Arsenal losing the big Club status

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Arsenal suffered a rude 2-0 lose to arch rival Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby on Sunday.

The Gunners were beaming with confidence and still basking in the euphoria of the three consecutive wins both in the FA Cup and the Premier League following the switch to a three-man defence  but that was cut short by Mauricio Pochettino’s men as Arsenal were swept aside at the White Hart Lane, so much so that bettors with william hill in the uk had to count their losses.

From whatever perspective it is being viewed, Arsenal’s defeat to Tottenham should not really come as a surprise as the obvious loopholes have been left unattended to and was exploited by the team capable of that.Chelsea had enjoyed a long winning run in double figures with the same formation before succumbing to their first defeat.

Arsenal were totally outclassed by Spurs and had it not been for the brilliancy of Petr Cech – who made nine saves- the score-line would have been embarrassing.

The three wins recorded so far from the formation prior Tottenham’s match had more of luck than tactics in them. Former Arsenal star Martin Keown had pointed out those loopholes after the 2-1 win over Middlesbrough.

While the match against Man City in the FA Cup was far from convincing, the win over Leicester City was unimpressive and Arsenal had rode on luck.

Gone are the days when Arsenal dictated and controlled games and won convincingly. The club is gradually but consistently losing its big status quo both domestically and in Europe.

Currently out of the top four and Champions League qualification is almost uncertain. And with every certainty, Tottenham will finish ahead of Arsenal for the first time in 22 years, that shows that the once great club and manager Arsene Wenger are going down.

The manner of the Tottenham’s defeat showed the height of Arsenal’s decline and the need for a major overhaul of the team and management in the summer.



2 thoughts on “Arsenal losing the big Club status

  1. Arsenal has a serious problem with the players. The team has many middle-class players for a team from 6 to 10 in the table. But the main problem is Wenger. He is already older and lacks character, a contemporary vision of the game. He failed to teach players how to make a real press, how to play harder, how to rule the ball, how to make a precise pass … players are totally lacking in spirit and concentration, kicking anemic, inaccurate, unconcentrated, have no real sporting spirit and a desire for victory, they have poor physical training…
    But what do you expect from Wenger and his favorites – Iwobi and Walcott, Montreal, Gabriel, Ramsey and Ox. This is second Everton or Southampton.
    Finally, I will tell you something very important – the big players go after the big coaches. If Wenger here, no serious player will sign with Arsenal. This is going to be a real punishment for all of us, I have no more nerves … Let all fans to make a BOYCOTT and not to visit the remaining matches until the end of this tour that will force the board to fire Wenger at last.
    Friends, do not waste your time, do not get tired at the stadium … This year we will be in 6th place.
    Wenger out!!!

  2. Good balanced article. Unfortunately not what we see on most of these so called forums. I congratulate the author on his honestly.

    I mean the guy writing the above clearly doesn’t know what a penalty actually is and to accuse Kane of diving is just plain sour bag puss grapes. Hence my comments there are pending ‘moderation’.


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