soccer isn’t about the big signings you make but how the signings you make play in the pitch…wasn’t shevchenko one of the biggest signngs last season? wasn’t his output below average? think again people and guys i think Denilson and Diaby are to be watched for they’ll soon be unstoppable. cheers!

  22. remember the thrashing you got from AC, you were ‘taught’ how real soccer is played

    to be fair, utd play far more interesting football than milan. milan are the biggest people in defensive long ball anti-football, even bigger than real, chelsea or liverpool.

  23. Van Der Sar
    Neville Ferdinand Vidic ?
    Ronaldo Scholes Hargreaves Giggs
    Tevez Rooney

    This starting line up has only 2 changes, (one for the worse, carrick better than hargreaves)

    Ferrara Terry Carvalho Bridge
    Cole? Essien Lampard Malouda
    Drogba Pizarro

    That’s a lot of egos bruised that will be sitting on the bench: Cole, Ballack, Shevchenko, Kalou, SWP. Will it derail the team? After last season, yeah, I think it can. Also, Sidwell is no replacement for Lampard, but is still better than Ballack, he’s gotta feel shit the kid from reading is better suited.

    The liverpool side isn’t gonna fight for the title, I’m not going to bother.

    Lehmann (best in Germany)
    Eboue (made pretty much every team of the season I saw), Toure, Gallas (both world class), Clichy (best in the premiership?)
    Hleb (needs work but good), Gilberto, Fabregas (both world class)
    Van Persie, Eduardo, Rosicky (all could be great)

    This is how I’d play. The wingbacks, VP and Rosicky will give us width. Think of it as 4-3-3 like Holland play, the two wide forwards can go back to midfield depending on how the game goes.
    Hleb would work much better playing like Fab with Gilberto the safety guard in between letting them run free. The defense on paper is sound.
    Why does no-one see this as a team that can challange for the title? On paper as good as Chelsea or United, and has the best record against the top 4 even without henry.

    Subs bench: Fabianski, Djorou, Diaby/Denilson, Ljungberg/Walcott, Ade/Bendtner – all players that can slot in wherever and be as good. Unlike O’Shea, Richardson, Ballack, Obi Mikel etc.

  24. I remember Wenger insisting in the just ended season that he’ll probably sign one or two players….but only if they are exceptional…….of course by then TH14 was still very much in his plans.

    He said more than once that the current squad has what it takes to rise to the occasion.
    Do you see him going back on this and bringing in some of the big names that everyone is hoping for?

    Unlikely……just a thought.

  25. Can any of you tell me the network to access to watch EPL matches especially the Arsenal matches in the US? I’m due to travel to the US in early August for about six weeks. Can somebody help?

  26. Harlan – SopCast is good free option for watching games online. It can be a bit of a gamble though, and difficult to work out what is on. (

    Everyone else – It is going to be so difficult (heck, impossible!) to try and work out what is on Wenger’s mind. Will he sign a big name? Probably not, but Tevez is still a possibility. Will I bring in Sagna? Who knows. Will he bring in someone else like Eduardo, unknown to most but obviously talented? Likely. What’s for sure is that there will be more signings. Peter Hill-Wood (Arsenal Chairman) stated that there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes and that Wenger is working very hard. Nothing to worry about. Samuel did a nice look at the other Premiership contenders starting line-ups and like he said, there’s not too much improvement in Man United’s team. If our team stays mostly fit we have the quality to challenge high up. I wouldn’t predict a title, but I don’t think Arsenal are far off.

  27. I think at this point in time our best eleven should play in a 4-3-3 formation and line-up like this:
    Eboue Gallas Toure Clichy
    Fabregas Rosicky
    van Persie Adebayor/Eduardo Hleb
    In saying that, I don’t think Wenger will line-up in that way. It’s just my opinion 🙂

  28. i firstly like to state that tevez will be signed on loan then a perminant 3 year deal afterwards….few complications so this is the way around it and will be finished by next week.

    secondly the united starting line up wont change dramatically but with the inclusion of these 4 great signings it does the most important thing to win a premiership….and thats depth…depth to cover for injuries and the energy sapping fa cup and champs league games plus league cup… a united fan u could tell they had some very very tired players at the end of the season and were struggling with injuries…fergie has gone and bought players with enough quality to handle big games if his starters are injured. Tevez is a fantastic signing and will suit the hard quick attacking of united…

    sorry guys but just picture him and rooney running a muck…defenders will be having a nightmare and ronaldo off the wing…..Nani is already a international and so is anderson…the other players u named SAMUEL are NOT international players…Nani and anderson have played in a very good league and also in champs league…

    looking at the arsenal team, it aint bad…butt it lacks 3 things! Experience (giggs and scholes experience was vital last season), Muscle/bite and attitude, finally depth to cover in defence!…defence wins u games and arsenal dont have it!

    yes wenger did creat a allstar unbeaten team…things like that happen once not twice and dont forget they were all french (france were dominating world football at the time) and they were alll black. Things have changed at arsenal, they still try to play the nice football but lack the Viera, Kenyon, Cambelle, Ashly cole strength, muscle, attitude, arrogance and experience….maybe in 4 years they will build a similar side but sorry ALL ARSENAL supporter on this blog…Id bet my house NOT this season…maybe a fa cup if ur lucky

  29. Nani is already a international and so is anderson…

    So are the players of Estonian and Cambodian national teams. Just saying, using “international” as a sign of quality is retarded. Half of Watford’s team last year was full of internationals from around Europe.

  30. sorry samuel…but man seriously internationals of Portugal and Brazil…….2 leading football nations in the world…case closed

    for these guys to be 19 breaking into the portugese and brazillian national sides at such a young age then obviously there is somthing special in these players…only time will tell!!!

  31. I still trust Arsene Wenger!
    There is no chance of Chelsea,Spurs or anyone else like that doing better than Arsenal just because they’re spending more money.
    ”Arsenal is Arsenal”.

  32. Ryan Babel has the potential to be the next Thierry Henry,Why not signing him this summer?
    Ryan Babel will make us very successful for the years to come,I think it will be Arsenal’s dream come true.

  33. jashua asante here is the answer to asrenal’s problem the only 2 singings we need to take the epl title is Roman Riquelme of boca and Ricardo Quaresma of is my reasoning if we have a good striker hopefully Eduardo will live up to billing, with a midfeilder like Riquelme who can score better than most striker we hear so much about,who do u think could contain us.we did well when Patrick was running arsenal’s midfield and he was not a goal scorer.we aslo need someone like Quaresma to play the wing, only manu Ronaldo i think i can compare to him in the me crazy but what do u guys think.4-4-2.formation.

  34. arsenal will be all good 2 chalange next season with this starting lihe up..


    Eboue Gallas Toure Clichy

    Gilberto Fabregas

    Rosicky/Helb V P/Helb

    Eduardo V P/Palacio?

    Enough Said…

  35. how wroong soo many people were on this board!!

    Not even adebayor has scored more goals in the season!

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